Creating a Web to Case Form - Apptivo REST API


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Learn how to integrate your website or other outside application with the Apptivo platform. This is a recording of a live webinar which last about 50 minutes. During this presentation we'll outline how to connect to the Apptivo API and perform some basic tasks.

To view the complete video recording, see here:

This video is meant for users with programming or strong technical knowledge. The demonstration involves building a basic HTML form, and connecting it to generate a support case inside of the Apptivo CRM system. The web form will do basic interactions, such as checking Apptivo's customer database and creating a new customer if needed, and finally submitting the support ticket and all details into Apptivo.

For more information on Apptivo in general, visit our community page:

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Creating a Web to Case Form - Apptivo REST API

  1. 1. Cases API Workshop With Apptivo’s REST API Google confidential | Do not distribute
  2. 2. 50+ Integrated Apps solution that works for every type of business Google confidential | Do not distribute
  3. 3. API Overview What can it do? High Level Details • • • • REST API (replaces existing SOAP API) Authenticates using API/Access key pair Each app has it’s own API methods API supports read/write capabilities Integration Requirements • • • Server-side programming language experience cUrl (other other equivilent service) Apptivo key pair (requires Apptivo premium or enterprise) Google confidential | Do not distribute
  4. 4. Common Types of Integrations Sample Usages 1. Web to Lead Form (supported via Wordpress Plugin) 2. Web to Case Form (supported via Wordpress Plugin) 3. Customer Support Portal 4. Invoicing Portal 5. Recruiting Portal (supported via Wordpress Plugin) 6. Data Sync With Other Business Apps Google confidential | Do not distribute
  5. 5. Our Example Today Simple Case Form 1. Create a simple HTML web form to collect a support case 2. Process each submission, and search Apptivo for a matching customer record 3. If no record is found, create one before submitting the case 4. Submit the case into Apptivo Google confidential | Do not distribute
  6. 6. Coding Time!!! Let’s do this Google confidential | Do not distribute
  7. 7. Thank You! Google confidential | Do not distribute
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