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Distimo collects and analyzes thousands of data points across all major app stores. This presentation will cover what’s happening across app stores globally, where developers are succeeding, and what the future holds for the app ecosystem.

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State of the App Industry Presentation - Distimo

  1. 1. Tanisha Gupta Director of Marketing, Distimo @tanz0906 STATE OF THE APP INDUSTRY An in-depth look at the driving trends in the app ecosystem
  2. 2. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Let’s Get Started •  What country has the most lucrative App market right now? •  What % of global revenue are different markets generating? •  What business model is driving the most success in terms for revenue?
  3. 3. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   About Distimo Global leader in App Store Data Offices in Amsterdam, San Francisco, New York, London,Tokyo, Seoul Dis$mo  App  Analy$cs   Free  tracking  of  apps  across  all  major  app  stores  and  ad   networks     Dis$mo  AppIQ   Premium  data  for  developers,  ad  networks,  brands  and  the   financial  services  industry   Dis$mo  Conversion  Tracking     Track  conversions  and  the  life  $me  value  of  users  for  free   Dis$mo  API   Integrate  app  data  in  own  or  3rd  party  plaKorms     App Analytics AppIQConversion tracking API
  4. 4. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Table of Contents 1.  Global Perspective 2.  Market Growth 3.  Business Models 4.  App Store Categories 5.  Amazon
  5. 5. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   A Global View Utilizing AppIQ Data
  6. 6. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Mobile App Revenue on Apple and Google Play
  7. 7. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Apple rules the Western Market
  8. 8. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Asia In the Lead –App Revenue By Region March, 2014
  9. 9. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Revenue Growth in Asia
  10. 10. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Google Play Leads in Asia
  11. 11. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Market Growth Utilizing AppIQ Data
  12. 12. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Apple and Google Play –Market Growth, 2013
  13. 13. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Apple vs. Google Play Revenue Development Analysis based on revenue generated in 34 countries October 2013 –March 2014
  14. 14. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Business Models Utilizing AppIQ Data
  15. 15. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Globally Aggregated Revenue - Top 200 Grossing Top 200 Grossing charts - 2013
  16. 16. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Business Models Distribution –US vs. Japan Top 200 Grossing Apps –March 2014
  17. 17. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Asia Votes Freemium
  18. 18. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Business Models by Categories Top 10 Categories by Largest Revenue, Apple App Store–November, 2013
  19. 19. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Categories Utilizing AppIQ Data
  20. 20. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Categories on Apple and Google Play
  21. 21. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Revenue Trends in Categories –Apple
  22. 22. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Revenue Trends in Categories –Google Play
  23. 23. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Sports Apps –February
  24. 24. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   App Store Highlight: Amazon
  25. 25. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Amazon App Store •  The top 200 free apps had a total of fifteen million downloads in March 2014, U.S. •  The most downloaded apps were Games •  In terms of downloads for free apps, Google Play is approximately 14 times bigger than the Amazon Appstore – For paid apps, Google Play is 2 times bigger
  26. 26. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Amazon Top Apps
  27. 27. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Review •  Asia is leading in App Revenues •  Google Play is seeing a lot of growth in Asia •  Most of the revenue growth in Asia is being driven by a hand full of countries •  All markets in 2013 showed positive revenue growth •  Freemium is the business model of choice –with the exception of some categories like productivity and navigation •  Amazon is emerging as an influential app store for developers
  28. 28. Dis$mo  ©2014,  some  rights  reserved.    All  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respec$ve  owners.   Hungry for Knowledge? App Trends –A month’s worth of free download and revenue trends along with actual ranking metrics for any ranked app Publications –Data driven, insightful reports highlighting unique topics about the app ecosystem, each month Leaderboards –Free ranking leaderboards for 10 major app stores, globally Blog –An active space, where we are writing data driven posts on things happening in the industry Learn For Free
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