Key Insights: State of the Developer Nation Q3 2014


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Vision Mobile shares key insights from the State of the Developer Nation Q3 2014 report, discussing developer trends on platforms, tools, and revenues. The report is based on the largest, most global developer survey to date, with 10,000+ respondents from 137 countries. Insights also include North America, showcasing regional characteristics and exploring opportunities.

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Key Insights: State of the Developer Nation Q3 2014

  1. 1. Key insights
  2. 2. Track developer trends & attitudes If you could speak to 10,000 app developers, what would you ask them? !! Master digital business models Master the success patterns of ecosystem leaders and design effective digital business models VisionMobile | the ANALYSTS of the mobile Economy We#help#companies#track#developer#trends#and#master#digital#business#models# Brand-Name clients trusted by the top names in tech 2 2 The Telco Innovation Toolbox: Economic Models for Managing Disruption and Reinventing the Telco 1 1 © VisionMobile 2012. Some rights 1 Developer Economics 2014 6th ed.
  3. 3. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile! JUST OUT! 10,000+ Mobile app developers Biggest dev research To date 7th edition 3
  4. 4. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile! State of the Developer Nation Q3 2014 Top 10 insights
  5. 5. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile! The iOS- Android platforms wars are now on a local level The Android and iOS duopoly commands the attention of both developers and consumers and will remain unchanged. The platform wars are now played on a local level. iOS dominates developer preference in the Americas, while Android dominates in Middle East and Asia. Europe is tied. 1
  6. 6. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile! 2 The future of HTML5 is now firmly beyond the browser. HTML, CSS and JavaScript is the top ranking language used by 42% of app developers. Yet only 15% of app devs target mobile browsers. The others use a variety of frameworks such as Cordova. Java and Objective-C command the most developer preference, with HTML5 used mostly as a secondary language.
  7. 7. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile! 3 To go native or not to? A surprisingly high 47% of iOS developers and 42% of Android developers are using something other than the native language on their platforms. Hybrid apps are the most popular non-native option for building Android and iOS apps, used by 13% of developers, typically created by tools such as Cordova.
  8. 8. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile!
  9. 9. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile! 4 the disappearing middle class of mobile app developers There are 2.9million mobile app developers. 50% of iOS developers and 64% of Android developers are below the ‘app poverty line” of $500 per app per month. Just 1.6% of developers make multiples of the other 98.4% combined.
  10. 10. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile!
  11. 11. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile! 5 The next gold rush: Enterprise apps 67% of mobile app developers primarily target consumers, 11% target professionals directly and 16% of developers target enterprises Those targeting enterprises are twice as likely to be earning over $5k per app per month and nearly 3 times as likely to earn over $25k. The early platform winner here is iOS, with Apple claiming adoption by 98% of the Fortune 500
  12. 12. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile!
  13. 13. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile! 6 33% of developers make games but 57% of those games make less than $500 per month The large number of games with high quality free content makes getting noticed with a new free title difficult. At the same time they are destroying the market for pay-per- download games. The result is that 57% of game developers intending to generate revenue make less than $500 per app per month, i.e. fall under the app poverty line
  14. 14. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile!
  15. 15. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile! 7 There’s a strong correlation between tool use and revenues, the more tools a developer uses, the more money they make Despite the obvious link, our findings indicate the use of tools is declining. 26% of developers that are interested in making money don’t use any third party tools. Of those developers, 79% make less than $500 per app per month. 12 months ago only 14% of developers were not using any third party tools.
  16. 16. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile!
  17. 17. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile! 8 Adoption of iOS amongst Explorers and particularly Hobbyists is limited, while the opposite is true for Windows Phone Adoption of iOS amongst Explorers and particularly Hobbyists is limited - this is largely by design on Apple’s part. It’s not possible to test iOS apps on a real device without signing up for a $99/year developer program membership. Apple’s App Store review policies also actively discourage “amateur hour” warning of rejection for apps that are not up to the expected standard.
  18. 18. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile!
  19. 19. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile! 6 Developer tool choices in North America Globally Ad Networks is the most popular developer tool/service category. In North America, it comes second, topped by Cloud Computing services such as Amazon AWS, Google App Engine and Microsoft Azure.
  20. 20. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile!
  21. 21. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile! 7 North America: Advertising most popular revenue model, e-Commerce most lucrative Free apps with in-app purchases is the most popular revenue model following advertising but with higher median revenues at $275 per month per month. e-Commerce continues to rank as highest-grossing revenue model at $4,250 per month per month.
  22. 22. Copyright!2014!VisionMobile!
  23. 23. Questions? Get in touch with us! mark wilcox Senior Business analyst Christina voskoglou Data & operations manager m Matos kapetanakis marketing manager
  24. 24. About VisionMobile VisionMobile is the leading research company on the apps economy and mobile business models. Our research helps clients track app developer trends and master mobile business models. The firm is best known for its semi-annual industry report series, “Developer Economics”, which provides benchmarking of developer attitudes, trends and monetization by region. Developer Economics is now the largest, most global research on the apps economy, currently surveying over 10,000+ mobile apps developers worldwide. To find out more, visit
  25. 25. Copyright VisionMobile 2013 Want More?
  26. 26. Knowledge. Passion. Innovation. Andreas Constantinou CEO & Principal Analyst +44 20 8123 1738 Track developer trends Learn DIGITAL Business Models Master the success patterns of ecosystem leaders and design effective digital business models Developer Economics 2014 6th ed. Talk to us Work With us If you could speak to 10,000 app developers, what would you ask them?
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