Leeds City Council Apprenticeships


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Leeds City Council spoke at the Northern National Apprenticeship Week (#NAW2014) partners event about their role as:
- An apprentice employer
- A promoter of Apprenticeships
- A co-ordinator of Apprenticeships across the city

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  • Leeds City Council Apprenticeships

    1. 1. Leeds City Council Employer Perspective
    2. 2. Context-City Wide □ Leeds City Council –Employer perspective □ Leeds City Council’s commitments to Apprenticeships is reflected throughout its key strategic documents and remain as a key priority for the city □ Currently there are 221 apprentices across the organisation in 5 differing directorates undertaking a range of frameworks
    3. 3. Benefits □ Increasing resources via a bespoke business facing service with specific responsibilities for Apprenticeship starts.-Employment Leeds □ □ Working with providers in the creation of new frameworks in response to business needs which had not previously been involved in delivery of apprenticeships
    4. 4. Benefits □ Embedding Apprenticeships as an integral part of recruitment and workforce development strategy □ Commissioning the delivery of pre Apprenticeship programmes □ A fully embedded recruitment strategy for key areas of the businesses
    5. 5. Benefits □ Supported over the years a sustainable workforce development route for front line services □ Flexibility of Apprenticeships to meet ongoing/future skills needs of the business □ □ Addressing the age profile of the workforce through targeted initiatives
    6. 6. Benefits continued □ recruitment to a real vacancy with commitment to the salary for the role starting at £12,614 □ recognition for contribution in the work place Leeds Apprenticeship Awards introduced Feb 2012. □ recognition for contribution to the Council through staff awards - dedicated apprentice category as of November 2012.
    7. 7. □ LCC role as a Strategic Enabler
    8. 8. forefront of a strategic partnership □ supporting businesses which secure major contracts from the Council to include apprentices within their workforce □ supporting developers to sign planning agreements to provide Apprenticeships in both the construction phase and supply chain
    9. 9. □ working with partners in the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership to seek additional funding and flexibilities to deliver more Apprenticeships which meet local business needs – e.g. City Deal
    10. 10. Apprenticeship Hub: Background □ 30th January 2013, Alan Gay, Director of Resources agreed to receive the City Deal grant of £4.6m for this element of the City Deal programme and, for Leeds to act as the accountable body on behalf of the LEP. From there Hubs were established in each of the key cities in Leeds City Region □ Leeds, Bradford, Calderdale, Wakefield, Kirklees, Sheffield, Barnsley, York and North Yorkshire □ Apprenticeship Training Agencies in Leeds and Bradford only □ Funding until October 2015 □ Increase number of SME offering apprenticeships, increase apprenticeship starts
    11. 11. Leeds Apprenticeship Hub □ Team- Apprenticeship Hub manager, 16-18 Apprenticeship Hub Coordinator □ Leeds Apprenticeship Hub sits within the Employment Leeds team gaining support form employer account managers and existing service delivery □ Supported by National Apprenticeship Service
    12. 12. Hub Activity □ Call Centre Sessions □ Area & City Centre Events □ SME Call Centre Sessions □ Sub Planning Group/Area Events □ Winning Applications □ Vacancy Distribution □ School Engagement
    13. 13. Call Centre Sessions □ □ □ □ Aim:  Identify and make contact with NEET Young People (YP) to fill provider Apprenticeship vacancies How:  Provision of lists of NEET YP in Leeds aged 16-19  Providers can contact NEET YP directly to offer interviews Achieved:  38 offers to interview  NEET to EET: 41  cross referrals between providers Future Developments:  Increase frequency – now being scheduled to take place every two weeks
    14. 14. SME Call Centre Sessions □ □ □ Aim:  To increase the number of employers offering Apprenticeship vacancies How:  Facilitate collective contacts with SMEs in Leeds  Provision of companies data and warm leads  Encourage cross referral between providers  This includes strict protocols on ensuring relevant evidence is captured and partners who participate will introduce themselves from Leeds Apprenticeship Hub. Future Developments:  Seek agreement from providers  Source premises, agree frequency and arrange first session
    15. 15. Winning Applications Workshops □ □ □ □ Aim:  Assist YP to make successful applications for apprenticeship job vacancies How:  register YP onto www.apprenticeships.org.uk site  Assist YP to search and apply for vacancies  Provide support, guidance, hints and tips Achieved:  Four set sessions; East, South, West, City Centre. 14 sessions delivered to date  35 attendees submitting improved applications Future Developments:  Booked appointments  IAG support  Delivery to a captive audience  Mapping of pre Apprenticeship activity to support
    16. 16. School Engagement □ □ □ □ Aim:  To increase awareness of Apprenticeships How:  Presentations to schools learners and staff  Workshops/interactive workshops  Drop in sessions  Careers/progression Fairs  Apprenticeship displays  Apprenticeship Ambassadors  Apprenticeship Vacancy Registration/Application Process sessions Achievements:  26 learner events delivered to date Future Developments:  Display boards in each school showing upcoming vacancies and workshops available.
    17. 17. Target Audience Activity Partners Responsible Suggested Duration Young People Presentation to full year groups (via assemblies) National Apprenticeship Service Training providers Apprenticeship Hub 30mins to 1 hour Group sessions/workshops (practical sessions to vary in duration and numbers) Lunchtime drop in sessions National Apprenticeship Service Training providers 30mins Taster and Tour sessions Training providers 30mins to 1 hour Apprenticeship Ambassadors National Apprenticeship Service 30mins Education Business Partnerships Apprenticeship Vacancy Register/application process National Apprenticeship Service Training providers Apprenticeship Hub 1 hour – full day whole year groups Input at Senior Management Team Mtg Apprenticeship Hub Input at staff meeting Apprenticeship Hub Apprenticeship Academy School Engagement Offer Apprenticeship Hub 10mins +10mins Discussion 10mins +10mins Discussion Up to 3 hours Employing an apprentice in school Apprenticeship Hub 10mins+10mins Discussion Parents Stand - Careers Evenings Post 16 Option Evening Parents Evening Yr 9 Option Evening National Apprenticeship Service Training providers Apprenticeship Hub As required Governors Input at Governing Body meeting Apprenticeship Hub Input at Head Teacher/Governor Briefings Apprenticeship Hub 10mins +10mins Discussion 10mins +10mins Discussion Groups of schools (cluster, feeder, partnerships). Staff in School □To book a session please e mail Nicholas.hart@leeds.gov.uk or simon.hewitson@leeds.gov.uk or ring 0113 247 6220 □ □Please also encourage your learners to fill in our new ‘I’m interested’ form available on the work and apprenticeships tab from the Leeds Pathways homepage. They will then be contacted directly by a training provider in Leeds that can talk to them about the area they
    18. 18. Area & City Centre Events □ □ □ □ Aim:  Increase awareness of Apprenticeships across the city How:  Organising local recruitment fairs  Display stands in city centre locations  Attendance at events organised by partners, e.g. Job Centre Plus Achieved:  Leeds Apprenticeship Evening – engaged over 1000 YP  Pudsey area event - 26th Nov with every secondary in West and inner N/W attending Future Developments:  Partner with Youth Hub Roadshow events to ensure different areas and City Centre have coverage  E/NE and South events
    19. 19. Sub Planning Group/ Breakfast Meetings □ □ □ Aim:  To involve key partners in planning and organising events across the city How:  Meeting facilitated by the hub every six weeks  Breakfast meetings every quarter to network, share good practice and deliver hub updates Future Developments:  Increase attendance  Attendance by regional hubs (Bradford, Wakefield etc.) to share best practice
    20. 20. Vacancy Distribution □ □ □ □ Aim  To increase the number of applicants How:  Capture NAS data, sift geographically & circulate to key personnel: LCC job shops, schools, cluster managers, locality based PA’s, parents Achieved:  Area sorting achieved & feedback from Area Leadership Teams confirmed that data is more user friendly Future Developments:  Sort data by sector
    21. 21. Leeds Online Sorting System □ - Aim To improve access to information on apprenticeships /traineeships and to allow young people to register an interest □ - How Set up via Leeds pathways – online prospectus which has over 100,000 hits per year. New apprenticeship area developed Has new teacher/parent/professional area from which schools can book apprenticeship sessions YP can send in CV. This will be sent to a provider that currently delivers relevant framework or has a relevant live vacancy . May also be sent on directly to employers where appropriate - □ □ Achieved 2085 hits in November. 35 CVs forwarded to Providers □ - Future Developments Being extended to include young people up to 24.
    22. 22. Consultation □ Challenges/ issues? □ Recap on future developments? □ Suggestions?