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Engaging Employers

  1. 1. National Apprenticeship Week: The Employer Perspective
  2. 2. The employer experience from around the country Over the last 2 months we’ve heard from employers around the country about how they promote Apprenticeships… And best practice from training providers about what they do to engage employers in Apprenticeships. We’ve summarised these ideas and some top tips for running events 2 |Event Management Training
  3. 3. Bristol
  4. 4. The Plymouth City Council Experience The Council entered the Brathay Apprentice Challenge and handed over the promotion of Apprenticeships to the apprentices themselves The apprentices delivered: •  A short film for use in promoting Apprenticeships in schools •  School visits and lunch time drop in career events for Y11 & 12 •  Parent evening presence •  Job Centre Plus drop in sessions aimed at NEETs •  Employer breakfasts •  A community project as per the guidelines for the Brathay Challenge 4 |Event Management Training
  5. 5. The Plymouth City Council Experience: Activity Grid Date Event Monday 3rd Raise awareness in schools: Develop a generic tool kit which will include a Making Waves Plymouth DVD (Ensuring continuity in the messages being communicated) Tuesday 4th Worldskills/Have A Go: (Plymouth Guild Hall) Target 800 plus 14 to 25 year olds and parents Wednesday 5th Raise Awareness to Parents: Deliver Lunch and Learn Sessions for large organisations, link into parents evenings, Parents event linked into Making Waves (trail within the aquarium) Thursday 6th Employer Day: Drinks and Canapés in Council House, Evening dinner talk event, PCC Apprentices to run Employer engagement drop in at City Business Centre's Friday 7th Unemployed & NEET Groups: Focused event within our Job Centres, Sector focused recruitment, look at engaging with MP’s Saturday 8th 5 |Event Management Training Making Waves, Schools Competition Guild Hall
  6. 6. Southern employers discussion Real interest from employers getting involved in webcam activities targeted at schools - a pilot is being rolled out across the Southern Division Other ideas discussed: •  Get involved with regional Skills Show / Have a Go event •  Host a Pathways to Professions Apprenticeship event being planned by West of England LEP •  Become a National Apprenticeship Ambassador Employers also suggested: •  Screen savers promoting apprenticeships •  Made by apprentices celebrations / exhibitions in company receptions •  Using local company sponsorship activities to promote apprentices 6 |Event Management Training
  7. 7. Birmingham
  8. 8. The NexteriaOne Experience Tied activity into Comic Relief and gave organisational lead to apprentices – helped them develop team work, logistical and leadership skills The company also hosted an apprentice selection day 8 |Event Management Training
  9. 9. Central employers discussion The #madebyapprentices approach was replicated by other organisations – using a team of apprentices to go out and take pictures around the city Providers in the room offered to link up small businesses / employers involved in NAW for the first time to help share the workload One provider suggested that at successful events 80% of employers should be existing apprentice employers, with 20% new ones What was key for successful events was giving employers an additional reason for attending: e.g. networking, free learning / CPD, guest speaker. 9 |Event Management Training
  10. 10. Leeds
  11. 11. Leeds City Council as an employer Over 200 apprentices in 5 directorates, over 1000 recruited since 2010 and want to increase the numbers through new Frameworks As an employer every post is now assessed for its suitability for an Apprenticeship The Council promotes take up of Apprenticeships to team leaders by showcasing the flexibility of Apprenticeships, the benefits apprentices bring to front line services and how they address the age profile issue of sections of the business Offer comparable starting packages to other areas 11 |Event Management Training
  12. 12. Leeds City Council as a promoter of Apprenticeships Celebrate success of apprentices through awards and highlight 100 Apprenticeships in 100 days (100 in 100) annual activity to drive new Apprenticeship vacancies Build my future. Build my Leeds – competition to create a visual image for Leeds Arena and winners gained Apprenticeship to help work to bring their idea to fruition Promote Apprenticeships through procurement and supply chain to ensure apprentices are recruited at every step of the way 12 |Event Management Training
  13. 13. Leeds City Council as a co-ordinator Winning application workshops for young people SME call-centre sessions: Bringing training providers to ring round local SMEs to bring on board to apprentices, using data from partners. One ring round resulted in 57 new Apprenticeships from SMEs. Companies House and National Apprenticeship Service data is available for mail outs – speak to your local authority Breakfast briefings for employers, providers and partners to discuss co-ordinated action 13 |Event Management Training
  14. 14. Northern employers discussion You’re hired events in Scarborough: Employers with vacancies and potential apprentices hold matching events where apprentices take part in team building events to showcase different skills. Non-apprentice employers invited to see first hand the talent among young people. Run #madebyapprentices events to showcase what young people (16-18s especially) can bring to a business. 14 |Event Management Training
  15. 15. London
  16. 16. London & South East Employers Discussion The Outsource presentation is available here: •  http://www.slideshare.net/Apprenticeships/outsource-30391109 Gaining ministerial involvement relies on: •  Creating a good event •  Adding your event to the events planner (which is shared with Ministerial diary teams): http://www.apprenticeships.org.uk/awards/apprenticeship-week-2014/eventform.aspx •  Direct invitations from employers to private offices Also consider working with NAS on the Centenary Campaign: •  Commemorative community projects •  http://www.apprenticeships.org.uk/employers/centenaryapprenticeshipprogramme.aspx 16 |Event Management Training
  17. 17. Tips for a successful event
  18. 18. Considerations in a successful event Event  Style   Messaging   Partners/ stakeholders   Speakers   Venue   Theme   Target  Audience   Timings   Marke9ng     18 |Event Management Training Budget  
  19. 19. Invitations Online event management system called – Eventbrite Create, share manage the invitation process 19 |Event Management Training
  20. 20. Marketing considerations •  Marketing Events •  Working with Providers/Partners/Stakeholders •  Inviting MPs •  Collateral •  Branding •  Traditional PR 20 |Event Management Training
  21. 21. Social Media Editorial calendar Connectivity Staffing 21 | Social media training Pollenating Technology
  22. 22. Social Media considerations •  Connectivity: Wifi, 3G, Passwords? •  Editorial calendar: Plan the actions well in advance, give social media team a full list of milestones and use bit.ly to track links. Think about tags in advance. •  Technology: Consider a twitter wall, ipads for people to post from, Google Hangout / live stream on YouTube •  Staffing: Who will do live tweeting, who has the ipad, who has the skills to work with each film / photography. Not a chaperone, but a reporter (don’t be afraid to re-record). •  Pollenate: Are your stakeholders standing by, turn content around quickly (film over night, pictures & audio same afternoon). 22 | Social media training
  23. 23. The big day •  Ensure that you arrive at the venue early enough to set updon’t rush yourself! •  Ensure that you have registration lists and any other materials you may need. •  Make sure that on your arrival you liaise with the main venue contact and go through the arrangements again. •  Familiarise yourself and all staff working on the event with the venue. Know where everything is, especially the toilets! •  Check that the set-up is how you requested. •  Make sure that all staff working on the event are in place by the designated times and understand their roles. •  Smile! Create a good atmosphere and that is what attendees are most likely to remember! 23 |Event Management Training
  24. 24. Timeline Invitations Target Audience Objectives Speakers Partners Messaging THE EVENT Event Style Theme Budget Marketing/PR Venue Briefing This process can take anything from 3 weeks to 3 months 24 |Event Management Training Evaluation
  25. 25. Q&A