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With over 500,000 apps on the Apple App Store anbd 250,000 apps on the Android App Market, mobile app market is extremely competitive. A good app no longer guarentee

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Mobile App Marketing

  1. 1. Global Mobile App Marketing ServicesT: UK +44 (0) 20 71127100, US 1 800 282 0149 | E: |
  2. 2. Why App Marketing? Fact 1: With 500k apps in the iTunes app Store and almost 200k in Android marketplace, getting noticed and reaching top positions in the App Store is becoming more challenging for the developers Fact 2: 62% of apps is discovered through the app store – need to optimize for search to ensure visibility Fact 3: 46% of apps are promoted trough a word of mouth/ word of „mouse‟ – need to reach out to audiences through social media channels Fact 4: Most apps are being downloaded, used once or twice and then deleted from phones Fact 5: With over 500 mobile apps being launched daily, it is not enough to build an app and just throw it in to the app store
  3. 3. Why App Marketing?And most importantly… with 500k apps in the iTunes app Store and almost200k in Android marketplace - everybody wants to get to the „TOP and HOT‟
  4. 4. Why Apppli? All-encompassing mobile app development and digital marketing expertise A pre-launch, launch and post-launch app marketing strategy and execution Monetization and pricing strategy development Copywriting and content development for various channels Solid analytics Tailored approach to every client by:  App category  Geography  Industry  Audience
  5. 5. Why Apppli? With an ever increasing number of channels and fragmented audiences, how do you ensure your message is communicated clearly and cost-effectively?
  6. 6. Marketing is a Process We develop and support your mobile app throughout its lifecycle as to achieve great results an app needs a steady support, not a „drop‟ marketing. Pre-Launch Stage Launch Stage Post-Launch Stage - Announcing launch to - On-going communication - Building a „teaser‟ with influencers and the audiences and influencers campaign audiences via social media - Optimizing app description - Reaching out to - On-going public relations for search, developing meta influencers - Campaign analysis and data - Generating interest optimization - Interlinking all the through social media channels - Develop a marketing - Establishing KPIs message and - Launching a public positioning relations campaign
  7. 7. Apppli‟s Unique ApproachReason 1: We understand the mechanics of high rankings and algorithms thus we strive to design our campaigns with this focus.Reason 2: We have established relationship with bloggers and app reviewersReason 3: We have tools to ensure constant communications in social media channelsReason 4: We guarantee posting to the editorial terminals of Bloomberg and Reuters as well as post your news to over 3,500 major news sites including, Dow Jones, Yahoo!, Google News, and AOL; and is archived on all major databases including Factiva and Lexis Nexis. We make your release available to a proprietary database of 80,000 journalists. For languages beside English, a translation would be required.
  8. 8. Success Story: Wall St Scanner - iPhone app- Achieved nearly 50,000 downloads just within the first two weeks after the release- Gaining from 1,000 to 4,000 new users a day- No.8 in Top Free Finance Apps in the iTunes App Store ( US & Canada ), ahead of Yahoo! Finance and CNBC- No.1 Investment App in the iTunes App Store ( US & Canada )
  9. 9. Success Story: Cricket World Cup 2011 - Android App- Achieved over 100,000 downloads in 2 months after its release- Gaining from 1,000 to 4,000 new users a day- Top ranks in “Hot today” and “Hot this week” on Appbrain, an app store and No. 6 “All-time popular” in the Sports category on Appbrain- Featured in “7 Hottest World Cup 2011 apps” in The Times of India- Reviewed and featured on blogs and app review sites such as AndroidTapp, Android-apps, 101 Best Android Apps, GetAndroidStuff, and others…
  10. 10. Our ClientsMireo’s Don’t Panic App
  11. 11. Contact UsFor further information, please contact: Margarita Yakovleva VP Sales and Marketing UK +44 (0) 20 71127100 US +1 800 282 0149 (toll free) Thank You & Happy Apppening!