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Best practices for iOS App Discovery, featuring Everyplay, for Yetizen portfolio companies.

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  • Mobile App Discovery by Applifier

    1. 1. Let’s Talk About iOS UsersHow Do I Find High Quality, Engaged Players? Organic or word of mouth IOS App Store Advertising Viral Channels Mobile Publisher Social Networks
    2. 2. Word of Mouth How Can I Get People Talking About My Game? Word of mouth is the #1 way users discover mobile games* Get yourself in blogs and game review sites Take Away: Build a great game!*Inside Mobile Apps, 2012:
    3. 3. EEDAR Study On Discovery
    4. 4. The App StoreHow Do I Get Priority Placement? Spend a gazillion dollars on user acquisition quickly OR Be strategic and form a relationship with Apple
    5. 5. 5 Tips to Get Noticed By Apple Pitch the blogs and publications that APPLE EMPLOYEES actually read Focus on the quality of the app and execution Make a great demo video that focuses on the gameplay, not the developers Make sure your app uses Apple’s newest features Attend and network at all Apple events
    6. 6. Advertising Get Ready to Spend…User Acquisition Prices on the Rise* User acquisition costs on IOS range for $2 to $7 in the US Ad types-> Incentivized, Video, CPI,CPC, banner, cross-promo, etc. Which Ad Networks?-> Tapjoy, Flurry, Applifer, Ad Colony, W3i, Chartboost, etc.*
    7. 7. Mobile App ViralityHow to Increase Your K-Factor • Make your game inherently viral Go asynchronous - Words with Friends, Song Pop, Draw Something • Add existing social graphs to your game Facebook, Twitter, YouTube • Build a great game! Users will share a game they think is fun with their friends • Make it Shareworthy! Create moments that users want to share with their friends
    8. 8. When should you go with apublisher?Only when all else fails!
    9. 9. Mobile Publisher AdviceWho are we talking about we we say publisher? A 3rd party that provides: funding, distribution, marketing and users Examples: Gree, Activision, Mobage, TinyCo, Atari, Zynga, 6waves, RovioWhat do they do for you? The above and what else? No guarantee publisher will live up to promises Your future is 100% tied to the publisher
    10. 10. Mobile Social NetworksAre Any Worth Talking to?• Gree: Will cost you 15-25% of your revenue• Playphone: Have traction, so it’s worth a conversation• Mobage: Same as Gree• Papaya: Android focused
    11. 11. Everyplay• Social sharing with game replays• Digitize the “word of mouth” experience• Distribution – Users record their Gameplay and share across social channels• Engagement – Real people are interesting. Let fans post how-tos, guides, boast and connect
    12. 12. Discovery
    13. 13. Discovery
    14. 14. Engagement
    15. 15. Engagement
    16. 16. Final Advice• Build an amazing game with social components• Leverage existing social graphs – Facebook, Twitter, Mobile Social Networks• Research and try new mobile social graphs – EVERYPLAY!• You’ll need to spend money -> Spend wisely• Sign with a publisher as a last resort