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Product information related to our Application Management portfolio

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Siemens Application Management brochure

  1. 1. Progressive Value Generation Application Management Siemens IT Solutions and Services s
  2. 2. Answering the Challenge With the significant investment your business makes in evaluating and implementing just the right application to automate critical business processes, it is easy to fall into the trap of assuming that your challenges have been solved once the solution is deployed. Without management that focuses on integrating the application into your day-to-day operations, you may never realize the planned business benefits. Enabling business application Application Management is where An evolutionary approach effectiveness operational IT impacts your business to extending value How do you ensure you achieve the performance most. Layered between As applications now reach into every expected outcomes and derive maximum your technology infrastructure and your aspect of business activity it is time to value from your application investment? mission-critical business processes, leave behind the disruptive and expensive How can a world-class Application applications represent the operational ‘rip and replace’ approach to technology Management partner help you in this capability of your enterprise. Equally transformation and seek an evolutionary regard? And how does your choice of instrumental to increasing employee approach that delivers continual business- partner impact the results achieved? productivity, growing customer satisfaction IT alignment and progressively generates These and other key questions drive your and driving greater business efficiency for value from your existing investment. decision-making in the critical deploy- bottom-line impact, Application Manage- operate-optimize phase of the application ment is a key enabler of continuous You need an agile approach to Application lifecycle. performance improvement and profitable Management that reduces cost and growth. complexity, exploits best practices for maximum service quality, while bringing technology innovations that improve Realizing business value through Application Management your business performance. Whether you IT Consulting & entrust that task to an in-house organization Investment or an external partner, your provider Systems Integration requires business know-how together with highly developed software skills, Design not to mention access to global economies of scale. Consult Build Application Lifecycle Optimize Deploy Operate Application Benefits Management Realization 02
  3. 3. A unique partner with a unique concept Transforming value Not only do we deliver the low cost, The only IT partner in the world positioned over wider dimensions high performance application support, within a multi-business global network, Progressive Value Generation is the maintenance and enhancement services Siemens IT Solutions and Services is cumulative realization of cost benefit and that you expect of your provider, we partner to over 600 customers who have business advantage to your enterprise bring an approach that optimizes your already made the decision that Application over three dimensions delivered through operations and maximizes your value. Management is best entrusted to some- a transformational journey. one coming from the business side of IT. These dimensions – Drive Efficiency, Evolve To these customers, the business value of Performance, Empower Competitiveness – Application Management is not a hazy progressively target greater IT cost concept. It is a fact. efficiency, transformed enterprise effectiveness and innovative market Application outsourcing is no longer impact. This approach enables us to considered as just a tactical cost reduction manage and support your environment lever, and at Siemens IT Solutions and dynamically – transforming it over succes- Services we have matched the outsourcing sive performance models and enriching it market’s evolution with an innovative with vertical business domain know-how. approach to Application Management that bridges the gap between business and IT through a concept we call Progressive Value Generation. Three value dimensions of our Application Management approach Empower Competitiveness Utilizing Siemens business domain expertise and innovation beyond the IT domain to win market advantage Evolve Performance Continuously improving and transforming your business applications and services to achieve an optimized best-fit environment Drive Efficiency Reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of your business applications and associated services for best-in-class delivery 03
  4. 4. Delivering Progressive Value Generation The transformational journey at the heart of Application Management from Siemens IT Solutions and Services is supported by a balanced global delivery model as well as unique methods and tools to achieve Progressive Value Generation. Matured over years by Siemens for our Fortune 500 customers, our approach masters your environment and maximizes its business value. Systematic assessment and roadmapping An initial Value Comparison Assessment deep within Siemens. Leveraging Our Application Management Service brings the challenges you face in your economies of scale and deep technical Roadmap plots your potential and desired application landscape into sharp focus and expertise through our Global Production business outcomes. Through the systematic enables our consultants to tailor a roadmap Centers along with industry-specific deployment of industry-standard as well as that responds to your specific business innovation through our access to the innovative methods and tools we transform scenario. entire Siemens network, here at last is operational, service and business outcomes a sourcing approach that speaks both from your application investment over time. Ensuring a best-fit environment languages – IT and business. Whether Taking you through an Interim Operating A dedicated Customer Service Manager is you are a technology leader looking for a Model, Target Operating Model, to Future responsible for building strong, productive partner that brings a business perspective Modes of Operation, your application customer relationships and ensuring to IT delivery, or a financial head in search landscape will be systematically transformed consistent high quality of core Application of Key Performance Indicators that matter for delivery and service efficiency, enterprise Management services by deploying proven to the bottom line, Application Manage- performance and continued market best-practice service delivery processes. ment from Siemens IT Solutions and competitiveness. Business Solution Managers act as your Services is a best-fit approach that personal bridge to business expertise from delivers your own Application Manage- ment Service Roadmap – not just an Application Management Service Roadmap: initial reduction in costs. delivering dynamic cost reduction and business value generation A proven transformation skill set Business Value • Further cost Future When you outsource your applications, • Technology- Mode of reduction and you’re not just looking for the year-on-year Outcomes enabled business Operation quality improvement innovation cost reduction that Siemens IT Solutions and • Application • EAI/SOA enhancement Future Services naturally aims to provide. You’re • Cost reduction • Core process • Business-driven • Improved customer Mode of excellence also looking for a technology partner who experience Operation will help you transform your future. service levels • Business case • Improved Target • Portfolio planning • Rapid, low-cost, performance Operating • Customer innovation At Siemens IT Solutions and Services we low-risk Model program Interim have bundled some of the most proven transition plan Operating • Global delivery Current tools, techniques and domain insights for Model • Lean Six Sigma Scope Operating • Business solutions transforming the current performance and • Best-practice Model • Process automation future potential of business applications. service delivery • Value Comparison • Governance assessment Transformational Journey 04
  5. 5. Innovation from the business side application and IT space – in industry, German City of Wiesbaden in public sector, Our approach to business process and energy, and healthcare – to help you build Infineon in semi-conductors, and the BBC application optimization, for instance, a business transformation roadmap that and Telecom Italia Mobile in telco and combines insight into your process per- exploits the outcomes of the €3.4 billion media. formance with Lean Six Sigma to help you research and innovation budget at measurably improve cycle times and boost Siemens. When coupled with our IT consulting and business throughputs. By tapping into systems integration know-how we bring a accumulated Siemens knowledge across Accumulated customer experience holistic, long-term perspective across the multiple sectors we are able to enrich our Our track record covers a range of indus- full application lifecycle. And with the service delivery by bringing you insights try sectors, including EADS in aerospace, SieQuence approach – our fully-integrated that help you integrate industry best John Deere in automotive, Commerzbank solution for IT outsourcing that enjoys practices and industrialized processes. and the UK's National Savings and 95% customer renewal rates – you can Investments in financial services, Xerox extend your scope with a full choice of Our Customer Innovation Workshop for in high-tech manufacturing, the UK's additional services. Transformation extends this benefit by Identity and Passport Service, the bringing Siemens innovations beyond the National Assembly for Wales, and the Sourcing the world for the best fit between quality, customer intimacy and economy Wherever your business is … Our global network of Customer Service Organizations builds strong customer relationships and focuses on driving improvement and innovation. Wherever in the world it is beneficial … Our Global Production Centers focus on technology excellence, operational efficiency as well as industrialized service delivery. 05
  6. 6. Why Siemens IT Solutions and Services? A unique combination of powerful differentiators sets the Siemens IT expert apart from conventional technology partners. Progressive Value Generation is built on six core qualities which distinguish us as a partner and promise durable value in the application space. Take a moment to scope the wider context around this exclusive offering. Direct and immediate sector know-how Customer loyalty, financial adaptability, Technology excellence Since its beginnings over 150 years ago, innovation culture Siemens has been synonymous with tech- Add to this the fact that Siemens IT Solutions Business insight nology excellence across an unparalleled and Services is a trusted partner with spectrum of public and commercial opera- exceptional client renewal rates and Global flexibility tions. Siemens IT Solutions and Services long-term commitment to customer advances this tradition in the information development. Commercial and contractual Trusted partnership technology sphere by designing and flexibility is another key difference, with operating best-fit technology solutions our wide range of partnership models Financial adaptability from sector to sector. This ongoing commit- including gain-sharing and risk/reward. ment to technological expertise is matched Finally, of course, there is the Siemens Innovation by our unrivalled business domain insight – track record in innovation. As the IT arm with the kind of intuitive knowledge which of Europe’s patent leader, Siemens IT only comes from first-hand involvement. Solutions and Services continues to Unlike every other IT partner on the market, innovate and reinvent the design, delivery Siemens IT Solutions and Services enjoys and relationship model of technology direct and immediate sector know-how platforms. through the global industrial presence of Siemens. Technology excellence, business insight, global flexibility, trusted partnership, Flex your global delivery over time financial adaptability, Siemens innovation Building on technology excellence and – a winning combination supporting unique business insight, we employ a Progressive Value Generation. mature balanced global delivery model – not simply onshore balanced with offshore but on-, near- and offshore in flexible interplay offering you the kind of freedom of maneuver over time that is so necessary to growing businesses. Our global econ- omies of scale and worldwide reach are also built on long presence in emerging economies for cultural fit and partnership stability. 06
  7. 7. Our answers for Application Management excellence Application Management designed for Managed Application Portfolio – for customers with a heterogeneous application landscape that covers a range of custom, line-of-business and enterprise applications. Application Management designed for SAP® Software Solutions – for customers with a largely standardized SAP-based application landscape covering the range of business modules. Your key benefits Why Siemens IT Solutions and Services? • Rapid low-cost, low-risk transition from an • Optimized business processes enabled • World-renowned technical and in-house or incumbent service provider by strategic application platforms and engineering excellence interoperability • Significant cost reduction and increased • Global top-ten IT outsourcer quality of core application support services • Competitive advantage derived from technology-enabled business innovation • Support for more than 500,000 users • Cost-effective delivery from our network – unique Siemens business and at more than 600 customers of Global Production Centers and technology expertise combined to Customer Service Organizations; optimize your operations and maximize • Access to the Siemens global network continually improving quality of service your value of innovation for unmatched business with year-on-year efficiencies domain know-how • Maximum value released from existing • Strategic alliances and partnerships application landscape through with Microsoft, Oracle and SAP evolutionary transformation • Global SAP-certified Application Management Services Provider and the world’s first SAP-certified Customer Core Center of Expertise • ISO 20000-1 IT Service Management • ISO 27001 Information Security • ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management 07
  8. 8. All hardware and software names used are brand names and/or trademarks of their respective holders. Siemens AG © Siemens AG, 2008. Siemens IT Solutions and Services Right of modifications reserved. Order No. U29214-J-Z401-5-7600 Otto-Hahn-Ring 6 10/08 | Printed in Germany 81739 Munich, Germany Global Info Desk Tel.: +49-1805-444713