Kingdom of solstice game introduction


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Kingdom of solstice game introduction

  1. 1. Game Introduction
  2. 2. Table of Contents Game Introduction Game Background Story Game play Features Core Functions/ Monetization
  3. 3. IntroductionImmerse yourself into a world of fantasy built upon HTML5 technology,designed specially for cross platform integration.An RPG utilizing an ATB battle mode affected by the grade of playerscharacter skills, attributes, training, equipment and use of items.Game name: Kingdom of SolsticeGame category: Fantasy MMORPGGame type: FreemiumCompatibility: HTML5Developer: Leiyoo GamesChinese Version: Version: Coming SoonCompany site:
  4. 4. Background StoryIn an age of Chaos, lands long forgottenby the gods. Peace ceases to exist. TheKingdom of Solstice, once a Kingdom oflight, falls deeper into despair whilebeyond the city walls, a darkness grows.Unimaginable creatures, those ofnightmares and fairytales feeding on thesouls of the innocent now lie dormant,awaiting their prey beyond the city walls.The kingdoms resistance, comprised ofbrave Adventurers who set out to slaythis evil, has weakened as this darknessgrows stronger.The Kingdom of Solstice needs a heronow more then ever. Do you have whatit takes to restore light to the realm? It’sup to you brave Adventurer!
  5. 5. Features Choose from 3 different character types. Each with unique innate abilities.SwordsmanStrong innate attributes and overall Archerstrength. Capable of dealing High Increased Speed and theCritical Damage. ability to reduce opponents attributes. Sorcerer High critical damage with excellent recovery powers.
  6. 6. Discover 100 different scenariosAccept & carry out 1000 Quests.Conquer a total of 500 battle stages
  7. 7. FunctionsEnvironments •Players have the freedom to carry out and complete tasks (PVE), Battle, interact and befriend other players (PVP) or further strengthen their characters and fight for rewards (additional PVE). Skills •Defeat your opponents by constantly learning, upgrading and combining skills. •Each player has an innate ability exclusive to their chosen character. • Once your power bar is full, release all hell upon your opponent with a Strike Combo. •Players can pair a maximum of 3 skills, 3 Auras and one Strike on the battle field. Use different combinations effectively against your opponents.Equipment •Equipment can be upgraded in several ways, these included fusion, strengthening and Gem stone Inlay. •Each equipment upgrade will affect player attributes.
  8. 8. Events •A wide variety of activities and special events are available for players to take part in, some of which include; • Daily tasks • Quizzes • Prize Draws Other special sale and festive promotions will also be offered throughout the year. Alliance •Once a certain level is reached, players are able to create or join an Alliance. •An Alliances level is based on it’s members and their attributes. The higher the level, the more activities an Alliance can participate in, moreover the more awards can be collected.Monetization •Based on a Freemium model, Kingdom of Solstice encourages users to spend money on virtual items through a range of methods. E.g. VIP Packages. •Packages are divided into several categories (Gold, Silver & Bronze) based on Package contents and time restriction. •Contents may include Treasure Chests, extra In Game Benefits, Gold/ Resources & Items.
  9. 9. Game Art
  10. 10. User Interface
  11. 11. Thank YouContact:Apple GaoOverseas Business DepartmentEmail: gaofengjiao@leiyoo.comSkype: apple.gaofengjiaoWebsite: