6 'stepps' to make your app viral


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6 'stepps' to make your app viral

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  2. t Social Currency It’s all about social status and the fact how your app influences the way other people perceive its users. Step I / VI
  3. Social Currencies can be build by: 1. Exclusivity! 2. Giving an early access ! 3. Rewarding achievements Step I / VI
  4. 1. Exclusivity When launching an app, create a sense of exclusivity by: • offering app (or its exclusive features) for free to those who have subscribed to a mailing list • giving a limited access to some app features for a short period of time • presenting additional insights and tutorials about the app to first users Step I / VI
  5. 2. Giving an early access If you want to make your users feel awarded and distinguished from the app crowd, offer them an early and very limited access to your app. Make them feel like trendsetters! Step I / VI
  6. 3. Rewarding achievements Create a reward system within your app and link it to users’ achievements. You will encourage them to improve their performance, spread the word about it and most of all, use your app on a regular basis! ! ! Step I / VI
  7. Triggers Don’t let users forget about your app! Give them reasons to remember how awesome it is by sending nice but not intrusive reminders. Step II / VI
  8. Trigger people to use your app by: 1. Email reminders! 2. Push notifications Step II / VI
  9. 1. Email reminders Send notifications each time someone interacts with your users inside the app. This will inevitably make them open it to see what’s going on. ! ! Step II / VI
  10. 2. Push notifications Keep people engaged by encouraging them to take specific action within your app. Keep reminding them how useful or entertaining your app is! Just don’t overuse it. ! ! ! Step II / VI
  11. When adding triggers to your app, find a method that is unobtrusive and feels the most natural. You don’t want to spam your users or scare them off! ! Step II / VI
  12. Emotion Apps designed to induce (positive or negative) emotions are more likely to diffuse virally. ! ! ! ! Step III / VI
  13. Everything from excitement and amusement to anger and anxiety will lead to spreading the word about your app. Great examples of those are games. ! Step III / VI
  14. Emotions which your app induces will help to build a community around the app which at the same time will become a natural stream where your app will be a No. 1 topic! ! ! Step III / VI
  15. Public It’s about getting your users to spread the word about your app. Make this step an effortless one and your app will be more likely to go public. ! ! ! Step IV / VI
  16. Your app can gain more public presence by: 1. Mates invitations! 2. Brand sharing Step IV / VI
  17. 1. Mates invitations A good practice is to encourage users to invite their friends to start using the app. If they enjoy it, it’s very likely that they’ll rush to share it with their mates. ! ! ! ! Step IV / VI
  18. 2. Brand sharing Using branded sharing is the easiest way to keep users and non-users familiar with your app. Add a simple “via [your app’s name]” message appended to each share on emails, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. ! ! ! ! ! ! Step IV / VI
  19. Make sure that the ‘Public step’ is a non-invasive part of building your brand recognition process. If it’s too intrusive, it will make more harm to your app than good. Step IV / VI
  20. Practical value If your app adds a practical value to people’s lives, you’ll have a better time to make it viral. ! ! ! ! ! Step V / VI
  21. Improve your users lives in any way and they will be not only thrilled to keep using the app, but to talk about it as well. ! ! Step V / VI
  22. Unless your app is a game, it should solve a real-life problem and add value to your users everyday lives. ! Step V / VI
  23. Stories Storytelling itself is a great way of direct and indirect brand marketing. Any app can be promoted by storytelling. You just have to tell the right story. ! ! ! ! Step VI / VI
  24. Stories are easy to tell and easy to remember. If your app’s story is compelling enough, your app will be more likely to spread viral. ! Step VI / VI
  25. Your users will share a story about the app if it says something significant about themselves too - for e.g. how the app improved their lives, helped with dealing with everyday issues. ! ! Step VI / VI
  26. Last but not least Not all of the ‘STEPPS’ are required to make an app viral, but surely taking all of them will increase the chances for your app to become recognizable to wider audience. ! ! !
  27. Last but not least The key is that those steps were built within the app, not taken afterwards when the development process is finished! Virality may seem like an ad-hoc action, but in fact it’s a carefully planned process. ! ! ! !
  28. Last but not least Above all, keep in mind that virality takes time. Stay patient and don’t give up! Remember that ‘Flappy Bird’ went viral after months of nearly no downloads and no interest. Good luck!