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Muay Thai Muay Thai Presentation Transcript

  • Muay Thai vs. Kickboxing By Think Blue
  • Muay Thai
    • Muay Thai Kickboxing is currently one of the fastest growing full contact sports in the world. In Thailand, Muay Thai which translates as "Thai Boxing" is as popular as soccer in the U.K. Thousands of camps around Thailand are teaching and training The Sport of Kings to eager students.
  • continued
    • Many martial artists consider the Thai style the ultimate in hand to hand fighting
    • The high incidence of death and physical injury led to the Thai government to institute a ban on Muay Thai in the 1920's, but in the 1930's the sport was revived under a set of regulations
  • continued
    • Common blows include high kicks to the neck, elbow thrusts to the face and head, knee hooks to the ribs and low kicks to the calf, a contestant can even grasp the opponents head and pull down to meet an upward knee thrust. Punching is considered the weakest of all blows and kicking merely a way to 'soften up' one's opponent: Knee and elbow strikes are decisive in most matches.
  • History
    • Originated over 1000 years ago
    • Originated in India
    • Used during battle
      • Myanmar and Thailand
    • Nai Khanom Tom
  • Popularized By
    • Chuck Norris
    • Anderson Silva
    • Bill “Superfoot” Wallace
    • Mike Stone
  • Kickboxing
    • true roots of kickboxing date back to Asia 2,000 years ago
    • modern competitive kickboxing actually started in the 1970s
    • Because of health and safety concerns, padding and protective clothing and safety rules were introduced into the sport over the years, which led to the various forms of competitive kickboxing practiced in the United States today.
  • continued
    • Kickboxing is one of the youngest martial Arts systems and one of the fastest growing too. Its conception came about because of the desire of Martial Artists to test their skills against each other in a safe and controlled environment. In fact in the safe way and manner that Judo evolved from Jujitsu.
  • Kickboxing kick