Startup Appalachia                         Accelerating the Entrepreneurial Economies in Appalachia                       ...
Startup Appalachia             Accelerating the Entrepreneurial Economies in Appalachia                              Poten...
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Startup appalachia implementation process revised 06.4.12


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Startup appalachia implementation process revised 06.4.12

  1. 1. Startup Appalachia Accelerating the Entrepreneurial Economies in Appalachia Startup AppalachiaStartup Appalachia is a framework for aligning the efforts of grantmakers, businesses, government, andnonprofits around the common purpose of accelerating the startup and growth of new enterprises in ourregion. This partnership between the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Appalachian Funders Network,and USDA Rural Development offers the opportunity to deepen the alignment of current efforts whileleveraging additional federal resources to accelerate Appalachia’s entrepreneurial-based economy.The Appalachia Funders Network will convene a Startup Appalachia Working Group to determine acommon analysis, shared vision, and collectively defined investment targets for accelerating the economictransition of Central Appalachia through cross-sector partnerships and coordinated investments. In terms ofimplementation, we anticipate that Startup Appalachia will support 20 promising initiatives, which will benefitfrom the research, support, measurement strategies, and cross sector investments that develop from thiseffort. Core Partnerships & OutcomesStartup Appalachia offers the Network an opportunity to strategically align and coordinate the efforts of adiverse group of public and private sector entities working to promote entrepreneurship in the Region.Collaborative Partnerships include:Appalachia Funders Network, ARC State Offices, USDA-RD offices,Other federal partners: EPA, Private Sector leadership, National Startup America organizations.Partners willmake independent commitments for expanding existing or catalyzing new efforts, but develop a collectivestrategy, a capture strategy, to support promising opportunities where there are overlapping interests. Theseopportunities will be tied to specific measureable outcomes.Potential results include:New or retained quality jobs, New investments, New businesses, Energy Saved,New innovations, Foundational capacity growth, Graduates who are considering entrepreneurial careers. Vision for ImplementationThe Appalachia Funders Network will solicit nominations for Startup Appalachiaprojects – existing projectsin need of additional investments for expansion. From the pool of nominees, a Startup Appalachia workinggroup will select promising projects that have the potential to be scaledby thesupport of federal, state, privateand philanthropic partnerships. We will capture the needs of each project and identify the appropriateresources that can be leveraged by the USDA-RD, ARC and other members of the Network.To determine the impact of this cross sector support system, we will employ a set of common measurementsto track the success of each Startup Appalachia project. We plan to publish a detailed report of the results andlessons learned from Startup Appalachia to influence and inform the broader philanthropic field. Moving to ActionThe framework for Startup Appalachia focuses around (1.) Food Systems & Entrepreneurship, (2.) Energy &Entrepreneurship, and (3.) Health Care. This framework is organized across four key functional areas:Branding, Leadership, Strategy and Capital. Branding Leadership Strategy Capital o Federal, private and o Provide expertise, o Establish a common o Leverage additional philanthropic assistance, mentorship vision for Health Care, resources and expertise partnerships o Support and expand Energy, Food Systems from USDA, ARC, and o Credibility, visibility, existing Network o Establish a common other public and private technical assistance, activities set of measurements sector partners moral support o Increase leadership o Share the diverse o Provide entrepreneurs o New partnerships capacity expertise of our with access to critical o Increased o Empower local membership services and increased collaboration Community capital opportunities Foundations o Create intentional Funding Partnerships 1
  2. 2. Startup Appalachia Accelerating the Entrepreneurial Economies in Appalachia Potential Steps for Implementation Step 1:Startup projects are nominated by members of the Appalachian Funders Network – Foundations, ARC, USDA-RD. These projects will generally be expansions of existing activities but could be new efforts as well,and will target the following sectors: Food Systems and Entrepreneurship, Energy and Entrepreneurship, and Healthcare. Step 2:The Startup Appalachia Working Group selects a group of promising projects nominated by the Funders Network membership. Selection criteria will include the ability to take programing to the next level to achieve greater impact, and the identification of specific measurable outcomes. Step 3: The Startup Appalachia Working Group invites selected candidates to a meeting with Network members (Federal agencies, Foundations, state partners) to explore what additional resources are available to help move projects to the next level.Foundation board members with private sector expertise in these sectors, state partners, and other leading private entities will also be invited to participate in this process. Step 4: Capture Strategies are developed to identify the appropriate resources that can be leveraged to support and scale these projects. These strategies could include participation in new federal funding opportunities, raising new capital among foundation board members and other private partners,as well as other strategies to be determined by the working group. Step 5: Project(s) are supported by federal, state, private and philanthropic collaboration. Step 6: A common measurement system will be employed to assess impact and success.(We aim to have both outcome measurements for specific projects and the entire Startup Appalachia effort. The specific measurement process is still being refined.) Step 7: Review results and publish lessons learned. 2