Funders network 12 month goals


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Funders network 12 month goals

  1. 1. 12-Month GoalsUnder each major goal within the Network’s 3-5 Year Road Map, we have developed thebelow action steps to focus our work over the next 12 months. The majority of these actionsteps grew out of our 3rd Annual Gathering in Berea, Kentucky, where 42grantmakersrepresenting 24 organizations, came together to think strategically about how the Networkcan help move Appalachia’s Transition forward. The below goals and action steps offeranoutline of the Network’s work over the next 12 months. Road Map: Goal I Members of the Appalachia Funders Network who share similar interests and priorities are working together to deepen the impact and expand the scale of their work.12 month action steps within Goal I include: Manage and continue to improve the Appalachia Funders Network website. o Maintain an up-to-date and informative website. Increase traffic to the members only social networking site (Funder Match). o Conduct a webinar on how to best utilize the site. o Maintain the Funder Match site with up-to-date and useful information o Ensure Network Working Groups are utilizing Funder Match. o Determine how to utilize the existing appreciative inquiry interview data and continue to collect relevantgrantmakerdata to inform Funder Match. Host& plan the 2013 Gathering. o Start planning 8 months prior to the event. o Maintain a clear and up-to-date Gathering budget. o Utilize the planning team to foster Network leadership and participation. Road Map: Goal II Grant-makers within the Network have a common analysis, shared vision, and collectively defined investment targets for accelerating the economic transition of Central Appalachia.12 month action steps within Goal II include: Support the development and growth of at least three Network Working Groups including: o Food Systems, Health, &Social Justice. Host at least one face-to-face learning exchange in conjunction with a Working Group. For questions, please contact Thomas Watson, Network Coordinator, at / 828-423-7325
  2. 2.  Publish the Gathering Proceedings Paper. Develop ways to utilize data and recommendations with the report. Develop an impact statement to clarify the Network’s vision for Appalachia’sEconomic Transition. Use participatory methods to engage Network members in the process of defining thiseconomic transition impact statement. Increase learning opportunities, between grantmakers and practitioners around promising economic sectors. Road Map: Goal III Network members are collaborating across sectors (i.e. nonprofit, business, local,state and federal government) to leverage additional investments in entrepreneurial- based activities within Central Appalachia.12 month action steps within Goal III include: Provide support and strategic vision tothe Startup Appalachia Working Committee. o Support and document the projects initiated through Startup Appalachia. Continue outreach and relationship building with federal and corporate Grantmakers. Road Map: Goal IV An effective, low-cost, funder-driven Network exists to help coordinate, facilitate, and focus the collective energy of interested grant-makers.12 month action steps within Goal IV include: Develop by-laws,clarify Network governing structure and decision making process. o Review other Funders Network models. Define Network membership criteria, roles, by laws, membership fee’s. Develop the evaluation and measurement system for the Network. Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee and add 3 new members. For questions, please contact Thomas Watson, Network Coordinator, at / 828-423-7325