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  1. 1. APOGEE SEARCH MARKETING Paid Search Campaign Management In the last 10 years, paid search advertising (PPC) has grown into the dominant form of online advertising. The success of paid search advertising is primarily 4 MEASURABLE RESULTS due to its pay per click model and the ability it gives advertisers to optimize Apogee Search’s paid search campaigns to ROI metrics. services provide a variety of critical benefits for any As the demand for paid search marketing has increased, so have prices, business, including: complexity, and competition for top positions. To excel in this dynamic and highly competitive online market, advertisers must work harder, smarter, and • Rapid improvements in devote more time and resources to running profitable paid search campaigns. leads and sales within your For those companies that lack the necessary internal expertise, tools, and target markets time to manage highly competitive search campaigns in-house, selecting an • Maximum ROI on experienced search marketing partner is the best solution. your monthly paid search investment • Dramatic increases in 44 THE APOGEE ADVANTAGE 4 qualified visitors to your site Apogee Search uses proven techniques, powerful analytics tools, and a deep • Precise metrics to test, expertise in statistical evaluation to generate measurable results at each stage analyze, and optimize of the search marketing process. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors your paid search efforts through consistent reporting, collaborating with search engines and management Let Apogee manage all of tools partners, and focusing on testing to enhance our clients’ campaigns. your paid search campaign needs. You will gain qualified A constantly evolving strategy is imperative to success; therefore, Apogee is leads, higher sales, and committed to a partnership approach in which we brainstorm innovative ideas, success you can measure. search for campaign improvements, and provide strategic recommendations to clients. We understand that each client is different, so we work together to set goals that are aligned with their overall marketing efforts. Apogee optimizes and measures success based on each client’s ultimate ROI, traffic, and branding goals. Apogee employs a combination of advanced bid management tools and specialized knowledge to manage client campaigns. Campaigns are continuously optimized by testing ad copy, monitoring keywords and bid prices, and making adjustments based on our findings and client goals. Apogee provides customized optimization strategy results that lead to increased AMBASSADOR sales, leads, and a higher revenue at a lower cost for each unique client through metrics such as cost per lead (CPL), cost per sale (CPS), cost per click (CPC), ad position, and return on ad spend (ROAS). 44 EXCEEDING SERVICE EXPECTATIONS 4 At the core of Apogee’s services is a talented staff of over 50 search marketing experts. Our services team members undergo rigorous and ongoing training to keep abreast of new developments and strategies for high-performance paid Apogee Search search campaign management. More importantly, the entire Apogee team 6207 Sheridan Avenue is ingrained with a customer-centric approach to campaign management. A Suite 200 dedicated account manager and paid search specialist are assigned to every Austin, Texas 78723 p. 800.984.3041 client in order to develop a close relationship and understanding of their business. f. 512.583.4205 www.apogee-search.com