Web Performance Acceleration with Strangeloop AS1000


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Enhancing web performance with the Strangeloop AS1000.

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Web Performance Acceleration with Strangeloop AS1000

  1. 1. Web Performance Acceleration with Strangeloop AS1000 Thomas Stensitzki1. European Day of DotNetNuke @ Paris - Session 159
  2. 2. Thomas Stensitzki• Senior Consultant at iCOMcept GmbH, Aachen – www.icomcept.de – Microsoft Gold Partner – SPLA Hosting Provider• MCITP, Enterprise Administrator, Exchange 2007 & 2010• MCTS, Sharepoint 2007, Virtualization, BDD• MCPD, ASP.NET 3.5• Founder .NET Usergroup Aachen (OecherCoder, www.oechercoder.net)• Member European DotNetNuke Professionals• Blog: http://www.sf-tools.net• E-Mail: thomas.stensitzki@icomcept.de 2
  3. 3. Strangeloop AS1000 3
  4. 4. Overview Company Strangeloop Networks - Vancouver, Canada (2006) Product Strangeloop AS1000™ Application Scaling ApplianceClientsAwards Best in Optimization 2009 www.networkproductsguide.com 4
  5. 5. The Challenge of Dynamic Web Applications Web 2.0 : Dynamic Web Applications Collaboration Apps Web Services User Created Content Interactive Personalized Real-time data Wikis Video Brochure VoiceWeb 1.0: Static Web Sites sites Rich applications place new, unmet performance demands on IT infrastructure 5
  6. 6. Front-End Performance Challenge10~20% of the load time is spent on the back-end80~90% of the load time is spent on the front-end. Front-End Performance Challenges $ Spent on Performance Back-end Front-end Back-end Bandwidth Front-end Servers Bandwidth CDN CDN Front-End Empty Cache Primed Cache www.wikipedia.org 82% 80% www.microsoft.com 75% 72% www.yahoo.com 86% 81% www.cnn.com 85% 82% www.facebook.com/ 97% 96% www.aol.com 92% 85% www.nytimes.com 72% 68% 6
  7. 7. Solving the Performance Challenge Development approach Strangeloop AS1000+ Tried and true optimization Strangeloop AS1000 IT / Network approach techniques + Offload tasks to network+ Lever software /platform Optimize applications + Predictable, measurable features automatically, in real time, ROI- Hand tune components, with a network device - No knowledge of pages, code for application or data performance status- No knowledge of user- Demands rare and costly development resources Joining optimization techniques with a network device to change how applications are developed and deployed 7
  8. 8. Solution for Front-End Performance Problem 8
  9. 9. Demo 9
  10. 10. Strangeloop – Dynamic Choreography Engine Pipeline Manager In Memory Database Pipeline Mirrors & Data Replication with High Availability Dynamic Choreography Engine Application Network Browser - Facing - Based - Facing Treatments Treatments Treatments Web BrowsersApplications c Configuration Analysis 10
  11. 11. Deployment Options 11
  12. 12. Strangeloop Application Acceleration Treatments 12
  13. 13. Strangeloop AS1000 Additional Features 13
  14. 14. Http Compression Automatic Compression Web Servers Client Aware Compression Adaptive Compression No End-User Agents • Gzip, Deflate Client Browser 14
  15. 15. RCache Web Servers Pre-Compressed Content Static / Dynamic Content Caching Multi-Store Caching Clients request contents 15
  16. 16. Predictive Browser Caching  Intelligent Pre-Fetching  Browser Idle Time Fetching political.aspx 435BuildASign Home Political Signs colbert.aspx 158 Yard Template signs.aspx 130 wallet.aspx 42 bumpers.aspx 75 nation.aspx 17 banners.aspx 26 lincoln.aspx 13 magnetics.aspx 15 roberts.aspx 6 accessories 8 signs.aspx 3 all.aspx 7 all.aspx 1 buildasign.aspx 0 Political Sign & Template 16
  17. 17. Connection Maxomizer Maximising TCP Connection Clients Web Strangeloop AS1000Applications Internet 17
  18. 18. Image Consolidation Real Time Browser Based Image Consolidation Different techniques based on browsers Web Servers Multiple Images Single Image 18
  19. 19. JavaScript & CSS Consolidation Intelligent JavaScript and CSS Consolidation Web Servers Adaptive Consolidation • JavaScript and CSS Consolidation based on browser Client Browser 19
  20. 20. ASP.Net ViewStateAutomated Tokenization for ASP.NET ViewState ViewState (ViewState) Server ViewState Automatic ViewState Removal & Re-Insert Client 20
  21. 21. Multiple Hosting Services Strangeloop AS1000 Internet VIP : www.strangeloop.com blog.strangeloop.com Domain Name Server www.strangeloop.com blog.strangeloop.com Web Servers 21
  22. 22. UI Overview DiagnosisConfiguration High Availability 22
  23. 23. AS1000 Appliance - Models AS1000 Basic AS1000 AS1000 Enterprise Single Dual Core Single Quad Core Dual Quad Core CPU Zeon 5500 Zeon 5500 Zeon 5500 Memory 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB Network 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet HDD 80G 160G 160G Profile 1U 1U 2U SSL CPS 5,000 15,000 24,000SSL Throughput 500 Mbps 1Gbps 1GbpsMax Concurrent 32,000 100,000 250,000 ConnectionHTTP Requests & 4,000 TPS 10,000 TPS 20,000 TPS Responses 23
  24. 24. AS1000 Virtual Appliance Benefits Of Virtual Deployment A virtual AS1000 deployment carries with it the benefits of virtual environments, which include:  Ease of deployment without any network interruption, rewiring, or impact  Use of existing resources and available processing resources  Increased hardware utilization  Decrease in costs, including hardware, power consumption, cooling, and operational expenses  Scalability and elasticity Platform Supported OS OS Version VMWare Infrastructure 3 Yes ESX 3.0 (3.0.0+) VMWare vSphere 4 Yes ESX 4.0 (4.0.0+) XenServer Yes XenServer 5.5 24
  25. 25. Sirius Benefit Plans (Canada)Performance Challenge• With large numbers of participants simultaneously using their online benefits management application, Sirius Benefit Plans has application performance as a top priority.Solution• The Strangeloop AS1000 improves the performance and scalability of dynamic Web applications by intelligently reading requests and applying ASP.NET and AJAX software optimization techniques in the network.Benefits• Serve 300% more simultaneous participants• 64% bandwidth savings across all pages• Over 260 hour savings of end-user time per month 27
  26. 26. Millennium Pharmacy (USA)Performance Challenge• Ensure that a data-intensive application delivers consistently fast response times• Reduce time spent on performance optimization• Focus on developing competitive new service featuresSolution• Deploy Strangeloop AS1000 to minimize data traffic and accelerate application performanceBenefits• Improved developer productivity• More development resources for new feature development 28
  27. 27. Autoanything.com (USA)Goals• Maximize Revenue• Increase User SatisfactionSolution• Strangeloop AS1000 Network ApplianceResults• 33% increase in revenue• 8% increase in conversion rate• 5% reduction in bounce rate 29
  28. 28. Disaboom (USA)Business• Online interactive community for people with disabilities• > 76,000 subscribers• > 600,000 visitors / month in October• # of visitors doubled from July to OctoberPerformance Challenge• Small IT staff• Need to deliver new features and make sure application scales• > 7% of users on dial-up• Expect continued growthResults• Reduced payload by 50%, perceptibly improving user response times• Offloaded servers significantly 30
  29. 29. The Future Personalized Optimization By User and FlowEach browser and browser versionis different and must be optimized differently Mobile Optimization Real Time Behaviour Heuristics Auto Browser Detect and Optimization J S C G J W S HI Auto Cabinets P G S F S TF M T L AS1000 Automatically Optimizes for the Mobile Web 31
  30. 30. Q&A DE: webbooster.de EN: strangeloopnetworks.comEuropean inquiries: info@webbooster.de 32