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Apibimi reports 2011 12

  1. 1. Calcutta Marudyan, Calcutta Marudyan www.teachus.in or www.calcuttamarudyan.org Marudyan Society,7A, K. S. Roy Road (NPS), P 1/3, DLF Phase 2,Kolkata 700001, INDIA. Tel: (+91)-9999 815981 Email: marudyan@hotmail.com Gurgaon 122002, INDIA To: APIBiMI onlus Via Ponta 49, 38060 Volano (TN) ITALY PROGRESS REPORT For the year ending March 31st, 2012 WEST BENGAL: Marudyan Primary and Jr. High School - Dhanpota  This year we had 363 children with new school uniforms, schoolbooks for all students plus 76 adult students a total of 439 Students  The school has a teaching staff of 18 and other 4 staff members total of 22 Staff  This year the 2 sports days were great fun and many of the local dignitaries attended. There was dinner and prizes for the winners Vocational Training Centre (76 outside students)  COMPUTER COURSE: At the moment 40 outside adult students are enrolled in the computer course. 20 students in the beginners or fundamental course and 20 have gone on to the advanced computer course. All the students that finish will receive official Government Certification.  SEWING COURSE: It looks like most of the people that wanted to learn sewing have learned and interest in the course is going down at the moment we have 16 ladies that are enrolled in the course. This is also a Government Certification course.  CAR MECHANICS: The car mechanic course has started again and 20 people have enrolled in the course.  NURSING TRAINING COURSE: During our interviews with the students of class 7 and 8 we have learned that almost all the girls want to receive nursing training, but it is out of their reach as this course is done far away and is very expensive over 100,000.- Rupees per person. In this coming session we would like to add a “nursing course” to the Vocational training programmes for the students. For this we will have to get different
  2. 2.  Materials such as hospital bed and cupboards, medicines as well as set up a water-tank and install running water in the Vocational Nurse Training Rooms, and find qualified teachers.  CERTIFICATION FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN: For the Vocational training the school will now start issuing certificates for the school children, who pass through the courses and do the exams according to West Bengal Board of Technical Education. Although the Government does not give their official certification because of some legal technicalities we will now issue certificates from the school. See sample included:Improvements o Repairing of the guard-wall along the lake side is an ongoing yearly battle that we face as somehow the rats keep making their tunnels. This year we have put poison and are putting bricks and cement to make it more difficult for them to come back to the area. We have to keep doing this on a yearly basis as otherwise the boundary wall could crack and possibly fall in the lake. o We discovered 3 hairline cracks in the community hall floor and roof and are putting up 2 pillars to support the roof and 2 pillars in the mechanic room to give extra support to the floor of the community hall as the cracks in the floor are above the mechanic room. A total of 4 pillars. o Welding repairs are done at the gates. o In February the whole building got a new coat of paint and is looking again like new. o We have cleaned out two extra storage rooms which are being set up for the Nursing Training Course. o We have set up a separate computer room with 7 computers for the school children, as frequently the outside students in the vocational training course were using the computer set up, which took away time from the school children. o With the midday meals for the children being prepared in the playground under a makeshift tent. We have now invested to build a simple kitchen for food preparations and cooking.Difficulties: With the change of the government in West Bengal, the government has put forth many freebees for the school children such as midday meals, uniforms, schoolbooks and bicycles for children who live further away. This caused a considerable drop in the number of students in our school. At the moment we have 363 children. Next month we will receive new admissions and we will have to see how things develop. I feel a bit sad for the children as they will miss the good teaching quality. Unless the government makes changes in their policy with the teachers there will be no improvement in the teaching quality and the quality of education for the children attending Government schools. Once a teacher is hired by the government he cannot lose his job whether he teaches or not. Consequently most of the teachers do not teach. Also the children will miss the computer and sewing courses that we have at our school. Our teachers will hold meetings with the parents and guardians prior for the new admissions enrolling.
  3. 3. NEW DELHI AREA: Old Gurgaon Project: “Marudyan Learning Centre” - Devilal Colony  The house that we rented in Old Gurgaon as schoolbuilding is becoming a beacon of hope in the neighbourhood.  We have now 139 students who did their exams and completed their school year. This is less than we had enrolled which was 182. However because of migratory nature of the families who’s children we serve it is amazing that we have kept so many. FAMILY BACKGROUND OF THE CHILDREN  The children are mainly from ragpicking families or families with no identification. The parents are day labourers and they live in slums or rented accomodation. The families have usually no name and the child is identified by their parents name i.e.: Shanti daughter of Kumar. 98% of the children don’t know their date of birth.  Because of these parents not having ID their children cannot enroll in a government school and of course any private school is out of the question because of the high fees. We run the school is from 8.30 till 1.30, so the children are free to help their parents in the afternoon. IMPROVEMENTS during the past year  With your financial help and others we were able to put a cover on the roof so the children are protected from the sun and rain. We have also put up ceiling fans, which makes life much more enjoyable. The roof our morning assembly area as well as our dining room;  We designed and worked with carpenters to make school benches and desks for all the children, as well as low benches for midday meals.  An inverter was installed so we have 24 hour electricity  We set up a computer room with 5 DELL computer set ups and the children get daily computer lessons from 9 to 10.30  The sewing classes have started again. We have enrolled 8 outside ladies and the older girls from the school are now are receiving sewing classes in the afternoon on a daily basis. We are realizing that while we have the children that we should give the maximum input and teach them as much as possible to prepare them for life as many will marry at a very early age as soon as they start to develop. The parents do it like this as they are afraid of rape and/or pregnanciesOld Gurgaon Project: “Train-station project” - Ashok Vihar We started a one room school at the end of July. Here we have 32 children Some of the children are facing incredible hardships at such a young age and education is the only way out for them and gives them hope for a better future. It is an experience to see the true joy of life in these beautiful thankful children. This project is going well and there is a young Indian couple that would like to take over the project. We are happy to give it to them and will keep checking up that steady progress is made with the children. They will take it over in the month of April if all goes according to plans.
  4. 4. RAJASTHAN:  We made 3 trips to the Jaisalmer area in Rajasthan to find out about Female Infanticide (Baby Girl Killing) that is happening there. The local population has asked us to build a good school for only Girls, in order to change the mindset that women are a liability.  We distributed thousands of pamphlets and fixed hundred of posters which the message of love for life.  I, John, attended a meeting with many government officials and after distributing information packages and proposals to the Rajasthan Government officials, I have been trying to contact them several times. This week I received a response asking questions how we plan to fund the school. We honestly hope that things will develop in the right direction and that we can somehow work together with the government help to eliminate this long ingrained bad cultural habit of the killing of female babies. Please keep this in your prayers as no one can really move these government people except God himself. I have attached a copy of the report that we have distributed.Children’s Day  This year children’s day was celebrated on Monday, November 14th. It was a beautiful day and the day was a big success. For the day we had an Australian lady do tap dance for the children and everyone had great fun with snacks and other activities.DISTRIBUTION  Distributed over 60,000 simple midday lunches, and 9.7 tons of rice to the school students.  Other social activities: We distributed hundreds of pieces of clothing, gave financial assistance for study course and medical bills Names of people responsible for the project:  Mr. John Beentjes (West Bengal & Delhi Project)  Dr. Vijaya Daing (WB) Society president  Mr. Peter Sethi (WB) President School Committee  Mr. Manik Mondal (WB) Secretary School Committee  Mr. Sanjay Mondal (WB) Teacher in Charge  Mrs. Anjali Sikka (Gurgaon) Teacher in Charge  Ms. Neha Mukheji (Gurgaon) Social Worker People that receive wages and gifts:  24 teachers  3 security men  2 Admin personnel  6 Skill developer trainers  3 cleaning lady  2 cook  1 office worker  5 others received gifts at Christmas and sports-days and children’s day
  5. 5. People that receive wages 41Volunteers receiving gifts 5Cost of Management See financial reportBuildings/Addresses we useWest Bengal  School building in Dhanpota  1 room for office and lodging in Salt-lake Kolkata  Correspondence Address: Calcutta Marudyan, 7A, K.S. Roy Road (NPS), Kolkata 70001.Gurgaon:  Ground floor and basement of P 1/3 in Gurgaon, from which we operate  We rent a house for school-building in 57/9, Devilal Colony. Old Gurgaon.  Correspondence / Office address: Marudyan Society, P 1/3, DLF Phase 2, Gurgaon 122002, Haryana, INDIA. (Tel: +91-9999815981)BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATIONTHE STANDARD CHARTERED BANK Calcutta Marudyan – (FCRA) Account No: 321-1-101175-6 Standard Chartered Bank, 21, Old Court House Street, Kolkata 700001 INDIA.Addresses for communication Marudyan Society Block P 1/3, DLF Phase 2, (Please note the change from K 3/7 to P 1/3) Gurgaon 122002, Haryana, INDIA. Tel: +91-9999 81 59 81 (please include phone number under the address when sending mail) Calcutta Marudyan, NPS Business Centre, 7A, K. S. Roy Road, Kolkata 700001 INDIA Fax: +91-33-22430847 Tel: +91-9999 81 59 81 Email: marudyan@hotmail.com or teachus@live.in Website: www.calcuttamarudyan.org or www.teachus.in
  6. 6. FINANCIAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDING 31ST MARCH 2012. Balance on hand on 1/04/2011 Rs. 8,967 Funds received from APIBiMI April 21st 2011 Euro 14966.- -charges Rs 926,269 VTC “ 2474.- - “ Rs. 152,889 th October 19 Euro 14966,- - “ Rs. 978,201 VTC Euro 2474,- - “ Rs. 160,122 December 8 (Gurgaon) “ 9974,- - “ Rs. 667,483Other Income Gifts from Yaree for Gurgaon Midday meals Rs. 140,000.- Gifts from ADP Rs. 134,000.- Other donations Rs 222000.- INCOME FOR THE YEAR 1/04/2011 – 31/03/2012 Rs. 3,389,931.- Directors wages (from Mr. Cainelli) Rs. 634,823.- Society Income Rs. 2,755,108.- Approximate Cost of Activities West Bengal Gurgaon+ Trainst.  Restoration of gate and guard wall, pillars Rs. 74,650.-  Web design and site rental, payment gateways Rs. 8,100.-  Computer setup in West Bengal Rs. 33,957.- Rs. 7,320,-  Painting of the school and labor Rs. 55,250.- 8,700.-  Rice distribution program 9,700 kg x 18.75 Rs. 181,875.-  Midday meals Rs. 70.350.- 137,000.-  27 Teacher wages Rs. 648,400.- Rs. 244,200.-  Inverter and water-purifier battery renewal Rs. 16,500.-  3 security guards Rs 50,400.- Rs. 16,400.-  3 cleaning person Rs 52,800.- Rs. 26,400.-  Society responsible for west Bengal Rs. 80,000.-  2 Cooks 24,000.- Rs. 18,000.-  Christmas gifts 40,500.- Rs. 18,800.-  Travel expenses 65,789.- 37,000.-  Social Assistance 12,000.-  Rent: Office in Kolkata and Gurgaon, Volunteer Centre 52,000.- 70,000.-  Rent: School building Old Gurgaon 174,000.-  Utilities and Telephones, Internet connections 18,367.- 22,853.-  Office and Printing/Photocopying etc 10,500 20,950.-  School books 73,200.- 51,550.-  Sports-days, Children’s Day Activities 28,000.- 15,600.-  Administration, Accounting, Auditing, Legal, Etc 18,700.- 32,000.-  Newspaper 3,400.- 1970.-  Medical Expenses 23,540.- 7,890.-  Uniforms 60,800.- 32,000.- TOTAL OUTGO FOR THE YEAR Rs. 1,674,578.- 971,133 Total outgo Rs. 2645,711.- Balance on hand at year ending March 31st, 2011 Rs. 109,397.-John Beentjes for Calcutta Marudyan
  7. 7. Marudyan SocietyVisit to “Marudyan Primary & Jr. High School” in WEST BENGAL March 2012In the rural areas it is cauliflower harvesting time. Cauliflowers in the fields, cauliflowers under the arm, cauliflowers on the head,cauliflowers on the side of the road, cauliflowers in baskets, cauliflowers on bicycles and finally cauliflowers loaded up to trucksto be brought to the Kolkata Markets. The building received a fresh coat of paint With the help of APIBiMI we are able start building a simple kitchen The children received new uniforms Soon we will not need to cook anymore under plastic sheets (right) Eager to learn Daily Meals
  8. 8. In February we celebrated our annual sports-days with prizes, great fun, good food and visiting local dignitaries Great fun Great Exercise Great SkillSKILL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING:For the new 6 month skill development courses we have enrolled 76 adult students.Besides our school children we have enrolled the following outside adults:  20 students for Computer-Basic Course  20 students for Computer-Advanced Course  16 students for Sewing Class  20 students for Car Mechanic CourseThe above Vocational Courses receive West Bengal Gov’t certification. APIBiMI-onlus our Italian friends faithfully sponsor the West Bengal project and gave generously towards the Gurgaon project.PLANS: Nursing Training CourseDuring our interviews with the students of class 7 and 8 we have learned that almost all the girls want to receive nursing training.In this coming session we would like to add a “nursing course” to the Vocational training programmes for the students. For thiswe will have to get different materials such as a hospital bed, cupboards and medicine. We will need toset up a water-tank andinstall running water in the Vocational Nurse Training Rooms, and find qualified teachers.
  9. 9. Visit to “Marudyan Learning Centre” Old GurgaonWe had a wonderful Christmas season; the oldest classes had Christmas dinner at our home and all the children received new sweaters donated by Saswato and Seema Mittal. The inside of the school looks like new with a fresh coat of paint. These last few months we have had many visitors from around the world Henry and Wilma from Australia were introduced to us by Dr. Rajeev and turned out to be wonderful people with hearts of gold. Mr. David, Mrs. Allison, Mr. James from UK and Mr. Ranjan all from ADP visited us in January and are partly assisting in the operational expenses. Mr. Piet Koen from the Netherlands visited us in January. Piet has been a long time friend and moral support In February the president of our charitable society “Calcutta Marudyan” Dr. Vijaya Daing (MBBS-DCH) visited from Kolkata to see the project first hand. The Ambassador Mr. Bob Hiensch of the Royal Netherlands Embassy along with Ayesha and Paula, two of the staff visited the project in March. Please see their letter of reaction to the visit Mr. Hans Hirschi of Yaree AB from Sweden became the first follower of our blog: www.teachus-in.blogspot.com We frequently update this blog with the latest pictures and news. You can access it via the website www.teachus.in ; today we have our second follower: NiharikaSome of our visitors and friends Hans Our friends from ADP Dutch Ambassador Henry & Wilma Society President (left) Piet Sewing classes daily Children were invited to Wave Cinema Computer lessons dailyDear friends, most of these pictures you can download from www.teachus-in.blogspot.com We thank you friends at APIBiMI foryour sponsorship. It is hard to realize what it means in the lives of these children. We also thank our staff and our teachers whooften work long hours for their token wages. With sincerest appreciation John for “Marudyan”
  10. 10. “Why do you do this and what is the use in trying?” When Dr. Rajeev saw Jatin he stated: “This boy needs help he is very malnourished” Jatin had blotches and spots all over his face and body as well as many white hairs, so much so that his hair looked grey from a distance. Since we started the daily midday meals Jatin is doing much better. His hair has returned to its normal black colour and his face and body have cleared up!Successful Students From the Vocational Training CoursesSewingTapan Bar of Dhanpota village, District: South 24 Parganas.Tapan has no land for cultivation. He lives with his wife and 2 children together with his elderlymother in a mud house. They were what you might call the ‘poorest of the extremely poor’. But hecompleted the sponsored Sewing Course he is now working in Kolkata in the Garment Company“Vest”.Tapan is thankful because he now has a steady monthly income of Rupees 5000.-.CarpentryAmrita Bar of Darrirchak village, District: South 24 Parganas.Amrita’s family has one bigha of low land for rice cultivation. He lives together with his 2 otherbrothers and mother. After finishing the carpentry course Amrita has started a small home industrymaking furniture and selling it.His business is doing well and he is making monthly Rupees 6000.-.ComputerHayatur Rahaman Molla from Magrahat.Hayatur live with 3 family members and they have no land for cultivation.He has opened a Desktop Publishing Centre and photo Printing Shop in Magrahat. He also sellsstationery, envelopes, greeting cards and post cards.He is earning around Rupees 5000.- every month. On behalf of the children andpeople that we serve we say, “Thank you and God Bless You”
  11. 11. John Beentjesfor “Marudyan” Society