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Bbc summer term planner


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Transcript of "Bbc summer term planner"

  1. 1. SCHOOLS ‘ 5 11 17 237 13 19 2531 9 15 21 276 12 18 248 14 20 2642 10 16 22 28 29 30 31 5 11 17 231 7 13 19 253 9 15 21 27 29 306 12 18 242 8 14 20 264 10 16 22 28 12 18 24 30 3114 20 2616 22 2813 19 2515 21 276 8 107 9 112 41 3 5 17 23 29 12 18 24 3014 20 2616 22 2813 19 2515 21 276 8 107 9 112 41 3 5 17 23 29 AprilMayJuneJuly Key Religious and Key Dates Sport Festivals and World Events Mon Wed Fri SunTue Thu Sat Mon Wed Fri SunTue Thu Sat Mon Wed Fri SunTue Thu Sat Mon Wed Fri SunTue Thu Sat Mon Wed Fri SunTue Thu Sat The Queen’s Birthday Parade PSHE & Citizenship BBC Three: The Crash is inspired by real events. It tells the story of a fatal car crash involving a group of young friends and the devastating impact it has on the survivors and their families. Includes video clips and teachers’ notes KS3 History, Geography and ICT Three brand new subjects including revision bites, activities, videos and tests bbc Class Clips is a free resource bank of video and audio clips across all curriculum subjects, designed for use in the classroom. There are now over 10,000 clips on the site. Listen to Stargazing secrets from astronomer Dr Lucie Green and discover the best times and places to study the night sky. Also available as an MP3 to download for your smartphone or audio player London MarathonHolocaust Memorial Day World Heritage Day Hindu New Year Vaisakhi St George’s Day Ascension Day Shavuot April Fools’ Day Bastille Day Cannes Film Festival starts Space Day VE Day UEFA Champions League Final World Aquatics Championships Your Paintings Masterpieces in Schools launches. Schools have the opportunity to host a genuine Art masterpiece in their school. New web content and art inspired learning opportunities are available Bang Goes the Theory Catch up on the latest web films that accompanied Series 7 of Bang Goes the Theory 4am Beneath the Lab Coat Jobs at the cutting edge of science – in fashion, sport and space technology learningzone 3.55am Last Heroes of D-Day Dan Snow meets the last heroes of D-Day 4.30am You Too Can be an Absolute Genius Films to inspire creativity and invention 4am Tales of the Old Bailey Engrossing reconstructions of key courtroom trials from history learningzone 4am Pompeii The science behind the deaths at Pompeii 4am Apprentice for a Day Exploring the world of apprenticeships 20th July – 11th August The Big Butterfly Count (Butterfly Conservation Trust) encourages children and adults to identify and count common butterflies in their area during a three week period and then upload their sightings. For more information visit 4am Wonders of Life This Brian Cox Series looks at how life is shaped by the environment The Siege Explore this turbulent period of Irish history when Londonderry took centre stage in the battle for supremacy between two kings 4am Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary Journey Kate Humble and Dr Helen Czerski follow the Earth’s voyage around the sun for one complete orbit and witness the astonishing consequences this journey has for all of us 4am Locomotion: Dan Snow’s History of Railways BBC Two series looking at how railways changed Britain forever 4am Simon Armitage Simon Armitage introduces some of his best known poems BBC Proms The search is on for the Nation’s brightest young composers in the fifteenth annual BBC Proms Inspire Young Composers’ Competition. Winners have the opportunity to have their music performed at the BBC Proms and broadcast on BBC Radio 3. The deadline for entries is 27 May 2013 World Environment Day World Population Day D-Day 17th - 21st Geography Awareness Week Wimbledon starts Tour de France starts Asala – Dharma Day Father’s Day 10th – 14th Athletics World Youth Championships Wesak Trinity Sunday 21st – 27th Mental Health Awareness Week 24th – 26th Radio 1’s Big Weekend 500 Words Chris Evans presents the final of BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words competition, live from the Hay Festival Your Paintings Masterpieces in Schools selection process for host schools begins. For full details visit 1st – 2nd The Garden Bio-Blitz (Garden Bioblitz) List of all the wildlife you can find in your garden over a 24hr period. Go out at different times of the day, write down what you see, take lots of photos and upload your records. For more information visit May 27th – 29th September The Summer of UK Wildlife season launches with Springwatch
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