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Aztec puzzling pictograms
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Aztec puzzling pictograms


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  • 1. 2 3 1 When the A ztecs wrote stories, law songs and o s, ther import ant records their books in (called amo xtin), they d by drawing id so pictograms. Pictograms illustrations were of words th at defined or explaine d objects, id eas, sounds even metap and hors. Specia l illustrators chosen for were their fine, n imble hand were traine s and d for many years in this They were art. called tlacu ilos. 5 ill find age you w be he next p On t hat can tograms t ts some pic s and hin o the word y are taken linked t e below. Th ks) written provided boo codices ( fter the from old imes or a in Aztec t th either in the 16 o conquest Spanish tograms t ink the pic t meaning century. L gs. The firs nin k their mea lved. Can you wor dy so is alrea st? out the re 6 4 7 9 8 shows ictogram ezuma’s p as a god. Moct tifying him e in en symbols id rite our nam we w h Just like ame glyp ays, his n rms. w various fo different peared in gular ap ws a trian (picture) glyph sho ard uoise His stand with turq ar em inlaid (like an e gold diad ear-spool d d mosaic an ose ornament an to be plus a n ring), g him ll showin peech scro tecs. s e Az ruler of th MEANING OF A HINT PICTOGRAM PICTOGRAM NUMBER A. Marriage Tying the knot. 2 B. Moon Mesoamericans believed a rabbit lived in the moon. C. Famine Hungry enough to clutch at your stomach. D. Comet A flying serpent. E. Conquest Spanish conquerors burned down Aztec temples. F. Mat of Power He who sits upon it bears an emblem of power. G. Eclipse a II) sequence (Moctezum Make up acreate yourof glyphs to own itisoyot c h Museumzin es of X Br © The u te ctezTrusma theo story. Show it to a friend and Mo 0) (1502–152 ANSWER KEY A B C D E F G H I 2 8 1 7 4 9 6 3 5 8 see if they can ‘read’ it! The sun is ‘broken’ by the moon. H. Speech A precious speech scroll comes from the lips. I. Plague The rodents are at it again. Activity courtesy of Mexicolore, adapted from Mexicolore Activity Sheet 1: Puzzling Pictograms! 9