Local Marketing with the Success Oasis Formulas


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An insight into local marketing using the Success and Oasis formulas as a guide to creating and engaging with your audience using your website, social media including Pintrest, blogs and print advertising.

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Local Marketing with the Success Oasis Formulas

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  2. 2. The Success OasisThe Success Oasis presentation is an example ofa live marketing campaign using the Success andOasis formulas to generate enquiries for a localbusiness. The customer is invited to enquire with astrong incentive, a FREE GOOGLE NEXUS 7 Tableton select orders.Quick OverviewSUCCESS, the formula for On Page improvement is made up of 7 elements; 1. Strong Incentive or call to action 5. Extract relevant info 2. Uncluttered 6. Social Media 3. Clear Descriptions 7. Send a thank you 4. Convey Value
  3. 3. OASIS, the formula for being found locally on the web and motivating engagementwith visitors is made up of 5 key elements;1. Optimise – Optimising your pages improves your results FACT2. Advertise – Use multiple channels to promote your website3. Socialise – Word of Mouth, don’t ignore Social Media4. Incentivise – Drive people to contact you or visit your site5. Specialise – Be what your customers are looking for
  4. 4. The Live ExampleThe example shown is a live marketingcampaign launched in early Decemberpromoting small websites to be usedas first sites, micro sites and/or landingpages.The web sites are device sensitivewhich in itself is a step towardoptimisation and to tie in with thetheme of ‘Device Sensitive’ the call toaction and/or incentive to engage is aFREE GOOGLE NEXUS 7 with selectorders.View at www.apered.com/oasis2.html
  5. 5. What is the Offer? The offer promotes device sensitive websites for small businesses and local trade people. The sites can be dynamic (pages created on the server with a single URL) or unique pages with their own URL’s (web addresses). The prices and select orders to which the offer apply can be found on the landing page under the ‘Offer Details Tab’
  6. 6. Whether viewed on a Smart Phone, Tablet or PC it’seasy to see the elements of Success & Oasis S A strong incentive/call to action. The page set is uncluttered with a clear U message/description of what is on offer. The value is conveyed in part by the incentive, C the prices quoted are competitive. The C enquiry form provides the opportunity to extract relevant info from interested parties E while sending an automated response thanking the user for taking interest. S And last but by no means least there are S icons for sharing and links to Ape Red’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  7. 7. O or A? Optimise or AdvertiseThe elements of OASIS support and empower the elementsof SUCCESS. Optimisation improves results without questionhowever for some marketing campaigns Optimisationmay take a back seat. When offers or promotions willrun for limited time periods as with this example, it maybe more cost effective to spend time and efforts on drivingtraffic to the landing page rather than optimising forsearch engine results. Optimising includes making sure yourweb pages are seen in the best possible light across devicesso we are not completely without Optimisation, the O of OASIS.
  8. 8. A is for Advertising Drive Traffic to Your SiteSo many businesses that use traditional print advertisingfail to make a big enough shout about their website.A tiny little line at the foot of an advert containingwww.xxxx etc can be easily missed. Wherever possiblethe web address should be placed prominently and ifappropriate a QR code wont go amiss!With this live campaign we’re running a Google Adwordscampaign alongside, and print adverts in a local businesspublication, a golf club brochure and a print display in alocal soft play centre that has a healthy footfall.
  9. 9. S is for SocialisingBusiness can’t ignore Social Media. The majority of your customersuse Facebook or Twitter, Pintrest or Google+. Word of Mouth haschanged forever, it travels at the speed of light and hits bigvolumes of people!Ape Red Media has both a Facebook page, Twitter account,Slideshare account and Pintrest Boards. The marketing campaignis reflected and promoted with each of these Social Media Services.Why? Simple, the average Facebook user has 100+ friends. If 1 in10 of our friends were to post to their page about a FREE NEXUS 7then there is the potential to reach 3500+, and if 1:50 of theirfriends post to their pages... and so it goes on.
  10. 10. S is for Socialising cont. The More Lines You have in the River...The greater the chance of catching fish! Reflecting a promotion on multiple SocialMedia Channels, your website, your blog can only aid you in driving traffic to yourlanding pages and costs very little!
  11. 11. I is for Incentive Incentive backed marketing - strong calls to actionDo your customers have a good reasonto do business with you? Our customerslooking for either a start up site, a microsite or landing pages that respond toSmart Phones and Tablets as well as PC’shave a very good reason to do businesswith Ape Red Media!The Customer Gets their new siteplus a New Google Nexus 7 Tablet
  12. 12. Resources/examplesOn Page Success - http://slidesha.re/LGRWPHIncreasing Competition & A Failing Web? - OASIS article published in Hampshire Business.Nexus 7 Offer - www.apered.com/oasis2.htmlFacebook - http://www.facebook.com/ApeRedMediaPintrest - http://pinterest.com/aperedmedia/Slideshare - http://www.slideshare.net/ApeRedMediaQuestions/Enquiries - email: info@apered.com