CUSTOMER CASE STUDYCoCo ComplianceOverview                                          “Apani EpiForce is one part of an over...
CUSTOMER CASE STUDY CoCo Compliance                                               CHALLENGEChallengeEncrypt all communicat...
CUSTOMER CASE STUDYCoCo Compliance                                                 • Deploy a solution that was transparen...
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CoCo Compliance Apani Software


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Apani meets or exceeds all CoCo compliance requirements in their enterprise security software products.

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CoCo Compliance Apani Software

  1. 1. CUSTOMER CASE STUDYCoCo ComplianceOverview “Apani EpiForce is one part of an overallStaffordshire Police employs4,500 people There IT supports solution that will enable Staffordshire Police2,000 servers and workstations.40 + servers are a mixture of to achieve “CONFIDENTIAL” IL 4 certification atWindows and Unix a lower cost than alternative solutions, and it enables me to maintain security as I virtualise my data centre.” Phil Lovell, head of technology services, Staffordshire PoliceIndustry: Public Sector - Police OVERVIEW Staffordshire Police is one of the United Kingdom’s top-performing forces. It serves a population of more than one million across an area of approximately a thousand square miles which stretches from the Peak District National Park in the north to the West Midlands border in the south. They employ around 4,500 people - with police officers accounting for more than half this figure. They also have more than 200 police community support officers and nearly 400 volunteer special constables. The rest of the workforce is made up of police staff. The Force’s mission statement is, “To put the citizen at the heart of all that we do so that we can be the force that inspires the greatest levels of trust and confidence amongst the communities it serves.” Security of data is clearly a key element to this mission. Staffordshire Police wanted to comply with network communications security guidelines in the GCSX (Government Connect Secure Extranet) Code of Connection (CoCo) in the United Kingdom. The Code of Connection (CoCo) requires the Staffordshire Police and other agencies to seek compliance on all communication between law enforcement agencies and the Police National Database (PND). © 2010 Apani, All rights reserved. All marks are the property of their respective owners.
  2. 2. CUSTOMER CASE STUDY CoCo Compliance CHALLENGEChallengeEncrypt all communications to a There are requirements for Staffordshire Police and other police forces to seekcentral data repository. Support compliance approval on all new technology implementations which involveUnix and Microsoft without connections to networks and applications shared with other forces. One of theseintrusion and scale to support requirements is to encrypt all communications to a central data repository; thisthousands of nodes. includes the extensive Police National Database (PND). As Staffordshire Police currently operates 2,300 workstations and 350+servers, the chosen solution had to work well in a distributed environment. In addition, it had to be unobtrusive to deploy and flexible enough to address future business challenges as they present themselves. INVESTIGATION Project-managed by Chris Bowen, communications and network services manager for Staffordshire Police, the Force undertook the initiative to eventually raise the Force’s level of security from “Restricted” to “Confidential.” After examining the Force’s business processes and existing alternative technologies, as well as interviewing key end-users of the existing confidential systems, Sean Booth, systems security administrator for Staffordshire Police outlined his core requirements for the project: • Replace the existing solution with one that can extend confidentiality to the broader Staffordshire Police network with an accredited encryption solution. • Provide a centralised and controlled method of segregating servers/desktops that enables restricted and confidential systems to coexist in a converged network without affecting performance. • Enable computer assets to be physically or virtually relocated without requiring major system modifications • Reconnect 50+ non-networked “digital evidence” machines without exposing the broader network to vulnerabilities. Manually maintaining anti-virus software on these machines currently costs the equivalent of a man-year • Allow the Force to virtualise some of its 350+ servers without facing the security trade-offs caused by using hardware solutions in virtualised environments. © 2010 Apani, All rights reserved. All marks are the property of their respective owners.
  3. 3. CUSTOMER CASE STUDYCoCo Compliance • Deploy a solution that was transparent and independent to other technologiesSolution: such as Citrix, VMware and existing infrastructure.Installed Apani EpiForce as • Offer low total cost of ownership (TCO) that could enable the force to meetpart of an overall solution compliance requirements without sacrificing other projects.that they believe will complywith national regulatoryrequirements and ensure the SOLUTIONforce is prepared to access and After an evaluation of solutions which took into account both Staffordshireutilise the new Police National Police’s internal and external requirements and regulatory standards, SeanDatabase (PND) in 2010 Booth presented several recommendations to the Force’s IT review board. Apani was approved as the most viable and cost-effective solution. This proposal was then put forward to the NPIA’s Accreditors and is currently awaiting assessment. Apani EpiForce was deployed to over 2,000 servers and workstations using LANDesk. The 40+ servers were a mixture of Windows and UNIX operating systems. BENEFITS The installation of EpiForce delivered several major benefits to Staffordshire Police, including: • Compliance: met IL-3 traffic requirements using AES-256 bit encryption. Helped Staffordshire Police raise its network security rating to confidential (restricted on top of restricted), ensuring access to the PND when deployed. • Hard savings: eliminated the need to purchase additional hardware and leveraged existing infrastructure without requiring user intervention or training. • Soft savings: saved costs equivalent to one man-year by reconnecting 50+ digital evidence computers to centralized McAfee servers; minimized future costs associated with policy changes by utilizing a centralised management console. • Quick install: EpiForce was quicker to deploy and is less costly to manage than any current hardware-based solution evaluated. • Virtualisation-ready: secures both virtual and physical environment without extra cost, complication or loss of virtualisation flexibility. • Access control: provides access control or “firewall” capabilities, eliminating traditional hardware-based appliances that are not flexible. Computers can now be moved between subnets without affecting access or requiring rule changes. © 2010 Apani, All rights reserved. All marks are the property of their respective owners.
  4. 4. CUSTOMER CASE STUDY CoCo ComplianceBenefits: ABOUT APANI Apani is the provider of cross-platform server isolation solutions for large• Helped Staffordshire Police to potentially raise their enterprises. Apani’s solution isolates and secures the communication between network security rating to servers and endpoints without regard to operating system or physical location. CONFIDENTIAL, ensuring access to PND when Apani EpiForce, the company’s flagship product, is a software-based alternative approved. to using firewalls and VLANs inside the corporate network. EpiForce enables two powerful disciplines—logical security zoning and policy-based encryption• Eliminated the need of data in motion. EpiForce is a distributed, centrally-managed solution that to purchase additional hardware by leveraging is transparent to users, applications and infrastructure – making it quicker to existing infrastructure. deploy and less costly to manage than hardware-centric solutions. Policy enforced by EpiForce is persistent, which enables protected resources to be• Realised costs savings relocated without compromising security. equivalent • to one man- year by reconnecting 50+ Providing an evolutionary improvement in efficiency, flexibility, manageability and digital evidence computers total cost of ownership, Apani technology is used by much of the Fortune 500. to centralised anti-virus servers. Based in Southern California, Apani was founded in 2003 and is privately held. More information about the company may be found at• Secured both virtual and physical environments with no extra cost or complications• Provided access control without the need of traditional, inflexible For More Information To learn more about EpiForce and Apani, United States +1.714.674.1600 United Kingdom +44 (0)118 9298060 © 2010 Apani, All rights reserved. All marks are the property of their respective owners.