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AP | PORTUGAL - translation services is a portuguese translation company specializing in translation, interpretation, transcription and subtitling services. Our mission is to become a trusted partner of all entities and individuals in need of language services.

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(EN version)AP | PORTUGAL - Language Services - Brochure

  1. 1. The importance of the Portuguese Language . 04 Suggestions to organizers . 19 Our services . 05 Suggestions to speakers . 21 AP|Portugal . 06 Transcription Services . 23 Entities . 07 DTP Services . 25 Our clients . 08 Subtitling Services . 26 AP|Brazil . 09 Rental Equipment Services . 27 AP|Angola . 10 CATTI . 28 Translation Services . 11 ATA . 29 TSS - Total Satisfaction System . 12 Sustainable Social Development . 30 Range of services . 13 Lexis . 31 Pricing in Translation . 14 Payments . 32 Interpreting Services . 15 Contacts . 33 Recommendations . 16 Environment . 34 02
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  3. 3. Did you know that Portuguese plays an important role on the global stage? Portuguese: • Ranks between 5th and 7th of spoken languages in the world • Ranks 3rd of languages most spoken in Europe • Considered an official language by international organizations, such as the European Union, Unesco, Mercosul, Organization of American States (OEA), Latin Union, Free Trade Latin-American Alliance (ALALC), Organizationof Ibero-American States (OEI), Organization of African Unity (OUA), West African Economic and Monetary Union. • Designated a mandatory language in the Mercosul countries • Classified as an official language by the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which integrates the majority of the African countries in the Southern Hemisphere. There are 245 million Portuguese native speakers spread over the 5 continents in the following countries: Brazil (pop. 191.9 million), Mozambique (21.2 million), Angola (12.5 million ), Portugal (10.6 million),Guinea-Bissau (1.5 million), East Timor (1.1 million), Cape Verde (427 thousand) and São Tomé and Príncipe (206 thousand)Five million Portuguese and 4 million Brazilian make up the Portuguese-speaking communities spread throughout the United States, Canada, France, Venezuela, Paraguay, South Africa, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Luxemburg. By 2050, an estimated 335 million people will be speaking Portuguese. Portuguese language teaching is increasingly gaining importance in countries, such as South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe, as well as in the in Western African countries, especially Senegal. 04
  4. 4. Translation Interpreting Transcription DTP Services SubtitlingRental Equipment 05
  5. 5. In a globalized world, excellence in communication is noticed, first and foremost. Spelling, grammar and translation mistakes may harm the image of an institution, in the same way that a defective needs assessment of features and expectations for the target-audience results in a diminished - or nonexistent - ROI.AP|Portugal has grown substantially and sustainably in the last 10 years, keeping pace with our rapidly changing technology and turning challenges into new opportunities. Our interdisciplinary team consists of professionals specializing in information management, translation, online marketing and design. We ensure an integrated approach. The continual result: excellence of service. Clear communication tears down walls and brings people together. It creates conditions for the development of humankind and opens the door to partnerships. Our mission: to support our partners entrepreneurial spirit in their professional growth and success by contributing with our knowledge and expertise. 06
  6. 6. 07
  8. 8. AP|Brazil is a subsidiary of AP|Portugal specifically tailored to meet the Brazilian market demands. The language might be very similar, but the culture differs significantly: knowing those differences tailors your message to your target country.AP|Brazil operates as an interface between clients all around the world and a network of Brazilian translators. It offers a needed local service always ensuring AP|Portugals high standards of quality and accuracy. www.apbrazil.com 09
  9. 9. We are currently recruiting and training our personnel.Very soon our team, exclusively dedicated to meet the needs of the Angolan market, will be in full swing. Meanwhile, all requests from Angola are directed to our AP | PORTUGAL offices in Porto or Lisbon. 10
  10. 10. TECHNICAL TRANSLATION We specialize in technical translations, specifically,in the legal, political, economic, business and scientific fields. Since technical translations require specialized knowledge, it is our policy to select translators most familiar with the specific area of each project. CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS For a translated document to have legal value, it has to be certified by a govermental body or any other person or entity authorized by law. AP|PORTUGAL works with technically proficienttranslators in various fields, such as legal, financial or commercial, in which translation certification is frequently required. Please, refer to the IRN (Institute for Register and Notary Offices) website (www.irn.mj.pt) for certification rules. 11
  11. 11. TOTAL SATISFACTION SYSTEM . METHODOLOGY Once the documentation is delivered to or picked up by AP|PORTUGAL, it is: ANALYZED BY OUR PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM TRANSLATED BY A QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL REVISED BY A SECOND QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL PROOFREAD BY A THIRD QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL APPROVED BY OUR PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM SUGGESTED CHANGES BY CLIENT ARE DELIVERED TO THE CLIENT FOR REFERENCE | TSS TRANSLATION COMPLETED In order to guarantee maximum project quality, our clients enjoy a post-deliver, 20-day analysis and revision period.Within this timeframe, a new revision, proofreading, correction or adaptation of the text can be requested. Please bear in mind that translation is a partnership task between AP|PORTUGAL and you. To obtain the high quality final product you deserve and desire, your support is crucial. Thank you for your preference. 12
  12. 12. TRANSLATION TRANSCRIPTION INTERPRETING SUBTITLING CVs Legal Congresses Reportages Certificates Public Conferences Documentation Letters Academic Work meetings Presentations Articles Assembly sessions Consecutive and liaison Interviews Reports Conferences Interviews Video CV Brochures Interviews Press conferences Webinars Catalogs Surveys Training Books Work meetings Presentation Websites Minutes Debates Software Assembly sessions Symposiums Working journeys 13
  13. 13. FAQs: What is the difference between a project done by a translator or by a professional company? Basically, the project is expressed in a particular rate per word. See where your money goes! *APPORTUGAL SERVICE VS FREELANCE SERVICE *example based on the hypothetical rate of 0.05€ per word 14
  14. 14. 1. SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING (Conference/Congress Interpreting) Conference interpreters work inside a soundproof booth. They hear the speaker through headphones and immediately translate the speech directly into a microphone which is carried to the participants. 2. CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETINGThe interpreter listens to the speech in full or in large segments. Then - and usually with the aid of notes - the interpreter translates the entire speech. 3. WHISPERED INTERPRETING The interpreter is close to the participant(s)and translates the speech in a very soft voice (whispering). 4. LIAISON INTERPRETING The interpreter accompanies a foreign delegation and liaises with the local team. 15
  15. 15. OF THE PORTUGUESE ASSOCIATION OF CONFERENCE INTERPRETERS WORKING CONDITIONS Duty:The duty of a conference interpreter is limited to simultaneous, consecutive or whispered interpretation at the conference. Obligations: The interpreter is bound to observe total and absolute professional secrecy, take up full moral responsibility for theseriousness of the work and shall not allow anything that might limit the appropriate performance thereof. The interpreter shall perform, in full, the work accepted, with the exception in an event of force majeure. In such a circumstance, the interpreter shall ensure a timely replacement by a colleague with the required language combination, accepted by the team coordinator and by the contracting entity. Working Hours:A working day is comprised of two sessions totaling 7 hours (with a maximum duration of four hours each divided bya minimum break of one and a half hours), counting from the time the conference convenes. In exceptional cases, the interpreter may work for a maximum of one extra hour beyond the stated limit, subject to agreed-upon remuneration. When the conference goes beyond 8 working hours in one day, a second team should be hired. 16
  16. 16. Cancellations: Two to seven days before the event: interpreters have the right to 50% of the agreed fees; Less than 48 hours before the event: interpreters have the right to the full fee. Voluntary work:The interpreter is free to offer his/her services on a voluntary basis, conditional upon being bound to fully comply with the Code of Professional Ethics, the Rules of Professional Behavior and the present working conditions. Teams: Conference simultaneous interpretation is team work: an interpreter shall not work alone, except on rare occasions. Each team shall always consist of at least 2 interpreters, except when the total duration of the service is less than one hour. When the interpreters must work in both directions (two languages), it is recommended that the team be made up of 3 interpreters for services lasting for a day or more. Team leader (Captain): A team leader shall always be appointed for each service. If the functions of the team leader might interfere with interpretation, an additional person shall be hired (preferably an interpreter) exclusively to carry out the function of team leader. Documents: The interpreter should be given all the minimum required conditions, in order to ensure the best possible quality of his/her work. Therefore, the interpreter shall receive (at least 8 days prior to the event) all the documents associated with the service to be performed (program, support documents, speeches, any glossaries, etc.). 17
  17. 17. Facilities and equipment: Facilities and equipment shall be in perfect working condition: the booths shall be spacious enough to accommodatetwo persons comfortably, be properly isolated and located with an appropriate view of the conference hall, speaker and screen, if used. For whispered and consecutive interpretation, it is fundamental to have perfect acoustic conditions. Speeches to be read out: The interpreter has the right to refuse to interpret texts that are read out, unless they are previously supplied. Films and videos: In case any films or videos are projected during the conference, the sound track shall only be interpreted if the followingconditions are met: the sound is received directly through the interpreters headsets, the comments/dialog develop at a reasonable speed, the script was previously delivered to the interpreters or the film/video was previously viewed by the interpreters. Recording: The interpreters work is to be directly and immediately heard by the audience and cannot be recorded/transcribed without their prior specific consent, in which case the authors royalties of the interpreter should be duly safeguarded. Services outside the area of residence: When an interpretation service takes place beyond (>50 km) the interpreters professional residence, in addition to the agreed-upon per diem for professional services, they shall have the following rights:• Reimbursement for all transportation expenses - means of transportation should be agreed upon in advance with the contracting entity, • Accommodation in individual bedrooms in three star hotels or above, preferably in the same hotel where the conference is being held, • Daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner),• Daily allowance and compensation for the days the interpreters do not work but are inherently unable to carry out any service somewhere else (jours chomés), to be negotiated with the contracting entity. 18
  18. 18. In any conference, seminar or meeting with participants from different nationalities, interpreters are essential for good communication. This is why you have hired a team of professionals who will do their best to ensure your event flowsin the best possible way. However, in order for the interpreters to render a quality service, your help is necessary. Thus, we would like to make a few small suggestions that contribute significantly to successful communication. Suggestions for the speakers: Kindly distribute to all speakers a copy of the text "Suggestions to the speakers". Documents: Even though the interpreters - by training and experience - are imbued with vast culture and knowledge, they are not experts in all fields of knowledge. It is the organizers responsibility to provide the interpreters with all relevantdocumentation to ensure they become familiar with the subject matter. Please remember, an interpreter is only able to convey a given message properly when that message is clearly understood by the interpreter. To prepare themselves properly, interpreters should receive the following documentation - in all working languages, if possible: • Program or Agenda, general documentation on the organization (association, company, etc.) • Reports or minutes of former meetings on the same subject • Specialized magazines or articles, texts or abstracts of papers to be presented During the conference, it is absolutely fundamental that the interpreters have the following: • Copy of all texts of papers to be read during the sessions • Copies of any overheads or slides being presented • List with the participants names, name and brief curriculum of the speakers and of the members of the panel(s) • Name and position of any official entities present • All documentation distributed to the participants 19
  19. 19. Information session: For conferences at a high technical or scientific level, please schedule a meeting with the interpreters in order to clarify terminology or procedures, if necessary. Contact person: For better coordination, the organization should appoint a contact person to liaise with the team of interpreters (who, in turn, shall have a team leader or coordinator). Technical equipment:The organization should make sure that all the technical equipment corresponds to actual needs (number of booths andchannels, microphones, headsets, etc.) and that the equipment is in good working condition. Before the opening session, ask the team leader and technical staff to make a general sound check with all the equipment. Projections: If any slides or overheads are to be used, please check that the screen is located, so that all interpreters have good visibility of the screen and that the interpreters receive hardcopies of the texts being projected. In case any films or videos are projected, we again emphasize that the films and/or videos can only be interpreted if the sound track isreceived directly through the interpreters headsets, if the script has been previously delivered to the interpreters and if the discourse corresponds to normal reading speed. Interpreters room: If possible, make a room available for the interpreters to relax and study the documentation. 20
  20. 20. The organizers of this conference have hired a team of professional interpreters to ensure the best possible communication between the delegates of different languages and cultures. For many of the delegates, their voice shall be the voice of the interpreter. So, we would like to draw your attention to the following suggestions to help us convey your message fully and properly.We would like to emphasize that the interpreters abide by a strict code of professional ethics, to which strict confidentialityis rigorously followed. Please feel assured to hand over any confidential documents. Should you wish, all documentation shall be returned to you after the event is over or after the speeches are made. • If you are going to give an impromptu speech, speak normally.If you prefer reading from a written text, please read slowly. We would like to remind you that the normal reading speed is at about 100 words per minute, or 3 minutes per page with 30 lines.• If you have prepared a written text or some notes you want to follow, please ensure the interpreters also have a copy. Please remember that a written text can only be properly interpreted if the interpreters also have copies. • If your paper is highly technical or scientific, please supply the interpreters with all relevant terminology and/or documentation - and if possible, in all the different languages of the conference. 21
  21. 21. • If you intend to use slides or overheads, please ensure that the interpreters have a hardcopy of all relevant material to be projected. Often the booths are quite far from the screen, so helps greatly to have a hard copy in the booth. • Before starting to speak, ensure that your microphone is ON. Please neither tap nor blow on the microphone, in order to check whether or not it is functioning. A simple "Good morning" is sufficient to check whether the microphone is ON. • Please do not speak too close to the microphone and do not leave your headset next to the microphone turned ON, as it may cause unpleasant interferences and feed-back. If you intend to walk about during your presentation, please ask the sound technicians for a chest microphone. 22
  22. 22. AP|Portugal receives a great volume of legal cases for transcription from multinational corporate clients on a daily basis. Our working method was structured in order to ensure: Confidentiality AP|Portugal takes appropriate measures to prevent non-authorized access to entrusted files and does not disclose any private information to a third party without prior and formal consent of the legitimate owners. Accuracy Our agency has an accurate quality control system, which first and foremost involves a selection of qualified professionals and unbiased and frequent revisions of text extracts produced by our transcriptionists. Swiftness AP|Portugal relies on a large team of professionals with relevant education and training. Based on the clients specific needs, we assign qualified professionals to accomplish the projects efficiently - allowing us to deliver the transcriptions quickly. 23
  23. 23. Our team offers high-quality service ensuring the best possible client experience. Our attention to detail is reflected on the organization of the written text according to the statements and the tapetracks. We also do chronological labeling of documentation, making it easier to find the corresponding tracks. AP|Portugals work methodology guarantees precision and reliability. We are aware, however, of the intrinsic adversities of transcription projects (audio in bad condition, lack of visual signaling, absence of reference documentation, etc.). Therefore, if our clients are in any way dissatisfied after their revision, they may require a new revision of the project within 20 days after delivery. We offer security and assurance.In projects quoted on or above 150€, we pick up the audio and related documentation from your office free of charge, usually on the day project commences after receipt of PO (valid for mainland Portugal only). Many legal processes are still recorded on tape.AP|Portugal deals with the files in digital format (sound digitalization and digital improvement are free) aiming for a more accurate and swift operation and, simultaneously, preventing the wear and tear of the magnetic tape. If you wish, we will send the digital version of the audio tracks to you - free of charge. Whether you wish to use the transcription as a working tool or as legal evidence, be assured that you can rely on our institutions experience and methodology. Our team guarantees a reliable and prompt transcription - at a fair price. 24
  24. 24. AP|Portugal offers DTP service (Desktop Publishing). Our highly qualified and savvy graphic design team works with the most up-to-date software and applications necessary to complete your project - in any language, size, format and platform.This same team of experts, with its many years of experience in graphic and editorial design, uses a great variety of tools used to satisfy the most diverse market demands. Some of the technological resources used by our DTP services include: Microsoft Word®; Microsoft Excel®; Microsoft Powerpoint®; PageMaker®; Adobe Acrobat®; Adobe Photoshop®; Adobe InDesign®; Adobe Illustrator®; Macromedia Frehand®; MacromediaFlash®; CorelDraw®. 25
  25. 25. AP|Portugal works together with studios experienced in subtitling to ensure a final product of the highest quality. We translate into more than 20 languages and several media, including television, cinema, DVD, Internet and mobile phones. Our professionals work in various fields, including film, documentaries and corporate presentations. Translating simultaneously to several languages is a routine process in our institution.The consistency of the final product is ensured by constant monitoring at every stage by a project and team manager.AP|Portugal is able to develop high profile projects due to its broad portfolio of colleagues, and to its knowledge and experience gained through the years. Regardless of size and budget, we always take into the highest consideration the timeframes established to complete each the projects. NEW MEDIA AP|Portugal stays on top of new market trends, such as video streaming through Web and High Definition video (HD). With an integrated service of translation and subtitling, your company will have the chance to impress your present and future clients at an international level. 26
  26. 26. AP|Portugal has several partnerships with some of the best audiovisual companies nationwide. Given our high volume of production, we are able to offer our clients turnkey projects throughout the whole year at highly competitive prices. We provide the following additional materials/services: microphones, channel mixers, sound booths, receivers, headphones, projectors, LCDs, video, mini-video production, live recordings (Portugal only) 27
  27. 27. TRANSLATORS, TRANSCRIBERS AND INTERPRETERS SUPPORT CENTREAP|Portugal Language Services has an exclusive and updated support center for translators, transcribers and interpreters. We strive daily to work in close cooperation with AP|Portugals national and international collaborators network, in order to overcome and solve doubts and difficulties with which our professionals face during projects. We work at the level of recruitment, management and creation of close and effective teams. We provide necessary assistance to clarify queries and provide support at technical and research levels.We provide assistance in terminology, data collection and quality control. AP|PORTUGALs broad network of professional resources allows us to provide you with fast and effective support. HR . SUPPORTING RESOURCES COLLECTION TERMINOLOGY AND RESEARCH TRAINING QUALITY CONTROLQuality and respect for deadlines are two crucial elements of AP|PORTUGALs network of professionals - inpartnership with its global client portfolio - to strengthen and guarantee a sustainable professional development.
  28. 28. THE AMERICAN TRANSLATORS ASSOCIATION Founded in 1959 AP | PORTUGAL - Language Services subscribes to the ATA Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices and is herewith granted this Certificate of Corporate Membership since 2009 Jiri Stejskal - President Virginia Perez-Santalla - SecretaryThis certificate is valid only in combination with a membership card in good standing with the American Translators Association. 29
  29. 29. AP|Portugal, institutionally bound to ApoioXXI, holds as its mission to contribute to social development, allowing children with special needs to enjoy specialized technical support in the areas of psychology, speech and language therapy, motor skills and special education. AP|Portugal contributes to the structured development of its facilities, equipment and multidisciplinary team,standing as a fundamental pillar for the sustainable development of ApoioXXI, enabling this educational center for child development and guaranteeing a price and service policy affordable to most of the population. For the trust you put in AP|Portugal and on behalf of all the children and professionals who dedicate themselves to their development, thank you very much! www.ApoioXXI.com 30
  30. 30. AP|PORTUGAL is a Member of LEXIS - INTERNATIONALLEXIS is an active international community which brings together a wide range of language services professionals: translators, subtitlers, copywriters and speakers. 31
  31. 31. Quote Validity: 30 days Subject to AP|PORTUGALs team and equipment availability; all figures exclude VAT at the legal rate in force PAYMENT METHODS Bank Transfer, check, other methods to be agreed upon with the client. PAYMENT TERMS 50% at the time of the order/PO and the remaining 50% upon delivery;project execution begins only after initial payment. Always send proof of payment. Other payment terms may be established for regular AP|PORTUGAL clients. BANK DETAILS IBAN International Bank Number PT: 50 0010 0000 3603 0890 00137 Account No at BPI: 9-3603089.000.001 NIB: 0010 0000 36030890001 37 SWIFT/BIC: BBPIPTPL DISCOUNT POLICY Large volumes of work are eligible to special discounts.
  32. 32. LISBON 4/7 Av. João Crisóstomo, 30, 5ºA 1050-127 Lisbon Portugal EU2 Fax +351 213 303 733 PORTO Avenida da República, 1105 4430-203 Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal EU Fax +351 223 744 871 info@apportugal.com quote@apportugal.com rh@apportugal.com www.apportugal.com 33
  33. 33. Before printing this document, please take a moment to think if you really must.Thank you for protecting the environment. Mário Adérito Costa Júnior Thank you for not printing! 34
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