Showcasing London’s Apprenticeships E-brochure


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Showcasing London’s Apprenticeships E-brochure

  2. 2. Progression Client Impact Opening up Opportunities Alternative Education Environment AttractingCreative Talent Real Work and Self Employment Growing London’s Economy Pathway to Higher EducationOpportunities in the Community Working with Social Enterprise International Links Transferable SkillsEmployability Skills Aspiration to Progress An Employer led Consortium Professional Body PartnershipAttracting New Talent Developing a Career Path Stimulating Growth Flexible Partnership Working CareerProgression Client Impact Opening up Opportunities Alternative Education Environment AttractingCreative Talent Real Work for Skills Aspiration to Progress An Employer led Consortium ProfessionalBody Partnership Attracting NewTalent Developing a Career PathS t i m u l a t i n g Growth FlexibleP a r t n e r s h i p Working CareerProgression Client Impact Openingup Opportunities A l t e r n a t i v eE d u c a t i o n E n v i r o n m e n tA t t r a c t i n g Creative TalentReal Work and Self EmploymentGrowing London’s E c o n o m yPathway to Higher EducationOpportunities in the CommunityWorking with Social EnterpriseInternational Links Transferable SkillsE m p l o y a b i l i t y Skills Aspirationto Progress An Employer ledC o n s o r t i u m P r o f e s s i o n a lBody Partnership Attracting NewTalent Developing a Career PathS t i m u l a t i n g Growth FlexibleP a r t n e r s h i p Working CareerProgression Client Impact Openingup Opportunities A l t e r n a t i v eE d u c a t i o n E n v i r o n m e n tA t t r a c t i n g Creative TalentReal Work and Self EmploymentGrowing London’s E c o n o m yPathway to Higher EducationO p p o r t u n i t i e s Transferable SkillsStimulating Growth Flexible Partnership Working Career Progression Client Impact Opening upOpportunities Alternative Education Environment Attracting Creative Talent Real Work and SelfEmployment Growing London’s Economy Pathway to Higher Education Opportunities in the CommunityWorking with Social Enterprise International Links Transferable Skills Employability Skills Aspiration toProgress An Employer led Consortium Professional Body Partnership Attracting New Talent Developinga Career Path Stimulating Growth Flexible Partnership Working Career Progression Client ImpactOpening up Opportunities Alternative Education Environment Attracting Creative Talent Real Work andSelf Employment Growing London’sE c o n o m y Pathway toHigher Education Opportunities inthe Community Working withSocial Enterprise International LinksTransferable Skills E m p l o y a b i l i t ySkills Aspiration to Progress AnEmployer led C o n s o r t i u mP r o f e s s i o n a l Body PartnershipAttracting New Talent Developinga Career Path S t i m u l a t i n gGrowth Flexible P a r t n e r s h i pWorking Career Progression ClientImpact Opening up OpportunitiesA l t e r n a t i v e E d u c a t i o nE n v i r o n m e n t A t t r a c t i n gCreative Talent Real Work andSelf Employment Growing London’sEconomy Pathway toHigherEducationOpportunities in the CommunityWorking with Social EnterpriseInternational Links Transferable SkillsE m p l o y a b i l i t y Skills Aspirationto Progress An Employer ledC o n s o r t i u m P r o f e s s i o n a lBody Partnership Attracting NewTalent Developing a Career PathS t i m u l a t i n g Growth FlexibleP a r t n e r s h i p Working CareerForewordApprenticeships are a resounding success in London. Today, over100,000 Londoners are employed by businesses as apprentices. In2012 over 90% of all apprentices completing their qualifications eithercontinued in employment or went on to further study including highereducation.The organisations who made this happen have come together toshowcase what’s being achieved in our city. The aim of this e-brochureis to encourage more employers to recruit apprentices by showinghow Colleges and companies are working together to build successfulApprenticeships.We enthusiastically back the Mayor of London’s call for more London-based businesses to recruit apprentices. Apprenticeships makebusinesses more profitable and transform the lives of so many people inour city.Ian Ashman, Principal of HackneyCommunity College and AoCLondon ChairVictor Farlie, Chair, London WorkBased Learning AllianceLondon Apprenticeships: London’s GrowthThe 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games showed the world what Londoncan achieve when we tap into our pool of tremendously talented andenthusiastic young people. What we now need is to harness this approachto drive forward economic growth in the Capital.In City Hall we are committed to helping businesses grow andprovide the foundation for our capitals prosperity. This dependsupon getting more of our talented young Londoners into work. Forus, this means apprenticeships. Since August 2010 we have led anapprenticeship campaign that has helped generate over 100,000new London apprentices. We want to go further. In the Mayors 2020Vision for London there is an ambition to work with business to createa minimum of 250,000 apprenticeships in London by 2016. After wehave reached our ambitious apprenticeship target for 2016, our aim isto work in partnership with businesses to create another 250,000 newapprenticeships by 2020.Colleges and training providers are at the heart of London achievingthis ambition. This is why I am delighted that the Association ofColleges, London Region and the London Work Based Learning Alliancehave worked together to showcase in this brochure best practice inapprenticeships provision, highlighting the fantastic quality of Londonsapprentices and the businesses that employ them.Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor for Business and EnterpriseAgriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care Arts, Media and Publishing Business, Administration and LawConstruction, Planning and the Built Environment Education and Training Engineering and ManufacturingTechnologies Health, Public Services and Care Information and Communication Technology Leisure,Travel and Tourism Retail and Commercial Enterprise Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care Arts,Media and Publishing Business, Administration and Law Construction, Planning and the Built EnvironmentEducation and Training Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies Health, Public Services and CareInformation and Communication Technology Leisure, Travel and Tourism Retail and Commercial EnterpriseAgriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care Arts, Media and Publishing Business, Administration and LawConstruction, Planning and the Built Environment Education and Training Engineering and ManufacturingTechnologies Health, Public Services and Care Information and Communication Technology Leisure,Travel and Tourism Retail and Commercial Enterprise Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care Arts,Media and Publishing Business, Administration and Law Construction, Planning and the Built EnvironmentEducation and Training Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies Health, Public Services and CareInformation and Communication Technology Leisure, Travel and Tourism Retail and Commercial Enterprise
  3. 3. “We employ around 100 apprentices across the Bellway Group. Asan industry it is vital that we bring through young people and equipthem with the skills they need to develop a successful career in housebuilding. We are very pleased to be working with Barking & DagenhamCollege. Their learning facility coupled with our on-site trainingprovides an excellent start for young people wishing to progress.”Stimulating growth for LondonThis partnership offers excellent opportunities for students to becomeskilled tradespeople. Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act1990, promoting local employment within a borough regeneration project,stimulates growth in London through jobs and housing opportunities.The essential and special ingredients to partnership working:A flexible approach means apprentices can start their trainingmid academic year, which suits both employer and students. TheApprenticeships provide employment opportunities for part-timestudents to further develop and enhance their skills in the workplaceenvironment. This programme is just one example of the excellentpartnership working between Barking & Dagenham College and its localborough.Cathy Walsh, Principal and Chief Executive of Barking & DagenhamCollege, said: “Barking & Dagenham College trains over 700 apprenticesevery year in a number of occupational careers. We also run our ownApprenticeship training agency (Apprenticeships Works): the Collegeemploys apprentices and places them in a skills-to-jobs matchingservice with employers across East London. Apprenticeships offer afantastic way of starting young people on their chosen career path. ““Preparing students for the world of work today is not just about gainingqualifications. Experience is equally important and Apprenticeships area great way of combining all these aspects, allowing College leaverswith BellwayHomesBarking &Dagenham CollegeCreating this opportunityBellway Homes are one of theLondon Borough of Barking andDagenham’s housing contractors.As part of their contract, BellwayHomes are committed to providingApprenticeship opportunities tolocal residents.This commitment has includedrecruiting four apprentices fromBarking & Dagenham College’sfull-time learner responsiveclasses across the areas ofplumbing, painting and decorating,and carpentry and brickwork.The apprentices have all beenemployed directly by BellwayHomes.The Apprenticeships promoteemployment opportunities withinthe student body and help toincrease skills in the BellwayHomes workforce.Construction, Planning, Built EnvironmentStimulating GrowthFlexible Partnership Workingwith the GoddardVeterinary GroupBen Everett, Amy’s managerat Goddard Veterinary Group,said: “Amy is extremelyhardworking, which hasled her to pass her courseswith flying colours. Sheis incredibly enthusiasticwith endless amounts ofenergy and has limitlesscompassion for the patientswithin her care. She’s beenan indispensable asset tothe practice. Amy also hasa great relationship with theclients and makes a hugeeffort to get to know them,so they always get a verypersonal service from her.“The practical skills Amyhas developed throughher College course haveimproved her patientcare, while the theoreticalknowledge she’s gainedmeans she can give moreinformation to clients. Apartfrom this, she is moreconfident in general andappears to have higheraspirations for her careerthan she did before startingthe Apprenticeship. She hasbecome more motivated asAmy Cowcher, 20,Apprenticeship in Level 3Veterinary NursingAmy’s passion in life is caring foranimals. Five years ago she beganvolunteering with the London-wideGoddard Veterinary Group. Sheshowed huge enthusiasm, workingher way up to qualify as an animalnursing assistant in 2010 andgained full employment. Amy thenwanted to go on and qualify as afull veterinary nurse.So in 2012, the company sourcedCity and Islington College foran Apprenticeship for Amy as aveterinary nurse because of theCollege’s reputation as a first-classprovider for veterinary nursing. Forthe two and a half years of herApprenticeship, Amy is workingfour days a week and studying oneday a week.City and IslingtonCollegeAgriculture, Horticulture and Animal CareCareer ProgressionClient Impactand young adults the chanceto earn and learn at the sametime. Apprenticeships ensureyou gain technical knowledgeand hands-on practicalexpertise within a company,which is so important at atime when you need to standout in a crowded job market.It’s this combination that willhelp demonstrate to futureemployers that you can dothe job – because you’ve gotthe qualifications and theexperience too.”Apprentice Mitchell WareAfter successfully completingmy level 1 Basic Plumbingstudies course at Barking &Dagenham College, I wasreferred to this Apprenticeshipopportunity by a member ofthe College’s plumbing team.This course means everythingfor me and for my future as Iam looking to a build careerin plumbing. My experience asan Apprentice has been verypositive and I have learned alot. On completion of my level2 I hope to progress onto mylevel 3 Apprenticeship.
  4. 4. with Goldman SachsCity Gateway was set up in 1999by a group of workers from theCity who were involved in localchurches to bring hope to the localcommunity of Tower Hamlets. CityGateway aims to help the hardest-to-reach young people and womenin the borough.City Gateway has been recognisedas an example of national bestpractice in Apprenticeships andyouth engagement, winning a BigSociety Award 2012. In 2011/12,over 90% of City Gatewayapprentices successfully completedtheir Apprenticeships. City Gatewaywas graded as outstanding byOfsted in 2011 and became the firstorganisation in the UK to receive theHear By Right Gold Award for youthparticipation in service design. In2012, City Gateway opened the firstalternative provision Free Schoolin London, providing an alternativeeducation environment for learnerswho have disengaged frommainstream education.Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is one ofthe world’s pre-eminent global investmentbanking, securities and investmentmanagement firms. It provides a widerange of financial services to corporations,financial institutions, governments andhigh-net-worth individuals. Founded in1869, the firm has its headquarters in NewYork and maintains offices in all the majorfinancial centres around the world.Goldman Sachs has had 10 City Gatewayapprentices, who have all made impressiveprogress and made a positive contributionto the organisation. As a result, GoldmanSachs would strongly advise otherorganisations to take on apprentices.Michelle Pinggera Chief of Staff for EMEA atGoldman Sachs said:“It has been a revelation. One by one these10 apprentices began to transform intocompetent, focused, poised young people.If our experience is anything to go by,other businesses should go for it.”She added of apprentice, Chad Webb:“Chad is a true testament to the positiveimpact of this campaign. The dedication,commitment and enthusiasm that heshows towards his role is a tribute notonly to his strength of character butalso to the maturity that he continues todemonstrate on a daily basis.”Chad Webb’s story.Chad grew up on a run-down housing estate in East London withlittle hope for a future. Now he’s excelling at Goldman Sachs andhas dreams of running his own record label.How I found the opportunity?Chad always stood out at school because he was so passionateabout pursuing a career. His focus in the classroom often madehim subject to ridicule but he overcame others’ taunts and madeit to university. Unfortunately, Chad lacked the emotional andfinancial support of a family and was unable to carry on. Afterreturning to London he came across City Gateway.Why I chose an Apprenticeship?Chad’s dedication to building a strong career was self-evidentand with the help of City Gateway, he was accepted onto anApprenticeship at Goldman Sachs. Working has really helpedChad to believe in himself and his dreams.What’s next?Chad is in the process of registering his own record label andhe has also found the maturity to restore his broken familyrelationships.City GatewayBusiness, Administration & LawOpening up OpportunitiesAlternative Education EnvironmentAmy said:“Through CollegeI am becomingmore confidentwith veterinaryterminology andam now ableto understandmedicalconditions andtheir treatmentsfar moreeffectively. I really enjoy my course and life at the College. Theteachers are experts at what they do and are always available tooffer support as they were once veterinary nurses themselves.“I want to qualify as a veterinary nurse and would like to progressin my career to become a head nurse in a managerial role. I can’twait to be qualified so I can contribute more to the practice andgive so much more to the veterinary industry.”City and Islington College Principal, Frank McLoughlin, said:“As a College we are very committed to getting young peoplea result, which is obviously of huge benefitto our organisation.”“Amy has achieved a lot since deciding tovolunteer with Goddard Veterinary Groupfive years ago. She has attained 12 GCSE’sat A*-C, secured a distinction in her animalnursing assistant course, passed her firstRoyal College veterinary exam, and wasrecognised as City and Islington College’s‘Apprentice of the Year’ for 2013.”Amy (centre) with fellow student and DawnPlatten, Course Manager for Veterinary Nursinginto jobs throughthe deliveryof outstandingvocationalcourses includingApprenticeships. Inthis respect we arevery proud of Amy’sachievements andwish her all thebest for the future.”Goldman Sachsapprentice ChadWebb addressesguests atBuckingham Palace
  5. 5. Creative Agency, Poke,is one of the companiesinvolved in working with theCollege to create the HigherApprenticeship in DigitalMedia. Its founding partner,Tom Hostler, said: “Runninga creative, digital and mediacompany for 12 years,finding the next source oftalent has never beenfar from my priorities.Having young people inthe company will help usto be more responsiveto our clients.”The employers arealso offering AdvancedApprenticeships for digital/IT assistants and front ofhouse and office support,which have been createdover the 2012/13 year.The Tech CityApprenticeship programmewill give 500 young peoplethe opportunity to workin London’s most excitingand high-profile digitalcompanies over the nextthree years.ITN is one of the world’s leading news and multimedia contentcompanies. It creates, packages and distributes news, entertainment,factual and corporate content on multiple platforms to customersaround the globe. The news programming produced for ITV, Channel4 and Channel 5 reaches around 10 million people every day,providing comprehensive, impartial news provision for the Britishpublic. As well as providing television news, ITN operates two otherdivisions: footage sales business ITN Source, and video creationenterprise ITN Productions.Robin Elias, Managing Editor at ITN said: “Through its Apprenticeshipprogramme, DV8 has introduced us to a previously untapped poolof enthusiastic and skilled talent. We have met a group of youngpeople with a passion for media, coupled with technical know-how.They are focused, multi-skilled and totally at ease with the landscapeof modern media. At ITN we want to open our doors and giveopportunities to talent like this.”DV8 Training with ITNDV8 specialises in digital media,music and event managementand has become one of London’sleading training and educationproviders. The company isan active member of theApprenticeship Ambassadornetwork across London and itsApprenticeship offer has just beenawarded the prestigious ‘mark ofexcellence’ from Creative SkillsetTick. There is such a strongdemand for Apprenticeshipsand working in the digital mediaindustry, that DV8 is opening anew 16-19 Free School in EastLondon in September 2014.Arts, Media and PublishingAttracting Creative TalentReal Work and Self EmploymentKadeem Henry’s StoryHackney CommunityCollegeBackground to the PartnershipHackney Community Collegeis based in the heart of London’sTech City, home to almost 3,000tech companies. Creative and ITjobs are plentiful here but, since80% of them are never advertised,local young people find it almostimpossible to get a foot in thedoor. Hackney Community Collegedecided to address the problem.When it talked to the owners andmanagers of Tech City companies,the College found they wereactually keen to tap into Hackney’syoung talent.Some of the Tech City employersformed themselves into twoworking groups to create two newunique Higher Apprenticeshipsin Digital Media and ApplicationsDevelopment in conjunction withthe College. These are due to runfrom September 2013.Arts, Media and PublishingGrowing London’s EconomyPathway to Higher EducationKadeem Henry is a DV8 creative anddigital media apprentice on placementat ITN News. Kadeem previouslystudied level 2 media at DV8Training and then progressed ontothe Apprenticeship havingdeveloped a rangeof digital mediaand videoediting skillsand a strongonline portfolio.with Tech CityApprenticeshipsFor the first part of hisApprenticeship, Kadeem workedat a photography studio inOxford Street as a video andphoto editor. He has nowmoved to ITV news as a cameraoperator and sound recordist.“I decided on an Apprenticeshipafter finding my passion formedia in the summer holidayswhilst looking for my next move.Video and editing used both mycreative and physical talents.“The maturity required to stepinto the real world is the biggestchallenge. An Apprenticeshippushes you into the real worldwhere you do real work for realbusinesses. It was a drastic stepfrom the ‘what you would do inthis situation?’ learning I’d donepreviously.“My biggest achievement andthe most rewarding part hasbeen successfully proving that Iam skilful enough to work in areal professional environment.”Kadeem Henry is the recentwinner of the nationallyprestigious Sony Playstationcompetition.Apprentice, Kadeem Henry
  6. 6. Martin King: the Learner PerspectiveMartin, who is 19, has a passion for technology. Through theNational Apprenticeship Service website, he applied for an IT roleat Didgeroo, a Shoreditch-based creative web studio. He is doingan Advanced Apprenticeship (level 3) in IT with specialist unitscovering web design and is one of a number of pioneer Tech Cityapprentices.Martin King (centre) with his employer, Chris Skitch (right)and Ian Ashman, Principal of Hackney Community College.Family Mosaic, one of London’slargest social landlords, developsmulti-million pound housingdevelopments and works withsome of the UK’s largest and mostestablished building contractors.As a result, it is uniquely placed topromote and support employmentopportunities that benefit localcommunities.Family Mosaic believes in supportingpeople to achieve by providing a‘hand up’ and the Apprenticeshipmodel fits this really well. In April2012, the first year of its newApprenticeship programme, FamilyMosaic set an ambitious target ofrecruiting 50 apprentices.The response was overwhelmingand 59 young people secured anApprenticeship. The organisationhas now quadrupled its second-yeartarget to 200 Apprenticeships.Family Mosaic believes thatApprenticeships offer a win-winsituation as individuals benefitfrom earning while learning newskills, whilst employers are able toreduce salary expenditure.Construction, Planning, Built EnvironmentOpportunities in the CommunityWorking with Social Enterprisewith Family MosaicHawk TrainingHawk Training is one of London’smost successful Apprenticeshipproviders with state-of-the-artclassrooms and teaching facilitiesin Twickenham. It is an Investorsin People Gold member. Clientsinclude 10 Downing Street,GlaxoSmithKline and kidsunlimitednurseries.Commercial Director, CrawfordKnott, said: “We work veryclosely with Family Mosaic todesign and deliver the trainingand qualifications they need.The payback to Family Mosaic isphenomenal.”Ian Ashman, Principal of HackneyCommunity College, said: “The two biggestchallenges faced by Tech City today arerecruiting the skilled people the businessesneed and getting local people into thefantastic jobs that this sector has to offer.Tech City Apprenticeships will address bothof these challenges.”At work, Martinhas used advancedtechnical skills, suchas hard coding forwebsites, as wellas more generaldevelopment anddesign throughcontent management.He has also beenlearning how a smallbusiness is run anddeveloping a widerange of work skills.Martin said: “Thereal draw of anApprenticeship isgetting a job andthe work experience.I love what I’mdoing and that I’mactually working onclients’ projects. Thequalification, whenI get it, is an addedbonus. I’m helpingthis small company,and if they’re in aposition to hire meas a permanent staffmember when this isdone, it’s a win-winsituation”.
  7. 7. Business, Administration & LawInternational LinksTransferable SkillsRedwood Skills with LinklatersEstablished in Acton, WestLondon in 2008, RedwoodSkills has grown rapidly tobecome one of London’s mostsuccessful Apprenticeshipproviders. They work with a widevariety of employers deliveringApprenticeships across Londonand Nationally in office-basedservice industries and collaboratingwith other providers who deliverengineering and IT-softwareApprenticeships.Redwood Skills has alsoestablished Redwood College tomanage Ealing Council’s vocationaloffer for 14-16-year-olds and hasspecialist courses for 16-18-year-olds who are not in education oremployment.Redwood Skills has pioneerednew collaborative educationprogrammes with HillingdonTraining and the Head to HeadcharityLucianne Powell’s story“I had always wanted to work inthe City. Before when I appliedfor jobs I was told I was lackingin experience so becoming anApprenticeship has given methe opportunity to work andcomplete a qualification in level3 Business Administration.“I found out about theApprenticeship programmewhen I visited my localLinklaters is one of London’smost prestigious law firms.Able to trace its roots back to1838, it has been a leadingfirm in the City of London eversince and today has a globalpresence.Linklaters is now a leader inEurope and Asia and worksacross Eastern Europe andthe Middle East. It is also oneof the few international firmsable to advise on Japaneselaw. Within Europe, it has beenbuilding up offices in cities suchas Amsterdam and Milan.JobCentre Job Plus. After applying, I underwent a screening interview withmy local council and was then put forward for an interview at Linklaters.Linklaters then offered me an Apprenticeship for 12 months within theirhuman resources team.“I feel this experience is going to make a big difference to my future career.The Apprenticeship programme has given me a great boost in confidenceand was a huge stepping stone for me both personally and professionally.“I have received fantastic support from both my employer and myApprenticeship assessor. This has made the experience easier and moreenjoyable. My assessor was really helpful in guiding me through my NVQcoursework and showing me how it linked into my job.“Following on from my Apprenticeship, I now feel very excited about myfuture partly because I have just been offered a fixed-term contract atLinklaters and have recognised that I want to pursue a career in humanresources.”The Apprentice PerspectiveChristian Gonzalez, Family Mosaic’s first internal apprentice, said:“Having not progressed further I felt lost and very demotivated.The Apprenticeship has given me a job that is providing experienceand a good wage. I was able to find one close to home and don’tneed to spend a lot travelling.“Being able to do an Apprenticeship with an organisation thatvalues what I can bring andalso wants to invest in meis a fantastic opportunity.I am learning under veryexperienced people whoare supporting and guidingme as I become moreindependent and learn tosupport myself.“I have gone from strengthto strength, gainingknowledge from some ofthe brightest people I haveever met. I want to progressto do a level 3 within mycurrent team or exploreother areas of the business.I am being supported to lookat external options and havebeen given a mentor sothat I can discuss possiblecareer paths. I have gainedso much in a short space oftime.”Hawk Training Apprentices withMarc Molloy from Family Mosaic
  8. 8. with Charles StanleyThe Charles Stanley Group PLC is aBritish investment management firm,which is listed on the London StockExchange. The group consists of fourprincipal trading companies which covera wide range of financial services.Che Stoddart- Senior RecruitmentAdviser at Charles Stanley, whocoordinates the Apprenticeship schemesaid this about the Apprentices fromSkills for Growth:“We are absolutely thrilled to haveJasmin, Jahangir and Juber join us asapprentices at Charles Stanley. Weare delighted to have been able tooffer the opportunity to embark on acareer in the City to those that maynot have previously considered it. Weare confident they will gain valuableexperience during their time herewhile also studying for their NVQ,which will hopefully lead to a longand successful career here at CharlesStanley.”The apprentices:Jasmin Begum - CharlesStanley’s specialistpensions divisionJahangir Alamand -Finance DepartmentJuber Ahmed - ICTdepartmentJasmin Begum’s StoryJasmin was originallyreferred to Skills forGrowth in 2011 aftershe visited Connexionswhen she was bored ofher fashion retail job.She wanted to pursuea career that wouldgive her experience andqualifications at the sametime as giving her accessto the professional worldof work.“When I went for aninterview and assessmentat Skills for Growth, Iwas asked to attend CVwriting and interviewtechnique workshopsto improve on my workreadiness. After this therecruitment team calledto advise that my CVwould begin to go out.“I was advised that Ihad been short listedfor interview withCharles Stanley, a stockbrokerage companybased in LiverpoolStreet. I was elatedand felt extremelyfortunate. After a hardand complex interview,I was offered the role ofApprentice Administratorin the specialist pensionsdivision. This is doing alevel 2 Apprenticeshipin Business andAdministration, whichhas just been extendedto a level 3.“Skills for Growth hashelped me to grow anddevelop. It was verydaunting going frombeing a school leaverworking in retail toentering the world ofwork in a fast-paced Cityenvironment. But I reallylove it. I have developedmy skills, my confidenceand my ability to adapt.The main skill I have improved is my organisational skill and ability to meet strict andtight deadlines. I have also had the opportunity to meet and be colleagues with adiverse range of people.“Skills for Growth has a great team of people who are dedicated to help us as youngpeople achieve and believe in ourselves. The keyworkers and trainers are all great.“My inspiration has been my manager at work, Dell Ceaton, who has been extremelysupportive and done nothing but encourage me every step of the way.“When I complete my Apprenticeship, I want to continue to grow and excel withinCharles Stanley, hopefully gaining a management position.”Skills forGrowthSkills for Growth is a registeredcharity that has been supportingbusiness and developing youngpeople in the South East –connecting people and skills. Skillsfor Growth has been deliveringApprenticeships for over 30 yearsand has helped many people togain new skills and begin careerswithin their chosen profession. Thecharity offers a fun and friendlyenvironment with knowledgeabletutors and staff and helps peoplethrough their Apprenticeship. Skillsfor Growth focuses on candidatesbased in the East End, Woolwichand Bexleyheath. Skills for Growthhelped Charles Stanley recruitthree apprentices after the firmhad been working with it for ayear. Whilst working at CharlesStanley, the apprentices also spendone day a week studying for theirNVQ in business administration,which they generally completewithin 12 months.Business, Administration & LawEmployability SkillsAspiration to ProgressThe three Apprenticesfrom Skills for GrowthSkills for Growth ApprenticeJasmin Begum
  9. 9. Advanced Technician Apprenticeships are available at South ThamesCollege in Civil and Building Services Engineering. The Apprenticeshipwas developed for transport planning technicians with support fromTransport for London, the Chartered Institute of Highways andTransportation and the Transport Planning Society.These Apprenticeships are mapped to the Engineering Council UKSPECrequirements for engineering technicians, so apprentices can apply forEngTech registration with their chosen professional body when theyfinish. This offers a valued work-based route to professional status foraspiring engineers including those who are currently under-representedsuch as women, ethnic minorities and those from disadvantagedbackgrounds.The London employer-led consortium has been replicated in Leeds,Manchester, Liverpool, the West Midlands, Southampton and Bristolwith over 30 companies and 10 colleges involved across the regions.In September 2012, 140 apprentices started. This figure has increasedfrom eight in September 2010 and 40 in September 2011. It isestimated that more than 200 apprentices will start in September 2013.The consortium has won a number of awards including:• Mayor of London’s Responsible Procurement Skills and EmploymentAward (Dec 2010)• Training Journal Apprenticeship Programme of the Year Award (Dec2011)with the Technician ApprenticeshipConsortiumApprentice SuccessSouth Thames College civil engineering technician apprentice, ReginaTumblepot, recently became Crossrail’s ‘Apprentice of the Year’, withfellow student, Ray Cantwell, nominated for the specialist apprenticeaward. Regina has also been short listed for UKCG ‘Apprentice ofthe Year’. Although the Apprenticeship can take up to three years tocomplete, Regina should complete it in just two years. Her employer,Morgan Sindall, is currentlyplanning her further progressionin civil engineering.Regina Tumblepot said: “Beingan apprentice has givenme opportunities to moveahead quicker and with moreconfidence. Working with a majoremployer like Morgan Sindallhas opened up experiences thatI wouldn’t have got by studyingfull-time but I wanted to keep upmy studies too. I’m really gladthat my secondment to BBMV onthe Crossrail C510 project hashelped me grow and learn on thejob.”The UK’s first Advanced TechnicianApprenticeship in civil engineeringfor use in a design environmentwas launched at South ThamesCollege in December 2010. TheApprenticeship was developedby a consortium of the UK’stop engineering consultancies,including Halcrow (now CH2MHill), Mott MacDonald, HyderConsulting, Capita Symonds,WSP and Arup, with help fromTransport for London, the NationalApprenticeship Service, theInstitution of Civil Engineers andthe College. Designed specificallyto meet the employers’ needswith a developing progressionroute to civil engineering, thisApprenticeship has gone fromstrength to strength. SouthThames College continuesto be extremely proud of itscontribution to the success ofthis Apprenticeship and its abilityto respond to both industry andemployer needs.South ThamesCollegeEngineering & Manufacturing TechnologiesAn Employer led ConsortiumProfessional Body PartnershipAECOMArupAtkinsBalfour BeattyConstructionBDPBlue EngineeringByzakCapita SymondsClancy ConsultingCrofton DesignEnterpriseMouchelCH2M Hill(Halcrow)Hyder ConsultingJacobsEngineeringMott MacDonaldMorgan SindallMouchelParsonsBrinckerhoffPell FrischmannPeter BrettAssociatesRingway JacobsSteven A Hunt &AssociatesTony Gee andPartnersTroup, Bywatersand AndersURSVinciWatermanWSP GroupAlso involved in theconsortium:Institution of CivilEngineersChartered Instituteof Building ServicesEngineersChartered Instituteof Highways &TransportationNational ApprenticeshipServiceEngineering CouncilTransport for LondonEdexcelFurther educationcolleges involved:Bridgend CollegeCity of Bristol CollegeCollege of North WestLondonExeter CollegeLeeds College ofBuildingLiverpool CommunityCollegeNewcastle CollegeSolihull CollegeSouthampton CityCollegeCompanies involved in the programme include:Crossrail’s Apprentice of theYear - Regina Tumblepot
  10. 10. Ben Purton, Executive Chef from Guoman Hotel Group at the RoyalHorseguards HotelFinding new talent“I am passionate about Apprenticeships. We have helped many young,budding chefs flourish. I initiated the Guoman Chef Apprenticeshipprogramme within the group in partnership with Westminster KingswayCollege and I am pro-active in inspiring and mentoring young hospitalityprofessionals.Why an Apprentice is right for our business“I was involved in an apprenticeship when I first entered the kitchensback in 1991 and have always seen them as the most positive way tobring young people into our great industry and show them all the optionsthat are available to them. At Guoman Group, we pride ourselves in agreat teaching environment and are always keen to raise awareness ofopportunities within the industry. When I joined Guoman as ExecutiveChef for The Royal Horseguards Hotel, I found a wealth of talent withinthe hotel and the company but there was a lack of young chefs and alack of options to bring in new recruits who are just starting out. TheApprenticeship model was the perfect way to encourage this.How we chose our delivery partners“I have a great relationship with local schools and Colleges and I wantedto start a process within Guoman so that we could attract new chefsto the business and start to develop our head chefs of the future. Inthe first year, all our apprentices went on day release to WestminsterKingsway College and every one of them progressed well, matured aschefs and became better members of our teams in the hotels. Suchwas the success in the first year that we extended our apprenticeshipprogramme. The second time 12 apprentice chefs completed theprogramme. Apprentices are a key ingredient for our industry tothrive. We will continue to sow, grow and harvest the best talentwe possibly can so that our hotels and our industry will continue tobenefit in the future.”Terence Barrow. Apprenticeship inProfessional Cookery NVQ Level 3What it means for me, and for my future?“For me, this Apprenticeship is proof that Iam classically trained to work in the kitchenthrough the College and with my experience inthe workplace, it shows future employers thatI also have to the knowledge to go with it.Why I chose a London Apprenticeship?“I chose to do an Apprenticeship in Londonbecause London is full of new opportunitiesand is such a diverse city, so you can learnmany of the world’s cuisines in one place.How I found out about this career andemployment opportunity, and finallymade the choice?“An Apprenticeship has always beensomething that I wanted to do but I thoughtI had missed out on it until I attended aSpringboard event and they put me in touchwith people from the industry and eventuallymy current employers.My experience as a London Apprentice“My Apprenticeship has been an interestingexperience and you never know whatto expect as every day can present newchallenges. It has been a good year as I havelearnt many new things and the chef lecturersboth at College and in the workplace havebeen telling me where I can improve and whatskills and ideas I can develop.”with the Guoman Hotel GroupLeisure, Travel & TourismAttracting New TalentDeveloping a Career PathWestminsterKingsway CollegeWestminster Kingsway Collegeis currently working with a numberof employers in the hospitalityindustry to provide trainingprogrammes and Apprenticeshipsto meet their development needs.Louise Jordan, Head of HospitalityApprenticeships at the College,explained: “Apprenticeships arethe proven way to train yourworkforce. Apprenticeshipscan make your organisationmore effective, productive andcompetitive and we are verypleased to continue our successfulpartnership with Guoman HotelGroup.”Apprentices in the kitchens atWestminster Kingsway College
  11. 11. Apprenticeships are thriving in England and the success stories included in this publicationshowcase the great diversity of high-quality Apprenticeships available and the contribution theyare making to the London economy. More and more employers are choosing Apprenticeshipsto help their businesses grow by developing a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. Thebusiness benefits of Apprenticeships are well documented. Research shows that 96% of apprenticeemployers report benefits to their business ranging from improved productivity to better staffretention and recruitment cost savings.The case studies in this publication showcase these benefits in practice, as well as demonstratingthe diversity and range of Apprenticeships. Apprenticeships now cover over 170 industries and1,500 job roles in a variety of sectors from marketing to veterinary nursing, community arts toconstruction. So there really is one to suit every type and size of business. Also, the introduction ofHigher Apprenticeships means that apprentices can train up to degree level and ensure businesseshave the necessary skills to compete in today’s tough financial climate.Through the National Apprenticeship Service, employers can receive help with recruitment andtraining costs, and tailored support at every stage of the Apprenticeship recruitment process.There is also a grant of £3,000 available to assist smaller firms in taking on a young apprentice forthe first time in London. There has never been a better time to employ an apprentice.To find out more about Apprenticeships and the AGE 16 to 24 grant, go or call the National Apprenticeship Service on 08000 150 600.Publication funded by LSIS and produced by Association of Colleges, London Region, and the London Work BasedLearning Alliance. For information on AoC please visit: For informationon London Colleges please visit: For information on LWBLA please visit: by