Cats pilot presentation hugh joslin uog college he conference 06-03-13


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Cats pilot presentation hugh joslin uog college he conference 06-03-13

  1. 1. CATS PILOT 2012-13Building on Competencein the workplace AOC ANNUAL COLLEGE HE CONFERENCE 6 MARCH 2013 HOTEL RUSSELL LONDON Breakout 1.1 Structure: CATS – The international context and BIS funded CATS projects Developing a sub-regional CATS scheme Hugh Joslin and Lindsay Perrin 1
  2. 2. Reasons for undertaking projectPartner colleges recently validated by theUniversity of Greenwich to run flexible work-based programmes: Applied ProfessionalStudies and Higher Apprenticeship in BusinessTo explore how to clarify the HE offer andpromote credit transfer across HE types 2
  3. 3. Aims of projectTo publish a Regional Higher VocationalEducation prospectusTo agree a statement about creditTo trial the ‘Building on Competence’ course asan asset model of bridging 3
  4. 4. Outcomes of projectGreater clarity of the regional higher vocationaleducation offerMaking credit transfer more transparentEnhanced flexibility of delivery for work-basedlearners 4
  5. 5. HIGHER VOCATIONAL EDUCATION FOR PEOPLE IN WORK REGIONAL PART-TIME HE PROSPECTUS SOUTH EAST LONDON AND NORTH WEST KENT Bexley College, Bromley College, Greenwich Community College, Hadlow College, North West Kent College, University of Greenwich’s Centre for Work-Based Learning This website is designed to provide for work-based learners informationTHIS WEB about higher level programmes in all the colleges listed above and thePROSPECTUS University of Greenwich’s Centre for Work-Based LearningWHAT IS CREDIT It shows how you can transfer any existing credit you have into the Applied Professional Studies Foundation DegreeCREDIT It also shows what are the financial benefits of credit transferCOMMITMENT It provides details about fees and the new loans for part-time studentsHIGHER LEVEL Click on any of the boxes on the left for more informationCOURSES bysubjectCOURSE FEESAND PART-TIMESTUDENT LOANS 5
  6. 6. WHAT IS CREDIT?Credit is way of recognising learning that has already been achieved. Most higher educationprogrammes consist of a number of individual modules (or units). Some programmes (normally thosewhich consist of more than one year of study) span a number of levels. Credit can be assigned toindividual modules and/or to whole programmes.Credit is awarded once you have successfully completed a module in recognition of the amount anddepth of learning which you have achieved. Credits are then accumulated towards the total creditrequired for a programme of study and a qualification (for example, a Level 4 NVQ Diploma, a Certificatein Management, HNC, Foundation Degree or BA Honours Degree).Eight credit levels are used in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Of these, levels 4 to 8 represent thetypes of learning undertaken in higher educationCredit level Qualifications typical at each level 8 Doctorate (PhD) 7 Level 7 Certificate or Diploma; Level 5 NVQ; Master’s Degree 6 Level 6 Certificate or Diploma; BA/BSc Degree, Professional Apprenticeship 5 Level 5 Certificate or Diploma; Level 4 NVQ; HND; Foundation Degree, Dip HE, Higher Apprenticeship 4 Level 4 Certificate or Diploma; HNC; Cert HE, Higher Apprenticeship 3 Level 3 Certificate or Diploma; Level 3 NVQ; GCE AS and A Level, Advanced Level Apprenticeship 2 Level 2 Certificate or Diploma; Level 2 NVQ; GCSE at Grades A* - C, Intermediate Apprenticeship 1 Level 1 Certificate or Diploma; Level 1 NVQ; GCSE at grades D-G 6
  7. 7. VALUING EXISTING HIGHER LEVEL STUDYThe recognition of existing higher level learning is more important than ever before given the increasingcosts of higher education qualifications. With the Applied Professional Studies programmes you do nothave to repeat but can have higher level credit subtracted from total number of credits that make upyour qualification. If for example you already have a level 4 qualification like an AAT level 4, this willcount towards your Foundation Degree.OUR COMMITMENT TO YOUThe colleges and the Centre for Work-Based learning have jointly agreed to provide applicants to eitherthe Foundation Degree in Applied Professional Practice or the Higher Apprenticeship in Business andProfessional Administration with: Clear information about entry requirements and recognition of higher level credit acquired with other colleges Clear information about costs for each stage of these qualifications Clear information about government loans for part-time higher education learners A clear process for recognising previous higher level credit you have already earned and advice on the cost savings of having it taken into account Access to a high level of information, advice and guidance to help work-based learners navigate their way to the most appropriate higher education course A clear and timely application processWe have put together in this prospectus a listing of part-time higher education qualifications offered bythe colleges, giving their credit value and showing how they can be combined within an overallprogression pathway through the Foundation degree at the college to an Honours degree in AppliedProfessional Studies at the University of Greenwich. 7
  9. 9. PART-TIME HIGHER VOCATIONAL EDUCATION COURSES OFFERED BY THECOLLEGESThese include professional qualifications like the AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and CMI Level 5 DiplomaManagement and Leadership or NVQs like NVQ 4 Diploma in Management. These courses are funded through theSkills Funding Agency and are known as “non-prescribed higher education”. For learners aged 24+, course fees canattract advanced learning loans.They also include HNCs, HNDs, Foundation Degrees and Degrees which are validated by Universities and known as“prescribed higher education”. These are funded through higher education student loans.All the higher vocational education courses that are offered part-time in the colleges for people in work are listedunder the links below: BUSINESS & ACCOUNTING CHILD CARE COUNSELLING CONSTRUCTION & ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC HEALTH & BUILT ENVIRONMENT ENGINEERING SOCIAL CARE LAND-BASED & LAW & LEGAL MANAGEMENT SCIENCE ENVIRONMENTAL PRACTICE & LEADERSHIP TEACHING FOUNDATION DEGREE IN APPLIED PROFESSIONAL HIGHER APPRENTICESHIP IN BUSINESS STUDIES AND PROFESSIONAL ADMINISTRATION 9
  10. 10. FOUNDATION DEGREE IN APPLIED PROFESSIONAL STUDIESWHAT IS APPLIED PROFESSIONAL STUDIES? A work-based Foundation Degree that allows you to create a personalised programme of learning entirely relevant to your current and future career goals It combines academic recognition for previous learning with work-based projects and, if desired, taught courses from across the College It is made up of negotiated work-based study which means that the contents are agreed in a learning contract between you and your tutor You will gain credits through projects and research based on your current or past work practice, or on topics related to your career development It can be studied at your own pace, with limited attendance at the College It involves investigating the practical application of theories in a professional context and researching ways to contribute to new working practices to developing the workplace knowledge baseWHAT ABOUT PROGRESSION?A foundation degree is the equivalent of the first two years of an Honours degree. It may be studied as a stand-alone qualification or you maychoose to progress to top-up to an Honours degree. The Master’s degree is for graduates in senior roles and professionals seeking aframework for their continuing professional development.Case Study – StellaStella left college with a BTEC qualification in Business in 2003 and in a previous job had been persuaded to a NVQ level 4 in Management.Since then she has worked in a variety of administrative jobs and now feels it is time for her to improve her career prospects and get a highereducation qualification that will help her to progress into a more senior management role. In her current job, she would not be able to gettime off, so she was looking for a course she could study flexibly. A friend had just completed the APS and had told her how it had beencompletely focused on his workplace, didn’t require day release, and it had led him to do projects that had raised his profile with his managercontributing to his recent promotion. Stella has just enrolled on the Foundation Degree in Applied Professional Studies, taking out a loan topay the fees. The overall fee was much less than she had thought because her NVQ 4 was given credit and this saved her £1,500.COLLEGES OFFERING THE FOUNDATION DEGREE IN APPLIED PROFESSIONAL STUDIES IN 2013Bexley CollegeBromley CollegeGreenwich Community CollegeHadlow CollegeNorth West Kent CollegeThe Colleges all have reputations for delivering high quality business skills to local companies. The University of Greenwich has accredited theFoundation Degree and will work with the colleges, employers and learners to maintain high levels of quality assurance and academic rigour. 10
  11. 11. HIGHER APPRENTICESHIP IN BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL ADMINISTRATIONWHAT IS THE HIGHER APPRENTICESHIP?The Higher Apprenticeship is a locally delivered work-based Foundation Degree in Business and Professional Administration whichis mapped to the NVQ4. It is a mix of work-based units which are based on real life projects in your work-place and taught units.It is: An approved Higher Apprenticeship Framework (Council for Administration) A unique new combination of a Foundation Degree and NVQ4 Available locally in SE London and North West Kent Part-time and achievable in under 3 years Designed with the ability to top up to a full honours degreeCase Study – Barnard HousingThis is a large housing association with a construction and maintenance workforce based on projects across South London and Kent. At headoffice, about 35 administrative and financial staff are employed. The head of Human Resources started a business apprenticeship scheme 5years. Sharon successfully finished her advanced apprenticeship 2 years ago, has now been given new responsibility and she is very ambitious.She talked to her manager about the Higher Apprenticeship and the company agreed to support her. For her manager it was a no brainer as itmeant she would be able to retain Sharon for at least three more years, more if she went on to top up to an Honours degree, and she would beincreasingly effective at her job as she studied. The deal they struck meant Sharon took out a part-time student loan for half the fee and thecompany paid the rest which for Sharon was a win-win.COLLEGES OFFERING THE HIGHER APPRENTICESHIP IN 2013Bexley CollegeBromley CollegeGreenwich Community CollegeLewisham CollegeNorth West Kent CollegeThe Colleges all have reputations for delivering high quality business skills to local companies. The University of Greenwich has accredited theFoundation Degree and will work with the colleges, employers and learners to maintain high levels of quality assurance and academic rigour. 11
  12. 12. MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP Credit Credit FundingCourse Title Offered by Further Details Level Value Type urse_details/Coursedetails.html?course=FD Business and 720000010919691&code=12L4APTTL20 5 240 Prescribed Bromley CollegeManagement 12-13&subtype=0HNC ConstructionManagement and 4 150 Prescribed Bromley CollegeBuilding Surveying Greenwich Community a-in-leadership-for-health-and-social-Diploma in care-children-and-young-people-s- College services-city-guilds-level-Leadership for 5/?csl=3035194&entrant=1Health and Social Non- 5 80Care and Children prescribed businesses/short-courses/1127/level-5-and Young People’s diploma-in-leadership-for-health-and-Services (Level 5) North West Kent College social-care-and-children-and-young- peoples-services/ Diploma in urse_details/Coursedetails.html?course= Non-Management and 5 62 Bromley College 720000010834954&code=12L5DMANL2 prescribed 012-13&subtype=0Leadership (Level 5)CMI Diploma in urse_details/Coursedetails.html?course=Strategic Non- 720000010839856&code=12SFCSTML2 7 66 Bromley CollegeManagement and prescribed 012-13&subtype=0Leadership (Level 7) Venue, Events tion-degree-in-venue-events-and- Greenwich Community hospitality-management-level-4-and Hospitality 5 240 Prescribed 5/?browse_subject_area_id=41&entrant= CollegeManagement 1 12
  13. 13. HONOURS DEGREE IN APPLIED PROFESSIONAL STUDIES On successful completion of an HND or Foundation Degree it is possible to progress onto a third year top up to an honours degree in Applied Professional Studies at the University of Greenwich. Details can be found here: MASTERS DEGREE IN APPLIED PROFESSIONAL STUDIESMany graduates enter the labour market and find themselves in jobs where it is difficult to make the regular commitmenton a weekly basis to attend university to study for an Masters degree. The MA/MSc in Applied Professional Studiesprovides the same flexibility of the undergraduate programmes and allows learners to get a postgraduate qualificationthrough work-based learning. Details can be found here: 13
  14. 14. COURSE FEES AND PART-TIME STUDENT LOANSCOURSE FEESThe fees for 2013 are shown against the courses listed in this prospectus. Also alongside each course is anindication of whether the course is prescribed or non-prescribed. This refers to the fact that different types ofhigher education qualifications have different funding arrangements.Higher Education Student Loans (Prescribed Courses)From 2013 learners studying part-time in the work-place for a Foundation Degree are eligible for a student loanto cover the higher education fees as long as they have not studied at this level before. The following link hasfurther information: Advanced Learning Loans (Non-Prescribed Courses)From 2013, for learners under 24 at the start of their course there will be some government funding to coverpart of the course fee as long as they have not studied at this level before. For those aged 24+, student loanswill be available to cover the course fees for those who have not previously had a loan for study at this level.Students wishing to apply for loans to cover the fees can apply from March 2013 and should contact the collegefor advice. Further information is available at: 14