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AoC London Region Bulletin Issue 120
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AoC London Region Bulletin Issue 120


Published on

AoC London Region Bulletin Issue 120

AoC London Region Bulletin Issue 120

Published in: Education

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  • 1. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin14 September 2012 – Issue 120Dear Colleagues,Welcome back to the AoC London Region Bulletin after what has been an incredible summerfor London. The triumphs and achievements of Team GB, and the great feeling in Londoncreated by all aspects of the Olympics and Paralympics have been tremendous. Whilst stillvery fresh in our minds, I am keen to capture as much as we can on London Colleges significantcontribution to the Games – before, during and after. You are already helping us by sending inyour stories and case studies so please keep those coming in and we will pull the materialtogether over the next few weeks.Team AoC London is very much looking forward to working with you this year. The Bulletinthis week sets out the forthcoming calendar of events and networks so please have a look atwhat is coming up over the next few weeks. If you have suggestions or ideas you would like usto consider please do not hesitate to let us know.Best wishesCaroline NevilleUPCOMING EVENTSAoC National and AoC Create eventsGovernance Master Classes, Monday 1 October 2012, EvershedsGovernance Master Classes are aimed at Colleges that are either actively pursuing or areconsidering evaluating the opportunities presented by the new freedom. They provide astrategic overview and an update on developments of the financial, regulatory and legalframework for Colleges.To find out more about the event and register your attendance please visit AoC Create website.AoC 16-19 Study Programmes Roadshow sponsored by DfE, 8 October, Holiday Inn RegentsPark, LondonThe Department for Education (DfE) is sponsoring a series of regional 16-19 Study ProgrammesRoadshows that will help Colleges prepare for the curriculum and funding changes comingnext September. The Government response to the 16-19 Study Programmes consultation andthe 16-19 Funding review signal big changes to the way Colleges organise the curriculum for16-19 at all levels, across all types of programme including A levels as well as vocationalcourses. The new 16-19 funding methodology will fund students for Programmes of Studyrather then by individual qualification.To find out more about the event and to register your attendance please visit the AoC Createwebsite.
  • 2. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 14 September 2012The Disclosure and Barring Service: Roadshow for FE Colleges, Monday 5 November,Morley College, LondonAoC is running a regional event with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to setout what the changes to current vetting and barring/CRB arrangements mean for their futurechild protection regimes.To find out more about the event and to register your attendance please visit the AoC Createwebsite.Colleges Week 2012, 11-18 November 2012Colleges Week 2012 is now just two months away. Taking place from 11-18 November 2012,the central theme will be work readiness and employability with a focus on how Colleges helppeople into work and businesses grow. New research, collateral and toolkits are indevelopment and will be provided to Colleges as a way to add value to your existing 2012marketing plans. More information will be available soon from the dedicated Colleges Week2012 portal, which is due to launch in mid-September. Thisincludes downloadable content such as logos. In the meantime, please keep an eye out forupdates in the AoC Media and PR briefings or contact the Colleges Week team directly Annual Conference and Exhibition 2012, 20-22 November, BirminghamThe AoC Annual Conference and Exhibition – the UKs leading further education conference –is the perfect opportunity for you to network, share ideas and debate the biggest issues facingColleges. It takes place in Birmingham between Tuesday 20 to Thursday 22 November. Pleasevisit AoC Create website to find out more about the Conference, how you can get involved orbook your place.Other eventsLinking London Professional Qualifications in Management event, Wednesday 26September, Room 416, Malet Street, Birkbeck, University of LondonProfessional qualifications are often one of the least known areas of curriculum provision. Atthis event, key speakers from the Institute of Administrative Management; Institute ofLeadership and Management; Chartered Management Institute and City and Guilds willprovide an overview of their services, as well as examples of how their awards are beingintegrated into named undergraduate awards in business.For more information and to register your attendance please visit the Linking London website.Market Maker Trade Fair Competition, 12 November 2012 at the Institute of Directors,Central London Branch in Pall MallWe would like to draw your attention to the Market Maker Trade Fair Competition, 12November, London. The main aim is to inspire young people to consider starting their ownbusiness and improve their employment prospects. Young Entrepreneurs will have the chanceto pitch their ideas and get expert opinions on likely success, the chance to win prizes and Page 2 of 7
  • 3. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 14 September 2012possibly get investment for their business if they win first prize. There are 19 Collegesregistered for the competition. More than 50 (55 exactly) members of staff have been trained sofar.For further information please contact Project Coordinator Rifaat Foufa on 01462 424249.Skills London 2012 – Competitions, 23 and 24 November, LondonSkills Competitions are a fantastic way of showcasing students’ skills in a competitiveenvironment. Continuing the spirit of the games at Skills London, this is a chance for yourpromising students to showcase their skills. Skills London 2012 will be launching two informalskills competitions this year. Can your students shine in the spotlight? Open to all Colleges inLondon and the Thames Gateway this is the opportunity to present your future stars to thecompetition.Are your students wired to a career in electrical engineering – take a look at the competitionbrief and see if your students can light up the competition?Perhaps the leaders of the next business generation are in your classrooms – check out thecompetition to see if they can take the London 2012 legacy forward?Have a look at the Skills London website for more information on the Electrical Engineeringand Enterprise Competitions running as part of the event.If you have any queries please contact Jacqui or Jen on 01823 362800.CALLS FOR ACTIONNominations are now being accepted for the AoC Student of the Year award 2012We are once again calling on AoC member Colleges to celebrate the extraordinaryachievements of students as we open entries for the AoC Student of the Year Award – now inits sixth year. Colleges can nominate any student whose achievements are truly remarkable.The award will be central to the AoC Annual Conferences showcase of student talent, with thewinners announced at the prestigious Gala Dinner on Wednesday 21 November.The deadline for submissions is Friday 5 October 2012. This year the application form will besent out via an online process. Please see the Student of the Year Awards pages for moreinformation and details on how to apply.AoC student photography competitionAoC Student Photography competition is up and running therefore please publicise it to yourstudents. The winners will have a chance of a cash prize, work experience with a professionalphotographer and vouchers for a professional photography stockist.There will be a gallery with a selection of the best pictures at AoC National Conference inNovember and then these images will be hung on the walls of the national office for visitors toenjoy. Further details including entry requirements and the theme for this year can be found onthe AoC website. Page 3 of 7
  • 4. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 14 September 2012London Colleges newsNew High Street Bank Joins Uxbridge College SchemeBritains first new High Street bank in over 100 years, Metro Bank, has joined forces with Uxbridge College to become their latest Employer Champion. The Employer Champion scheme at the College in West London provides opportunities for both students and businesses through a range of partnership activities. Employers contribute in many ways, including providing work experience and giving guest talks, and advising on the content of assignments and branding the work with their company name.Uxbridge College pictureAs part of its Employer Champion work with Uxbridge College, Metro Bank will provide workexperience placements, run careers and skills workshops for students, and support youngpeople in opening and managing bank accounts.Please visit London Colleges website to read the full story.Recent AoC LR meetingsDate Meetings with – Attendees Feedback31 July Maxine Room, Principal CN College visit: Lewisham College1 August Victor Farlie, LWBLA CN, JS Regular catch up meeting Executive Chair1 August Nicola Lowis and Diana Regular catch up meeting Neale, London Councils CN2 August Chris Thompson, BIS CN Regular catch up meeting7 August Cathy Walsh, Principal CN College visit: Barking and Dagenham College8 August Keith Middleton, ACER CN To discuss AoC London Procurement Network9 August Michelle Cuomo, GLA CN Regular catch up meeting9 August Mayor’s Office, Londons CN, JS Reception celebration of Londons Newest Workforce, City Newest Workforce Hall13 August Mary Vine Morris, London CN Regular catch up meeting Council14 August Jill Lower, SFA and Alan CN, JS Regular catch up meeting Parnum, EFA15 August Alex Worden, Eversheds CN Regular catch up meeting20 August Jen Delderfield and Jacqui CN, JS To discuss Competition at Skills Parker, Prospects; Sarah London 2012 event Horrell, South Thames College;20 August Rod Baker, Barclays CN, JS Regular catch up meeting Page 4 of 7
  • 5. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 14 September 2012 22 August Sue Rimmer, Principal CN, JS To discuss London Regional World South Thames College and Skills meetings and the London David Smith, AoC Strategy 23 August Derek Hicks and Stephanie CN Regular catch up meeting Lynch, HEFCE 23 August Ian Ashman, Principal CN, JS Regular catch up meeting Hackney Community College 29 August Paula Whittle, Principal CN College visit: Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College 30 August ESOL meeting (GLA, JCP, CN To discuss ESOL workshop SFA, NCS) 4 September Teleconference with CN, EB To discuss ‘Developing skills and Barclays employability’ event 13 September Sue Betts, Linking London CN Regular catch up meeting 14 September Governors’ Council JS To discuss working together representatives improving communication with GovernorsFuture AoC LR meetings Date Meetings with – Attendees Agenda 17 September Youth Justice Board/AoC/ JS AoCL Working Group meeting YOT meeting 18 September Lyndon Sly, City of CN Planning AoC London HE network for Westminster College and 2012/2013 Nick Davy, AoC 20 September AoC London/ACER AoCLR The Agenda includes: Procurement Services • Procurement Matters Launch meeting • An overview of what the new London (ACER managed) procurement service offers • Update on AoC National procurement support 24 September Peter Mayhew-Smith, CN Meeting with Kingston and Carshalton Principal College Principals Group 26 September Paul Wakeling, Principal CN College visit: Havering Sixth form College 27 September National City Deal event IA, CN The Agenda tbc 27 September AoC Urban Colleges IA, CN The Agenda tbc Group 27 September AoC London Regional AoCLR The Agenda includes: Committee meeting • Funding Agency updates • Governors’ Engagement • Other AoC updates 28 September Denise Brown-Sackey, CN College visit: Newham FE College Principal Page 5 of 7
  • 6. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 14 September 2012AoC London Network Events and Dates for the Diary • AoC London Procurement Network meeting, Thursday 20 September, 2.00pm-5.00pm at AoC offices, Stedham Place. For more information please contact Caroline Neville. • AoC London Regional Committee meeting, Thursday 27 September, 3.30pm-5.00pm at Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, SW1P 3BU, London. For more information please contact Evelina Bagusyte. • AoC London Principals’ Forum, Tuesday 2 October, 4.00pm-6.00pm at City of Westminster College, Paddington Green Campus, Paddington Green, London W2 1NB. For more information please contact Evelina Bagusyte. • AoC London Clerks’ Network meeting, Friday 12 October, 2.00-5.00pm. For more information please contact Evelina Bagusyte. • AoC London Heads of Student Services Network meeting, Tuesday 16 October, 10.00am-1.00pm at AoC offices, Stedham Place. For more information please contact Evelina Bagusyte. • AoC London Marketing Committee meeting, Wednesday 17 October, 9.30am-11.00am at AoC offices, Stedham Place. For more information please contact Judith Smyth. • AoC London Regional Committee Principals meeting with Munira Mirza, Mayoral Advisor, Thursday 18 October, 10.00am-11.30am, City Hall. For more information please contact Evelina Bagusyte. • AoC London Regional Forum, Thursday 18 October, 5.00pm-6.30pm at Eversheds, 1 Wood Street, London, EC2V 7WS. For more information please contact Evelina Bagusyte. • AoC London Vice Principals C&Q Network meeting, Monday 22 October, 3.00pm- 5.00pm at AoC offices, Stedham Place. Please email Evelina Bagusyte for more information. • AoC London HE Coordinators Network meeting, Wednesday 24 October, 2.00pm- 5.00pm at AoC offices, Stedham Place. Please email Evelina Bagusyte for more information. • AoC London Strategic Group for Sport meeting, Thursday 25 October 10.00am- 11.30am at AoC offices, Stedham Place. Please email Evelina Bagusyte for more information. Page 6 of 7
  • 7. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 14 September 2012Policy and other documents GLA news We need all our young people to be working and contributing say Mayor and Employment Minister ‘A golden Games to be followed by an incredible legacy’ says Mayor Mayor aims to build on the Olympic volunteering spirit after the Games If you wish to contact the AoC London office to give feedback on this Bulletin, to request additional information where we have offered it, or to provide suggested content for future issues, please email Evelina Bagusyte. Caroline Neville Judith Smyth Regional Director Deputy Director Evelina Bagusyte Etha Taylor Regional Co-ordinator Team Administrator Page 7 of 7