AoC London members 134 Bulletin 130426


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AoC London members 134 Bulletin 130426

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AoC London members 134 Bulletin 130426

  1. 1. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin26 April 2013 – Issue 134Dear Colleagues,The AoC London Regional Committee meets five times a year. Its fourth meeting took placelast week on 18th April here at Stedham Place. At each meeting regular reports are taken onthe work of AoC National Board, the Governors’ Council, the LEP Skills and EmploymentWorking Group together with a full report on the work and priorities of the London region.We were also pleased to welcome Jill Lowery (Skills Funding Agency) and Alan Parnum(Education Funding Agency) to input on latest funding policy implementation.The Regional Committee Principals are also due to meet with the Deputy Mayor Munira Mirzaand GLA colleagues on Thursday 2nd May – one of a series of meetings scheduled through outthe year with the Mayor’s office.For further information please do not hesitate to contact me.Please note that AoC’s employment survey news release is now published on AoC website.Best wishesCaroline NevilleSkills Show 2013 Showcase applications deadlinePlease note that Showcase applications deadline is on Tuesday 30 April. For more informationplease visit AoC website or contact Joe OMalley.Skills Show 2013 Regional Briefing sessionsSkills Show 2013 London Region Briefing session is on 14 May at 1:30-3:30pm at Friends House,173 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ. You will be able to find out more about exciting plans forThe Skills Show in 2013 and the package of funding and support available to local partnershipsin 2013 and 2014. This special event will bring together key representatives from furthereducation, employer groups, local authorities and local partner/provider networks.For more information or to register please contact the Skills Show 2013 office on 020 3603 5127.FE Pioneers programmeUnltd- Foundation of social Entrepreneurs has officially launched the FE Pioneers programme.It is now opened for applications and the website is live TheApplications submition deadline is on May 8th.If you have further questions please contact Marie Lyse Numuhoza, Development Manager atLive UnLtd.CALLS for ACTION:
  2. 2. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 26 April 2013Page 2 of 4London Colleges newsLeyton Sixth Form College wins regional sports awardTwo students from Leyton College have also won awards - Denis Leramo was awardedStudent of the Year for the London region for Sporting Performance and Maahir Subhani wasawarded Student of the Year for the London region forLeadership and Volunteering.Amy Rogers, PE and Sports Coordinator at the College, said:We have viewed our involvement with BCS as an integralfactor contributing to our departments mission to establish astrong whole College sporting ethos. We are thereforeextremely proud that the hard work of our students and staffhas been recognised through these awards.Leyton Sixth Form College pictureThe College has been involved in a number of British Colleges Sport leagues, cups andinitiatives this year. The College promotes participation in a vast number of sports to promotelearning and encourage students to sustain healthy lifestylesTo read the full story please visit London Colleges website.GLA newsLondon’s population surge could mean 300,000 more school places needed by 2031• Vice Principals’ Curriculum &Quality Network meeting, 29 April• AoC London Region Committee Principals meeting with Mayoral Advisor, 2 May• Strategic Group for Sport meeting, 13 May• Marketing Managers’ Network meeting, 14 May• Business Development Managers’ Network meeting, 15 May• Clerks’ Network meeting, 17 May• Heads of Sport Network meeting, 20 May• Heads of Student Services Network meeting, 21 May• Regional Committee meeting, 23 MayAoC’s Finance Directors conference, 21-22 May, ICC, BirminghamNow in its fifteenth year, the 2013 College Finance Directors Conference and Exhibition is anunmissable event for finance leaders and managers in Colleges. 2013 promises to be the yearUPCOMING EVENTSAoC London Network Events and Dates for the DiaryAoC Create EventsLONDON NEWS
  3. 3. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 26 April 2013Page 3 of 4when the Coalition Governments promises turn into reality. Colleges will be grappling withthe simultaneous challenges of two new funding systems, the localisation of several budgets,further education loans and the relentless grind of below-inflation rate increases. Opportunitiesabound for those able to take them but success in activities like academy sponsorship, highereducation or apprenticeships requires careful risk management and advanced planning. TheFinance Directors Conference is a part of this preparation and is a unique opportunity to testthe temperature of the sector and to gather ideas.To register your attendance and to find out more please visit the AoC Create website.AoC Cloud Technology Conference, 11 June, Inmarsat Conference Centre – LondonThis is key learning event for Senior Management Teams in the further education sector and isa unique opportunity to learn about cloud technology. This conference is a unique opportunityto learn from others within the sector, this event can help to consider cloud computing from astrategic perspective as well as provide detail on the key drivers and issues faced by theprojects.To register your attendance and to find out more please visit the AoC Create website.AoC Create’s renowned Certificate in Leadership for Reputation courseAoC Create’s renowned Certificate in Leadership for Reputation course is back. This three dayreputation management course will take place in London on 19, 20 June and 3 July. It is led bythe current President Elect for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Sue Wolstenholme,alongside Ben Verinder and Paul Noble. The CIPR accredited course consists of two days ofreputation management training with a follow up day devoted to media training.To register your attendance and to find out more please visit the AoC Create website.Adult Enterprise Summer Conference, 20 June 2013, Morley CollegeIn 2011/12 the AOC/SFA funded an innovative curriculum project that produced not only anew qualification framework for entrepreneurs but also a comprehensive range of blendedlearning curriculum materials to support implementation. At the end of project funding 34Colleges and Local Authority institutions got together to self-fund and share this blendedlearning curriculum to provide an innovative entrepreneurship curriculum for adult learnersThis conference is open to the sector to encourage you to find out whether you want to joinAdult Enterprise: innovative curriculum project in 2013/14 when will be shared a Level 1,Level 2 and level 3 Enterprise curriculum that can be streamed to your Moodle VLE withunlimited use for a variety of ages and will halve your teaching costs. The conference keynotesand workshops will provide insight into the experience of using a shared blended learningfrom a range of perspectives: Minister, students, manager, teacher, funder, ILT helpdeskservice, and awarding body perspective.To find out more or to register your attendance please contact Rachel Gulliver at AdultEnterprise.Other Events
  4. 4. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 26 April 2013Page 4 of 4If you like to get more information about the AoCLR attended recent and futuremeetings/events please contact Eva Taumer, AoC London Team Administrator.If you wish to contact the AoC London office to give feedback on this Bulletin, to requestadditional information where we have offered it, or to provide suggested content for futureissues, please email Evelina Joykutty.Caroline Neville Judith Smyth Evelina JoykuttyRegional Director Deputy Director Regional TaumerTeam April London Energy and Efficiency Fund Meeting (CN)18 April AoC London Regional Committee Meeting (AoCLR)19 April LeSoCo Launch event (CN)24 April Linking London – FE Data Project report back (CN)24 April AoC London Principals’ Forum (AoCLR)24 April Uxbridge College visit, Laraine Smith, Principal (CN)24 April Working Capital Seminar, Centre for Cities and Addleshaw Goddard LLP (IA/JS)25 April West Thames College visit, Marjorie Semple, Principal (CN)Date Meetings/Events29 April AoC London Vice Principals Curriculum &Quality Network meeting (AoCLR)29 April AoC/Ofsted Action Learning Project 2 (IA/CN)30 April AoC National Principals’ Policy Forum (CN, JS)30 April Richmond Adult Education Centre visit, Gabe Flint, Principal (CN)2 May AoC London Regional Committee Principals’ meeting with Deputy Mayor MuniraMirza (AoCLR)7 May Meeting with Ann Hodgson, Institute of Education and Ian Mason, London Chamberof Commerce(CN)8 May Meeting with Kat Cooper, Prevent (CN, JS)8 May Institute of Education/AoC London Seminar: Youth Transitions 14+ the Role of LondonFE (CN/JS)9 May Redbridge College visit, Theresa Drowley, Principal (CN)9 May Ofsted Learning and Skills London Regional HMI team meeting (CN)9 May LSIS Building Progression Project: Task Group Meeting (CN/JS)Recent meetingsGET A LINE ON AOC LONDON REGION MEETINGSFuture meetingsCONTACTS