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Debate on arms and machetes
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Debate on arms and machetes


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. THE IMPORTANCE OF ARMS AND MACHETES IN TODAYS WORLDAs we move on in our life following this dazzling day, I, Anushka Sahu ofGlobal public school, wish for another scintillating ray in your lives.I stand here with due respect for the jury members, the coordinators andmy deserving competitors to assure your opinions in the favor of the topic“the importance of arms and MACHETES in today’s world”.Next time when you switch on your television set and watch a news channelflashing contradictory headlines about the war think for a sec and askyourself is this anything new we all are coming through?Wars have been waged in the past for self ambition, anger, avarice or to tiltthe balance of power but wars for self-defense, to root out enemies withinthe country, to save millions of innocent people is the need of the hour. Awar to end violence that has been going on in a human’s mind, to safeguardhis/her and our very existence is required.One cannot read what’s going on in others cerebrum which has both negativeand positive upshots. Being it the negative ones results in conflicts andwarfare which naturally involves machinery. It’s the human mind to reducethe burden on manpower whether it is for violent peace or humble peace.It’s not always that wars have created destruction and distress in thereaches but gave us some masterminds too. These masterminds were justusual like us but received a platform to apply their skills be it Alexander,Chandragupta, Chankya, Napoleon, Hitler, Alan Turing or the Americantroops inventing ATOM BOMB or MR A.P.J. Abdul Kalam ”the missile man ofIndia”!How can one be so ignorant to say that war is a waste of time? Do theyconsider making such huge grenades, missiles, bombs etc. a .Then this would conclude that the countries who are spending so much on theresearch works are kidding!
  • 2. It requires ages of probation and knowledge to make one. You can’t justwalk over those peoples’ evaluation and consideration like this. And it’s also away by which will powered men and women show their intimate love for theirmotherland. Isn’t it our duty to respect their kurbani?I fail to understand that if non-violence and negotiation was so easy then,even not talking at the country level, the domestic conflicts and violenceleading to murders would not have established their plinth in our society,isn’t so? Bogus peace treatise, ahimsa, delayed action against terroristscannot combat terrorism. Have you all forgotten the plane hijack inVajpayee’s rule?On the contrary the process is very slow which involves negotiation anddiscussions and it is unrealistic to say that ‘more discussions leads to moresolutions’ but we all are aware with the fact that the people with negativeintentions are mostly hyperactive and requires their needs to be fulfilled atlatest.In my opinion high-tech and strategic arms and MACHETES provide agreater probability of getting our conditions applied and overcoming theopposition party like I am using my VERBAL arms to leave you all stuck.I respect the fact that these heavy MACHETES only leads to drastic deathof many innocent people but it would result in a much grater loss of humanityand humans if the trespassers and terrorist are not punished and pushedout.I hope folks would bring my stuff under consideration before commenting“why can’t they dialog?”As all the arms we need are for hugging.Thank you.