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Atomic bombs are necessary in today's context
Atomic bombs are necessary in today's context
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Atomic bombs are necessary in today's context


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Atomic Bombs Are Necessary in Today’s Context As we move on in our life following this dazzling day, I, Anushka Sahu of Global Public School, wish for another scintillating ray in your lives. I stand here with due respect for the jury members, the coordinators and my deserving competitors to assure your opinions in the favor of the topic “Atomic Bombs Are Necessary in Today’s Context”. Momentarily adulating the topic I comment that had America not bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is impossible to tell how long the war might have lasted and how many more people would have died in the name of Japanese imperialism. Next time when you switch on your television set and watch a news channel flashing hot headlines about the war think for a sec and ask yourself has a time period of 50 years experienced any condition like the world wars! Probably no! In my opinion they are in fact "peace weapons" too. I know it sounds daft, but if you take a serious look at the facts, you will realize it is so. There has been some abuse of power, like in Japan, but in fact the biggest wars have been avoided by the simple fact that nuclear weapons exist. Highlighting another point I admit that building massive army, fighters, armor costs a massive deal of money. I would like to submit that Nuclear weapons also provide an economically feasible way to defend the countries. North Korea has used this strategy quite effectively to keep USA at bay.
  • 2. Nuclear technology exists, and there is no way to uninvent it.Much as the idea of global disarmament is fine, the reality is thatit is impossible. I would like to draw your attention to theargument that it is now too late to eradicate them. They are intoo many places and we dont even have a comprehensive list ofwhat countries posses them, so enforcing it will be hard enough.And do you really think that North Korea will give them up?Listeners, the problem does not lie in the weapons, but rather inthe nature of humankind. I request you all to end up after thiscompetition with love and humanity in your hearts as I depart.Thank you.