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NEEV - Philosophy of Education

  1. 1. VISIONEmpower individuals, transform society and sustain earth through education, environment initiatives and social entrepreneurship.
  2. 2. Contents1 NEEV – Core Values2 NEEV – Philosophy of Education3 NEEV School – Context & Challenges4 NEEV School - Achievements5 NEEV School - Glimpses
  3. 3. NEEV – Core Values Honesty Hard WorkMindfulness Compassion Resource Efficiency
  4. 4. NEEV – Philosophy of Education Neev follows a philosophy of Holistic Education where attention is given to the complete human beingHolistic Education
  5. 5. HOLISTIC EDUCATION Individual Integral Social Educating the Educating the Educating the whole person person as a person within a(all parts of the whole (not as whole (as part person) an assemblage of society, of parts) human and nature)
  6. 6. Concept of the Whole Person
  7. 7. Educational Context in which NEEV School OperatesJharkhand has one of the lowest literacy rates in the country
  8. 8. • Despite efforts to incorporate all sections of the population into the Indian education system, through mechanisms such as positive discrimination and non-formal education, large numbers of young people are still without schooling.• Although enrolment in primary education has increased, it is estimated that at least 35 million, and possibly as many as 60 million, children aged 6–14 years are not in school.• Severe gender, regional, and caste disparities also exist. The main problems are the high drop-out rate, especially after Class 10, low levels of learning and achievement, inadequate school infrastructure, poorly functioning schools, high teacher absenteeism, the large number of teacher vacancies, poor quality of education and inadequate funds.
  10. 10. Glimpses – NEEV Public School Activities Round the Year
  11. 11. Glimpses – NEEV Public School Caring Learning Environment
  12. 12. Glimpses – NEEV Public School Digital Multimedia Classroom
  13. 13. Glimpses – NEEV Public School Inter School Cultural Programs
  14. 14. Challenges – NEEV Public School • Cost of Books & Copies High Cost of Education • Cost of Travel – Village to School Money cannot be a motivation as Retaining salaries are as low as Rs. 1000 to 2000 per monthGood Teachers School cannot charge high fees Limited from poor parentsInfrastructure Most students studying in NEEV are English first generation learners or children Language whose parents don’t speak english
  15. 15. Success Achieved DespiteChallenges, by NEEV School First Batch of Students Pass out ICSE with 82% being Highest Percentage NEEV School becomes one of the first schools to have a multimedia digital class room NEEV School has one of the lowest attrition rate of teachers Gives quality education at half the cost of other English medium schools
  16. 16. Help Us Bring Smiles to These Children
  17. 17. Lead us from Unreal to the RealLead us from Darkness to the LightLead us from fear of Death to theKnowledge of Immortality
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