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This year three projects on behalf of NEEV Herbal Handmade Soaps were launched by MBA students of FMS, Delhi (Faculty of Management Studies). The three projects were on

1. NEEV Soaps Retail Strategy in NCR Region
2. NEEV Soaps Branding Strategy
3. NEEV Soaps Social Media Strategy

The NEEV Soaps Branding Strategy has come out with their project report and I am sharing it with all of you with a great sense of happiness. I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Saurabh Khatri, a dear friend and my junior from REC Kurukshetra who spearheaded the entire project out of his personal initiative despite pursuing his corporate job. I would like to thank our friend Ishita from FMS who helped us anchor the projects with FMS students. Ultimately, I would like to thank Indushree and Karan, the students of FMS, members of the NEEV Soaps Branding Strategy Team who came up with some wonderful ideas.

Reflecting the true spirit of Social Entrepreneurship wherein talented people come together to share their skills and talent for a noble and common cause, the NEEV-FMS partnership is another example of how work can be carried out with social capital instead of money capital. We hope to have a long and fruitful association with FMS.

I also hope that we can carry this movement to other colleges and increase our fraternity of brothers who would love to commit themselves to an ideal that goes beyond mere self-interest and become change agents, providing an ethical and spiritual leadership to the movement of Social Entrepreneurship.

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Branding Strategy Project by FMS Team

  1. 1. Branding strategyDeliverables: Develop Corporate Gift Packs (keeping in mind Product Bundling and Price Points) Develop Gift Packs for retail stores and e-retail Submitted by Indushri Gokak Karan Sharma 1
  2. 2. Table of ContentsA. Suggested changes-----------------------------------------------3B. Materials------------------------------------------------------------5C. Corporate gift packaging---------------------------------------5D. Corporate gift bundling----------------------------------------10E. Suggestions for packaging-------------------------------------13F. Contacts of special handmade product dealers---------14 2
  3. 3. A. Suggested changesShape and size of the NEEV soapThe present NEEV soap has a simple cubicle design. Although simple to manufacture it hindersthe drying of the soap. A more compact design (read rounder) would facilitate the dryingprocess thereby reducing the wastage. Also the area is comparatively less. By maintaining thesame weight of the soap, the thickness can be reduced and added to the area (length *breadth).We suggest a rounder shape on the lines of Dove soapwhich rests firmly with the help of its shape whichensures less wastage due to the presence of water.These are some of the international soap designswhich we think are useful and viable.Theme designs 3
  4. 4. Theme based Product-BundlingAnother niche market that can be explored through a multiple design model is event/seasonspecific packaging. Few examples are mentioned below.The idea is to provide the customers with an entireexperience rather than just a product.Love theme:Heart shaped rose soaps along with other NEEVgoodies.Season Themes:Summer theme: Lemon grass soap in the shape of thesun. The fresh lemon grass fragrance complements theshape of the soap. Winter them: Patchouli’s deep musky essence would accentuate the wintery look and feel of the soap. 4
  5. 5. B. Materials  Handmade paper  Transparent sheet  Netted cloth  Cardboard box  Threads, ribbons  Wooden box C. Corporate gift packagingI feel that herbal handmade soaps should be packaged in such a way that atleast a part of thesoap is visible. Generally the herbal soaps aren’t as plain as the normal soaps. The appearanceof the herbal soap is what makes it attractive to a great extent. The presence of differentingredients which exhibits different colours with the wavy designs shouldn’t be hidden.Corporate gift- single packTransparent bag (Potli)The material can be made from a netted fabric or avery thin fabric such that the soap is visible. The fabricmust be preferably cotton or cotton mix to show thatis a herbal product. I have used a shiny cloth just toshow the model. The tag around which it is tied can be made from handicraft thread which is thick and is made of a contrast dark colour. NEEV tag and the details of the soap can be attached to the ends of the thread. The tag can be made from handmade paper which is thick like a cardboard and is matches well with the herbal soap.Cost: The cloth and the thread won’t cost more than Rs.10 5
  6. 6. The thread to be used is shown below. The label can be placed inside as shown belowThe main disadvantage of this packaging is that it might get crushed when bundled together. Toavoid this we can place the first layer of soaps at the bottom of the box along with separatorsas shown below.Since corporate gifts should contain a premium packaging, we should give more importance toit rather than compensating with other aspects such as package bundling and transport.Regarding display in the stores, I don’t think this packaging would accumulate dust and if so,can be easily removed with the help of soft brushes. 6
  7. 7. 1. Tray modelThe soap can be placed in a tray as shown below which is made of a thick handmade paper andis covered with a transparent sheet. A contrast coloured paper would match well. NEEV tag canbe attached accordingly.Cost: each handmade paper sheet’s cost varies from Rs.10-20 depending upon the design. Thesheet can easily accommodate 8-10 soaps, hence the packaging cost would be much less foreach soap when compared to the cost of the soap. 2. Netted bag with a zipZip Pouch: The soap can be placed in a netted bag with the net in front to show the soap andthe fabric behind to hold the soap firmly, both attached to a zip. (I couldn’t find a smaller bagfor the soap). NEEV tag can be attached to the zip. Cost: The cost of manufacturing the packaging cannot exceed Rs. 15 7
  8. 8. 3. Netted clothFor some special occasions, as a gift , the soap can beplaced in a netted cloth. The soap is placed and tiedwith the help of ribbon or if the cloth is made ofcotton, a thick matching thread can be tied. 4. Another model This type of packaging can be used both for the retail and for corporate gifts and is easy to transport in large quantities. Dust can be wiped off easily with soft cloth. 5. Handmade paper wrappingThough the packaging is simple, I think it serves the purpose. A part of the soap is visible and itis easy to pack a lot of soaps and distribute. The details of the soap can be written on one faceof the handmade paper.Cost cannot exceed Rs 3 per packging, as each handmade paper sheet costs around Rs.10-20and accommodates 8-10 soaps. a) 8
  9. 9. The above models can be used for the Retail stores and e-retail . The details of the soap and onthe NEEV tag can be placed accordingly. 9
  10. 10. D. Corporate Gift bundlingBundling can be made of 2 types a. Type of products Rose pack (Olive Rose soap, Rose olive body wash) Aloe Lavender pack ( Aloe Lavender soap and body wash) Lemon Grass pack (Lemon grass soap and handwash) b. Family pack (soaps, handwash and bodywash ) For example: 4 different products in a pack: Patchouli soap (100g), Olive Neem shampoo (100ml), Lemon Grass handwash (100ml) and Rose Olive bodywash (100ml) – Rs 400 or Rs 500 depending upon the type of packaging Neem tulsi family pack: one 100g, 75g and two 25g soaps – Rs 300Packaging 1. Family pack can be placed in a bigger netted bag like this. 10
  11. 11. 2. Ladies pack Rose pack can be packaged as shown below, which females might prefer the most. Note the transparent cloth through which the products are visible. 3. Tray packagingPrevious NEEV bundled packaging can be modified as shown below. Please note that the trayused should be attractive and worth. 11
  12. 12. Also the lower part of the tray should be visible as shown in the picture below. 4. For a cheaper packaging, the following can be used. 5. Premium packaging 12
  13. 13. 6. Wooden trayWood suits well with the herbal theme. Though this might seem costly and opaque, the cost ofmanufacturing the wooden box is less. The slide should be kept open to show the productsinside. NEEV label can be attached on the slide. E. Suggestions for packagingWe should note that packaging is different for retail shops (Beauty parlours, spa, supermarketsetc) and corporate gifts ( Archies, Hallmarks etc) and hence the prices.If I pack a NEEV soap (cost price Rs.80) for retail stores as shown below, I will sell it for Rs. 100 -120. 13
  14. 14. But for the corporate gifts , as packaging is the second most important concern we need tospend accordingly and take care that it is displayed properly in the stores after transportingwith the use of trays between the layers of single packs. If I use the packaging as shown belowfor 2 NEEV soaps (cost price Rs. 160) I might charge overall Rs.300- 400 to sell it as a corporategift. F. Special handmade products dealers: Contact address 1. Anand book sellers and stationers 25-B, Khan Market, New Delhi – 110003 011-24698238 2. Gifts of Love S 15, Select Citywalk Saket. Delhi 3. Mrs Arora 79, Tagore Park Model town Delhi Mobile: 9899942234 Mrs Arora is a wholesale dealer who has a stock of variety of handicraft and imported materials and has many contacts about the packaging materials in Delhi. 14