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An article in Insight, an internal magazine by NIT Kurukshetra students interweaving our personal lives and formation of NEEV

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Article in The Insight Magazine_ NIT Kurukshetra

  1. 1. Cover Story: Pranav Mistry - Youth icon “ Run not for certificates but for personal satisfaction; go for interest. “I’matotallysatisfiedman,atleasthappy within that I’ve tried to help my mother nation and not added to its problems. I also have received answers to lot of my questions.“ Krishna Pokhrel - Man behind our EMbedded Robotics Club NEEV- A venture made from love “Engineering karne aye ho to kam se kam engineer to ban he jana. ” “I am very interested from beginning that how can we leverage our knowledge about everyday objects and gestures and how we use them to our interaction with the digital
  2. 2. Games The INSIGHT Max Payne 3 is a third-person shooter in which the player assumes the role of its titular character, Max Payne. Max Payne 3 will feature the over-the-shoulder zoom aiming and cover mechanics. However, these will just serve as garnish to the game’s classic run-and-gun shooting. Max Payne 3 will also make return of bullet- time in action sequences, which the series is notable for. In bullet time it is possible to see every bullet make a hole in your foes. Limbo is a puzzle-platform video game testing our IQ and basic physics fundamentals. The primary character in Limbo is a nameless boy who awakens in the middle of a forest on the “edge of hell”. While seeking his missing sister, he encounters only a few human characters, which attack him, run away, or are dead. The forest eventually gives way to a crumbling city environment. The gameplay is somewhat different from the games in the market. The film is about dream stealers and is inspired by lucid dreaming and dream incubation. The film received eight Academy Award nominations. A dream is a mystery in itself while the movie takes us to a dream within a dream (and even within). The movie is an allegory for maintaining one’s feeling of self-worth when placed in a hopeless position. The integrity of Andy Dufresne is an important theme in the story line, especially in prison, where integrity is lacking.The film provides a great illustration of how characters can be free, even in prison, or unfree, even in freedom, based on one’s outlook on life. Need For Speed: The Run is a racing video game, the 18th title in the Need for Speed franchise. The cops aren't the only ones after the player though, as the player "blows across borders, weaves through dense urban traffic, rockets down icy mountain passes and navigates narrow canyons at breakneck speeds”. There is over 300 km of track, three times more than Hot Pursuit, making it the biggest Need For Speed game. The Run is powered by DICE's Frostbite 2 engine, which provides visuals and car physics that "hug the road even at top speeds all built around a gripping storyline." Best mobile phone under `10000 Currently priced at Rs 7,000, the Samsung GalaxyYhas impressive specifications like Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system with 830 MHz ARMv6 processor, 290 MB RAM and a 2 megapixel camera. In fact, it is one of the few smartphones under ` 10,000 to feature Android 2.3, and that too with a powerful processor. Galaxy Y comes with a 3 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen, Samsung's TouchWiz user interface and multi touch function. It has 180 MB internal memory which can be expanded by up to 32 GB. Other features include WiFi b/g/n with hotspot, Bluetooth v3.0 A2DP, a 1200 mAh battery, 3G and A-GPS, making it an ideal choice if you're on a budget. SAMSUNG Galaxy Y Movies World’s cheapest TABLET at ` 3000 DATAWIND’s AAKASH UBISLATE 7 Recommends Technical: Prastuti 2012(Electrical)IT-BHU 20-22 January TechKriti 2012 IIT Kanpur 27-30 January Kshitij 2012 IIT Kharagpur 27-30 January Pragyan 2012 NIT Trichy 23-26 February Literati 2012 NIT Kurukshetra 1-4 March Aakaar 2012(Civil) IIT Mumbai 3-4 March Apogee 2012 BITS Pilani 16-20 March Cognizance IIT Roorkee 23-25 March Cultural: Saarang 2012 IIT Chennai 18-22 January SpringFest 2012 IIT Kharagpur 20-23 January Culrav 12 MNNIT Allahabad 26-28 January Alcheringa 2012 IIT Guwahati 2-5 February Confluence 12 NIT Kurukshetra 16-19 February Aarohi 2012 VNIT Nagpur 24-16 February Spring Spree NIT Warangal 9-11 March Upcomming Fests The commercial version of Aakash tablet, known as Ubislate 7, is launching this month. At this economical price of ` 3000 one gets the facility of both GPRS and Wi-Fi, which makes it perfect for anytime-anywhere web access. It also has the functionality of a mobile phone. The processor speed is 700 MHz .Its battery of 3200 mAH lasts for up to 5 hours. It comes equipped with a headphone/mic plus integrated speaker. You can pre-book your Ubislate which has a USB keyboard and a car charger free with it . TOLL free-1800-180-2180 (we have already ordered it) T h e I N S I G H T Batman raises the stakes in his war on crime. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal organizations that plague the city streets. The partnership proves to be effective, but they soon find themselves prey to a reign of chaos unleashed by a rising criminal master- mind known to the terrified citizens of Gotham as The Joker. 2 He that cannot obey, cannot command. -Benjamin Franklin
  3. 3. E M B E D D E D R O B O TIC S C LU B DISSECTION-1 KRISHNAPOKHREL Mr. Krishna Pokhrel, a guy who joined our college directly from Nepal, had a zeal and a spark within. He had spent his oneyearpersuingarchitechtureinNepal,buthisheartdesired to be a successful electronics engineer, though he had zero knowledge of the field. Through MEA quota he found a way here in NIT Kurukshetra to live his dreams. Once chatting with one of his friends in IIT, he came to know of their initiative of forming a Digital Club which made robots emplying 8051 M controller. He was totally clueless what he was talking about. Though he had no idea of M Controller, still against the odds, he started collecting information regarding it. He rushed to library, flipped 1000’s web pages and gathered knowledge from each and every source possible. With a desire to see it once and use it practically. This boy in his first semester itself was busy in weekends toiling this foreign land in search of Micro-Controllers. His search operation ended no where closer than the Lajpat Market, New Delhi. Taking his expedition a bit further, he joined EM-tech foundation, Janakpuri as a summer trainee after 2nd year for a 1.5 month course. Working for 4 hours a day he found it quite easy and felt like he can himself teach it. This was the time when he and Ashish Aggarwal decided with firm conviction to start a club for our college and teach students free of cost, as they found us lagging behind in this particular field. Though his intentions were nobel, the era of struggle for him started. Rushing here and there for 6 months, he got a big NO. Applications got rejected and they tried to convince him, “we already have so many socities, why a new one.” At last seeing his sincere efforts he was rewarded with a chance to prove his worth within 6 months. 5th semester ended and he then had his second training in Networking (CCNA), Gurgaon. In LITERATI 2010, he conducted a 15 days workshop on Robotics. Along with Ashish Aggarwal, he lead a 35 strong team of pre-final year students and started teaching the firsties, even though he wasn’t comfortable in speaking Hindi. He got nothing more than a pat on the back by the organizers. As a result, his team started shattering with these unfruitful exercises of the club yet he saw another dream!!! He planned footballer robots for ‘Wild Soccer’ event in the technical fest of IIT Kanpur which was to be held on 20th February, 2010. Reaching quarter final if not admirable, is also not ignorable. On4thMarchwasourSURGE2010.Another workshop was conducted on Computer aided Robots.End of this 6th semester was the end of the allotted 6 months deadline. Finally, on the onset of 7th semester their work impressed Prof. V K Arora who signed their club official. Mr. Krishna now assures that his club will be teaching students to upgrade the level of the college with no personal interests. I won’t come back after passing. Yet it would be great if someday I find a newspaper telling that a team from NIT Kurukshetra won an international Robotics event. LOSSES :- His pointer got spoiled yet he managed to avoid any suppli. PRESENTLY :- Club is having around 50 members in 3rd year. In 2nd year response is better. “Ab to Club chal he jayega, ‘shayad’. ” FUTURE PROSPECTS OF THE CLUB:- • “In my first semester I was willing to pursue robotics but had no knowledge. From now onwards this club will provide the willing students knowledge, support and guidance. ” • “We started it well. It took 4 years of hardwork. It seems that something is done. I wish club aage badhe, fight and win competitions. ” SUGGESTIONS TO FIRST YEAR :- “If I had not started working in my first year, I could not have made the club.” “Engineering karne aye ho to kam se kam engineer to ban he jana. ” “ Run not for certificates but for personal satisfaction; go for interest. ” Klub Pool 60 /-per hour Snooker 90 /-per hour Table Tennis 60 /-per hour MEMBERSHIP Yearly membership of `5000 50% off - on every visit Yearly membership of `4000 40% off - on every visit Yearly membership of `3000 25% off - on every visit Late Night Games Timings (12.00 midnight to 9.00 a.m.) 50% off For all NIT students 10% off (on bringing ID cards) Additional 25% off for Girls Klub7 branches are also present at Pehwa, Kaithal, Ghumarwin, Distt. Bilaspus, H.P. Manoj Pannu Mob. 08607740007 S.C.O. 46 2nd floor City Center, Sector-17, Kurukshetra 7 “ T h e I N S I G H T Krishan Khatkar Mob. 09017920007 Alltypesofsnakesandbeveragesavailable. Special discount on bringing this cut-out. -Mr. K.P. 3 When a man puts a limit on what hi will do, he puts a limit on what he can do -George Mathiw Adams
  4. 4. FOR NEEV is a search for a new vision of living- born out of the dissatisfaction with the dominant world views of capitalism and materialism. We dream and strive for a world in which unconditional respect and dignity for all people and nature is the ultimate aim of development. We believe there is no one way of achieving this. NEEV expresses its solidarity with all movements which seek to uphold the values of, justice, equality, liberty, fraternity and sensitivity to mother earth in forming the societies of the future. -says Mr. Anurag Jain EEV (New Education and Environment Visions), a proud venture of 2 great engineers who passed out years ago from the premises of our own NIT kurukshetra, is now a social enterprise, with a vision to improve the present status of society, empower individuals, serve the humanity and sustain earth through education, environment initiatives and social entrepreneurship. It works in the slums and villages of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. N When passing out they had a zeal not to follow the conventional trail of jobs or MBA’s but to search a way of life that was meaningful, sane and one that leads to inner richness. But against the will, for a brief time they had to be engaged in the corporate sector and then very soon left it to find a spiritually more meaningful way of life…. As a result of which NEEV came into being.!!!! NEEV visualises to make our lifestyle more environmental conscious and thrives to improve the present status of society. They found Pollution and education as the targets to hamper on….Starting their mission with neev public school, with a vision of providing good quality English Medium Education at an affordable cost to the underprivileged childreninthesocietyandNEEVherbalsoaps, a harmony between man and nature. Now they also have a handicraft unit, promoting the latent creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of women, mahua oil extraction cell and a private firm ‘Environment tech’, registered to their credit. To acknowledge their achievements and noble initiatives, they have been recognised on both state and national levels. To name a few the duo were awarded with- 1.Bharat Excellence Award -2011 2.National Award-Best REGP Unit -2010 3.JharkhandYuva Chetna Samman -2009 And the award which Anurag considers priceless is the vote of thanks by women whoselifehasbeencompletelyrevolutionised by NEEV initiatives. For the beneficiaries Meenu, their production manager now, spoke a few lines regarding the Jains and NEEV. NEEV ne mere parivar ko khushhali to di hai , meri Jhopdi ki jagah ghar khada karwa diya hai. Mere jaise 1000 mahilao ko zindagi ka maksad aur rozgar mila hai. Ab humara parivar khush hai aur hume bahut khushi hai. Mere bache ab padte hai. Mai sir aur madam ko bahut bahut dhanyawaad dena chaungii aur ye humare zindagi mai bhagwan ke roop mai aaye hai.. “ -says Meenu “ This is what Mr. Anurag Jain advised all the NITians when we interviewed him. The rest of the interview goes like this - (1) Sir, recollecting your memories, how you felt after joining the college here at NIT Kurukshetra? College was a dream come true for me. For the first time in years I got the opportunity to experience myself as an individual and an opportunity to form my own thoughts. The experience of ragging was horrible for me. In fact it shook me up so deeply that I moved into spirituality to find answers to many questions related to life that came in me. But, it was college that gave me the space and time to find who I truly am. The college campus was truly amazing with nature all around. We used to simply love walking to Brahma Sarovar and the fields adjoining the colleges at our time. I was sad to see that all these fields have gone now. I love my college campus to this day and I feel there is some kind of spiritual energy in that place...... at least I could feel it when I was there. We have got one life, and it is precious. Do not fritter it away in parties and drinks and friends. We must make our life count and live our dreams. “ (2) How great was your life here with friends, and life at hostels? Hostel life, again was great fun. For the first time, we got an opportunity to interact with so many friends from so many states. I made many friends in college and almost all of them remain friends till today. I remember spending many hours with my friends in their rooms sharing my emotional life as well as my thoughts. Initially because of ragging we were forced to stay with other students from Bihar only. But from the end of second year onwards, I started to find my own friends who could understand and relate to me, my thoughts and emotions. The friends I formed later on were from across the states and I think that is the beauty of an institution like REC Kurukshetra. I must say that the bonds we form in college are some of the greatest bonds we form in life. We rarely get such friends later on in life. (3) College activities and academics are an integral part of one’s life. How were yours? T h e I N S I G H T -says Mr. Anurag 4 It is difficult to make name, but it is more difficult to retain it. -Zarathustra
  5. 5. I participated a lot in group discussions and paper presentation seminars. It was an exciting experience for me and I really did well in these fields.This is where I built up my confidence to become a public speaker, something which I use up to this day. This was the greatest gift, college gave me. In classes, most of the time I spent reading books on philosophy. I got caught a few times too but then despite all this both Shikha and I graduated with a distinction in Civil Engineering… Among the profs I had a few favourites. I really liked Prof. Phillip's classes. I liked Mrs. Manjula's and Mr. K.B Singh's classes too. (4) Did you have a clear vision of your life ahead, your career and all? This perhaps is the most crucial question. We did not feel ourselves inclined to do MBA and get careers as the society and our parents were expecting us to do. We felt very uncertain about our futures. Despite being toppers we did not even give our bio-datas for campus interviews. We decided to pursue Philosophy abroad and did a lot of research to explore this possibility but we could not get any breakthrough. Everything required a lot of money. So we finally decided to give our bio-datas for campus interview at the last moment. Prof. Hotu, the Campus Recruitment officer at our time almost refused to take our bio-datas. We stayed out of his office for an hour and even shed tears before he decided to take our Bio-datas for interview. L&T (Larsen & Toubro) was the first company that came to our campus for Civil Engineering and I decided that I would do anything and everything to get a job in this company. I worked hard and by God's grace, I got the job - The only one from my batch in Civil Engineering to get a job in L&T. (5) You and Shikha ma’am had a love marriage, was it a love a first sight? Shikha and I were in Civil Engineering. We both were batch mates and from the second year. No, it wasn't love at first sight. Shikha was quite popular among all the boys of the hostel. In our times there were very few girls and so we guys had to vie for their attention. But, I did not actually try to make any friendship with her. We got to know each other more closely during the summer camp in which Civil Engineering students go to at Dehradun for their survey project. It was an amazing place, a beautiful locale for both of us to get to know each other. After Dehradun trip we became good friends and by the beginning of third year we had decided to be life partners. (6) From your entire college life which was the most memorable event/day in your life? Undoubtedly the most memorable event in my life was the day Shikha accepted my feelings for her, late one evening on the steps of Brahma Sarovar. The second was when I proposed to her in front of Birla Temple, in BITS Pilani, under a starry night to become my life partner. (7) How did u get inspiration for NEEV, did come in your college days? It did not happen suddenly. It was something that was built up over the years after having a lot of experiences and seeing different sections of society. NEEV was designed as a laboratory to answer all the questions that were raging in my mind about the world. It was also supposed to be a way out of all the c competitive and acquisitive society that we are living in.We wanted to develop NEEV as an alternative model of existence on which respected People, Planet and Profit. (8) Sir, why did you leave the corporate sector and choose to serve the humanity? I left it because of a growing spiritual crisis in me. I was not finding any meaning in the work I was doing. I wanted to find the purpose of life. I wanted to find my true self. All this requires a lot of time and a lot of practice, away from the busy schedules of a corporate life. Choosing to serve people came more from the desire to help them see Truth in life than doing charity. For some years, in NEEV, we did believe that we can help people through charity and by changing systems but then we soon realized that the world does not run according to our desires. We cannot change events in a permanent way.The only permanent change, if it has to happen, happens in the minds of people. Slowly we started focusing more on doing a few things rather than doing a lot of things. Right now we focus only on our Soaps Unit as a model of a green enterprise and on our School, a place where we can give true knowledge to children. (9) What was your first step to start building up NEEV? We tried building NEEV three times with three different groups. Co-incidentally, the first group was our college friends. But all these times we failed because the people could not find the energy to commit themselves to this cause wholeheartedly. Ultimately, Shikha suggested me that I should start out alone. In 2006, I registered NEEV as a non-profit Trust with myself, Shikha and my parents as Trustees. After, we started NEEV, I started writing to my friends for funds, and I am happy to say that many of them responded. Over the years we have got a lot of support from REC Kurukshetra students and I have got help from students whom I never knew. Imagine, I got help from 1975 REC batch as well as from 2010 REC batch. (10) Though there might be many, what were the major challenges you faced and how did u tackle them? The greatest challenge we faced was to make NEEV sustainable financially, which means we have to be on a continuous hunt for funds to support our programs and activities. The second greatest challenge is to maintain the morale of the team to continue working in very tough circumstances. We tackled this by a multi-pronged approach. The internet came handy. I realized very early that if we have to run NEEV sustainability we have to form a support group that runs across the world.Through the internet we started publishing e- newsletters of all the work we were doing. Secondly we came out with the idea of a social enterprise, NEEV Herbal Handmade Soaps. We thought that instead of purely relying on funds we start an enterprise to generate revenues internally. Thirdly, we started approaching institutional funding agencies with project proposals. At present we have done a number of projects with NABARD and other larger NGOs. (11) Which was the first achievement when you felt, AAH!! i have done something? Mr.andMrs.ANURAGJAIN Civil engineering graduates of the batch 1993-97, Anurag Jain, born and brought up in Jamshedpur and Shikha Jain from Faridabad are the two big guns behind this splendid achievement, who met each other in college and the pull of a common destiny made them tie the marriage knot. Honestly, I never got this feeling. My aim has always been to find truth and I am quite aware that I have not arrived at that. (12) How’s your life now? Are your parents happy with your initiatives? Initially, my parents were at a loss to understand what we were up to. But today they are proud of us and our work. Not only that, they help us out in our activities. Both, my mother and father go to teach for one day a week in NEEV Public School and my father volunteers to maintain all accounts of NEEV. I’m a totally satisfied man, atleast happy within that I’ve tried to help my mother nation and not added to its problems. But my life is in a transition now. I feel I have done enough of leading an organization. I also have received answers to lot of my questions. The NEEV organizations have teams now which can take care of their daily operations. I would now like to give more time to self-introspection and writing. I am also going to move on to consultancy, research and training in the areas of education, sustainable development and personalgrowth.bynow,Ihavegotavastexperienceat the grassroots level of all the topics I have mentioned. I think I can help others with my experience now. Other than this, I shall be actively involved in raising funds for NEEV and representing NEEV in various forums. (13) All nitians are reading your success and might be highly influenced.What would you like to advise them? College is perhaps the best place to develop your intellect. It also gives you the greatest amount of time, where you don’t have to bother about earning your living. My advice is that the students should spend a lot of time in the library, reading newspapers, magazines and books. College also provides you an opportunity to hone your leadership skills so students should utilize the extra-curricular events to the fullest. What matters more than degrees after you get your first job are your innate skills, knowledge and attitudes. (14) Time killing is the greatest challenge NITians face here. How should they manage their carrier and time being in college? I know, what I am saying is pretty difficult but if you could do this, it would be terrific. Develop a schedule for your life in college. Don’t allow it to drift in a drain. Develop a schedule for study, reading and extra- curricular activities. Friends are not your ultimate aim. True friends are not those who host parties and drinks for you but those who add value in your life through knowledge and dialogues. It also helps if you are able to find out the right career options for yourself. For instance marketing requires very different set of skills than from research. You must to some degree map out your personality profile. (15) How should we proceed to convert our dreams to reality? There is only one way for that...."Never....ever give up". Also, the closer dreams are to your true self and reality (rather than fantasy) the greater are the chances of realizing them. Also dreams are not converted to reality in ways which you thought. If you have faith in the intelligence of the universe, it makes this conversion happen but for that you have to become it's student and learn to read the clues it sends you. (16)Sir,atlast,whatdoyoufeelaboutourinitiative? It's an amazing initiative, trying to direct the young lads in a better way. Everyone does a lot for himself, but doing something noble for others is really wonderful and worth saluting. When you do something out of your own imagination, the greatest learning happens. My only advice is that every venture requires a leader and a team who is ready to follow the leader in a wholesome spirit. T h e I N S I G H T 5 To be good is nobel but to teach others to be good is nobler.
  6. 6. ACROSS THE Kisan Bapat Baburao Hazare popularly known as "Anna Hazare", the 73-year-old activist at the center of the standoff between India’s government and civil society over the terms of an anti-corruption law "Jan Lokpal". He who once contemplated suicide and even wrote a two page essay on why he wanted to end his life draws inspiration from a leading light of India’s spiritual renaissance in the late 19th century, Swami Vivekananda. The story goes:- One day at the New Delhi Railway Station, he chanced upon a book on Swami Vivekananda. Drawn by Vivekananda's photograph, he is quoted as saying that he read the book and found his answer-that the motive of his life lay in service to his fellow humans. For Anna Hazare, fight against corruption is just another battle as he has fought many, including some as a soldier for 15 years in Indian Army. Anna who walk's on Gandhian ideology was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1992 for serving fellow people, is now making our corrupt politicians sweat heavily by showing their future in prisons. I want to tell the youth of this country that this fight should not be stopped with Lokpal alone.Wehavetofight for removing the faults of the present electoral reforms. Because of the fault in electoral system, 150 criminals have reached Parliament. “ Libya, an oil-rich nation in NorthAfrica, spent more than 40 years under the erratic leadership of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi before a revolt pushed him from power in August 2011 after a six-month struggle. It was only a matter of time when would the tides of revolution reach Libya , it was only matter of time when would this country in between Tunisia and Egypt to recover from the virus that has been ruling it for 40 years. It all started when cops brutally killed Khaled Saeed under disputed circumstances. Post mortem imagery of Khaled Saeed's corpse in the morgue went viral, becoming "The Face That Launched a Revolution". On Oct. 20, Colonel Qaddafi was killed as fighters battling the vestiges of his fallen regime finally wrested control of his hometown. 2G Spectrum Case rocked the country bringing turmoil in political and bureaucratic circles. 2G licenses were issued to private telecom players at throwaway prices in 2008. Rules and procedures were flouted while issuing licenses, which cost the government ` 1.76 lakh crore (or try 1,76,000,00,00,000). Major culprits behind the scam were telecom minister A. Raja and DMK MP Kanimozhi. The telephonic conversations between Nira Radia, a political lobbyist and an acquaintance of the (then) Telecom minister A. Raja, and with some senior journalists, politicians, and corporate houses, were taped by the Indian Income Tax Department in 2008-09, which brought the scam in light. T h e I N S I G H T JANUARY 2nd- India joins UN Security council after 19 years. FEBRUARY 11th- Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak steps down, after 18 days of mass protest in the nation. 14th- Japan loses no.2 economy spot to China. 21st- Death penalty for Ajmal Kasab confirmed by Bombay high court 28th- Oscar awards announced the king’s speech is best film with 4 awards including best leading actor for Colin Firth. MARCH 2nd- Nobel laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus removed as grameen bank M.D., as holding office after 60 is considered un lawful, although he was granted a life time term in office when he won the nobel prize. 8th- Hero buys Honda’s share in Hero Honda, in a whopping `3841 cr deal. 10th- Dalai Lama to step down as the political head of Tibetan gov in exile. 15th- Fukushima nuclear power plant explodes,sending low levels of radiation floating towards Tokyo. APRIL 2nd- India wins cricket world cup 2011, defeating Sri Lanka in finals. 5th- Anna Hazare sits on fast for the first time against corruption in India and black money having certain demands and motives. 8th- Gov concedes to introduce in parliament a more stringent anti-graft law on Anna’s demand,ends his fast on 9th. 19th- Fidel Castro ,the Cuban president who was the man behind 1959 revolution to oust US backed dictator resigns, Raul Castro is new chief. 24th- Sai Baba, dies at 85 at Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh. MAY 1st- AIEEE paper leaked in UP and other states, the whole test re-scheduled. 2nd- Osama Bin Laden, leader of al- Qaeda terror outfit killed by us forces in The Nobel Prize in Physics 2011 was divided, one half awarded to Saul Perlmutter, the other half jointly to Brian P. Schmidt andAdam G. Riess "for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae", all hailing from the Unites States of America. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011 was awarded to Dan Shechtman “for the discovery of quasicrystals". -Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2011 was divided, one half jointly to Bruce A. Beutler from US and Jules A. Hoffmann from Lexembourg "for their discoveries concerning the activation of innate immunity" and the other half to Ralph M. Steinman again from US "for his discovery of the dendritic cell and its role in adaptive immunity". The Nobel Prize in Literature 2011 was awarded to Tomas Tranströmer "because, through his condensed, translucent images, he gives us fresh access to reality". -Sweden OSCAR: Best movie- The King’s Speech Best actor in leading role- Colin Firth for The King’s Speech Best actress in leading role- Natalie Portman for Black Swan Best director- Tom Hooper for The King’s Speech NOBEL laurels: Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi Khaled Saeed 6When liberty destroys order, the hunger for order will destroy liberty.
  7. 7. 05/10/11: Steve Jobs Chairman and Co- Founder of Apple, died due to complications from pancreatic cancer. He was 56. Jobs was known for his keynote speeches that were given each year to update the loyal Apple followers, as well as his enlightening interview. 23/07/11: The very talented Amy Winehouse, but often troubled U.K. pop star was found dead Saturday in her London home.The cause of death has not been released, but she was only 27 years old. 01/05/11 - The only person on this list we are definitely not mourning. Osama Bin Laden, the terrorist that orchestrated the WTC attacks on Sept. 11th, was finally found and killed in a compound outside Islamabad, Pakistan, in United States’ Operation ‘Neptune Spear’ carried out by CIA. Celebrated Indian artist M F Husain, who earned both fame and wrath for his paintings, died in London on June 9, 2011 after being unwell for over a month. He was 95. Popularly known as MF and regarded as “Picasso of India”. Bollywood lost yet another l e g e n d a r y figure, with the death of the quintessential romantic actor, Dev Anand. Born Dharam Dev Pishorimal Anand, the 88-year-old actor died on Dec. 3 of a cardiac arrest. T h e renowned I n d i a n g h a z a l singer died in Mumbai on Oct. 10, at the age of 70, of a brain haemorrhage. Jagjit Singh an alumni of Kurukshetra University, was widely admired as the“King of Ghazals”. T h e I N S I G H T Pakistan, ayman-al-zawahiri, the egytian surgeon, succeds laden 15th- IMF chief Dominique Strauss- Kahn a likely candidate for French president, arrested and charged with sexual assault on hotel maid in US. 18th- Philip Roth wins man booker international prize, for his book , Nemesis. JUNE 3rd- Former Haryana CM Bhajan Lal dies at 81. 5th- Police crackdown on Baba Ramdev and supporters after midnight in protest, at Ramlila Maidan, PM says it was unfortunate but unavoidable. 9th- The great indian artist M.F. Husain, 95, dies in London. Nuclear capable Prithvi-II ballistic missile successfully tested at Chandipur, Orissa. 22th- Ban Ki-Moon re-elected as UN secretary general for a second term of five years. 28th- French foreign minister Christine Lagarde is the new IMF chief, after dominique strauss kahn was sacked being involved in sex scandal. JULY 2th- Petra Kvitova of Czech Republic is Wimbledon women’s champion 3th- Novak djokovic wins Wimbledon title, beating Nadal. Tiruananthpuram Padmanabhaswamy temple’s hidden treasure exposed. Net worth estimated was around `1 lakh crore. 8th- South Sudan becomes an independent nation. 14th- Rupert Murdoch’s media empire in trouble after being caught in phone line tapping case of famous personalities to create hot headlines. 21th- Space shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy space centre in Florida after its final 13 day mission, bringing an end to the 30-year US shuttle programme. AUGUST 16th- US starts calling back troops from Afghanistan, planning to withdraw completely by 2014. 25th- Steve Jobs resigns as Apple computer’s CEO. 28th- Pakistan conferred “most favoured nation”status on India. 28th- Cabinet approves draft of Lokpal bill that doesn’t include the PM or the judiciary. Anna calls it a cruel joke and announces fast from 16 Aug. SEPTEMBER 1st- London Olympics 2012 will be the first to be broadcast live in 3D. 13th- Serbia’s Novak Djokovic beats Rafael Nadal to win US open’s men singles in New York. Angola’s Leila Lopez is new miss- universe 14th- Shammi Kapoor, Veteran actor passes away. 16th- Anna arrested from fast site and sent to Tihar Jail, after nation wide protest, orders passed to release him but he refuses to leave the jail. 28th- Anna ends 12-day fast at Ramlila grounds, hailing parliament’s nod on key elements of Jan Lokpal Bill as‘people’s victory’. OCTOBER 5th- Steve Jobs is dead. Nobel physics shared by three astronomers. 6th- SwedishpoetTomasTranstromer wins literature nobel. 22th- Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, 70, passes away. NOVEMBER 9th- Los Angeles jury convicts Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, of involuntary manslaughter for supplying an anesthetic implicated in the entertainer’s 2009 death. 23th- Yemeni prisedent Saleh agrees to step down amid a fierce uprising to oust him after 33 years in power. DECEMBER 13th- Physicists announce they are closing in on an elusive subatomic particle, the Higgs boson, that, if found would confirm the understanding about how the universe’s fundamental building blocks behave. 15th- The flag used by US forces in Iraq was lowered in Baghdad airport ceremony marking the end of the war. -TIME LINE 7 Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. -William James
  8. 8. ranav Mistry, a renowned Indian who has earned name and fame for himself and nation through his innovations, creativity and technical skills. Pranav is passionate about integrating the digital informational experience with our real world interactions, which is merely a dream come true for common people like us. He made the human race capable of having a sixth sense,yes you read it right “The Sixth Sense”.Like so many great inventions, turning an idea into reality, especially into a ubiquitous reality, takes time and patience. Bringing the impressive fictional technology from Minority Report to our fingertips, Mistry found a way to bridge the gap between intangible digital world and the tangible real world. It essentially allows you to access information from the Internet and project that information on any surface, including your hand. It reads human gestures and turns any surface into an interactive screen. It senses objects around you, reads your hand gestures and immediately displays relevant information. These are some of the small wonders of Mr. Mistry ( a former IITian) and now pursuing his PhD from MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. YOUTH i This innovative Indian was born on 14th May 1981 in Palanpur, Gujarat and perceived his education from G.S.E.B.(Gujarat State Education Board). He has completed bachelors’ degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Nirma Institute and received Masters in Media Arts and Sciences fromMITandMasterofDesignfromIndustrial Design Center, IIT Bombay. He is a now a research assistant and a PhD candidate at MIT Media Lab. AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS : »» Listed as one of the ‘50 Most Creative People of the Year 2010’, CREATIVITY 50. »» Winner of ‘INVENTION OF THE YEAR 2009’ award, Popular Science. »» Winner of ‘Young Indian Innovator 2009’ award, Digit Magazine. »» Nominee for Forbes India’s Person of the Year 2009. »» Speaker for TED India 2010 talk on ‘sixthsense’, TED India 2010, Mysore, India. »» All India 3rd in National Open Hardware Contest at IIT Bombay for project DATAG2.02 »» 3rd in Creative art competition organized by ISRO. »» 1st in Design competition organized by IEEE, India chapter. »» 2nd in on the spot Model Making contest at techfest2001 at IIT Bombay. 1. Sunflower His interest in exploring nature led him to wonderful idea of having artificial sunflowers. With simple op-amp 741 circuitry & photo sensors he implemented a sunflower which could track the sun. Though later the concept was very efficiently used in solar panels at his institute as the panels could get the most efficient angle each time. Some of the INVENTIONS P I am very interested from beginning that how can we leverage our knowledge about everyday objects and gestures and howwe use them to ourinteractionwith the digital world. »» Summer internship (summer 2007) with GigaPan Project (CMU, NASA, Google and UNESCO). »» Project Manager and UX researcher at Microsoft. »» Summer internship (summer 2004) with Incubation Team at Microsoft India Development Center. »» Research Assistant at Fluid Interfaces, MIT Media Lab , and a lot more.. 2.DatAG2.02 With the aim of providing a more intuitive and p h y s i c a l i n t e r a c t i o n with systems and machines, the project. DATAG2.02 explores a new mode of human- machine interaction. DATAG2.02 consist an artificial gadget kept in the real world. The user will use this glove like gadget to interact with objects and perform the desired action in the virtual world. He won award at National level Open Hardware Contest for DATAG2.02. 3. Mouseless: Mouseless is an invisible computer mouse that provides the familiarity of interaction of a physical mouse without actually needing a real hardware mouse. Recently, various multi¬touch and gestural in- teraction technologies have been explored yet the largely unchanged, two-button computer mouse is the pre¬dominant means to interact with a computer. Mouseless consists of an infrared laser and an infrared camera embedded in the computer. Now you can cup your hands over nothing and pretend using a mouse. The fun is that even the computer will believe it !!! 4.The Sixth Sense: The SixthSense prototype comprises a pocket projector, a mirror and a camera c o n t a i n e d in a pendant like, wearable device. Both the projector and the camera are connected to a mobile computing device in the user’s pocket. The projector projects visual information enabling surfaces, walls and physical objects around us to be used as interfaces; while the camera recognizes and tracks user's hand gestures and physical objects using computer-vision based techniques. The software program processes the video stream data captured by the camera and tracks the locations of the colored markers (visual tracking fiducials) at the tips of the user’s fingers. The movements and arrangements of these fiducials are interpreted into gesturetures that act as interaction instructions for the projected application interfaces. SixthSense supports multi-touch and multi-user interaction. So let’s say you’re at the grocery store and want “WORKEXPERIENCE T h e I N S I G H T and the list continues..... 8 Greatness lies not in being strong but in the right use of strength. Henry Ward Beechar
  9. 9. PRANAVMISTRY to find out more about a certain brand of cereal, SixthSense will display in real-time any additional information on the product you’re holding. It costs under $350 to build (not including the phone). 1. Camera: A webcam captures an object in view and tracks the user’s hand gestures. It sends the data to the smart phone. 2. Colored Markers: Marking the user’s fingers with red, yellow, green, and blue tape helps the webcam recognize gestures. Mistry is working on gesture-recognition algorithms that could eliminate the need for the markers. 3. Projector: A tiny LED projector displays data sent from the smart phone on any surface in view--object, wall, or person. Mistry hopes to start using laser projectors to increase the brightness. 4. Smart Phone: A Web-enabled smart phone in the user’s pocket processes the video data, using vision algorithms to identify the object. Other software searches the Web and interprets the hand gestures. So let’s say you’re at the grocery store and want to find out more about a certain brand of cereal, SixthSense will display in real-time any additional information on the product you’re holding. Lost? Take a picture of your surroundings by forming a frame with your hands and locate yourself on Google Maps. Wondering what time it is? Draw a circle on your wrist and a holographic watch will appear with the precise time.”The sixth sense is like giving a magic wand in mortal hands.” T h e I N S I G H T The INSIGHT: Pranav Mistry and his innovations are making wonders. As a sister how you feel about it? Miss Mistry: Am glad that there are so many fans of Pranav...Am also proud of my bother that he is an inspiration to many students. I guess sixth sense has made him more popular. Actually Pranav deserves even more than this. While working, he never looks at watch he used to work whole night some times and now also we never know he will be awake or sleeping!!! The INSIGHT: Ma’am how was his childhood, his school days? Miss Mistry : He was a bright student from the beginning, he always used to be the 1st in all the activities and was good at everything I must say. The INSIGHT: We came to know that he was district champion inTableTennis, did he take interest in extra-curricular activities? Miss Mistry: Ya, a lot I mean. He sings well, is a good actor, he used to direct and perform in dramas, his drawing was nice; along with TT he was good at Badminton also. The INSIGHT: How was his graduation and further academics/studies? Miss Mistry: He stood 1st in entrance exam of CEPT (well known or one of the best architectural college) but he was sure what he wanted to do and went to Nirma University at Ahmedabad to pursue his Computer Engineering there and did his masters from IIT. He used to take part in various competitions online like........graphic poster competition of Sigraph tech festivals. He had won some title in IIT competition while he was in Nirma and the list is too long. The INSIGHT: Can you recollect any remarkable work, he did during his college days? Miss Mistry: He went to Microsoft for his project of IIT. CEO of Microsoft at that time was impressed by his work, had invited him to work there. He worked for Microsoft for an year. Apart from these he had many inventions and successful projects to his credit while still being in college. The INSIGHT: How did he manage to achieve such great feats at such a young age? Miss Mistry: He gives his credit to mom, dad, some teachers and sometimes us 2 sisters, who have always guided him, and showed him the path to excel. He always took advice for each step, he stepped out. Although he never went to any classes or coaching for all these. After taking admission in Nirma institute Pranav did all the procedures till now himself...that includes going to IIT and Microsoft and MIT. The INSIGHT: Your family bonding seems great. How was your family environment in which you grew up and such a maestro could shape his career? Miss Mistry: My dad is an architect. We were brought up in very free environment. We were given the latest equipments. We had a good collection of books at home. Even in studies we were never forced to take some particular stream or field. My dad used to provide us all the things we wanted for art work and mom used to guide us in study. We were never asked to study hard. The INSIGHT: Did he have an aim in his life since his childhood? Miss Mistry: At different times, it was different. Once we went to a small village when he was small and there because we were guests all the people used to give lots of free staff like fruits and vegetables etc. So he said I want to be a farmer because you get everything free. The INSIGHT: Can you recollect any remarkable habit, personality trait of Pranav which you think was really superb? Miss Mistry: Pranav was never shy to talk to anybody no matter he knew the person or his language. He likes to travel by public transports ...the reason which he gives is that I get to know more people and their behaviours and their lifestyles and it helps him design products for them. The INSIGHT: What were his ideologies, his strategies, his life plan, as successful people generally have? Miss Mistry: As such no rules. He does whatever he likes and never cares for his looks or what others will say. If he had rules, he never released them… The INSIGHT: Whom he thinks as his ideals in life, who inspires him? Miss Mistry: Both my mother and father. No doubt that our school and parents played major role. And among the personalities, Leonardo I guess and he used to like Hitler also he used to read Chankya Niti, so I guess, Kautilya is also on his list. The INSIGHT: What about and his friends and girlfriends in particular? Miss Mistry: He has many friends; he is in touch with his old friends, even today. About his girlfriends ....I am sorry but I cannot say anything without his permission!!! The INSIGHT: Was he mischievous, witty in his childhood? Miss Mistry: We still fight a lot specially myself and him. We used to play together also. Hey, did you see his speech at youth summit? He was asked if he was going to show a live demo of sixth sense!! Saurav Ganguly and Katrina were also going to speak at that event so Pranav replied...Is Saurav going to play cricket on stage? Is Katrina going to dance? The INSIGHT: Ma’am have you seen the sixth sense device? Have you experienced it? Miss Mistry: No, not till now. But, will soon want to see what my brother has actually invented, which the world calls as wonder. The INSIGHT: Thanks ma’am it was really nice talking to you and knowing about Pranav Sir in greater depth. What would you like to advise us and our readers? Miss Mistry: I wish you all the best. Work hard and do what you like….All of you work hard and chase your dreams…. Just like Pranav you all also bring glory to our nation, and your family which takes a lot of pain for you. Thanks, thanks a lot. We were quite fortunate to take a personal interview of the elder sister of Pranav Mistry. Lets do the talkings 9 Pranav Mistry making Ravan The best reply to an athiest is to give him a good dinner, and ask him if he believes there is a cook.
  10. 10. T h e I N S I G H T We have a new Director Name: Dr. Anand Mohan Joined On: 3rd June, 2011 Former HOD, Department of Electronics Engineering, IT BHU. He headed a number of other administrative bodies. We thought of listing only the big ones but even this finds us short of space as there are numerous. New Rules Implemented 75% attendance was made mandatory Bikes banned in campus Heavy punishment on strike Fewer fests Kirmich Gate now closes at 10:00 Suppli exams only in respective sems Final practicals within 10 days of last exam 2 midterm tests instead of 3 sessionals Changed pattern of semester exams We won it! IBM The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC 2010) was a nation-wide software development contest conducted by IBM Academic Initiative Team. A team named “Apxicos” of 4 of our MCA 3rd year students under the guidance of Dr. Mayank Dave, Associate Professor, Computer Department registered for it. The felicitation ceremony held on November 15, 2011 made us proud as this team finished among the top 20. They competed against 34070 teams belonging to 1642 different institutes. Team members: Sojo Joseph, Pallav Grover, Amit Yadav, Mohit Sapra Project: Prison Management System The Dance Competition Tishay Dutt, 3rd year, B.Tech headed a team named ‘SUC’ (Street Under Construction) involving students from all the years which stood first in the ‘Group Dance’ event of Zeitgeist’11. It was held from 4th to 6th Nov in IIT Ropar. Hierarchy Reshuffled (To be confirmed) Computers Prof. J. K. Chhabra Mechanical Prof. Sudhir Kumar Electrical Prof. Lillie Dewan Electronics Prof. O. P. Sahu Alumni Meet held 2 huge alumni meets of our college were held. One on 18th Sept. in Gurgaon and the other on 17th Dec. It was a great success on part of our Alumni Association as there were 150 to 170 alumni present. Confluence’12 registrations started at www. and Literati’12 website launched NIT- Bustle!!! 10 Congratulation NITians!, your NITian tag makes you eligible for internship, which is sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India,Under the Indo-Brazil Cooperation Programme. The main thrust of this cooperation is on starting R&D projects between researchers in the two countries. This programme envisages the support for 6 students every year to go to Brazil for their summer internship programme for a period of 10 weeks. Third year students of Computer Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering are eligible to apply. The internship will span over the months May to August. Each student under the programme will have two mentor, one in his own institution and the other in the hosting institution. Interested students can download the application form the website of IITG ( Deadline 31st January 2012. Financial assistance is provided which includes air-fare from India to Brazil and back, Visa fees, Medical Insurance and living expenses @ US$150 per week/per person. So what are you waiting for, go for it. Brazil- Calling You ! Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, keeps away from giving wordy evidence of defect. -George Eliot
  11. 11. n this article, I am writing about DAAD WISE (Working Internship in Science and Engineering) program. WISE is a 2-3 month summer internship program for students in their pre-final years who would like to work on a research project at a German university or a public research centre. DAAD provides a monthly stipend of EUR 650 towards living expenses, EUR 525 lump sum towards travel and compulsory health insurance to those who are selected for WISE. Every year around 20 students are selected from IIT Madras and 20 from NIT Warangal and NIT Trichy and from our college it’s always less than 3. From my perspective, it’s not the case that students in our college are not ingenious enough to get through it; it’s just the lack of awareness and infallible senior-junior interaction in our college. The WISE application process starts early, so it would be advisable to keep your resumes ready by the mid of August. First of all, you need to find a professor in Germany who would be willing to accept you for a suitable project. For that, you’ll have to start writing mail to professors in German universities. Make it specific to a single Professor, don’t ever spam. Spamming the inbox of professors with 'I want to do summer research' doesn't serve any purpose (the response is most likely to be 'I am not interested in you'). Write compelling, personalized and relevant emails that convey your goals and intentions to specific professors whose work interests you. It shows when you have taken the effort to look through their website and read about the projects that they work on. Asking a few people to review and proof-read your e-mail might not be a bad option too. Once you have got an invitation letter from German professor, half the job is done. Rest of the process is easy as you need to procure all the documents, fill up the online DAAD form and send all the documents to DAAD office in New Delhi before deadline (usually its 1st Nov). Applicant must have a valid Passport at the time of application. The result of the scholarship comes quite late in the middle of February. Since DAAD has stringent CGPA criteria as far as I have analyzed, I would advise you to try and maintain your CG score above 9.0. Projects done might give you an edge over other applicants. Believe me it will be your once in lifetime experience if you get through it! DAAD - A Chance To Germany T h e I N S I G H T I Cheers. If you have any queries contact me at My personal Experience: I’m Pranav Chachra and I am pursuing my final year in Electrical engineering. I went to Heidelberg University during summer 2011 and worked with Prof. Joerg Oechssler and his research team on a company collaborative project broadly concerned with Game theory. Landing at an odd time of 2 am had given me some initial jitters. But the helping attitude of the people at airport was very ensuring. My stay at my apartment was a memorable one! It had convivial atmosphere and I had struck an instant friendship with my apartment mates. We bonded well and discussed a lot about our respective cultures. They in fact invited me to parties, river side outings with their friends, each of which contributed to my insight into German culture and was an enriching experience. I even got hooked to a couple of German tv soaps and my apartment mate willing to translate for me at every possible instance will be reminiscence close to my heart. Alright a Candid confession from my side ;) Boiling maggi was the closest I had ever got to cooking in India:P Experimenting with food finallybeganinDeutschland.Itwasfunskyping with family to learn cooking and eventually realizing my cooking potential in those two months and believe me my apartment mates were in awe with the Indian delicacies I had prepared for them. As far as my research work was concerned, it was an opportunity to learn a lot about the subject I was already deeply interested in. All the resources, opportunities, practical exposure and freedom in work at my Lab were commendable and further substantiated my impression about the quality of Research in Germany. In the end I am happy that my project resulted into productive work. Very recently, I was able to author an International conference paper that I had written during my stint at Heidelberg University. Be it work, culture or people everything was so majestic, that after 2 months I fell in love with the place and I came back with a promise to Deutschland “Ich werde wieder kommen!” (I’ll come again!) Why RESEARCH ?? As an engineering undergraduate, I always wished to explore new fields and to interact with researchers and scientists. Research was what I wanted to pursue. There was no one to guide me initially, being one of the very few undergraduate students interested in research in our college. In such a situation what matters is whether one is willing to explore and forge new opportunities for oneself. There are few programs for undergraduate science and engineering research that I came across during my stint at college. I was able to get through some of these elusive programs in my second and pre-final year which included IAS fellowship (now known as Science Academies fellowship), TIFR VSRP program and DAAD WISE and was really fortunate enough to work with leading researchers in their fields at research institutions in India including IISc Bangalore, TIFR Mumbai and even overseas. Such opportunities give one a taste of what a career in science might be like. If you are interested in going to graduate school, these experiences will surely give you an edge over other applicants. But, it takes a lot of effort and a real interest in the work to land into one elusive undergraduate research internship. Often, you might have to apply to many places before you get an acceptance. Serious and rigorous effort is required for it. Pranav Chachra is a final year student from our college from electrical engineering dept. who is deeply involved in research activities. During last summers he got an opportunity to pursue his research in germany. On request of The INSIGHT he has penned down an article regarding foreign intern : 11 When I was in school, I was told by many of my teachers that these school years were the building foundation for rest of my life, today I tell you that decisions you make and the actions you take during this first year of college will have a major impact on rest of your college experience. Study, but not only for the sake of getting marks, study for the knowledge because that’s what is going to be alongside you for the rest of your life. Trust me, while studying your boring course material also, you can have some questions rising and some interests developing; be always ready to pursue these little rays of hope. Be curious, ask yourself questions and then study to fulfill your quest for this knowledge. A great man once said- “I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you education.” Have fun along the way, because ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.’ Jitender Madaan is a final year student of our college from computer engg. dept. Internship: Microsoft Placed in: Microsoft Package: 10.8 lacs p. a. EXPERT ADVICE: Miracles do occur, but one has to work hard from them to happen.
  12. 12. Wireless Charging ired of a large number of charger wires entangled together on desk and a daily fight of unsolving the's a gift of technology -THE WIRELES CHARGERS!!! yes charging mobile phones and other electronic gadgets would be possible without these chargers with long wires,here just a gauge, place the gadget on it, with power on, the works starts. So simple naa....!!! Not wired, Not tired...!!! While the idea may sound futuristic, it isn't particularly new. NicolaTesla proposed theories of wireless power transmission in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The wireless transmission of energy is common in the form of Radio Waves Inductive Coupling is a method of wireless charging in use. It takes three basic steps: 1.Current from the wall outlet flows through a coil (primary winding) inside the charger, creating a magnetic field. 2.When a device is placed in the charger, this magnetic field induces a current i another coil (secondary winding) which connects to the battery. 3.This current recharges the battery. A Splashpower mat uses induction to recharge multiple devices simultaneously. Inductive coupling requires coils to be quite close together. No doubt a stronger magnetic field will allow devices to work at some distance butitisverywastefulasmagneticfieldwouldbesetupinalldirections. Resonance and Wireless Power In November 2006, however, researchers at MIT reported that they had discovered an efficient way to transfer power between coils separated by a few meters. The team, led by Marin Soljacic, theorized that they could extend the distance between the coils by adding resonance to the equation. The theory uses a curved coil of wire as an inductor. A capacitance plate, which can hold a charge, attaches to each end of the coil. As electricity travels through this coil, the coil begins to resonate. The researchers have named this ‘non-radiative energy transfer’ since it involves stationary fields around the coils rather than fields that spread in all directions. In June 2007, the MIT team published a paper detailing a successful demonstration of their prototype.They used resonating coils to power a light bulb over a distance of about 2 meters. Taiwan Researchers Find 'Key Invisible' In the era of advancement of technology, researchers from Taiwan have freed us from carrying a heavy bunch of keys always with us, and the fear of losing keys at places. Insteadofenteringthekeyinthelocktoopenthedoor,thehomeowner just makes a repetition of hand gestures in front of the door to get into the house. This is the result of the technology created by Yaoi-pin Tsai and his team. The word seems to be too bold, but diving into it deep inside, we discover a world full of excitement, power and a life full of knowledge in its purest forms. Life become so exaggerated with it, we feel this is the real meaning of life for an engineer. Infact, what we personally feel is, this a life an engineer must live, infact this is a duty for an engineer. Our honourable, Sir Albert Einstein once interacting with young lads quoted, “I inherited science, understood it, added something to it and passed on to you, now its your duty to do the same.” We, the engineers, have the knowledge, have the potential to live the dreams of Sir Einstein, still we use our talent to seek a job and feel happy earning our livings. Infact, this has become the exact motto of our lives. We all have heard of nanotechnology, heard of sunscreen creams too. One of us imagined, thought, used his potential and gave us this valuable present just using the mere basic concept of nanotechnology. This is just a fraction of trailer of entire research world. So, Imagine, Imagine and yes Imagine !!! Imagine what problem we face, what we need, what we can contribute to this society, nation, earth. Imagine what if this in place of this, this has more efficiency, this will save energy and so on like this…….. Mr. Pranav Mistry, the great Indian researcher, and inventor of sixth sense, used to prefer public transport to see public how they behave, what they demand, what they need, and used to ponder upon how to device products and technologies for them. Can you ever imagine, taking a snap with just the gestures of your fingers??? But he did, he thought this wild and to his effort, he has proved it and done wonders for us. Not only this, in his college time itself he undertook many such projects, one of them was the artificial sunflower, which always faced towards the sun. College administration adopted this technology and used for solar panels….!!! When this human being can do such wonders, why not we?? So, dudes and dudettes, wake up, grab the opportunity and live your dreams!!! But the real problem, that we see out here, is the ever widening gap between the professors and we, the yet to be engineers. The only meaning professors have in our life is awarding marks, deducting marks and clearing suppli’s. This has become the real meaning of engineering, in the present scenario of this campus. It is our life which is getting wasted off, they are happy where they are, what they have achieved. At this moment, I appreciate Harshit Garg, who against the tradition, wanted to be indulged in research and projects, and with an idea in his mind contacted professors.Today he’s the only guy in 2nd year, we guess, who has a project to work on, and has found a path to live his dreams. Its not that only a few have ideas, the cultivative minds of all of us has something to ponder upon, but we move on kicking off that budding idea that wants to bloom in us. So, bouncing out, out of the box, transform your dreams to reality under guidance of these honourable personalities, who teach us to walk through the wilderness in the path to come… Even the likes of Pranav Mistry, wouldn’t had been recognised, without the guidance of learned professors. At last, the only meaning of engineering is not just seeking marks and clearing suppli’s. Burj-al-Arab is an answer for us all. An excellent engineering marvel, whose each and every inch is made with planning and calculation, against the odds they faced in each steps they stepped out. Do you thing, we, by merely focusing on marks and suppli’s, can create such a marvel. We definitely need some add on’s and this the best time realise the needs and sharpen our skills and potential. Hence, engineering has diversity of oppurtunities, the only need is to discover the hidden dimensions of this fascinating life. So concluding, we think we all again need to see “Three Idiots” once or many times again. we promise, if we succeed to create an environment here at NIT, like what that movie wanted to depict, we would be miles and miles away from the standards we have today. We took that movie as an entertainment, laughed at it, enjoyed it, and it went away. But those 3 hours meant a lot if we want to idealise it in our life we live here. So wake up, we all had a long enough nap, and too much fun. Now we all together will work for our dreams and for each other. We need hundred’s of Phunsuk Wangdoo’s within our college. Every branch, every batch, every room and every bed, we must say should have a PhunsukWangdoo in its vicinity with capability of inventing the likes of virus invertor using car battery and the best of all, equipped with so much potential that even delivery of a baby with a vaccum pump would be a no wonder for us… Lets all get up and promise our, Sir Einstein that yes, we will fulfil your dream and challenge him, we’ll add something even better that you did, though you are really great and respectable throughout the generations. In the future, you no longer have to worry about losing or forgetting to put the key -said Tsai. Further described by Tsai Yao-pin who teaches at the Technology and Science Institute of Northern Taiwan, his team put on a chip commonly used in video game console Wii as its core technology. This chip is capable of detecting 3-dimensional movement. The ‘invisible key‘ inventor was said to have used triaxial accelerometer technology for door locks and a single-chip controller as the core control of the system to open doorswithout using a key. In addition to replacing the traditional key functions, Tsai made the technology can also be used to lighten the homework. He claimed could be used to turn on and off home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and others. He estimated that it make take half a year for the invention to go commercial as several interested companies have approached him. T RESEARCH: “ T h e I N S I G H T 12 Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it for religious convictions
  13. 13. T h e I N S I G H T FORGIVENESS W h e n someone hurts us, forgiving that person is our best response. But often our indignant emotions make us overlook the subtle but vital line that differentiates forgiving a person from trusting a person: forgiveness is for the past; trust is for the future. We are urged to immediately forgive, but not immediately trust, the wrongdoer. Let’s explore this difference. Whatever wrongs a person has done in the past can’t be changed; as long as we resent the past, we stay stuck in it. Consequently, our thoughts, words, actions and even lives may become resentment-driven, causing us to either clam up or blow up. When we clam up, we drive our anger deep within, thereby unnecessarily inflicting ugly scars on our psyches that may distort our personality. When we blow up, we drive our anger outward not just to the wrongdoer, but to whoever crosses our way at the time of blowing up, thereby creating an undesirable public image of being irritable. Thus both the resentment-driven responses – clamming up or blowing up – are unproductive, nay counter-productive. Therefore, the best response is that which frees us from resentment – and forgiveness alone can do that. When we forgive a person, we accept the ground reality that the other person being a fallible human is imperfect – as are we. We too may err tomorrow and be in need of forgiveness. In fact, the logic of karma suggests that we may have hurt someone in the past, just as someone has hurt us now. We then see the wrongdoer not as the cause, but as the vehicle, of our suffering, which originated in our own past insensitivity. Underscoring this philosophically informed vision, Srila Prabhupada would recommend that we eschew becoming angry with “the instruments of our karma.” Even if our indignant feelings make the logic of karma difficult to digest, still forgiveness retains its potential to free us from resentment. So, we needn’t make our forgiveness conditional to the other person’s seeking it, but we should certainly make our trust conditional to that person’s earning it by sustained improved behavior. Conveying our forgiveness helps that person avoid the pitfall of self-justification, and holding back our trust avoids the pitfall of that person remaining oblivious to the past wrongdoing.Forgivingapersoncertainlydoesn’tmeanthatwelettheotherpersoncontinue the hurting behavior; that would be masochism and there’s nothing laudable or spiritual about masochism. At the same time, it needs to be stressed that there’s nothing intrinsically laudable or spiritual about cultivating and actualizing revenge fantasies. So, we need to find that balanced course of action which allows both us and the other person to grow spiritually. To summarize, forgiveness involves our cultivating virtue independent of the other person, whereas trust is our reciprocation conditional to that person’s cultivatingvirtue.Bycarefullyunderstandingthedifference between the two, we can transform unfortunate episodes in our relationships into spiritual growth opportunities at least for ourselves – and possibly even for the other person. Fabulous air show of Paris in motion My thought too in flight and yearns for my Na- tion When will the planes designed in my land Pierce the sky as lightening in action And gracefully land as angels in full boom All to the envy of spellbound spectators Yes we can !! When we are united in action and addicted to deeds Sky can’t be limit for my nation in action !! t doesn’t matter if you win as long as you give everything in your heart. In order to succeed you must fail. Failure is an essential step towards success. The more successful the individuals, the more failures they would have faced in the way. These might be small failures such as being rejected by a proposal or they may be larger failures such as business failing. These failures can propel you towards success. Michael Jordan is a great example about success through failures. There are many lessons that can be learned through his experiences. How do you respond to failure? 1. TAKE THE SHOT Michael Jordan talks about how many shots he missed. I am willing to take the shots and miss rather than not taking them in the first place. Are you willing to take the shots which tend to miss? 2. DON’T LET FAILURES STOP YOU FROM TRYING AGAIN A missed shot didn’t stop him. If he had stopped shooting because of one miss, or not been willing to take the next game shot, he could not be the champion he was. Is a past failure stopping you from moving forward? 3. LEARN EVERY TIME YOU FAIL There is no doubt that Michael learned from his failures. By learning from your failures you will gain more success. Every lesson you take from failure can be used to help you succeed the next time. Failure simply shows you what doesn’t work allowing you to do what does work the next time. What can you learn from your most recent failures? 4. KNOW YOUR WINNING SHOTS Your game winning shots are the activities which push you over the edge as you work towards your goals. They are the things you can do that allow you to win. You need to know these important activities and look for opportunities to take shots. What are your game winning shots? 5. YOUR RESPONSE TO FAILURE Not only was Michael a basketball superstar he was part of great teams. With MJ the Chicago Bulls won 6 championships. Similarly, you need a team to succeed. Your team will follow your lead. If you dismiss failure, learn from it and quickly move on with a positive attitude; your team will do likewise. How is your response to failure impacting your team? SIX LESSONS FROM MICHAEL JORDAN I Soaring Dream False Tagged- IEM: After seeing complete chaos for changing branch by our branch mates this year, it compelled us to write on this so called‘low grade’branch“IEM.”We wonder how one can putatagofalowgradebranchjustonthebasisofopening and closing ranks. It is an engineering stream related to management of Industrial process. The name Industrial engineering often confuses students and parents and lead to an imagination of a manufacturing industry. This engineering stream is related to understanding, development and implementation of systems involving human being and other resources. In this course of study student will learn about the methods to manage and optimum utilization of resources available by applying mathematical and engineering tools. During the course they study about Product Design and Development, work systems, logistics, production planning and inventory control, Operation research, Quality Control and recently Intellectual property system. Reference can alsobetakenregardingthecoursecontentofthisbranch from other global institutions that are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET). So, guys wake up! And get through the upcoming industries and their case studies on various problems. Career prospects- Industrial Engineer can get jobs in almost all types of industries. Self-employment opportunities are also available as consultants or specialists in methods and work operation usually after suitable years of industrial experience. They can also join private R&D establishments of big companies or as purchase engineers and technical sales managers. Because of the broad-based nature of the course, they can work with all types of engineering and manufacturing industries in the private and public sectors. One can indulge in activities like Simulation modeling and analysis, Artificial intelligence based methods, Financial engineering. So we conclude, the so called “Low Grade Branch” gives you ample of opportunities to build a lucrative and prosperous career provided you are ready to give your 100% and think beyond the boundaries of NITK. -A.P.J. Abdul Kalam 13 The dream is not what you see in sleep...Dream is which does not let you sleep. -Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam
  14. 14. 1. How to use your PC as a wifi hotspot for mobiles and I-pods: Use “connectify”, a software that can turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi-hotspot. Download or w w w . d o w n l o a d . c n e t . c o m / Connectify/3000-18508_4-75024171.html 2. Fed up with friends interfering in personal documents: The solution to this problem is, create a new user (a standard user, not Admin.). And protect your main administrator account with a password. Hence the new user won’t be able to view your password neither he’ll be able to install any new software. Bingo!!!, The laptop is all yours. Security settings can be further improved under “local security policy” or “group policy editor”, in which you can disable right click of mouse, disable deletion of files…. And lots more… 3. Too many windows… want just one , save your time in minimizing others: Just select the window, which you don’t wana minimize, and shake it. You’ll see that all the other windows automatically get minimized. *Also try +D. 4. Sharing Internet connection through Wi- Fi among your friends’ laptops: • select the connection to be shared in network and sharing center • go to its properties • then go to sharing • check “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” option. • Now click on the settings button just below this option, • there check the “Web server(HTTP)” checkbox. Here you are, your internet connection is ready to get shared through wifi. • Now create a new Ad-Hoc network, give the name and password. • Now just search this network in your friends’ laptop. Just select this, enter the password, and enjoy the internet. 5. Chatting private with someone and wana go somewhere for a while, use this shortcut: Press + L, and your computer will be temporarily locked. All the processes will keep running. When you are back, just enter your administrator password and you are thrown back to your state. A small thing, but very useful in saving time rather than using Shutdown, Restart or Hibernate. 32-bit or 64-bit Windows (1) What is the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows? The terms 32-bit and 64-bit refer to the way a computer's processor (also called a CPU), handles information. The 64-bit version ofWindows handles large amounts of random access memory (RAM) more effectively than a 32-bit system. (2)When should I use 32-bit ? There are some situations in which you are better off using 32-bit Windows 7: • If you use only 2GB of RAM, and do not plan to upgrade anytime soon. To really take advantage of 64-bit Windows 7, you need minimum 4GB RAM. • You have legacy devices like scanners and printers that do not have 64-bit device drivers. 32-bit drivers are not supported under 64- bit Windows 7, so you should make sure all the devices you need to use are compatible with 64-bit. • You run old 16-bit applications that were developed for Windows 3.1 or DOS. These won’t run under 64-bit Windows. (3)Can I run 32-bit programs on a 64-bit computer? Most programs designed for the 32- bit version of Windows will work on the 64-bit version of Windows. Notable exceptions are many antivirus programs. Device drivers designed for 32-bit versions of Windows won't work on computers running a 64-bit version of Windows. If you're trying to install a printer or other device that only has 32-bit drivers available, it won't work correctly on a 64-bit version of Windows. If you are unsure whether there is a 64-bit driver available for your device, go online to the Windows Vista Compatibility Center. (4)What are the advantages of 64-bit ? There are several benefits of going to Windows 7 64-bit: • With 32-bit Windows, you can use a maximum of 4GB RAM. 64-bit Windows 7 runs very fast with 4GB and you can upgrade your RAM to 8 or 16 GB later, making your system future-proof. • You get better security with 64-bit Windows. All 64-bit device drivers are digitally signed, which means you will not have random crashes.You also get more advanced security features like Kernel Patch Protection with 64-bit Windows 7. (5)What can be potential drawbacks to Windows x64 Edition ? Windows XP was available only as a 32-bit operating system for 32-bit processors until 2005, when Microsoft released a 64-bit edition. This version of Windows XP did not see widespread adoption due to a lack of available software and hardware drivers. Vendors were hesitant to invest in a platform that seemed more novel than practical for consumers at the time, which led to compatibility issues with common devices such as sound and graphics cards. Most of the developers did not see performance increases due to a lack of applications with native support for 64-bit processors. Given the increasing number of 64- bit processors, Windows 7 x64 Edition is unlikely to suffer the same lack of support. A potential drawback stems from the possibility that some hardware vendors may not release Windows Vista/7 x64 Edition-compatible versions of drivers quickly. GEEK SPEAK T h e I N S I G H T The primary focus of the G74SX is gaming and it does a brilliant job at it. BEST GAMING LAPTOP Asus G74SX NEW: Nokia lumia 800 and 710 The Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 run on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5 OS, dubbed 'Mango', to offer one-touch access to social networks. The device comes in a sleek design and adds new features such as easy grouping of contacts, communication threads and Internet Explorer 9. The Lumia 800 and 710 features a large 3.7-inch touch screen with ClearBlack display for more vivid colors. There's also a 1.4-gigahertz chip with hardware acceleration and a graphics processor and a high-powered 8.0( in800) and 5.0( in710)-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and high-definition video recording, as well as 16-gigabytes of memory and an additional 25-gigabytes of free storage online for images and music. Approx. `18,999 & `29,999 Approx. `1,40,000 Processor Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge Ram 16GB DDR3 Hard Disk 750GB + 750GB Display 17.3”, full HD Graphics Card Nvidia GTX 560M(with 3GB of GDDR5 dedicated memory) Equipped with in-built speakers sup- port EAX Advanced HD 5.0 and THX TruStudio sound enhancements. Even 14 the latest 3D games can be easily ren- dered on the G74SX with solid framer- ates. What’s more, it has a Blu-Ray drive and NVIDIA’s 3DVision transceiver. So, pop on the 3D glasses and you’re all set for 3D gaming and 3D movies. Besides gaming, the G74SX is also a powerful media consumption and pro- ductivity notebook. The price tag may seem a little high, but you’re getting a lot for your money. It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all about. -Socrates
  15. 15. "She said that she would dance with me if I brought her a red rose," cried the young Student, "but in all my garden there is no red rose." From her nest in the oak tree the Nightingale heard him, and she looked out through the leaves and felt sorry for young Student. "Here is a true lover," said the Nightingale. "His hair is dark as the night, and his lips are red as the rose of his desire, but passion has made his face pale, and sorrow is upon his brow." "The Prince gives a party tomorrow night," murmured the young Student," and the beautiful girl that I love will be there. If I bring her a red rose she will dance with me till morning. But there is no red rose in my garden, I shall sit lonely and she will pass me by. She will dance only with others, and my heart will break." "Night after night have I sung of love," thought the Nightingale," and what I sing of, he suffers: what is joy to me, to pain to him. Surely love is a wonderful thing. It cannot be purchased from the merchants, nor can it be weighed out in exchange of gold." " The musicians will play upon their stringed instruments," said the young Student, and "my love will dance to the sound of the harp and the violin. She will dance so lightly that her feet will not touch the floor. But she will not dance with me, for I have no red rose to give her." He flung himself down on the grass, and buried his face in his hands, and wept. "Why is he weeping ?" asked a little Green Lizard, as he ran past him with his tail in the air. "Why indeed ?" said a Butterfly, who was fluttering about after a sunbeam. "He is weeping for a red rose," said the Nightingale. "For a red rose ?" they cried; "how very ridiculous!" But the Nightingale understood the secret of the Student's sorrow, and she sat silently in the oak tree, and thought about the mystery of love. Suddenly she spread her brown wings for flight, and soared into the air. In the center of the garden was standing a beautiful Rose tree, and when she saw it she flew over to it. "Give me a red rose," she cried, "and I will sing you my sweetest song." But the tree shook his head. "My roses are white, it answered; "as white as the snow upon the mountain. But go to my brother who grows beneath the Student's window, and perhaps he will give you what you want." So the Nightingale flew over to the Rose-tree that was growing beneath the Student's window. "Give me a red rose," she cried, "and I will sing you my sweetest song." But the Tree shook his head. "My roses are red," it answered, "as red as the feet of the Jove. But the winter has chilled my veins, the frost has destroyed my buds, the storm has broken my branches, and I shall have no roses at all this year." "One red rose is all I want," cried the Nightingale, "only one red rose! Is there no way by which I can get it?" "There is always a way ," answered the Tree; " but it is so terrible that I dare not tell it to you." "Tell it to me." said the Nightingale. "I am not afraid." "If you want a red rose," said the Tree, "you must built it out of music by moonlight, and colour it with your own heart's blood. You must sing it to me with your breast against a thorn. All night long you must sing to me, and the thorn must pierce your heart, and your blood must flow into my veins, and become mine." "Death is a great price to pay for a red rose," cried the Nightingale, "and life is very dear to all. Yet love is better than life, and what is the heart of a bird compared to the heart of a man?" So she spread her brown wings for flight, and soared into the air. She swept over the garden like a shadow, and like a shadow she sailed into the tree. The young student was still lying on the grass where she had left him, and the tears were not yet dry in his beautiful eyes. "Be happy," cried the Nightingale, "be happy; you shall have your red rose. I will build it out of music by moonlight, and colour it with my own heart's blood. All that I ask you in return is that you will be a true lover." The student looked upon up the grass, and listened, but he could not understand what the Nightingale was saying to him, for he only knew the things that are written down in books. But the Oak tree understood, and felt sad, for he was very fond of the little Nightingale who had built her nest in his branches. "Sing me one last song," he whispered; "I shall feel lonely when you are gone." So the Nightingale sang to the Oak tree, and her voice was like water bubbling from a silver jar. And when the moon shore in the heavens the Nightingale flew to the Rose-tree, and set her breast against the thorn. All night long she sang, with her breast against the thorn, and the Moon leaned down and listened. All night long she sang, and the thorn went deeper into her breast, and her blood flowed out of her. She sang first of the birth of love in the heart of a boy and a girl. And on the topmost branch of the Rose-tree there blossomed a marvelous rose. Petal followed petal, as song followed song. It was pale at first, but the Tree cried to the Nightingale to press closer against the thorn. "Press closer, little Nightingale," cried the Tree, "or the Day will come before the rose is finished." So the Nightingale pressed closer against the thorn, and louder and louder grew her song, for she sang of the birth of passion in the soul of a man and a maid. And a delicate colour of pink came into the petals of the rose. But the thorn had not yet reached her heart, so the rose's heart remained white. And the Tree cried to the Nightingale to press closer against the thorn. "Press closer, little Nightingale," cried the Tree, "or the Day will come before the rose is finished." So the Nightingale pressed closer against the thorn, and the thorn touched her heart, and a fierce pang of pain shot through her. Bitter, bitter was the pain, and wilder and wilder grew her song, for she sang of the love that lives even after death. The marvelous rose became crimson. But the nightingale's voice grew fainter, and her little wings began to beat and her eyes became dim. Fainter and fainter grew her song. Then she gave one last burst of music. The red rose heard it, and it trembled all over with ecstasy, and opened its petal to the cold morning air. "Look, look cried the Tree, "the rose is finished now." But the Nightingale made no answer, for she was lying dead in the long grass, with the thorn in her heart. At noon the Student opened his window and looked out. "What a wonderful piece of luck !" he cried; "here is a red rose ! I have never seen any rose like it in all my life." He leaned down and plucked it. Then he put on his hat, and ran to the beautiful girl's house with the rose in his hand. "You said that you would dance with me if I brought you a red rose," the Student cried to the girl. "Here is the reddest rose in all the world. You may wear it tonight next to your heart, and as we dance together it will tell you how I love you." But the girl frowned. "I am afraid it will not go with my dress," she answered; "and besides, a rich man has brought me some jewels. Everybody knows that jewels cost far more than flowers." "Well, you are very ungrateful," said The Nightingale and the RoseFollowing is a story on ‘crush’. T h e I N S I G H T the Student angrily; and he threw the rose into the street, where it fell into the gutter, and a cart-wheel crushed it. "What a silly thing love is!" said the student as he walked away. He returned to his room and pulled out a great dusty book, and began to read. May you have the discretion reasonable enough to make you differentiate between a silly crush and true love. -Oscar Wilde 15 Seven Numbers Place a number in each circle in the figure so that: • Each number is either 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 • No two numbers are the same • The product of the three numbers in each row is equal to the product of the three numbers in any other row What number is placed in the center circle? Secret word- ARISE, HASTE, NOISE, PHONE, POINT, STAIR, STORE Guessthesecretword which: • Has exactly two letters in common with each of the words shown above. • Has no letters other than some of those in the words shown above • Has no duplicate letters. The Scorekeeper Five adults met regularly to play cards. They were a widower, his son, his son’s wife, his daughter, his daughter’s husband (one among them is scorekeeper). Each time they played cards, the chairs in which they sat were arranged this way around a table The first time they played cards • The scorekeeper was the only person who sat between a man and a woman. • Neither woman sat next to her husband. • The oldest man sat next to the empty chair Who was the scorekeeper? Puzzles to Puzzle you ! Cash prize `100 e-mail us your answers with your copy number:
  16. 16. Jai Optical CentreAll Type contact lenses available S. No. 19-20, Gurudwara 6th Pathshahi Market, KURUKSHETRA *Flat 10 % discount to NIT students on bringing this cutout. J.P. Rathor (S) 01744-293530 1. Many people fail to recognize opportunity because it comes disguised as work. 2. It is what we think we know already that often prevents us from learning. -Claude Bernard 3. What difference does it makes what your position in life is, if you dislike it yourself? -Seneca 4. Failure can bring out the inner reserve of strength in action. 5. The quickest way to acquire self-confidence is to do exactly what you are afraid to do. 6. Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily. 7. Character is much easier kept than recovered. -Thomas Paine 8. If the power to do hard work is not talent, it is the best possible substitute for it. -Ma Yogashakti 9. The most important thing in communication is hearing what is not said. -Peter F. Drucker (a) Suppli (b) Tute (c) Fest (d) Workshop (e) Pointer versus knowledge (f) NIT is not IIT (g) Sir K. B. Singh (h) UMC (i) Stage fear 16 Spot the analogy Match the two columns with the correct analogy ! *Hope people as good as you may not find it that difficult Find the solution and get the REWARD !!! Scratch your mind to frame an apt comment within 10 words describing this picture completely ! cashprizeof `100 cash prize of `100 Caption Writing The INSIGHT Family: E-mail ID: Website: Vaibhav Gaurav Raghav Keshav Sharma Bhola Sood Gopal Any type of response is most welcome. Our vision :To redirect and reinforce the dormant student society technically, socially and spiritually. Contact no: 7206409240 E-mail us your response with your copy number