33 quotes OAP Presentation


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Venture Lab 2012: 33Quotes.com OAP presentation. All other reports have been filed. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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33 quotes OAP Presentation

  1. 1. Idea to Opportunity (OAP Assignment)
  2. 2. Agenda● The Team● The Product● Who is going to use 33Quotes?● Survey & Interview Analysis● Market Analysis● Competitive Analysis● How we perceive 33Quotes?● Product Key Features● Revenue Channels● Key Partnerships● Communication Plan● Social Media Buzz● Launch page user flow● Our Mentors
  3. 3. The Team
  4. 4. The ProductOur product is about being unique; to be able to expressyour beliefs, thoughts, to be able to explore, and createphrases and quotes which inspires you and share it in abeautiful way through emergent typography and posterdesign.
  5. 5. Who is going to use 33Quotes.com? age: 18-55 education: college+bachelor income: 50.000$-90.000$ passion: interested in fashion, collection, music, art, literature, memorabilia, style geographic spread: US UK AUKey Insights: Inner need to Communicate insightfulness and design tastes.Create & Share stylish design of inspirational words and phrases.50% of Surveyed share quotes on Pinterest.Sources: Google Ad Planner, Google Insights for Search, Survey
  6. 6. Claire shares images, quotes, art, brands to self defineherself, social for her is online and offline. Likes: ●Tools that make presenting performance related metrics to higher management ●Collect, Share Images, Brands, Quotes sharing on presentations and with friends ●Philosophy, Design, Inspiration, Art ●Literature, Books, Gym Frustrations: ●Presentation of materials, quickly craft a story from data ●Lack of Time vs. Multitasking needAbout ●Lack of designer skills● San Francisco● Age: 31 Computer Interest and Knowledge:● Gender: Female ●Web – high● Married with a 1 year old ●Social – low-medium● Analyst working part-time in ●Mobile – basic (maps, google search, facebook/google+) a large architecture firm
  7. 7. Survey & Interviews Analysis Opportunity Analysis Growth Rate 30 % of quote collectors on Pinterest are # of daily users on Pinterest has dissatisfied increased by 85 % /month: our -by aesthetics of their pins potential market is expanding at -by depth of their collection the rate of 25 %/ month (conservative)Other Insights Uncovered -quote creation and collection continues to be arduous despite tech advancements -5-10 % people maintain notebooks of quotes and try to memorize them. and they need a easy and fast way to do thisConclusionPlatform/site and PC-Mobile app as content provider,images and text as relevant need for target audience.
  8. 8. Market AnalysisMarketSocial Media Industry - Entertainment, Gaming and Apps Segment, Collectionand sharing sub-segmentOnline Collection and sharing at 85% YoY growthProductPlatform/site and PC-Mobile app as content provider, images and text.Market Size and Revenue Model First Est.Pinterest 35M users worldwideForecast 15% of Pinterest users in the first year > 5M users worldwide10M Site Monthly visits, 150K$ (est.) Monthly Earnings from AdSense in a 3Year Plan after consolidation of monthly visits.
  9. 9. Competitive AnalysisWider Competitioncartoon strips, pictures, content - video, audio and blogs.Direct Competitionquote design sites and apps on Pinterest, Google+,FB, Instagram, quotesarchives of text, images archives.Main Competitorspinterest.com (collections of quotes, could also be a possible customer for us) ||quickstepdesign.com (design your own) || 99Designs.com (request for greatdesigns) || 55His.com (allows to print your quotes) || aktritka.com (russian siteon quote designs) || famousquotesabout.com (site with quotes and images: baduser interface) || brainyquote.com (plain simple quote archive: huge collectionbut not friendly)
  10. 10. How we perceive 33Quotes?Brand PersonalityCool, inspiring, fresh, simple, stylish, individual, calm, wise, sociable, voyage,discovery.Build up the brand with the above attributesBrand Naming33 - originality, dynamism, circle of life, bridge between past and future, easy toremember, repetition, and digitquotes - core business model related word, top of mind awareness potentialTagline/ClaimFeeling Inspired
  11. 11. Product Key Features● genetic algorithms based● smart and unique design approach: explore, remix and foster variety instead of mundane templates guided by your own taste● low skill barrier to create well designed quote● nurture a community of design breeders; share, mix and improve designs together● optimized for sharing on the web on PC and mobile/tablets● printing / shipping● trends analytics of emerging themes in quotes
  12. 12. Revenue ChannelsKey Revenue Channel at Launch:Advertising - Affiliate Partnership and AdSense (150M$ Target Forecast Est)-Advertising Model AdSense, other Ad Networks.Other Revenue Channels:Printing - Commission (Print and Shipment Services)Premium Service - B2B connection-Managed Feed for Quotations with Greetings Card companies.-Premium subscriptions, with trends and cool hunting service, data analysis and visualization.Lead Generation (Revenue from Reselling of Leads)Sponsorships/ Partnerships, Co-MKTG-Partnerships/Sponsorships e-commerce and gifts sites.-Charities Partnerships (Ex. Unicef Gift Cards), donations.
  13. 13. Key PartnershipsServer firms for hostingDisqus for commentingPrinting services partnership (Affiliate)Google Adsense PartnerYou Tube PartnerGift card services (Moo, Vistaprint, other)e-commerce sites for gift messages
  14. 14. Communication Plan ● Define the communication strategy, plan and key messagesbefore for social media, tweeting and other (next slide)launch ● Test Google Adwords campaign usage and key actions to drive traffic to launch page ● Communication Pre-launch Teasers ● YouTube Channel videos, viral.launch ● Blogging, Social. ● Launch meetup event ● Facebook and Google+ Groups, Business Page. ● Add and refine social media sharing and pluginspost ● SEO enabled web page for future promotions - custom URL forlaunch most visited quotations etc. ● AdWords Google ads campaign consolidation, test of Facebook ads campaign ● Events, Viral OOO
  15. 15. Social Media BuzzFacebook: Public Group in FacebookGoogle+: Business Page in Google+YouTube Channel: Create videos of how to use the service and post onYoutube. Post videos created from a slide of quotations.Twitter: Publish a daily feed of Quotes to Twitter (create a #tag and @tag)Pinterest: Allow pins from PinterestInstagram: Post quote pictures via Instagram accountSlideshare: Publish slide decks as teasers of beautiful looking quotations(You can find us by searching for 33Quotes in these websites)
  16. 16. Launch page user flow
  17. 17. Launch Page (first draft)
  18. 18. Our Mentors Parker Thomas - Design Thinker, Prior experience in gift card biz John Shapiro - Adobe Product dude
  19. 19. Thank You :)Lets Talk Moreemail: info@33Quotes.comtwitter: @33Qsfacebook: fb.com/33Quotesgoogle+: goo.gl/0MnPZpinterest: pinterest.com/33quotes