Hindustan Unilever Limited


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My first-ever presentation on any company during my MBA

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Hindustan Unilever Limited

  1. 1. A Presentation on HindustanA Presentation on Hindustan Unilever LimitedUnilever Limited Submitted by:-Submitted by:- Anup ChakrabortyAnup Chakraborty MBA IInd SemMBA IInd Sem
  2. 2. ProfileProfile •Set up in 1956 by merger of “Uniliver” And “Margarine Unie” •Market leader in products like,Tea, soap, detergent, skin/hair care products and Dental Care products. •Has more than 110 brands •Has over 36000 employees and provided indirect employment to about 2lakh people. •Has more than 100 factories and most of them are located in rural and backward areas. •largest exporter of high quality packed Tea
  3. 3. HistoryHistory •Formed by merger of Lever brothers of England and Margarine Unie in 1956. •Initial source of revenue were Soap and vanaspati •Introduced Lux Soap (1961), Anik Ghee(1960), Sunsilk (1964), Rin (1969), Clinic Plus (1971), Liril (1974), Close up (1975) •Set up small scale factories in rural areas in 70’s and also set up factories in Haldia, Tologa and Jammu •Formed a 50:50 Joint venture with US based Kimberly Clark in 1990. •And also formed a joint venture with Lever Johnson, US based S.C Johnson &co.
  4. 4. MarketingMarketing HLL Chairman “Mr. Koki Dadiseth” outlined the campaign Marketing philosophy “the bigger mistake any one can make is to focus on the competitor,you focus on the consumer and you will get it right , in this company we do not believe in price cutting, we believe in believe in giving the consumer right products”
  5. 5. Mergers and AcquisitionsMergers and Acquisitions •Soap and Detergents manufacturers TOMCO(1993) •Beverage maker Brooke Bond Lipton(1996) •Ice-cream brand Quality and Dollops(1995) •Kothari General Food and Kissan(1996) •Lakme (1996) •Personal product company (1998)
  6. 6. MilestoneMilestone •1888- lever soap “Sunlight” was introduced in India through Imports •1918- vanaspati was launched through imports •1930 Uniliver registered Hindustan vanaspati manufacturing in India •1935-United traders limited was incorporated in India to market personnel products. •1956- Hindustan lever limited was formed by the merger of , Uniliver, United traders limited,and Hindustan Vanaspati manufacturing company. •1958- Hindustan lever research center started functioning.
  7. 7. •1979- A chemical complex was commissioned at Haldia, West Bengal. •1993-HLL's largest competitor Tata Oils and Mills company was merged with HLL. •1994- HLL and US based Kimberly Clark Corporation formed 50:50 Joint venture Kimberly Clark lever limited. •1995- Joint Venture with “Lakme” •1996- Merged with Brooke Bond Lipton India limited. •1998- Ponds India LTD. merged with HLL, it also acquired manufacturing rights of Kwality Ice- Cream
  8. 8. Research and DevelopmentResearch and Development •Hindustan lever Research center has been set up in 1958 at Whitefield near Bangalore. •HLRC collaborated with various scientific and academic institutions like Indian Institute of Science .Bangalore, Center of Cellular And Molecular Biology.Hyderabad, All India Institute of Medical Sciences.Delhi and IIT •HLRC enabled use of Unconventional oils like Neem, Karanja, Castor and Rice Bran as a substitute for importer of fatty oils in soap making
  9. 9. Human ResourceHuman Resource •HLL centered for managerial talents from top business schools and engineering colleges •1998-launched a new HRD concept “workers empowerment”. Which meant that the workers were themselves responsible the output and the quality of the products •Major area concern for HLL was Labour relation
  10. 10. ExportsExports •HLL stated its exports Division in the 1970’s to cater the global market •Exported Beverages, Soaps, Detergents, Personal products, Leather products, digital Thermometers and Chemicals. •HLL’s Fair And Lovely was marked in 20 Countries •HL was also the largest exporter of high quality packed Tea from India
  11. 11. AwardsAwards HLL received a prestigious Government of India National award in the Chemical and Allied Industries Category for its outstanding research achievements in Bicepolymers and Nickel Catalysts