Measuring Application Performance


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Measuring Application Performance

  1. 1. The whys and whereforesof measuring applicationperformanceA presentation by Anunta Tech on whatyou might be doing wrong and how toremedy it
  2. 2. Index• Why measure application performance to begin with?• But why measure it from an end-user perspective?• How it ought to be done• About Anunta
  3. 3. Why measure applicationperformance to beginwith?
  4. 4. Because…• Seen as a software product that resides on your network, monitors the various applications an enterprise runs and creates impressive dashboards to tell you that everything is working well.  BUT: End-users are still complaining even when the doctor says they’re doing fine• An application is an end-user productivity tool  BUT: Rarely is its performance monitored or controlled at the end-point.  BUT: Enterprises have little or no way to monitor the application behavior at end-points except analyzing basic activity at network traffic level.  BUT: Application performance is more often than not monitored at the overall enterprise level and in silos.
  5. 5. Therefore…No linkage between application performance and itsimpact on business… … in a time when CEOs want technology projects that drive cash generation! (Source: Gartner)…… and are asking how they can get the full potentialfrom discretionary spending (Source: Bain).
  6. 6. The unfortunate outcomeTHE TIMES OF INDIA Manthan K Mehta, TNN | Mar 27, 2011, 01.47am ISTApplication switch puts 2.5 MillionLIC Policy holders in a fix MUMBAI: Over 25 lakh LIC Branch officials said customers and Lalit Todi, an LIC customer who had policy holders and their agents agents are furious. "We have to face applied for loan, said, "I have been are unable to carry out the flak," they said. A Malad-based LIC told that the cheque is ready, but is transactions for the past couple agent said, "Officials at many of these not being issued as validation of the of weeks because of a new branches are unable to process claims voucher cannot processed due to software installed in the firms or receive premium towards the software problems. In fact, the branches in the western renewal of policy. Most of the branches cheque that is issued in my name suburbs. are not able to approve the loans bears the date March 19. against the policy because of fault LIC tied up with software giant related to software.“ Wipro to introduce E-FEAP, a Even maturity claims are not being new software to improve Another agent said, "My client has processed. Nitin Shah (name efficiency of the organization. It given a cheque of Rs 1 lakh to avail tax changed) said, "My policy is was installed in mid-March in benefit on March 15. However, his maturing on March 28 and the Mumbai Division Office (MDO) papers for issuance of policy remain relevant papers were submitted on III that includes all the 19 unprocessed due to software January 11. Branch officials told me branches between Bandra and complications." to come in April as they were unable Dahisar on an experimental to give me specific date because of basis. glitches in the software.“
  7. 7. But why measure it froman end user perspective?
  8. 8. Because…• Provide a perfectly functioning application to an end-user and you never hear of it. Provide them with anything less and you never hear the end of it.  What this means: One unsatisfied employee is all it takes to spread discontent.• And one unsatisfied customer can send more business away from your company than ten satisfied ones.  What this means: You lose revenues and experience brand erosion• Organizations spend millions in IT dollars, the major chunk of which is spent on business-critical applications  What this means: ROI is imperative and application downtime is not an option
  9. 9. Also… business impact of poor application delivery Declined employee satisfaction 58% Lost revenue opportunities 50%Decreased responsiveness to needs 47% of external customers Damage to brand reputation 32%Decreased effectiveness of IT staff 31%Source: A 2008 study by Aberdeen Group involving 200 Enterprises across 18 industriesacross North America, Europe, Asia Pacific & Rest Of World
  10. 10. Anunta TakeAnunta’s studies indicate that at any given point as much as 33% of revenue/hour could be lost due to application downtime or application brownouts in a service factory environment.
  11. 11. But what’s causing it all? A silo-based approach to measuring application performance of course! Layer Checks run VerdictDesktop/ end • Cursory checkpoint • Enhance RAM, processor, HDDLAN • Diagnostics on switches and routers • Traffic analysis • Hardware errorsServer • Hardware checks: power, cooling and efficiency • Standard process utilization, Pagefile, Memory, Space, known event errors verifiedApplication • Check application latencysoftware • Check installation on databasesEnd-user • Everything’s working fine – your application is A-OK!
  12. 12. Anunta Take In the application performance scheme ofthings, one message has become painfully clear to the experts at Anunta Tech – enterprises are satisfied with monitoring individual layers and moving the needle to an integrated approach that delivers to the end-user requires a mental shift that even CIOs and CTOs are finding difficult to make.
  13. 13. Measurement imperativesApply a business logic across all components in an ITstack… …with a single point of control for the layer in which the applications are presented to the end-users.
  14. 14. How it ought to bedone
  15. 15. Anunta Take There are two parts to setting a business or end-user context for the measurement of application performance. The first is the methodology behind the management of performance and the second part is the measurement itself.
  16. 16. The secret sauce… end user aligned SLAs!• Find the end-user SLA counterpart for every technical SLA:  A link latency SLA from the ISP should be translated to the application behavior SLA in the end-user terminal. Study how the application performance changes when the latency fluctuates and how it can create business impact• Enforcing end-user SLAs:  There must be a way to isolate an issue and fix accountability with the service provider who has most control over that metric• Set up a system that is pro-active:  That is how SLA defaults can be identified before they occur
  17. 17. And a key ingredient… strategic virtualization ofcourse!• Virtualize to standardize: Create a uniform hardware independent environment and infuse a higher level of predictability into monitoring application performance.• Virtualize for freedom: Shift the control and responsibility for monitoring from the end-user and system admin to a centralised NOC.• Virtualize for agility: What managing “Golden Copies” means from an application performance measurement standpoint is a leaner methodology and quicker identification of issues.• Virtualize to optimize: Manage capacities and not servers, stay always on and have access to infrastructure on demand
  18. 18. Make for the ultimate business case Optimal application delivery from an operational and cost standpoint Easy ramp ups and ramp downs thus becoming a catalyst to business by crunching the time toVirtualization market + end user = Combination of process and technology can affect changes in as short as 30-40 minutes directly impacting business and brand recall Instant access to cutting edge technologies thataligned SLAs facilitate a superior customer experience Operational cost can be brought down by 30-35% by reducing the cost of application downtime 80% savings on power utilization Improves Net Profit Margins (EBT) by 150 basis points
  19. 19. And your partner of choice…Virtualization + end useraligned SLAs = Managed Application Delivery As a Service
  20. 20. About Anunta
  21. 21. Who we are and what we doAnunta Tech provides end-to-end management of your application deliveryinfrastructure through a combination of cloud technologies with guaranteedSLAs on application performance from end-user perspective.We deliver unique, elevated end user experience. The result? Enhancedemployee productivity, revenue generation and brand reputation - all topconcerns for the new age CIO who is looking to align more closely with businessgoals.We achieve our results through a combination of – Consulting, RemoteInfrastructure Management, Remote Monitoring and a Multichannel ServiceDesk. Our engagement models provide enterprises with multiple optionsincluding , capex-light, asset light and pay per use so CIOs get a fixed cost of perend point per month. This combined with our pioneering experience in desktopvirtualization allow companies is able to leave its application uptime andperformance to us while focusing their energies on serving the end customer.
  22. 22. Our lineageAnunta Tech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Firstsource Solutions( by Sanjiv Dalal, our team has impressive cumulative experience of designingand managing the application delivery architecture for the service factories ofFortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies. We also currently manage over 16,000end points across US, UK, Philippines, India
  23. 23. Contact us Vrinda Walavalkar (Sr. Vice President - Marketing, India) Manvinder Sandhu (Vice President - Sales, India) Richard Marsden (Vice President – Sales, Europe) INDIA - 91-22-6703-5783 UK - 44-(0)-7557-973463
  24. 24. THANK