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Colostomy irrigationppt

  1. 1. Definition An introduction of a solution (tepid water)through the stoma to irrigate the bowel
  2. 2. Purpose  For cleanliness and control of odor  Empty fecal contents  Prevents accidental emptying of bowel
  3. 3. Assessment  Inspect the stoma for color and texture  Inspect the condition of the peristomal skin  Determine the direction of the intestine by digitalization of the stoma  Measure the dimension of the stoma prior to obtaining an ostomy appliance system from central supply
  4. 4. Equipment Colostomy irrigation kit Gauze4X4 or stoma cover Tape if gauze is used Clean gloves Ostomy odor eliminator Bedpan ,toilet or basin Mackintosh &towel Lubricant for cone
  5. 5. Planning Explain the procedure to the patient  Wash hands  Apply clean gloves  Assemble irrigation Kit :  Attach cone or catheter to the irrigation bag tubing
  6. 6. Implementation  Fill irrigation bag with 1000 cc tepid tap water  Open clamp and let water from the irrigation bag fill the tubing  Hang bottom of the irrigation bag at height of clients shoulder or 18 inches above the stoma if the client is supine  Check direction of intestine by inserting a gloved finger into orifice of stoma
  7. 7. Implementation  Place irrigation sleeve over stoma and hold in place with belt  Spray inside of irrigation sleeve and bathroom with odor eliminator  Cuff end of irrigation sleeves and place into toilet bowl or bedpan  Lubricate the cone end of the irrigation tubing and insert into orifice of stoma through the top opening of the irrigation sleeve
  8. 8. Implementation  Close top of irrigation sleeve over the tubing  Slowly run water through tubing into colon  Remove the cone after all water has emptied out of irrigation bag  Close end of irrigation sleeve by attaching it to the top of the sleeve  Encourage client to ambulate to facilitate emptying of remaining stool from colon
  9. 9. Implementation  Remove irrigation sleeve after 20-30minutes or when stool is no longer emptying from the colon  Clean stoma and skin with warm tapwater, pat dry  Place gauze pad over stoma to absorb mucus from stoma  Secure gauze with hypoallergenic tape  Remove gloves and wash hands
  10. 10. Evaluation  Client experiences a bowel movement after irrigation of colon  Client or caregiver demonstrate skill in performing irrigation  Peristomal skin intact  Clent express positive feelings about self  Maintain fluid balance
  11. 11. Documentation  Document assessment of peristomal skin  Document stoma measurements(length,width, height)  Document amount of water used for irrigation  Document amount of stool flushed from colon  Document peristomal skin care if any alteration of skin integrity  Document type of dressing or ostomy pouch applied after irrigation.