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Seos, Sustainable Design and Research, company presentation.

Seos, Sustainable Design and Research, company presentation.

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  • 1. SEOS – Sustainably ExtraOrdinary Solutions Established in October 2007, Seos is the first sustainable design and research company in Finland.
  • 2. SERVICES – sustainable design, research and training Seos helps companies to 1) develop products and services that are sustainable, desirable and innovative and 2) make better R&D decisions.
  • 3. BENEFITS- better products, faster & cheaper Our research helps our clients to make important R&D decisions faster and more accurately. Our designs have lower lifecycle costs, use less materials and energy, and meet the user needs more accurately.
  • 4. TEAM – multiple viewpoints, multiple benefits The five partners that make up Seos represent design, technology and business skills from a wide field of experience and education.
  • 5. HOME – a laboratory of future product development Our office is at future Aalto University’s Design Factory, where we work with product development professionals, researchers and students to further the art of innovation.
  • 6. NETWORK – pioneering R&D professionals worldwide Seos’s founders have worked in 8 countries across the world in nearly 100 product development projects during last 15 years creating a solid professional network at our clients disposal.
  • 7. NOKIA – communicating enviromental friendliness RESEARCH PROJECT - By combining consumer research methods and interdisciplinary concept design we went to find out whether environmental friendliness could be communicated by the design style and appearance of products.
  • 8. COMPTEL – standing out through sustainable solutions DESIGN PROJECT- Our design achieved ca. 20 % material savings while delivering an attractive solution. In addition, using local suppliers cut over 4000 km in transportation. In short, we saved 40 % of CO2 emissions and considerable costs.
  • 9. IDBMPRO – teaching the latest tools in sustainable NPD TRAINING - In October 2008 we held a a two day workshop to teach Finnish product development specialists sustainability tools and methodologies.
  • 10. CONTACT US – find out what we could do for you S.E.O.S Design Oy c/o Design Factory Betonimiehenkuja 5 FI-02150 Espoo Finland contact@seos.fi or www.seos.fi