Accessing royal society of chemistry resources and making chemistry mobile

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The ongoing drive towards mobile devices is now simply one of generic ubiquity. It is less an issue of whether a scientist has a mobile device but rather what brand, what generation and what apps do …

The ongoing drive towards mobile devices is now simply one of generic ubiquity. It is less an issue of whether a scientist has a mobile device but rather what brand, what generation and what apps do they have installed. Chemistry has fast been moving to mobile devices for a number of years now and today is it possible to draw chemical compounds, perform searches of databases both on device and in the cloud. Modeling of data using server based platforms is increasing in scope and capabilities. The Royal Society of Chemistry was early in recognizing the potential power of mobile platforms in terms to allowing scientists to access data and the benefits of such devices to allowing students access to data and content. This presentation will provide an overview of our efforts to date in supporting chemistry technologies on mobile devices and our recent developments in this domain.

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  • Here we are using the alt’meter in the device to let the user tilt the device and bring the trolley back and forth
  • Places of Chemistry is the one that could probably link most closely to a tour book – but instead it utilises the geo positioning to work out where you are. Apps like this typicall allow you to update in real time.
  • It’s not working perfectly yet – so still in the R&D stages


  • 1. Accessing Royal Society of Chemistry resources and making chemistry mobile Antony Williams, Alexey Pshenichnov and Valery Tkachenko ACS Dallas March 2014
  • 2. Our Mobile Timeline • 2010 Chemistry World v1 • 2010 Publishing Platform & ChemSpider mobile sites • 2011 RSCMobile, ChemSpider and Chemistry World v2 mobile apps • 2012-2013 Experiments • 2014 What’s coming?
  • 3. Mobile Optimised Sites vs Apps
  • 4. ChemSpider
  • 5. ChemSpider
  • 6. ChemSpider SyntheticPages
  • 7. Chemistry World App
  • 8. RSC Mobile
  • 9. Sponsoring Apps
  • 10. ChemSpider Mobile
  • 11. Structure Editor Built-in
  • 12. Structure Drawing
  • 13. Mobile Android • Released 2012 for Android. • Similar feature set to iOS version
  • 14. Green Solvents • Released 2011 for iOS. Sponsored by RSC. • Reponse to ACS GCI report on greenness of solvents... • identified by Sean Ekins • available only as PDF • behind a login • listed by name only • Free app, structure-centric
  • 15. Lab Solvents • Released 2012 for Android. Sponsored by RSC. • Similar content to Green Solvents
  • 16. Open Drug Discovery Teams • Released 2012 for iOS. • Scientific newsreader for rare & neglected diseases and precompetitive topics • Source material: Twitter & RSS • Crowd-curation paradigm • Micropublication capability
  • 17. Open Drug Discovery Teams • Chemistry aware • Users can • emit data • acquire data • Long term plan is to accumulate open drug data
  • 18. Why is Open Source Drug data of interest to RSC?
  • 19. Experiments in Mobile
  • 20. Places of Chemistry
  • 21. Not all experiments succeed
  • 22. ChemGoggles
  • 23. ChemGoggles
  • 24. NPU Alerts
  • 25. Coming Soon… • Iterating functionality and capabilities of ChemSpider Mobile – watch this space • Books vs Apps – Handbook of Medicinal Chemistry • Reactions and Analytical Data
  • 26. Revamped ChemSpider Mobile
  • 27. Revamped ChemSpider Mobile
  • 28. …and iPad Screen Layout
  • 29. Handbook of Medicinal Chemistry
  • 30. Handbook of Medicinal Chemistry
  • 31. Handbook of Medicinal Chemistry
  • 32. ChemSpider Reactions
  • 33. Spectral Display in the hand
  • 34. Javascript viewer NMR, MS, IR
  • 35. Constant Review Responsive / Progressive New Devices Apps / Discoverability eBook Readers HTML5 / ePub3 Customer needs and capabilities have to come ahead of technologies
  • 36. Challenges • Authentication • New Devices / Number of Devices devices • Testing on devices (availability) • Supporting Devices / Staff training • App Store approval • On going future maintenance - more technologies than just a hosted website
  • 37. Conclusion • RSC’s commitment to a mobile strategy is obvious and includes: • Access to Journal Content • Access to Database Content • Structure/substructure searching across all content • Continue to experiment
  • 38. Sourcing information about Scientific Apps • SciMobileApps Wiki: • Add your own apps or one you discovered • Open content and community-driven
  • 39. Acknowledgments • Alex Clark – ChemSpider Mobile, Green Solvents, Open Drug Discovery team, Lab Solvents • Sean Ekins – SciMobileApps wiki • Bob Hanson and Bob Lancashire • Will Russell and Richard Kidd
  • 40. Thank you Email: ORCID: 0000-0002-2668-4821 Twitter: @ChemConnector Personal Blog: SLIDES: