Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. Media Evaluation Question 2 Antony Pettersen
  2. 2. How does your media productrepresent particular social groups?
  3. 3. What is representation in media?As defined from http://www.mediaknowall.com/as_alevel/alevkeyconcepts/alevelkeycon.php?pageID=representrepresentation in media is:“By definition, all media texts are re-presentations of reality. This means that they areintentionally composed, lit, written, framed, cropped, captioned, branded, targetedand censored by their producers, and that they are entirely artificial versions of thereality we perceive around us. When studying the media it is vital to remember this -every media form, from a home video to a glossy magazine, is a representation ofsomeones concept of existence, codified into a series of signs and symbols which canbe read by an audience. However, it is important to note that without the media, ourperception of reality would be very limited, and that we, as an audience, need theseartificial texts to mediate our view of the world, in other words we need the media tomake sense of reality. Therefore representation is a fluid, two-way process: producersposition a text somewhere in relation to reality and audiences assess a text on itsrelationship to reality. “
  4. 4. What is representation in media?This is http://www.medienabc.org/page5/page19/page19.html view onrepresentation:“The media constructs views of the real world for us to read and interpret. These views havingbeen mediated provide filtered and partial meanings. However we mostly ignore this selectionand often fail to question the language and images that are used. Like wallpaper they are justthere; as Athusser suggested ideologies happen behind our backs. In order for our students tobegin to see behind their backs we need to show them how such meanings are constructed toappear natural.The issue of realism therefore is linked to representation. Do we accept the producers views ofreality? Can audiences read in differentiated ways to judge realism? Can discourses aroundrepresentations change? Representations of others can have a fundamental effect not only onpersonal behaviour but also on political and global events. Terrorism and immigration continue tobe huge issues.The success of media texts depends upon their apparent naturalness; we turn off a productionthat looks “fake.” But the truth is, it’s all fake – even the news! That doesn’t mean we can’t stillenjoy a movie, watch TV or listen to music. The goal of this question is not to make us cynical butsimply to expose the complexities of media’s “constructedness” and thus create the criticaldistance we need to be able to ask other important questions.2003 Center for Media Literacy / www.medialit.org Literacy for the 21stCentury/ Orientation &Overview”
  5. 5. SummaryIn summary of this:All media is in a way orchestrated to show the views of certain high powerindividuals.Media products are “fake” but rely on their element of realismMedia products work two ways with the content being dictated by producerswhilst the reader assesses the work in relationship to realityThis all equates to the fact that representation is important in media because:1. It helps us create a perceived view of the world and gives us a wide varietyof knowledge.2. Media controls how we view the world through point 1
  6. 6. How have you represented Gender?In my music magazine through the use of images I have onlyused male models. This can be seen as confirmative orchallenging depending on how you wish to construct opinionbecause some magazine feature heavily or exclusive onegender of model whilst others have a mix or use mixed gendermodels. All male is a deliberate choice for this first issue.The representation of the male gender in my magazine ispositive due to the photos not being intimidating and having aslight use of humour. Also they look very accessible due tothem looking normal meaning the average reader can relateto them. This suggests the content is all about the music notabout the person behind it.
  7. 7. How have you represented Age?Due to this magazine being targeted at young to-middle aged audience meaning that there is quite alarge age ranged. Also the magazines house styleand name of “vinyl” implies its older targetaudience due to the use of old technology.Although the pictures are of young adults there is asense of maturity around the magazine helping thegearing towards a middle aged audience.
  8. 8. Deliberate exclusion of certain groupsI have deliberate excluded females from the first issue ofmy magazine due to the style of music I want to featurebeing prominently dominated by males. Also due to mymagazine being prominently about music I feel the targetaudience will appreciate.Despite the exclusion of female there hasn’t been anyexclusion of different subcultures from the target musicgenre of the magazine due to the magazine being allabout the music and not about style of image.