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Oracle Apex Tutorial

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Application express

  1. 1. Oracle APEX A . Antony Alex MCA Dr G R D College of Science – CBE Tamil Nadu - India The Power to Serve.
  3. 3. ORACLE CLIENT ORACLE LISTENER CONNECTING ORACLE CLIENT & ORACLE SERVER The Power to Serve. ORACLE SERVER CONNECTING ORACLE CLIENT & ORACLE SERVER o Requires Client Installation o Configuration of Listener o Requires More Resources
  4. 4. Rapid Application Development o Quick Development of Software Applications o Visual Tools for Development o Very Little Custom Coding/Programming o Easier to Manage Code and Functionality The Power to Serve. o Faster Testing and Debugging o Simpler Collaboration among multiple skill sets o Shorter Timelines Lower Budgets o Greater Flexibility with changing/adding requirements
  5. 5. Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX)(Oracle APEX) The Power to Serve.
  6. 6. Oracle APEX - History HTML DB 1.5 [2004] •First Release HTML DB 2.0 [2005] •SQL Workshop Application Express 2.2 [2006] •Packaged Applications Application Express 3.1 [2008] •Interactive Reports Application Express 4.0 [2010] •Websheets, Dynamic Actions, Plug- Ins, Team Development The Power to Serve. HTML DB 1.6 [2004] •Themes Application Express 2.1 [2006] •Oracle XE Application Express 3.0 [2007] •Flash Charts, PDF Printing, Access Migration Application Express 3.2 [2009] •Oracle Forms Conversion Application Express 4.1 [2011] •Data Upload, Error Handling, ROWID
  7. 7. Overview • Database centric Rapid Application Development (RAD) • No cost feature of the Oracle Database – All Editions • 100% Browser-Based and Declarative • Use SQL Workshop to create and manage DB objects• Use SQL Workshop to create and manage DB objects • Use Application Builder to create Web 2.0 Applications • Leverage SQL skills to build reports, charts and forms • Popular; extremely active OTN forum, high adoption The Power to Serve.
  8. 8. Architecture The Power to Serve. • Simple 2-Tier Architecture • Pages dynamically rendered using Meta data • No code generation or file based compilation • Runs everywhere Oracle Database runs
  9. 9. The Power to Serve.
  10. 10. The Power to Serve.
  11. 11. Workspace • Oracle Application Express enables a single database to host large numbers of users. • Users work in a dedicated work area called a workspace. • A workspace is a virtual private database that enables multiple users to work within the same Oracle • A workspace is a virtual private database that enables multiple users to work within the same Oracle Application Express installation while keeping their objects, data and applications private. • Flexible architecture enables a single database instance to manage thousands of applications. • It turns a single database into a hosted service, making it an ideal platform for consolidation of smaller data stores. The Power to Serve.
  12. 12. The Power to Serve.
  13. 13. Private Cloud Development Service • Allows IT Departments to provide DB as a Service • One Oracle instance supports 100’s of “Workspaces” • Workspaces provide access to one or more DB Schemas • Multi-tenant provisioning supports consolidation • Fully Automated Self-service Provisioning • Database and Application Development The Power to Serve. • Database and Application Development
  14. 14. Building Applications in Oracle APEX The Power to Serve. in Oracle APEX
  15. 15. The Power to Serve. • Oracle application development home page • Click Application Builder to develop applications • Click SQL Workshop to develop database
  16. 16. Full SQL Capabilities using APEX SQL Workshop Browse Database Objects Run SQL or SQL Scripts The Power to Serve.
  17. 17. Building Applications in Oracle APEX Creating an application 1. Initiate Create App Wizard The Power to Serve.
  18. 18. 2. Add Pages The Power to Serve.
  19. 19. 3. Confirm and Create The Power to Serve.
  20. 20. 4. Run Applications The Power to Serve.
  21. 21. Click to edit page component The Power to Serve.
  22. 22. Edit component The Power to Serve.
  23. 23. Run page to view changes The Power to Serve.
  24. 24. Export Application The Power to Serve. Export generates a SQL Script
  25. 25. Team Development & Administration The Power to Serve.
  26. 26. Benefits & Features The Power to Serve.
  27. 27. No Cost Feature of In Browser DevelopmentRAD The Power to Serve. Declarative Web 2.0 Self ServiceLeverage SQL Skills SELECT * FROM EMP
  28. 28. Data-driven Applications Develop opportunistic and departmental productivity applications Oracle Forms Modernization Leverage SQL & PL/SQL declarative programming skills to move Forms applications to HTML / Web 2.0 The Power to Serve. Online Reporting Build SQL-based reporting applications on existing database schemas Access Replacement Consolidate outgrown Access applications to the Oracle database with an APEX Web front end Spreadsheet Web-ification Convert spreadsheets to Web applications where they can be concurrently viewed and edited
  29. 29. Reports Forms Charts Validations Processes Computations Translation Services Conditional Processing Authentication The Power to Serve. Calendar Templates Navigation Branches Web Services Email Services Authorization Session State Management Logging & Monitoring
  30. 30. Development / Deployment Options The Power to Serve.
  31. 31. •Locally • Install on Stand-alone machine •Multi-tenant Private Cloud • Workspaces for each department • Self-service provisioning model The Power to Serve. • Self-service provisioning model •Public Cloud • Hosting partners • Amazon EC2
  32. 32. External Links The Power to Serve. External Links
  33. 33. Oracle Technology Network (OTN) The Power to Serve.
  34. 34. Hosted “Development” Service The Power to Serve.
  35. 35. Enhanced themes and HTML templates to enable developers to declaratively create mobile applications and/or mobile pages. Incorporate HTML 5 charting capabilities. Declarative specification of REST ful Web services mapped to SQL Future The Power to Serve. Declarative specification of REST ful Web services mapped to SQL and PL/SQL. Modal Dialogues Multiple Tabular Forms on one page Master-Detail-Detail support Multiple Interactive Reports on one page
  36. 36. The Power to Serve.
  37. 37. THANK UU The Power to Serve.
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