Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

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A 13-Slide Presentation about Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and his life. …

A 13-Slide Presentation about Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and his life.

Cooperating with Mrs. Sofia Oikonomidi.

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  • 1. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Antonios Gkekas
  • 2. Vladimir PutinName тинBirthday 7th of October 1952Birthday Place Saint PetersburgStudies Law School & Master in EconomicsReligion Russian OrthodoxParty United RussiaMaterial Arts Judo, Sampo
  • 3. Vladimir Putin• Stabilized the Russian economy and restored Russias national pride.• Official Website : http://eng.kremlin.ru/• Signature
  • 4. Family• Married with Lyudmila Shkrebneva• Two daughters• Female black Labrador “Koni”
  • 5. Popularity• Putinka vodka• PuTin brand of canned food• the Gorbusha Putina caviar and a collection of T-shirts with his image• Movie – “A Kiss not for Press” : biography of his life• Songs – Такого, как Путин – "[I Want] A Man Like Putin" by Singing Together[ – Гороскоп (Путин, не ссы!) – "Horoscope (Putin, Dont Piss!)" by Uma2rman
  • 6. Popularity
  • 7. Titles• Person of the year, 2007 Times magazine• Person of the year, 2007 Expert magazine• Vladimir Putin peak in Tian Shan mountains, 2011 Kyrgyzstan parliament• Honorary doctorate, 2011 University of Belgrade
  • 8. Russia’s economy under Vladimir PutinAchievements Failures • A high inflation.• A rapid economic growth. • A commodities-based economy• Russia has become an energy superpower. • High dependence on food imports.• An efficient management of oil revenues. • A growing gap between rich and poor.• A growth of industrial production. • People have not learned to invest in the• A growth of incomes. stock market
  • 9. Russias domestic policy under Vladimir PutinAchievements Failures• Consolidation of state institutions and • Rampant corruption. formation of the common legal space. • Dependent and non-transparent legal proceedings.• Social orientation in domestic policy • Mounting xenophobic and nationalistic• Improvement in the demographic attitudes. situation. • Massive political apathy.• Stabilization of the situation in Chechnya. • Renunciation of plurality• Revival of physical training and sports.
  • 10. References• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_Putin• http://en.rian.ru/analysis/20080301/100381963 .html• http://en.rian.ru/analysis/20080229/100334445 .html
  • 11. Thank you for your attention!