Ad Relevance (Launched for Brazilian market \'09)


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Ad Relevance (Launched for Brazilian market \'09)

  1. 1. Online Advertising Tracking
  2. 2. AdRelevance Nielsen AdRelevance is an online advertising intelligence tool that collects essential data regarding online display advertising activity. Crawling over 450 sites in NZ, it is available by logging onto an online interface. AdRelevance it will help you: Quantifying the size various online advertising categories Identify what online campaigns competitor sites are getting Identify who are the most active online advertisers over time. Identify which sectors are growing their online spend Get access to a data base of thousand of online creatives Drill down into details of online campaigns placed by brand owners *Alemanha, Austrália, Áustria, Bélgica, Brasil, China, Dinamarca, Espanha, Estados Unidos, França, Itália, Japão, Luxemburgo, Noruega, Países Baixos, Portugal, Reino Unido, Suécia e Suíça.
  3. 3. AdRelevance Whether buying, selling, creating, planning or analyzing online marketing, AdRelevance provides actionable intelligence to address specific market questions such as: How many online campaigns were run in New Zealand last month? Which industry segments are spending the most online? What new campaigns launched yesterday? Who has recently started advertising online? What creative executions are competitors using? What are their media schedules? How frequently are they advertising? Who is spending the most online? Which advertisers have adopted rich media? Which ad formats are most prominent?
  4. 4. AdRelevance - comprehensive coverage AdRelevance captures data across 21 markets on more than 3,000 websites, providing the industry’s most comprehensive global coverage of online advertising intelligence. Europe - 14 markets • Austria USA • Belgium • Denmark • United States of America Asia Pacific - 6 markets • France • Germany • Italy • Australia • The Netherlands • China • Luxembourg • Hong Kong • Norway • Japan • Portugal • New Zealand • Spain • Singapore • Sweden • Switzerland • United Kingdom
  5. 5. Methodology – collecting and categorising the data The AdRelevance spider crawls a set of pre-defined, ad supported URLs in each market 23 hours per day, searching for click counters (ad codes) The spider can identify the following ad formats: GIF/JPEG, Animated GIF, HTML, Macromedia Flash, Java. All banner sizes are also collected including buttons, skyscrapers, 468x60 standard banners, and Pop Ups. Once the spider identifies an advertisement it saves the page URL, clicks on the link to obtain the destination URL, and also downloads a copy of the creative The AdRelevance coding team then classify each ad and campaign according to the set of industry categories
  6. 6. Methodology – calculating ad impressions & ad spend Ad impressions Ad impressions are calculated by using the site’s page impression data together with a share of voice (quot;SOVquot;) factor. Ad Impressions = (total daily site page impressions) X (% impressions per page) X (banner page SOV) Page impression data is sourced from Market Intelligence, or NetView in relevant markets Share of Voice is calculated by the crawlers reloading pages to identify the rotation for each banner unit on each page viewed per day. Ad spend • Ad spend estimates can be manually created by applying market spend factors to the number of impressions
  7. 7. Reporting from every angle 1) Whole of market reporting 2) Reporting by industry vertical 3) Reporting by site 4) Reporting by advertiser Number of campaigns on Yellow Pages
  8. 8. Benefits for publishers Identify new business opportunities by monitoring new campaigns and advertisers as soon as they launch Top 100 Advertisers Compare advertising on your competitors’ websites with your own. Identify high growth sectors to aid with business decisions Understand which companies are the top spenders, and which are the most active players on specific websites Get email alerts when competitor sites receive new campaigns Assess individual industry market sectors to plan new business sales campaigns. Understand the size of the online advertising pool and how it is growing Find out who has just started advertising online
  9. 9. AdRelevance – interface Benefits • Instant AdRelevance ensures you are kept up to date with recent advertising activity that has happened over the last week, or 48 hours. • The reports section provides the ability to query the database for information on a specific site, advertiser or industry • The statistics section provides valuable information on aggregated market trends.
  10. 10. AdRelevance – new banners and campaigns Benefits • The new banners report provides a summary of the advertising launched in the last 48 hours or last week • Agencies and brand owners can use this to keep abreast of competitor activity • Publishers can use this to target new business opportunities
  11. 11. AdRelevance - campaign breakdown Benefits • The breakdown of the campaign provides a summary of how long the campaign has been running, how many banners have been used and estimated ad impressions and spend • Competitor data can be used to help plan marketing budgets required • Creative messages can be evaluated to help determine positioning strategies
  12. 12. AdRelevance – advertiser media schedule Benefits • Each campaign can be broken down by media schedule showing ad impressions and dates by individual site • Media planners can use this help determine effective placements for their clients • Publishers can use this to determine which competitor websites clients are advertising on
  13. 13. AdRelevance – top 100 advertisers Benefits • The top 100 advertiser report lists advertisers with their associated ad impressions and spend. • Advertisers can use this to help determine their relative share of voice within the month • Publishers can use this to identify business development opportunities
  14. 14. AdRelevance – top advertisers by industry Benefits • The field of activity report provides the ability to conduct an analysis on a specific industry sector • Advertisers are listed with their number of campaigns and associated ad impressions • These reports enable a tailored competitor analysis for the year which can help with future marketing planning
  15. 15. AdRelevance – Advertisers by site (based # of ad impressions or campaigns) Benefits • Identify what advertisers and campaigns have been run on selected websites • Create a hit list of target advertisers who are actively advertising • Combine with Market Intelligence data to identify how appropriate the site is for the campaign
  16. 16. AdRelevance – local statistics reports Benefits • The local statistics reports provide an overview of online advertising market trends • Data can be used in business or marketing plans to quantify the size of the market as a whole or by industry sector • Agencies can use the information to update their current client base
  17. 17. AdRelevance – email alerts Benefits • Email alerts enable users to be notified as soon as a specified advertising activity occurs • Alerts can be set up to notify the user: (1) when a new campaign of a given advertiser has started, (2) when a new advertiser has appeared within a defined field of activity and (3) when a site has had a new advertiser