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Anotnio sanchez finalmarketingplanforkellogghotel

  1. 1. Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center Digital Marketing Campaign
  2. 2. History ● Funded by the Kellogg Foundation, the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center at Michigan State University became the first Kellogg Center for continuing education. ● It served its first guests on September 17, 1951. ● 2010-2011 Revenue : $13 Million* ● Services offered: ● Fine Dining ● Lodging – 160 Guest Rooms and Suites* ● Conference and event centers – 35,000 Square Feet**Facts obtained from
  3. 3. Problems● Slow economy means slow tourism and less bookings.● Very Competitive market with many hotels available and varying competitive rates.● Social Media: ● Facebook Page is static. – There is no picture and no way of interaction or any information for the hotel other than where it is located, a phone number and the website URL. ● Foursqaure page looks better, however there is negative feedback from consumers and it is not clear if the hotel addressed the issues or tried to communicate back to the unsatisfied consumers.● Website: ● Dull, Dark and a lot of empty space ● Very difficult to navigate to other pages from it and mostly they talk about their services rather than how those services help consumers.
  4. 4. The Campaign● The Campaign will start with the use of Google Adwords. ● Some keywords that should be use throughout the website, social media pages and blog posts are: – Luxury Conference room - 3 star Event Planning – Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center - Banquet Hall Fine Dining – Kellogg Foundation - East Lansing – Event Hall MSU - In Lansing – Wedding Reception - Conference room – Event Planning - Kellogg Center – Fine Dining - MSU – State Room - Romantic ideas● Using these words allows the many pages the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center will have to be as Search Engine Optimized as possible.● It will ideally target Key Decision makers between the ages of 18 through 55. ● The reason for such a large gap is that some MSU students rent out rooms at the Kellogg to get away with significant others. They also rent out hall space for events through student organizations. This age group also encompasses young couples looking for a place to hold a wedding reception, companies looking to hold conferences. Business people looking for lodging during their business trip to Lansing and East Lansing and finally parents and others visiting from out of town, either for an event or to visit their children.
  5. 5. Website Reinvention● First step is to integrate the keywords into the content on the web page. ● This is possible by incorporating the words into titles, descriptions, links, and over the body content of posts. ● If done correctly, this will help the website appear towards the top of search results when people use Google search.● The next step is to make the website as user friend as possible. ● Move the navigation over to the left hand side and make it easier to use the pull down tabs under each heading. ● Next, even thought white space can give the website a nice clean look, that is not the case with, the white space makes the content portion look to tight and like they did not have enough space to do good work. This step would include making the right and left margins a little bigger to make the text not look as tight. ● The website will also include more pictures, some uploaded by the hotel staff and others can be uploaded by guests. ● It will also include an area where the hotel and consumers can interact with each other, such as badges and links to the Hotels social media pages.
  6. 6. Build up Social Media● The Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center can do a lot with social media.● Facebook: ● More content and information about the hotel ● Open up the wall on the page so that clients, potential clients and the hotel can all interact. – Letting the hotel interact with potential clients can help increase the chances of that potential client booking a room for a weekend stay or for an event. ● Add pictures and allow people to add pictures onto Facebook. This can help “word of mouth” buzz generate and go around the internet world.● Twitter: ● Creating a Twitter allows Kellogg Hotel to interact directly with potential consumers. They can use Twitter to offer special offers, as well as news about upcoming events at the hotel.● Foursquare: ● The hotel does have an account, on that account there is some negative feedback from consumers. The hotel will use foursquare to address these negative issues. As well as to use it to keep track of the number of times guests stay and offer them better incentives or free gifts for being loyal patrons
  7. 7. Lets Blog● A blog is a great way to let consumers and interested parties know that you have real people working for you and that you are interested in the ups and downs of the industry youre in and that you can be trusted since you are willing to let the public know.● Since the Kellogg Hotel and Conference center at MSU is one of the top hospitality business colleges in the United States, it would help to have a blog to keep this image at the top of peoples minds. ● Imagine people looking for a place to stay stumbling upon your blog in their search results and learning a lot about the hotel and conference industry in a matter of minutes. They would probably be more likely to reserve a room after the fact. And the best part is that since the Kellogg Hotel and Conference center is also a conference and event venue, you have authority in those industries as well, and you can incorporate it all into a neat, organized and clean blog.● Since it is free to open social media accounts, all it would cost the company is, at the lowest, an intern salary and training, if you can get an unpaid intern even better and cheaper!
  8. 8. Going Mobile● With using mobile to our advantage Kellogg Hotel will be able to send a text message the moment someone types in hotels in Lansing on their mobile web browser, notifying them of a special rate just for them and allowing them to reserve the room with a touch of the button.● Mobile advertising is also a great way to increase interest in you business, if it is not overlooked.● You can also offer mobile surveys so customers can let you know what they think of your services, while offering them an incentive to complete them.● Using location based services such as foursquare and check in with Facebook will go back to the point mentioned earlier of being able to keep track of how many times a person stays per week/month/year and in turn it allows the hotel to reward his loyalty.
  9. 9. Measuring Our Success● Once we incorporate the campaign we will use Google Analytics to track any difference in click through rates and length of stay, as well as any increase in the number of page views.● We will also keep track of sales (through event booking and room reservation) before and after the campaign to get a real idea of whether or not the campaign worked. ● The campaign will be successful if we get a positive Return on Investment (ROI) based on the total expenditure of the campaign and the difference in number of sales before, during and after the campaign is launched.● We can also measure the success of the social media campaign by looking at increases of consumer wall posts both on the hotel page and on their own page with reference to the hotel. ● We can also use the photo upload bit, to measure how many people have visited the hotel and have put pictures up on their own pages with any reference to the hotel. ● Both these measures would be a way of measuring the level of “word of mouth” advertising that we receive.
  10. 10. The When and The How Much.● The overall budget for a Digital Marketing Campaign of this magnitude would be an estimated $1,069,922 per year. The budget is broken down as the following: – $1,051,602 for the Internet Marketing portion with Google Adwords. – $8,320 for an intern paying $8.00/hour for 20 hours a week for 52 weeks to maintain social media platforms. – $10,000 for the mobile campaign.● The time frame of the campaign will vary, since the internet never truly sleeps this campaign should not either. ● The heavy part of the campaign will take place between June and May, with December and January being low. – The reasoning for this is that this is the time period when parents visit their college kids, take campus tours and sports fans travel to games and end up staying the night. – I would suggest that social media and the mobile campaign go on year round, since people traveling for business can use both of these features.