9 cases of
        Anton Breman’s
professional effort in Asia
Anton Breman                                                                                                      Industri...
Education:                                                                                         Awards:
           MA I...
1 The Hat Workshop                                                                                                        ...
2 Mobile Marketing
  Define and detect market opportunities for
  Pegatron and the development of feature
3 Design Presence                                                                                                         ...
4 Management tools                                                                                                        ...
5 NPD                                                                                                                     ...
6 Design thinkers
  Give a push for the design scene in Taipei

  Create actual and virtual communica...
ACG User
8 Networking                                                  Mapping out the network framework
Understanding the user context

 Introduce me!                                                Contact list
Mentality -                                                                                 ial Contacts
A mobile platform that adapts its
behavior to your activities

The system cross pollinate and filter your
web applications...
9 Orbit
     Pass the benefits of digital technology to non-digital users.
     Bridging the digital divide.

Thank you for your time
Feel free to e-mail me at anton.breman@gmail.com
                    or visit www.antonbreman.com
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9 cases of Anton Breman's professional effort in Asia


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A selection of work from his professional experience in Taiwan

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9 cases of Anton Breman's professional effort in Asia

  1. 1. 9 cases of Anton Breman’s professional effort in Asia
  2. 2. Anton Breman Industrial Designer at Summer Design Office WEB LINK Tranås, Sweden June – August 2007 The position involved; Design strategy, brand identity, interior design and brand Resume communication. Temporary design office with the intention to let students and business meet and gain experience from each other, 7 projects were carried out in varies fields from playground layout, furniture to new business development. My main customer, DK Data Kontor desired to transform their business framework from a traditional office supplier to a service oriented business model. We presented a verbal and visual identity concept, reframing their service offering in a simple and dynamic package called the DK-Box. While sustain there long history as an office supplier we also created a flexible and affordable retail interior that communicated there new direction. www.dkdata.se Summary Industrial Design Intern at Springtime WEB LINK With a passion for life improvement as well as business development my professional journey Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June – August 2006 has provided me with a global and multicultural mindset. From various consultancies and The position involved; Brand extensions, brand strategy and concept development discipline across the globe cultivating a broad and deep awareness of how design efforts can boost, recover and transform business across the market landscape. During my internship at Springtime I was running two brand extension projects. One for the Dutch furniture brand Lintelo, where the focus was on creating new design I act in the crossroads of design, research insight and business strategy to create awareness, concept exploration the brands extension possibilities. The second project was for an erotic clarity and direction for organizations and brands. Considering usability, viability and feasibility product distributor where we explored various verbal and visual frameworks for new marketing creating sustainable directions that will narrow the gap between business goals, solution and sales channels. offering and users experience, for better products, services and system for the stakeholders. Industrial Design intern at Smart design I am striving to utilize my enthusiasm, experience and awareness in a proactive international WEB LINK environment to boost, recover and transform business. Design thinking for business New York, USA March – June 2006 development The position involved; User testing, product design, soft/hard prototyping. Work experience: Exposed to numerous kitchen appliances project I embraced the Smart design philosopher in user centric design while developing products through several concept exploration, user testing, and prototypes. It also lead to my first product that reached the market, an oven mitt Design Strategist at PEGA D&E WEB LINK for OXO that later on was sold at Target. Taipei, Taiwan, May 08 – May 09 Industrial Design Intern at Ergonomidesign The position involved; Design strategy, strategic design, design management, design WEB LINK research, NPD, product identity and Asian OEM/ODM business. Stockholm, Sweden Sep 2004 – Sep -05 The position involved; Brand identity, product design, user studies, ergonomic and concept PEGA D&E one of the leading OEM/ODM companies in the 3C and IT field in Asia, the design position has given me hands on working experience in the consumer electronic manufacturing environment. As a member of the insight and strategy team, I had the opportunity to support During my internship at Ergonomidesign I worked on various design challenges that enriched the design team, sales, management and tier one customers with market research as well as my perception of how design can be used as a powerful tool for brands, products and users. consumer insights transforming them into innovative business strategies, products and service While being part of brand strategy project for Optimus outdoor equipment I experienced how offerings. design can be used as a powerful tool to boost and transform businesses. The first product from there redesign was launched in March 2006. I have also had the privilege to support management and corporate decision makers with With Ergonomidesigns emphasis on ergonomic and universal design I experienced the programs, process and information for a more efficient and effective management as well as complexity and importance of connecting human behaviors and anatomy to objects. Through NPD process. Preserving existing constellations and cultures create new platforms that could hands on in context user studies and prototyping in the development of hand-heald tools and lead the organization into new paradigms. automotive interior.
  3. 3. Education: Awards: MA Industrial Design LTH Sweden2001-07 Special prize Nike Play award 2005 WEB LINK As a student at IKDC, Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre, I reserved a broad platform in The special prize was to visit the NIKE World Headquarters in Portland where we had the visualization, functionality and esthetics. LTH was an international environment where we in opportunity to work side by side and learn from professional footwear designer. While numerous courses collaborating and learned from international well known key players in the following there process and requirement we where able to experience the procedure and design scene. Given me the foundation in development of product services and systems with steps in the development of a NIKE Skateboard model that lead to a customized NIKE SB a sustainable perspective. concept shoe. 1: price Culinary Cup 2005 Collaboration projects: The theme of the contest was to create and visualize two meal concept for 2010, one for NASA – LRT 2006 weekdays and one for parties. The project involved; Scenario planning, scenario role play, product life scenario and product design. With a cross-disciplinary team involving food chemist, chefs and designers we worked side by side to tailor make the meals for tomorrow. It showed me the importance and power of Design for extreme environments was a school project in co-operation with NASA and there how different disciplines can work together to innovative with a holistic approach, considering planned lunar expedition 2020. With a close collaboration with NASA and a one month on site users, nutrition, preservation, branding and distribution. camp at NASA, JSC in Houston, Texas, USA. We where exposed to the complexity and safety measurements that NASA is requiring for there programs. It also put our design skills at test Juries citation”Two cross-disciplinary innovative concepts with a futuristic approach” and showed us how you with a design mentality can solve complex problems under extreme condition while taking in consideration the entire lunar expedition from earth and back again. 2: end price in Future Sound of Sweden 2005 The collaboration resulted in a low-tech human powered lunar rescue vehicle that allowed the astronaut’s to move twises as fare on the same metabolic load and therefore expanded the Sub - satellite sound system for portable music as mp3. aria they could explore on the lunar surface. Challenging and rewarding. Other collaboration projects IDEO, Royal College of Art, Ikea, Atelje lyktan, Tetra pack, Zenith Design FIDU (preparing industrial design education) 2000-01 The main focus of the education was concept development and visualisation that we used to apply for various Industrial Design educations. AC Art College Gothenburg 2000 Basic oil painting, photography and sculptural studies. anton.breman@gmail.com AAC (Academy of Art College) San Francisco 1999-01 www.antonbreman.com Industrial Design program learning basic principles in drawing and sculpturing
  4. 4. 1 The Hat Workshop Extracting Information Organizing Information Goal; Accomplish the management goals at PEGA D&E. Objective; Create a workshop that helps the staff to understand the organizations goals. Visualize the organizations goal and define the objectives. Build ownership of the objectives over team. Outcome; A road map that guides the organization to its goals, dividing the action items over the organization by taking advantage of its internal Creating Action Plan resources. Link to HW presentation on slideshare Team Building Exercises Current Future 2010 2015 Own Brand Launch (sustainable products) Information & Facts - Encourage the right mindset & have fun. D+M No Limits - Weird, wild, wacky and o the wall, Rules & Guideline 2012~2015 - Let no good idea go unheard. - Use both sides of your brain. Opportunities - Record your progress. - Quantity not quality. - No idea too stupid. ideas are welcome. Goal Gain Market recognition - Watch the clock. - Build on ideas. 2010~2012 Be the top-of-mind design consultancy in the 3C & IT (Consumer Electronic) industry Objectives Actions 1 2 3
  5. 5. 2 Mobile Marketing Goal; Define and detect market opportunities for Pegatron and the development of feature phones in developing counters. Provider Penetration Africa Objective; NIGERIA Official languages English, Market Segmentation + Competitive Population 148 M GDP/ Per capita $1,500 (165th²) Differentiation = Market Positioning IRAQ Cell phone penetration rate 2007, 24.1% IraQna EMTS launch in 2008, Alheri 3G HSDPA 2010 AFGHANISTAN Outcome; Etisalat Afghanistan GPRS, MMS Entry-level mobile for the emerging markets that quickly and cheaply repackaging for sales PAKSITAN TUNISIA Mobilink in developed nations. Tunisiana PTCL Trickle-up innovation ALGERIA BANGLADESH Official languages Arabic ‫,ﺭﺉﺍﺯﺝﻝﺍ‬ Banglalink Population 33.769 million GDP/ Per capita $8,100 (84th) Cell phone penetration rate 2007, 81 % Orascom Telecom Algeria GPRS and EDGE United Arab Emirates Djezzy Etisalat Bidding and relase in E/2008 SAUDI ARABIA Etisalat Etihad Mobily Atlantique Moov HSPDA GPRS-Edge INDONESIA Niger, French Excelcomindo Burkina Faso, French, Indigenous Benin, French Togo, French Côte d’Ivoire EGYPT Frech Official languages Arabic ‫ﻥﺍﺩﻭﺱﻝﺍ‬ Population 75,042M, GDP/ Per capita $5,491(97th) Central African Republic (CAR). Cell phone penetration rate 2008, 46% Sango, French MobiNil Launch service in 2009Q3 Etisalat Misr 3.75G (HSDPA) Gabon, French SUDAN Canar Arabic and English ZANZIBAR Zantel Tanzania Official languages Swahili (de facto) English Popula- tion 37.849M, GDP/ Per capita $1,100 (178th) Cell phone penetration rate 2006, 14,5% 3G Etisalat Vodacom HSDPA 2007 OPERATING ZIMBAWE Orascom INTEREST Telecel Zimbabwe
  6. 6. 3 Design Presence High Fees Executive Level Goal; Leaders Increase the awareness of the value of design as a strategically asset to the organization. Objective; Creators By communicating the value of design strategy throughout the organization, from the different design departments to sales and PM. Moste Design Firms Improve internal communication of the position, value and contribution of design. Outcome; - Increased presence of design in preliminary Makers stages in NPD (New Product Development) - Improve internal cross BU (Business Units) collaboration Low Fees - New service offering and working collaborations Low In uence Determine Determine Define Create Develop Manage Produce Distribute Business Brand Customer Concepts Design Standards Strategy Strategy Experience Design as Tactic DESIGN AS ; Design Business Brand Design Brand Design Production Distribution Management Development Strategy Strategy Identity Identity an aesthetic value direction driver decision indicator a business asset a functional & decision driver technical driver Design as Strategy
  7. 7. 4 Management tools Intangibles BMi IxD Goal; Support management with tools, facts and BUSINESS & MARKETING INTERACTION Design for INTELLIGENCE information for more informed decision making DESIGN Design for Competence Vision ICC Objective; DS Establishing and create a design process, with PM VISUAL the most appropriate approach. COMMUNICATION DESIGN Project Manager STRATEGY Outcome; A more efficient and effective management Strategy Produce Design for Design for FMC Expectations Meaning COLOR & MATERIAL LAB ID IS Design for Design for INDUSTRIAL DESIGN Control Presence DESIGN RESEARCH MFG Manufacturing Tangibles What do we want other people will associate with us? Who are we? Who are our clients? Balance between Market status, Potential client, BU5 internal mar- Statistics and Market status, R&D --> Roadmap keting & Design Sales Condition Time to market, Setting Input Technical Market (Mike) information Sales EE Development Brief Development Design Audit (External) Research & analysis Activites & quality Visual design Process Roadmap development / Design Audit(Internal) 1. Explore or project assurance templates & Schedule Workshop & objective Pilot pressentation Prototype development 1. Deeper understand of 1. Trinity-- User, Tecnical, content Direction development external patterns/behaviors/ EcoSystem, Roadmap Business development Possibilities values/trends Topic (Project Name) 2. Analyze current status, Product & Segmentation What is our position? What do we o er? Who are our competitors? Directions/Clarification Beta & Compleat Current Product Status Deliverables Identety/ final vertion Brief (Project Definition) 1. Sync with internal team, New opportunities Pilot Roadmap Road map model Prototype Recommended modification templates Give directions, Scope marketing, BU and ID 2. Visualize our internal Focus status Expectation 3.Create foundation for the PR materials Discover & Understand De ne High level development Detaild develop Develop & test Deplyment Planing Strategy Development Implementation
  8. 8. 5 NPD IDMS $ LOST (Innovation, Design, Manufacturing & Service ) (New Product Development) RESEARCH DESIGN DESIGN IDEAS Goal; Desirability Transform the OEM NPD to a IDMS NPD SUPPLY CHAIN Objective $ LOST How to transform an ODM/OEM company to a IDMS/OTM organization? BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY R&R for the design department in this process. Viability Feasibility SUPPLY CHAIN Outcome; Increased project hit rate. CONSUMER INSIGHTS Reduce sunk cost. OEM, ODM RESEARCH DESIGN Marketing Plan P0 P1 P2 Business Strategy De nition Feasibility & Viability Beta Testing & Marketing Testing Technological opportunity Tecnological Tecnological Feacebillety Low- delity Exploration of industry, technical Feacebillety and accessibility. Spec. De nition High- delity Prototype trends, feasibility & accessibility Prototype TECHNOLOGY Feasibility DESIGN Desirability Proposal Approval User Behaviors Reviw meting Project Kick-o meeting Approval meeting (review Participatory Scenario Lab, Focus Group, Conjoint Analysis Goals, Objectives Design Concept, Strategy, Design Needs identi cation Time to market Resource, Financial Plan and etc.) BUSINESS Viability Target Costumer / Segment Opertuntey portfolio Preliminary Business Vibillety Re nd Final Which country Exploration of targeted user & Business Case Business Case Business Case Gender costumer groups, there characteris- Age tics and their unique needs, goals Social status and objectives. Scenario
  9. 9. 6 Design thinkers Goal; Give a push for the design scene in Taipei Objective; Create actual and virtual communication platforms for the design community in and around Taipei. Outcome; Networking and information sharing events. Music Mobile Context
  10. 10. ACG User 7 Distribution What happens today? Specific information, links that is relevant. Publication Event Educate Promotion Gives small and concise answer for every day questions, reduce amount of clicks Exhibit Advertising WOMM Filtered maps Gives you clearer view of what’s around. Research Touch point’s Web Design Naming Brand Requirements Strategy Information access Gathering / Research ACG What I’m buying and what I’m spending. Hardware Foundation Pricerunner, exchange rate etc Transportation Supplier What is where and how can I get there? User Product Research Business design Intelligence Identity Usability Problem framing Prototyping Explore Direct Response Translation & Directions Gives you hints of what’s around the corner. Multiple tasks e.g. Translation and direction Goal; Interaction Architecting the Technology Generate a deeper understanding of the Always Information Architecture Connected Generation. Software WEB Translatior Travel Info Network U2U Service Objective; - Execute a workshop that will give us a broad WorldWideWebb insight in of Taiwan’s relation to digital and Innovation Platform Realizing and Implimantions ACG Mobile connectivity and spread the word of PEGA’s WiFi 3.5G GPS Realizing and Implimanting ACG 2.0 research and insight department. U2U - Detect interesting personalities that could be Realizing and Implimanting ACG 1.0 Bluetoth ACG part in a deeper research session, creating diaries Concept Network USER Concept over a period of seven days. Software Time Lanching of first Outcome; prototyp at World EXPO ACG Definition Product Product Design principles for a Mobile Internet Device e mplet ire, Four co tionna ques - Data board - Dream ary di - Photo terns ds, pat ee ifying n 4. Ident iors 2. P r boa ocess 52 av and beh rds from Quest op e worksh two ionna Past i day s wo res + 48 1.Cut & 3. Select 6 ACG's for photo dia ry rksh drea op m
  11. 11. 8 Networking Mapping out the network framework By braking down the topic to Identify the root problems or opportunities Advanced NPD project Communication with contextual information Goal; Create new product opportunities for our client and strengthen the relationship. Objective; Detect opportunities and market segments with the most appropriate features for further exploration. Understanding the user and map out the real situation. Making technology more human Outcome; A road map on how the to develop a ubicuous and secure information platforms. Project scope Interact Extract Interaction Network Communication Platform Internet Foundation IP, Hardware and Software
  12. 12. Understanding the user context Introduce me! Contact list Getting in contact with the right person in your network. Entertain me You have 10 min in the morning to How was it the recommend this place? Friendship messenger whaighting for the train to arrive. And you I recognize that guy! Didn’t I see him at?? Location messenger just what to be entertaind. Your status is “on the go” Cloud Cloud Location Sharing Bank You have to see this! Who is around? Instant sharing/upload. How are we handling, Easy access for everyone in your network to share swap and for- Where are my friends? Where should we meet? sheering, archiving, tagging our media fils. ward information. Instead of sending the fils, you forward the link where you can view the content.
  13. 13. Mentality - ial Contacts S oc The modern performer on P i riv at Loc ac y The young, unconventional power elite: Intense life in profession and private They use internet to manage their lives Multi-optionality, flexible and multimedia enthusiasm They are the power user of the internet NOW rences Statu efe s Pr s tie im ili b T pa eE Handset Ca ciency A Forecast of the Mobile Context: Social Contacts; Family, Friends, Colleges, Community Privacy Gets now less important but it will be a major dilemma Status What am I doing, right now? Location An emerging key to context Preferences What I’d like to do Handset Capabilities Smarter, smaller, specialized Time Efficiency Better Software reduces Learning and usage time
  14. 14. A mobile platform that adapts its behavior to your activities The system cross pollinate and filter your web applications to create your one mix of information. E.g. You can look in to your Virtualisation family photo album and see where it was Cloud taken and home where there to if the same persons are back in the city for a reunion, in a simple and intuitive way. Mobility is the new platform, and semantic technologies are needed to deliver seamless, customizable, context aware services, any time, any where. Drops What are they doing now? Status Content Contacts Who are they? Filter Do I know there friends? Location Where are they? Where was this Picture taken?
  15. 15. 9 Orbit Goal; Pass the benefits of digital technology to non-digital users. Bridging the digital divide. Objective; The rising accessibility and affordability of digital cameras and camera phones has created a boom on digital capturing and lead to a stronger need for simple media management. ORBIT bridges the digital divide, lowering the threshold resistance for new technology adoption on both the Top and Bottom of the Pyramid by providing an analog user experience. Outcome; ORBIT is a scalable system that starts with a simple solution and allows growing its capacity along with the user’s technological abilities. Starting from a non digital audience, ORBIT proposes a bottom up innovation, allowing people to store, manage and share their memories with no boundaries A haven for your digital memories Threshold breaker WEB Service offerings Digital Camera Developed Markets - Unlimited safe storage Europe and USA - Services - Digital capturing [ORBIT] - communication Digital capturing storage Processing Cheering Mobile Increase web accessibility - Communication Emerging Markets Revenues - Digital capturing BRIC nations - Web access - Interactive marketing - Digital capturing
  16. 16. Thank you for your time Feel free to e-mail me at anton.breman@gmail.com or visit www.antonbreman.com