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Anton Breman Portfolio

Anton Breman Portfolio



Anton Breman Portfolio

Anton Breman Portfolio



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    Anton Breman Portfolio Anton Breman Portfolio Presentation Transcript

    • Anton Breman Portfolio
    • Introduction I have gathered some of my work to demonstrate my undergoing a transformation from an OEM to an knowledge and experiences in PSS, design strategy IDMS. Another example of organizational change is and sustainability. my latest thesis at the Business & Design program. My aim is to inspire people and organizations to reach The focus this time was on how an organization could their goals, something you can see on my food related work together to create a common understanding projects as VIDA. My interest in social, demographic upon sustainability and how to use it as a strategic and behavior changes motivate me to keep on writing asset. my blog. Something you can see on my posts regarding our broken food system, the education system and I see design as tool to provide scripts, stages and culture codes. props to seize and develop social, organizational and personal opportunities. An approach you can see on I see design as strategic instrument to co-design within my PSS projects such as Hotel Spot and Vida. organizations. At PEGA D&E we created the six hat workshop, co-creating tuned in goals and objectives Sincerely, with all the staff in the time when the organization Anton Breman
    • Background: Research Concept Product Sustainability PSS Product, Service, System Design Design Brand Business development development Strategy Management Design Work experience: Education: 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010
    • Vida The Vida project was a contribution to the Philips Design Competition 2006. Vida shed light on some of my interests regarding: - Health & well-being - Glocalisation working global to act local - Irrational behavior - Behavior change
    • Vida Three trends created the foundation of the project. Increase Project objectives 1. The growing numbers of health and food related diseases and allergies. • Health and well-being. • The awareness of the links 2. The increasing demands and confusion around eco- products and purchasing decisions. between good health, food and the environment. 3. The growing field of domestic health care. • Inspire and evoke interest in Vida is an interactive recipe book and a domestic food habits and groceries. health analyzer. A tool that merged into the families purchasing and eating patterns that will enrich life quality and prevent health problems. Provide fragmented dietary families with inspiration and Decrease tailored menus for family members and guests. • Health and food related diseases. • Calorie intake and carbon footprint. • Time spent on the food logistics in the family.
    • Behavior & Patterns Our food system is off balance We throw too much. Our eating habits is changed g Half of the produced food is If we stop wasting food, the CO2 Impact would starvin thrown away in the US. be the equivalent to taking 1 in 4 cars of the road. illion is 1/4 meals are eaten in fast-food, in a car, le 1 b ese whi in front of TV or computers on is ob 1 billi 200 billions on 100 billions diet-related illnesses on diet aids It is estimated that food waste by the USA & Europe could feed the world 3 times over! 110 billions 50 billion on vegetables on fast food We eat too much. Obesity Diabetes Opportunity We should eat half a pound meat per week. Meat production causes more 67% of adults is 40 - 45 % of all school Modern world pan- The amount we currently eat in average per day. emission than all transporta- obese & 1/3 of chil- children in the US demic, high blood tion combined dren is obese or could be insulin pressure, heart attack, Recommended Daily intake overweight. dependence within a cardiovascular disease, decade diabetes, stroke, some energy production cancer, hyper tensions are a direct result from a western diet. 95% of the cases are preventable just by changing diet and lifestyle. Calories Available meet produktion Per person day in the U.S. food supply 4,000 3,500 Transporation 3,000 1975 1985 1995 2005
    • Business Model Vida is based on the free business model where the basic service is free-of-charge for the large number of basic users, containing recipe, information and the social platform. The content is co- design with the users and external partners while supervised by the service provider. The users can provide their own menus, comments and recipes on the social platform allowing mass- customization. The non-paying basic users are financed by direct marketing and sales by partners and a small base of premium users that subscribe to the full service. The premium account includes a free Vida product, health analysis, customized menus and grocer logistics. Content providers Service provider Basic Users External partners User groups Local supplyers Premium Users Cash flow Knowledge flow Material flow Product flow Transportation Direct Marketing
    • Vida Service The Vida premium service offer the users a first-class domestic health analysis system that provide them with tailored menus for the family and guest needs and desires. The service keeps a record of the families’ health Costumer jurny and culinaryfood reguarding preferences. By working with a network of grocery providers the users are provided with the opportunities to get the right amount of locally produced food products based on their individual menus and calculated food intake, reducing waste and unnecessary purchases. Pro le Menu Purchase Cooking k ec es se ns t ied es n n n n ru ng an gg tio tio tio ck tio gg ha ch io pu if st ki gg u y pl e ct in pec su oca ba es su urc er su en in oo yz lth ile u iv ed al M en of C ea P S L el An Fe Pr M D H Users Intercation Measure glucose If the user have Speci c and The data is A variety of The user can Suggestion on Where and what When the food is Vida is showing Menu feedback level (infrared) any allergy or individual pro les analyzed and di erent dishes now plan more what ingredients to buy, depending delivered Vida is the user step by on the Vida body temperature, other health are made and synchronized with small varieties in detailed what and how much is on location they also providing step the recipe in network. pulse rate, blood related permanent stored for all for the members to eat over a required for the can order home storage tips for an informative pressure. or temporary members and with speci ed certain time menu so you don’t delivery for the the groceries. and inspiring Vida health issues. frequent guests. needs period. buy too much. groceries. approach. If the vital signs The system identify The information is Cross reference The pro les are The database With a network of Partnering up with The social platform The system learn Tips, facts and change signi cantly, and mark all the with the nutrition suggests a versatile grocery provider local delivery provides the users ltered to detect cross reference information on the family Vida lets the health care provider know ingredient that the what substances library to nd the with the recipe menu over longer the system can cervices the with handy and the food that can preferences for immediately, so that allergy or status the user should right balanced diet database to periods based on provide locally and product will travel inspiring tips on spark the interest. more intuned appropriate medical will e ect and should not for each member identify the right seasons, location seasonal products as short and growing storing menu sugges- care can be consume. and as a family. menu. and supply e ective as and recycle their Back stage administered. possible. food products. tions.
    • Vida Product • Vidas form language is inspired by the nature with calm, simple lines that balance cuisine, well-being and kitchen appliances. • The analysis device is inspired by tactile familiar objects lowering the threshold towards domestic health analyzers. The green line provides the user with feedback and confirms the communication between the stone and the platform. • The stone is placed on the platform where a subtle ripple identifies its place. It is equipped with numerous sensors that analyze glucose level through infrared, body temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure etc. • When you pick up the stone, Vida automatically activates. With a natural interaction, you navigate through the menu system and the recipes either with the stone or by the touch screen. To simplify the user interaction while cooking the stone provide a tactile interaction to play and pause. • The groove can also be used as a digital food scale to simplify the cooking process while following recipes.
    • The Hotel Spot thesis project at LTH 2007 touches three areas I would like to shed light on: - PSS, Product, Service, System - Sustainability as an innovation driver - Business model innovation
    • Spot is a flexible hotel system that grasp the customers’ needs, interest and wishes via its service to creates personalized travelling and activity alternatives. The Hotel pods are easily transported to hot spots where the demand is highest depending on season and events. The consequences are that the rooms get a higher frequency of usage providing a balanced income stream. Business Partners - District / City - Hotel rooms - Event management Hotel experience Locations Personalized information Direct advertisement - Information bank - Business Service Guest Pro le Customers - Customer bank - Advertisement
    • Hotel Transformation When I started the thesis I felt that today’s tourism business isn’t up to date for all of its stakeholders from the tourists to the local business. I was striving to provide a concept that would transform the hotel experience from a culture of hotel managing to an experience platform that creates new enhanced values that is of benefit to all parties. A platform that provides a fair and beneficial relationship between providers and customers. A system where people, networks and sustainability is at the core of the services, transforming the traditional hotel organizations and its economics. From Hotel Service >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> to >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Travel Experience Service Support Service Management Service Equilibrium Service Equity Typical Service as a means to aid Service as a managed Service as a balanced Service as a platform to characteristics product sales and supply process creating relationship between create new value that is efficencies provider and customer of benefit to all parties Customer Consumer Customer Client Prosumer orientation Micro-system Travelers Activities and associations that are Technology/ Customer Database Customer Relationship Customer Experience User Engagement directly related to the sector. Bags Transportations System Management Management Platform Meso-system Wether Reservation Lost luggage Tickets The situation that is created between the Infrastructure Infrastructure different relations in the micro system Accidents State of the market Seasons Buildings Speeding Markets Exo-system Hotel Parks Parking Events Public Drive/Value Quick Money Slow Money Money/People Social Impact Traffic Spot Crime The consequences by internal or external space factors that the sector doesn’t have Queue Whether Vehicles control over. Roads Speakers Sidewalks corner State of the market Macro-system Roadblocks State of the market Location Climate changes Ideological, economical, historical, Staff member Room service political valuation and conditions. Service Eating Owners Self-Image Producer Service Provider Co-Producer Enabler Rooms Cleaning Hotel
    • Business Model HS is based on a multi-sided platform to create and capture value by systematically collaborate with outside partners bridging the gap between the travelers and the local community. The platform creates value for both partners by integrating and guide outside knowledge from local communities and businesses, facilitating the interaction between the guest and community. The multi-sided platform grows in B to B value by attracting more communities that allows a bigger variety for the guests. B to C Key Partners Key Activities Value Proposition Customer Relationships Customer 1. Partner with local A double-sided platform that generates revenues from both Matching customer desires and local 1. An automated-service is provided to the local business with Segmentation business offerings. self-service recognizing individual customers and their charac- business providing the sides. teristics, and offer information related to their desires. stage for a rich travel 1. HS connect to local 1. HS connect local business to experience and a full hotel 1. HS provide and manage the businesses that can tailor provides the accessibility to 2. An automated-service provides the guest with personal profile service offering. platform and logistics that allow campaigns and offerings to corresponding guests based on and matchmaking. HS invites the guest that want to go beyond pre- ongoing- and post-travel individual search result, personal the guests. the traditional travel experiences to co-create content and 2. Niche content providers arrangement. profiles and location. reviews creating value for other guests. by user generating content 2. HS connect to travelers that and value. 2. Promoting the platform to new want to connect to the user, content owners and local 2. HS substantially expand the scope of the travel experiences by giving Channels community and get companies. the guests the tools to select, something more out of there 1. HS depends on a mix of Internet channels where content and connect and share their travel traveling experiences. information from local partners, communities and event experiences with the local commu- partnerships is channeled through HS web platform for nity. transactions and customer relationships. Key Resources The platform and the pods. 2. The current and future guests awareness to HS is mainly promoted on social platforms and networks. Cost Structure Revenue Stream - HS aims to generate small revenues from a number of channels: - Main costs incurred covering platform and pod development and maintenance. 1. Local businesses pay for direct advertisement and partnership with HS when the guests are using their services. 2. Guests pay a basic usage fee for the pods that can be subsidized through local partners. An extra fee is charged through HS for extra services as spa, events, room service and food that is provided by local partners.
    • Hotel Spot Service HS service is based on connecting local businesses to the guest. Personal profile Providing the guest with information and upcoming event based on the user preferences, the system learn more about the guest over time to fine-tune preferences and suggestions. Matching profile with Guest generated content and grading can be anonymous, in- Adjusting profile location and events formation that other guests can access when looking for local happenings, restaurants or attractions. The guests personal profiles is cross reference with other similar guest and suggest activities for like-minded guest. They also have the opportu- nity to connect to each other through social platforms discuss- Feedback Matching profile with ing, sharing stories and tips. like minded guests Matching event and activities HS Service Blueprint Planing the trip Book Trip Planning Travel Follow-up Physical evidence Blog post, Email reminder Customer Personalized Location Welcome email Con rmation Necessary SMS entering Welcome messege Direction to Takeaway Email reminder Facebook, based on user preference suggestions suggestions email /SMS traveling info and code to the pod restaurant based on user preferences tips email preferences Customer Action Looking for Looking for State interest and Personalized Choosing location Registration Booking Planning trip Travel Arrival Looking for Heading home adventure adventure preferences suggestion on and event restaurants locations and events Line of interaction On stage activety Blog post, Create a user List of suggested Choosing location Personal data Registration of Last minute Info on matching Info on matching Feedback on the Delivering holiday Delivering holiday Facebook, and pro le location and and event input location, time and remider of activities restaurants activities summary and future summary and future announced events event services traveling info matching events matching events Line of visibility Backsatge activety Blogging events System generate Cross reference the Cross reference the Saving personal data Saving registration Gather guests info to Cross reference the Adjusting the Gather activities Cross reference the customer pro le interests with choice with and preferences and contact local send a fun remind- personal pro le pro le and adjusted pro le personal pro le locations and events availability resources ing email on with local restau- with ongoing event regarding the trip rants and activities Line of internal interaction Support process System search for Cross reference Cross reference the Updates from Updates from Updates from Updates from Updates from Announcing local Updates from events and the pro le with pro le with other local partners on local partners on local partners on local partners local partners partners local partners on happenings ongoing events user preferences event and special event and special necessary and fun event and special and locations and patterns deals deals facts deals
    • Exterior Design Spots hotel pods exterior design is subtle with an architectural touch to fit in both urban and rural destination. Built up with standardize panels the exterior can simply be graphically modified to be adapted to local demands or temporary event. The size of the pod is adapted for parking spaces and transportation on train, truck and trailed by car. The pod have the possibility to either be hooked up on local infrastructure and/or harvest its own water and electricity Harvesting with an internal filtration and smart electricity system to be as efficient and self sustaining as possible. Light Sky Deck Light Towing hook Maintenance Support legs
    • Interior Design The interior design is light and compact fully equipped with a height adjustable double bed, closet/stair, pantry, bathroom and a lounge area that can be transformed in to an extra bed. - Bed Under the floor is the power storage, water tanks and Wardrobe / Steers filtration system that uses the resources in the pod efficient to save energy and waste-water. - Bathroom Lounge - Recycled water - Filtration - Pentry
    • Entrepreneurship and sustainability was the thesis for the Business & Design MA in collaboration with Hultafors group and Snickers Workwear 2010. The thesis resulted in the four steps to see sustainability as a strategic asset program that touched three areas that I would like to shed light on: - Sustainability - Co-Design - Organizational transformation
    • Four steps to see sustainability as a strategic asset. Together with Hultafors Group and Snickers Work wear Step 1. Identify and link your business objectives to sustainability. we started to look into the links between sustainability and the daily work. Step 2. Create a clearer and common understanding where the company stands regarding their sustainability efforts. The studies resulted in four-step program that the organization can use internally to Co-Design its strategy Step 3. Identify what next to do to embed sustainability within the on sustainability with key stakeholder. The exercises are organization. specially developed to increase the understanding between sustainability and strategy. Step 4. Create over arching sustainable goals for the organization. More information on: antonbreman.wordpress.com/workshops/ Output Input Output Input Output Input STRATEGy FOR SUSTAInABILITy 1. Workshop 2. Positioning 3. Discussion 4. Goal What should we do to Clarity, Direction & embrace sustanability? Inspiration.
    • Thank you for taking your time to review my portfolio.