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Prototype and test

  1. 1. Prototype and Test Assignment
  2. 2. Description  Problem Statement: Students need a way to find a job in which he can gain professional experience and necessary skills in the work environment and combine his studies and job without neglecting any of these.  Create 2 prototypes for the problem statement based on the ideas selected.  Test the prototypes with people, analyze feedback and write reflections.
  3. 3. Idea Selection  Most practical idea:  College has subjects about job seeking to help the students have the necessary information about this topic and facilitate the process.  Most disruptive idea:  Opportunities for students to create their own companies from banks and governments for guidance, support and loans.  Favorite idea:  Agreements between companies and universities for jobs.
  4. 4. Prototype 1  Idea: Subject in college about job seeking.  Prototype: Syllabus for the subject.  Test: Give the syllabus to students in college as if I were a career counselor.  Write feedback and reflections
  5. 5. Syllabus Introduction to job seeking  How to make a resume  Job interviews  Career plan  Job seeking tools  Using social networks for job seeking  Jobs for students
  6. 6. Test Feedback  Have another subject as a continuation for this one because after some time you leave the knowledge behind.  Have practical learning, not only theory.  Have the subject as optional, for extra credits not grade.  Include conferences with human resource workers to know some tips and needs they have.
  7. 7. Test Reflections  After testing the prototype I realized some students want to learn more about this topic but without interfering with his grades.  This syllabus needs more modules for practical learning, I considered only the theory, maybe some exercises using tools and companies’ repositories to see the actual needs and skills they look for.  I consider this subject to be at the beginning of the career, it could be useful to have another subject related to this after half of the course and do actual applications for real jobs.
  8. 8. Prototype 2  Idea: Subject in college about job application (based on the feedback as a continuation for the job seeking subject).  Prototype: Syllabus for the subject.  Test: Show the syllabus to students in college as if I were a career counselor.  Write feedback and reflections
  9. 9. Syllabus Job Application  How to apply for a job  Online applications  Developing skills: Effective communication  Developing skills: Emotional Intelligence  Final Assignment: Getting a job
  10. 10. Test Feedback  The college should have agreements with companies to help the students work and count it for the class.  Change the final assignment, the rest is ok.  In the subject, students could organize a job fair to have an approach with the companies and that these have vacancies available for the students.  Another skill to develop is conversational English and specific vocabulary for the student’s careers.  Some colleges have this type of subjects in which you do the professional practices and they’re part of the final grade.
  11. 11. Test Reflection  For the subject to have the best results, the support from different companies is needed to have agreements with universities to offer jobs for students.  Projects like organizing a job fair help to develop skills like teamwork, effective communication and creativity. Maybe also have another project where students could actually start building their own companies, that would be great.  Add conversational English and specified vocabulary to the developing skills section. Here in Mexico City most of the jobs require to have an advanced English knowledge.