In field wireless video conferencing and telemetry solution


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Rugged and portable audio-video wireless communications systems for first responders telemedical and industrial supervision operations

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In field wireless video conferencing and telemetry solution

  1. 1. PORTABLE TELEMEDICAL SYSTEMS WITH MEDICAL DECISION SUPPORT - INDUSTRY & EMERGENCY Designed  in  coopera.on  with  Russian  Associa.on  of  Telemedicine  
  2. 2. Project  Goals   Provide  advanced  technology  enabling  solu.ons   for  paramedical  and  rescue  staff  capable  to:   •  deliver  knowledge  on  demand  in  opera.on  context   and  .mely  fashion   •  ensure  situa.on  awareness  and  mission  control   •  keep  high  safety  and  efficiency  in   environments  and  missions   •  support  handsfree  opera.on  within  advanced   collabora.on  and  connec.vity  framework.  
  3. 3. Product  Line  Overview     •  ARNEGA™ is a family of smart wearable & mobile wireless solutions enabling audiovisual communications and telemetry in real time for complete situation awareness & control. •  Designed to meet various equipment needs of medical & emergency workers, rescuers and special task forces in industrial and transportation sectors, government and public health and safety sectors. •  The system provides remote video assistance & guidance from experts located off-site and wireless access to expert knowledge bases for quicker and better decision-making. Watch  ARNEGA  video:    Goal              Solu.on    
  4. 4. Key  Func8onali8es  &  Features   T h e   s y s t e m   s u p p o r t s   I T U   videoconferencing   that   can   bring   together   different   experts   from   anywhere   in   the   world   for   real   .me   brainstorming  and  decision-­‐making.     ü   modular  architecture     ü   wide  range  of  op.ons  for  solving  various  tasks   ü   different  markets  system  versions   ü   connec.on  of  addi.onal  equipment   ü   patented  technology   ü   diverse  smart  interconnec.vity  (local  or  global)  supported  by   MCU’s    for  intercommunica.ons  of  Radio,  Audio,  Video  over  IP   ü Cisco  Health  &  Tele  Presence  endpoint  compa.bility.  
  5. 5. Basic  System  components   •    Videoconferencing   module   +     add.   equipment   inbuilt   into  a  specialized  wearable  vest,  backpack  or  a  belt   •    Camera,  laser  pointer  and  LED  torch  are  inbuilt  into  a  helmet   Such  approach  keeps  hands  free  providing  the  worker  with  a  complete   freedom  of  movement.     •    Audio/video/Data  is  transmiYed  to  the   coordina.on  center   •   Communica.on  is  bi-­‐direc.onal   •    A  micro  display  may  be  integrated  into   the   glasses   worn   by   the   worker   for   a   duplex  video  mode    
  6. 6.   Overall  Solu8on  Structure   ü Emergency   situa.on       management     (vehicles,   infrastructure,   safety)   ü   FR  staff   opera.on  and   health  control   ü Everywhere,  locally   and  central  level   of  situa.on   awareness    
  7. 7. Product  family  members:   ARNEGA-­‐MAX      (semi-­‐rugged,  fully  rugged)   •  helmet  equipped   with  an  audio  and  video  device,   LP  &  Torch,  GPS/GLONASS  t&t.   •   Unload  vest  (  suit   (2-­‐6  ballis.c  protec.on   category)  or  backpack  with  a   power  supply  and  addi.onal   equipment   • Rugged  computer,  codec    in   IP67  protected  case;   • Antennas,  boosters,  cables.  
  8. 8.   Product  family  members:   ARNEGA-­‐MINI    (basic,  semi-­‐rugged)       •    V i d e o   h e a d s e t   ( m o n o c u l a r   o r     stereoscopic)   or   stripe   with   LP   &   Torch,  HD   camera,  embedded  MID   •    Backpack   with   a   rugged   computer   and   a   power  supply  or  waist,  belt  MID.    
  9. 9.   Product  family  members:   ARNEGA-­‐VC  (telemedical  applica6ons)         •  IP67  suitcase   ü   Includes  camera  on  the  inside  of  the     ü suitcase  cover  (night  vision  op.on)   ü   LCD  15,6”  sunreadable  display  (protected  glass)   ü   HW  Coding/decoding  module  (based  on  Cisco  codecs)   ü BaYeries  for  in  field  opera.on   •  Light  medical  vest  +  headset  stripe  w/camera  and  torch   •  Telemedical   module   includes   IPC   &   the   following   medical   equipment  (user  configurable):     ü    ECG,   oxymeter,   e-­‐stethoscope,   blood   pressure,   thermometer,  glucometer   ü  Ultrasound  sensor  or  scanner  as  an  op.on  (connectable   via  digital  interfaces  such  as  USB)   ü  other  equipment  may  be  integrated  on  request   •  Remote  control  (internal  power  supply)  
  10. 10.   System  versions:   ARNEGA-­‐VCE  (technical  supervision,  telemedicine)   •  ARNEGA  VC  system  PLUS:   ü  helmet  or  Headset  w/audio  and  video  devices  (HDV+AHS)       ü  vest,  GPS/GLONASS  posi.oning  device,  wearable  rugged  or   wrist  computer,  baYeries     ü  Second  external  videocamera,  external  display,  addi.onal  remote  control   ü  Addi.onal  medical  &  metrological  equipment   ü  Biofeedback  device  for  monitoring  physical  and  psychological  state  of  the   paramedic  member   •  Accessories     ü  3D  Glasses  for  augmented  reality  applica.ons   ü  UAV  remote  control  module  with  situa.on  view  system   ü  Inmarsat  BGAN  or  VSAT  communica.on  terminal,  MESH  network  
  11. 11.   Applica8ons:           In   emergency   situa.ons   ARNEGA™   will   help   lower  by:   ü establishing  direct  real  .me   contact  b/w  pa.ent  and  his   doctor     ü Providing  access  to   knowledge  base,  pre-­‐ diagnos.c  expert  system  or   MIS   ü   providing  qualified  first  aid   in  case  of  accidents  through   remote  support  of  a  number  of   experts  
  12. 12.   Applica8ons  environment:   •    Suitable   for   use   in   all   working   environments,   including  hazardous  environments  (ATEX  Zone  2  cer.fied)     •    Helps   guarantee   the   security   &   safety   of   workers   and   effec.veness  of  the  works  conducted    
  13. 13. Current  Deployments     •  Telemedical,  Emergency  &  Recovery  trains  
  14. 14. Current  Deployments     •  Ambulances,  Road  inspec.on  labs,  oil  plajorms  
  15. 15. Medical  assistent  &bodyguard   The  device  is  made  in  the  form  of  a  bracelet  (op.ons:  t-­‐shirt  or  socks)   and  includes  a  set  of  wireless  sensors  that  track  the  loca.on  of  a   person  in  addi.on  to  control  heart  rate,  blood  pressure,  oxygen  levels   and  blood  sugar  level.  
  16. 16. User's  personal  account   All  informa.on  collected  from  medical  sensors  comes  to  the  user's   personal  account.  In  case  of  exceeding  the  permissible  values  the  system   sends  an  alarm  signal  (to  rela.ves  or  to  family  doctor).  Exceeding  of  the   permissible  parameters  is  stored  in  case  history.  
  17. 17.   AWARDS   v Emercom  silver  medal  2013       v Skolkovo  Founda.on  Awards  for  research     v GFK  Group,  Germany  2012  (Cebit)   Award  of  10  best  projects  of  the   Cebit  fair  in  CODE-­‐n  contest.   hYp://t-­‐  
  18. 18.   Ongoing  development:    3D  vision  module:  Integrated  system  of  3D  vision  with   support  of  augmented  reality  and  in-­‐built  or  loadable  libraries       of  virtual  objects,  opera.on  environment;      mission  context  ac.vated  tools  according  to  the  worker’s   specializa.on  and  skills.     This  module  will  help,   for  example,  a  surgeon   located  off-­‐site  show  a   medical  worker  how  to   perform  a  par.cular       part  of  an  opera.on.  
  19. 19.   Ongoing  &  Future  development:    Trauma  detec8on  module:  Automated  image  analysis  and      anomalies  recogni.on  system  based  on  2D/3D  ultrasound     images.  The  recogni.on  methods  used  are  ar.ficial  neural   networks,  fuzzy  logic,  k-­‐nearest  neighbour,  their   combina.on.       A  CADD  system  to  help  detect   foreign  objects  in  the  body,   fractures,  internal  bleeding   and  other  trauma.  
  20. 20.   Ongoing  development:   Knowledge  bases  &  decision  support:  Web-­‐service   with  access  to  theme  or  person  based  expert       knowledge    and  other  ci.zen-­‐oriented  services,     including:   • Doctor’s  remote  consulta.on  at  home  or  in  a  move   • Access  to  medical  knowledge  bases  and  the  “automated  pre-­‐ diagnos.cs”   zone   –   this   service   allows   you   to   upload   medical       images  and  get  an  automated  “diagnosis”  based  on  an  image   analysis  and  features  iden.fica.on;   • Medical  dummies  integra.on  for  visual     coaching  and  simula.ons   • Standardiza.ons,  both  MIS  (HL7)  EMR  and  device     (Con.nua,  ISO  X37  based)  levels  for  end-­‐to-­‐end  opera.ons.  
  21. 21. Tradi8on  Group  Background  
  22. 22.   Contact  Info:         Dr.  A.Panfilov   Tradi.on  Group  Ltd.   hYp://