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Corus Asia Co., Ltd / Corporate Profile / English Short

  1. 1. Dear Friends! Past year 2011 has brought a lot of real challenges to team, high qualification of the staff, and talented Thailand tourism industry. Various natural disasters management allows to consider us a perspective as well as political disorders have urged knock- and sustainably progressing team which proved kneed agencies to quit tourism market whereas solid in its short period of co-working to be a reliable high-end, and smart marketing policy companies partner ensuring high quality of services provided. acquired inestimable experience and managed to Our major objective is delivery of high quality enhance their positions. We are pleased to inform travel service, expanding of travel routes in South- you that CORUS ASIA is one of the tourist companies East Asia and Thailand in particular, promotion of not only to preserve its competitive position but to local sightseeings and tourist flow increase. expand services scope, and to move to a new level of Relationship with our partners is one of our high-quality travel arranging. priorities as well. We are looking to be judged by Our company might not impress with a our partners according to our work effectiveness longstanding evolution history, still a tight-knit and the opportunities we provide. Building the policy of mutual beneficial cooperation we leave no stone unturned to keep partnership interrelations« Our major objective is delivery of for years. We are always eager to form effectivehigh quality travel service, expand- collaboration and strengthen partnership on the terms winning for both sides. With our support youing of travel routes in South-East are able to offer your clients brand new productsAsia and Thailand in particular which might engage fresh customers and become a principal income item of your company. 1
  2. 2. About us CORUS ASIA has been founded in year 2010. It Currently CORUS ASIA has several offices in is a young tour operator with good ambitions different regions of Thailand. This makes it possible to endeavoring to present uniqueness and mind- provide various offers of a wide range. The company bending beauty of Thailand and South-East Asia. is able to propose its customers both huge variety Despite of being so young CORUS ASIA may be of tours and excursions, superb service niveau, and treated as an experienced company as its founders careful support and individual approach to every and manager have been working in travel business client. Transportation is carried out exclusively with since long (starting in 90ies) including more than new comfortable buses and vans. 11-year-long experience directly in sunny and The principle advantage of CORUA ASIA travel cordial Thailand. company lies in a tight-knit team of fellow-thinkers and enthusiasts providing individual approach« CORUA ASIA travel company lies in a to each customer and delivering services of the highest quality.tight-knit team of fellow-thinkers and en-thusiasts providing individual approach toeach customer and delivering services ofthe highest quality 2
  3. 3. CORUS ASIA offices The company opened in September 2010 and at that time it had a general office located in the downtown of Thailand capital, Bangkok, and an operational Chiang Rai office in Sukhumvit street in a marvellous city of Pattaya which is the most popular resort of the Land Chiang Mai of Smiles. Currently, aside of Pattaya and Bangkok offices, CORUS ASIA disposes an office on Phuket island as well which has deserved the name of a real jewel in the crown. As the amount of tourists coming to Thailand is constantly growing CORUS ASIA is actively designing new tourism experiences interesting for our customers. This is the reason why we are planning to open new official representative offices in Southern provinces such as Khao Lak region, which is one of the most exotic places at Andaman seashore, and Bangkok Trang province, which has a reputation not only for plenty of beauteous islands but also for waterfalls, Pattaya caves and virgin jungle woods. Aside of these, we are Cha-am devoting attention to regions glorious of their history and culture as well, such as Ayutthaya and Sukhothai. Koh Samet Hua Hin Koh Chang The Gulf of Thailand Koh Samui Technologies we useThe Andaman Sea Investments in technologies is CORUS ASIA’s another Krabi priority which gives a possibility to be up-to-date in online booking system implementation and timely Phuket comply with different market trends. CORUS ASIA uses software which is represented by permanently updated high technologies. The software admits integration with any toolkit applied in booking process with the help of booking lists export / import options in Excel format or by means of XML. Our company is actively developing own Cobstvennye offices online booking system B2B (detailed information in ‘Further company growth objectives’ chapter), Official Mission and is constantly searching for new concepts on Own offices and official Mission forthbringing of CORUS ASIA services and offers into open internet space (including launch of a website similar to such high-standing branded sites as, agoda, etc.). Up-to-date technologies and online interoffice connection between organizations, departments and operations are of vital importance for the company, contributing to its growth, expanded branch network creation, and strengthening of mutually advantageous partnership relations. 3
  4. 4. Hotels and sightseeing CORUS ASIA company is on the point of providing Fast confirmation of requests in CORUS ASIA, full range of services specified for large tourist flow as well as actual and authoritative responding to volume companies, and online-seller organizations, agents’ queries is an apparent advantage of work and boutique tourist firms interested in highly with the company. All requests are being confirmed qualified service for their customers. next to immediately, within two hour period of time. For our customers’ comfortable accommodation Sophisticated requests, or complicated room demands CORUS ASIA has signed contracts practically with all and claims are being confirmed within a day. Such hotels of the Land of Smiles and masters rated rooms work efficiency of the booking department is possible there (allotments), and, if necessary, sets quotas due to highly skilled managers’ engagement knowing on narrow terms (commitments). Aside of our own their job all the way from A to Z. contracts, CORUS ASIA is bound with other tourist Reservatiom department of CORUS ASIA is at companies in a reliable partner relationship. service 365 days a year, 24 hous a day, independing Not resting on its laurels, CORUS ASIA is constantly of the season. Around-the-clock service enables searching for new hotels and offers and permanently processing of all of the incoming requests at following up new resorts uprising and new hotels any time of the year and day using modern appearance. communication forms (like skype, icq, blackberry, online-messengers, hotlines). Sightseeing service which is offered by the « Reservatiom department company is not limited to simple excursions along the country. Company product manager is continually of CORUS ASIA is at service 365 days searching for new ideas and trends, developing new routes, and making competitive bargains. a year, 24 hous a day, independing Tourists wishing not only to enjoy beach vacations are proposed a wide range of tours and of the season excursions including cultural and historical ones, event attending, seatours, active rest experience, etc. CORUS ASIA transport CORUS ASIA scope of transport consists of cosy cars and buses of upgraded comfort. Part of them belongs to the company, and the other part is provided by licensed transporting companies certified for passenger transportation execution.Funding of all CORUS ASIA company projects is being executedexclusively from its own assets 4
  5. 5. Achievements and goals During the period of CORUS ASIA business 5% 4% 3% 3% 10% activity the company managed to reach essential 5% outcomes in promoting Thailand as one of the most appropriate places for having a vacation, arranging important events, excursions and studies. We have also taken steps for expanding the geographical area of tourist flow and involving clients not only 20% from post-Soviet countries but also from the whole world. Compared to the year 2010 when the company has been working in Russia only 50% currently we are progressing close cooperation with such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Россия Украина Казахстан Арабские страны Uzbekistan, Azerbaidjan, Arabic countries, Estonia, Эстония и Латвия Азербайджан Узбекистан Другие страны Latvia and Lithuania. CORUS ASIA company values and respects each service. Also, company leadership team has projected customer and does its best to deliver highly-qualified CORUS ASIA forthbringing to international market. Further company growth objectives As any other dynamically growing company the most important tourism centers of the region. To CORUS ASIA is trying to increase quality of service promote Thailand as the most perspective area for and expand its activity area. For a full-scale and vacations of a high quality the company leadership comfortable work between our company and our is planning to take part in various promo-actions, current and potential partners we are launching exhibitions, workshops, and discussions. our own online booking В2В (Business to Business) Similar to past years, the company leadership’s system in the coming tourist season 2012. Thanks plans contain projects for further development by to this system companies looking for appropriate means of company’s own assets. This statement is online technologies will have the possibility to apply of crucial importance, as the refusal from external our product in order to increase efficiency of their financing is an objective indicator of reliability business and enlarge sales volume. Companies and cost-effectiveness of a company. Moreover, which are using similar technologies in their offices availability of company’s own floating fund enables are provided with XML data integration channel. the company to execute consistent finance and Understanding the importance of commercial investment policy independing on current situation opportunities of mass media the company leadership on world finance market. is planning in the nearest future to promote actively our offers and benefits of vacations in South-East Asia including the Land of Smiles, Thailand, via our existing« We are launching our own online booking В2В (Business to Business)system in the coming tourist season 2012 personal profiles on facebook, twitter,, google+ and linkedin social platforms. Moreover, the functioning company site is to be adapted for foreign tourists (that is, there will be site versions in English, Arabic and other languages). We are working thoroughly on bringing the company into international market and involving new clients interested in high-quality serviced holidays. For this reason the company is promoting cultural traditions, sightseeings and advantages of vacations in South-East Asia and namely in Thailand as one of 5
  6. 6. Company business trends Within the two years of its business activity CORUA ASIA has managed not only to cover almost all travel trends in Thailand tourist sphere but also offers its customers exclusive vacation types which have no counterparts in South-East Asia. At the moment main tour arrangement offers of the company comprise: • Tourist excursions; • Event tourism; • Wedding tourism; • Health and fitness tours; • SPA tours; • Sports tourism; • Educational tours; • Expo tourism and business travel; • Corporate tourism; • Individual tours; • Welcoming officials.« In any case Thailand is a paradise making possible not onlycareless relaxation but also profitable investments Conclusion Smooth tropical climate, picturesque nature, huge Thai cities are permanently developing, and novelties number of sightseeings, ideal price-to-quality ratio are reaching places located faraway from the capital. and easy lifestyle are the most essential reasons for This favours economical climate coursing stability, many people to not only be willing to have vacations upgrading of manufacturing, growth of employment, in the Land of Smiles but also invest in it. Some people and strengthening of reliability in general. During feel Thailand an excellent opportunity to combine rest its long history Thailand has proved many times and profitable investment, the others are attracted that despite of all political or natural catastrophes by the fact that the same things are much more its economy always restores. Those observing affordable here than in other countries matching development of the Land of Smiles from the short them in comfort and quality. Someone else considers distance can assure that future of Thailand and its real estate purchase in Thailand solely from the point travel industry in particular is exceptionally optimistic. of view of further earning capacity expecting to gain In case you got interested in this exciting country permanent income from leasing. and you would like to be in progress along with it, In any case Thailand is a paradise making possible CORUS ASIA may become your reliable partner eager not only careless relaxation but also profitable to represent all Thailand benefits to you with great investments. Moreover, from the point of view of pleasure. Cooperation with CORUS ASIA is a guarantee investment risks the Kingdom of Thailand is one of for your business stability and auspicious vacations for the most forecasted countries of the world. All of the your customers. Corus Asia Co., Ltd Suite no. 2974V Level 29, The Offices at Central World 999/9 Rama I Road Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand Telephone: +(66) 2 207 8638 Facsimile: +(66) 2 207 8646 Mobile: +(66) 89 203 6752 +(66) 814 293 244 Web: E-mail: 6