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Corus Asia Co., Ltd / Corporate Profile / English Full

  1. 1. 1. 1. COMPANY FOUNDERSAND GENERAL DIRECTOR WELCOME SPEECHDear Friends! partnership relation development and looking forwardPast year 2011 has brought a lot of real challenges to to opening company local agencies in different pointsThailand tourism industry. Various natural disasters of the world we consider partnership one of the highas well as political disorders have urged knock-kneed prioritised trends, and contemplate a possibility toagencies to quit tourism market whereas solid high- establish new agencies while cooperating with ourend, and smart marketing policy companies acquired current and future business partners.inestimable experience and managed to enhance We are going to have started up a new onlinetheir positions. We are pleased to inform you that booking system by the next tourist season bothCORUS ASIA is one of the tourist companies not only for hosting and sending companies. The system isto preserve its competitive position but to expand of wide functionality allowing integrity with otherservices scope, and to move to a new level of high- tourism software solutions and XML. The bookingquality travel arranging. system serves as a simplification tool for our partners The lessons of the past years have also been enabling timely follow-up of requests and any requestmastered well by Thai government. Thus this changes made.magnificent country has set a course for tourism We are also proud of launching an individualquality raise and, as a result, increase in income. This tourism project in the new tourist season. The projectis what Thailand prime-minister Abhisit Vejjajiva provides a possibility of rental villas and apartmentsreported at national tourist forum which took place comprising all-inclusive service (if desired). Thein March 2011. project may become a beneficial investment piece for Our company might not impress with a our partners.longstanding evolution history, still a tight-knit Our major objective is delivery of high qualityteam, high qualification of the staff, and talented travel service, expanding of travel routes in South-management allows to consider us a perspective East Asia and Thailand in particular, promotion ofand sustainably progressing team which proved in local sightseeings and tourist flow increase.its short period of co-working to be a reliable partner Relationship with our partners is one of ourensuring high quality of services provided. We dare to priorities as well. We are looking to be judged by ourclaim that we guarantee quality and stability of our partners according to our work effectiveness andwork. Not only our success can be treated as quality the opportunities we provide. Building the policyassurance but also participation in such famous of mutual beneficial cooperation we leave no stoneorganizations as Tourism Authority of Thailand – TAT, unturned to keep partnership interrelations for years.and Association of Thai Travel Agents – АТТА. We are always eager to form effective collaboration Thanks to our partners we have significantly and strengthen partnership on the terms winning forexpanded the range of tour proposals and are able to both sides. With our support you are able to offeroffer our customers unique experience options striking your clients brand new products which might engagewith their remarkability and leaving unforgettable fresh customers and become a principal income itememotions. Understanding importance and value of of your company. 1
  2. 2. 2. ABOUT US CORUS ASIA has been founded in year 2010. is using only company own assets for travel businessIt is a young tour operator with good ambitions investments and increasing service quality.endeavoring to present uniqueness and mind- Company leadership is permanently followingbending beauty of Thailand and South-East Asia. up skill level of the team and tracking performanceDespite of being so young CORUS ASIA may be niveau of the guides, transfermen and drivers.treated as an experienced company as its founders Moreover, the more experienced employees areand manager have been working in travel business always ready to provide necessary support andsince long (starting in 90ies) including more than coach the colleagues. Our management model11-year-long experience directly in sunny and enables to treat each team member as an individualcordial Thailand. They studied thoroughly all travel possessing his/her own talents and preferences andbusiness aspects first-hand while having a guide job, able to provide innovative ideas. Each employeebeing in a managing position, or welcoming officials. suggestion is reviewed, while the most colourfulUsing their skills and knowledge gained through the and extraordinary are brought into life.period of work our leadership team managed to find Currently CORUS ASIA has several offices inan appropriate marketing tool which allowed the different regions of Thailand. This makes it possible tocompany to not only have occupied its respective provide various offers of a wide range. The companyposition at Thailand tourism market but securely is able to propose its customers both huge varietykeep it by constant building up tourist flow and of tours and excursions, superb service niveau, andimproving service quality. careful support and individual approach to every Highly qualified staff and eagerness to expand client. Transportation is carried out exclusively withthe range of services to a maximum are the new comfortable buses and vans.factors allowing the company’s steady growth The principle advantage of CORUA ASIA traveland to fix reliable and professional travel agency company lies in a tight-knit team of fellow-thinkerspartnership network both in post-Soviet and other and enthusiasts providing individual approach toworld countries. Within the period of the company each customer and delivering services of the highestexistence the leadership has never taken loans and quality.2.1. CORUS ASIA CORPORATE STRUCTURE President & CEO – Anton Konovalov The Management Vice President and General Director – Mikhail Tyurin Associate Director – Preeda Chaiyo Director of Information and Technologies – Information & Technologies Alexander Tyurin Finance Accountant Manager – Aree Kaewprajak Business Development Manager / Russia and CIS – Sales and Marketing Olga Lazareva Business Development Manager / Middle East – Ahmed Laribi Contracting & Product Country Marketing Manager – Panticha Gunnut Contracting Manager – Kritthiwat Kajohnpun Operation Area Manager / Pattaya – Ekaterina Khaykonenko Ground Service Operations Area Manager / Phuket – Tanakorn Paewsri Area Manager / Bangkok – Jittaporn Tanghoo 2
  3. 3. 2.2. CORUS ASIA STAFFCORUS ASIA is not a big company maintaining establish reliable cooperation schemes with businessenvironment of trust between its employees and partners and travel industry colleagues, and find bestspecial attitude to every tourist. This is the reason solutions in most challenging issues.why company leadership is not chasing the aim to Company personnel includes both local Thai guidesput customer support on conveyer sacrificing service willing to share interesting and unique knowledgequality, or hire much more employees at the expense about their home country, and multilingual customerof credibility loss and team spirit forfeit. care managers having explored Thailand not from Most of the companies having considerable staff promotional booklets or travel guide manuals butare urged to fire the majority of employees in shoulder residing in the Kingdom of Thailand and perceiving itseasons to increase efficiency and eliminate losses on as their second home. This is why excursions arrangedcost. CORUS ASIA proceeds in a different manner and by our company not merely disclose outer glory of theprefers working within a small solidated team where country but also help sink into the ancient Kingdom’snumber of regular members is not depending on a culture. There are Russian speaking guides working forseason. Due to such scheme all the employees are the company (Russian is a mother language for them) asmotivated for service quality and esteem their job. well as guides speaking fluent Arabic, Turkish or English. CORUS ASIA employees rolled in the company with Apart from guides company staff also comprisestheir own rich experience in travel business. Most of skilled drivers who are familiar with every street or areathem had been working in tourism field for around 10 of Thailand. Highly experienced drivers will at shortyears. Company staff is multinational as it comprises notice bring a tourist to any point of the Kingdom withrepresentatives from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Morocco, the help of comfortable transport means.Thailand, etc. Naturally, each colleague contributes into Vast experience and well-developed infrastructurecompany his/her own know-hows and numerous both offers the possibility to deliver qualified services to bothbusiness and social contacts matured in their work private tourists and companies disposing medium andprocess. This provides a possibility for CORUS ASIA to substantial tourist volumes.2.3. CORUS ASIA OFFICESThe company opened in September 2010 and at that province, which has a reputation not only for plentytime it had a general office located in the downtown of beauteous islands but also for waterfalls, caves andof Thailand capital, Bangkok, and an operational office virgin jungle woods. Aside of these, we are devotingin Sukhumvit street in a marvellous city of Pattaya attention to regions glorious of their history andwhich is the most popular resort of the Land of Smiles. culture as well, such as Ayutthaya and Sukhothai.Currently, aside of Pattaya and Bangkok offices, CORUS All of company offices are comfortable andASIA disposes an office on Phuket island as well which homely, and equipped with the up-to-date computershas deserved the name of a real jewel in the crown. and high-speed internet connection. This allows ourMoreover, our company is officially represented in managers to effectively reply to customers’ claimsnearly all significant areas of the country: and respond the requests, and keep in touch with• North – cities of Chiang Mai, the former capital of other offices around-the-clock to coordinate andThe Kingdom of Lanna, and Chiang Rai, the cradle of synchronize shared work stages.Thai civilization;• Central region – Hua Hin and Cha-am Provinces. Inthese resorts you will find fashionable shelter placesfor your full relaxation reserving despite of moderncivilization development true Thai zest. You may alsofind our offices on Koh Chang and Koh Samet islandsfamous for their tropical national parks.• South – Krabi province dazzling with its beauteoussea and seashore landscapes. One of our offices locateson Samui island which is often called Paradise on Earth.As the amount of tourists coming to Thailand isconstantly growing CORUS ASIA is actively designingnew tourism experiences interesting for ourcustomers. This is the reason why we are planning toopen new official representative offices in Southernprovinces such as Khao Lak region, which is one of themost exotic places at Andaman seashore, and Trang 3
  4. 4. 2.4. TECHNOLOGIES WE USE Investments in technologies is CORUS ASIA’s another of XML in real-time mode for all company partners. priority which gives a possibility to be up-to-date in The data at our website is completely analytical online booking system implementation and timely (based on OTA standards) and is enchained comply with different market trends. CORUS ASIA through hyperlinks. Thus, CORUS ASIA operators uses software which is represented by permanently are able to easily and fast send any product or updated high technologies. The software admits service informations (with detailed data on hotels integration with any toolkit applied in booking and pictures attached) directly from company’s process with the help of booking lists export / server. This enables our partners to get access to all import options in Excel format or by means of XML. company offers and services in a practical, effective Our company is actively developing own and cost efficient way. online booking system B2B (detailed information Back Office of the company is fully automated in ‘Further company growth objectives’ chapter), which allows all structural departments (respon- and is constantly searching for new concepts on sible for booking, contract signing, operations, forthbringing of CORUS ASIA services and offers into accounting, etc.) and company branches to have open internet space (including launch of a website the possibility to share information content and similar to such high-standing branded sites as receive (depending on the type of user’s access), agoda, etc.). necessary data for higher efficiency. Thereby Online-booking system supports White label & manual operation is not applied at all which both Back Office solutions, as well as Google maps, and saves time and reduces cost for efficiency wages, provides integration between services and products and contributes into error elimination. Moreover, offered by the company and various distribution it provides a possibility for our leadership team to channels (e.g. websites, booking systems) by means be admitted to the whole database, retrieve im- portant statistical data and analyse it in decision-« Our company is actively making process in future. Up-to-date technologies and online interofficedeveloping own online booking connection between organizations, departments and operations are of vital importance for thesystem B2B (Business to Business) company, contributing to its growth, expanded branch network creation, and strengthening of mutually advantageous partnership relations. 4
  5. 5. 2.5. HOTELS AND SIGHTSEEINGCORUS ASIA company is on the point of providing full confirmed by hotel partners and other customer servicerange of services specified for large tourist flow volume supply affiliates of CORUS ASIA.companies, and online-seller organizations, and boutique Fast confirmation of requests in CORUS ASIA, as welltourist firms interested in highly qualified service for their as actual and authoritative responding to agents’ queriescustomers. is an apparent advantage of work with the company. For our customers’ comfortable accommodation All requests are being confirmed next to immediately,CORUS ASIA has signed contracts practically with all within two hour period of time. Sophisticated requests,hotels of the Land of Smiles and masters rated rooms or complicated room demands and claims are beingthere (allotments), and, if necessary, sets quotas on confirmed within a day. Such work efficiency of thenarrow terms (commitments). Aside of our own contracts, booking department is possible due to highly skilledCORUS ASIA is bound with other tourist companies in a managers’ engagement knowing their job all the wayreliable partner relationship. from A to Z. The managers are highly experienced and Company’s operators are systematically analyzing are able to respond quickly to various issues and requestsroom rate offers and examining competitive proposals. To satisfying completely all demands and wishes of ourimprove quality of service our managers of interrelations partners. Company’s own software contributes to timelywith hotels and tourist services supplier departments are request execution as well, with the toolkit ensuringaccurately analyzing competitiveness of price offers, and 100% in-process correctness of the company bookingin close cooperation with internal marketing manager department.are effectively working on providing the best price Reservatiom department of CORUS ASIA is at serviceand conditions. Not resting on its laurels, CORUS ASIA 365 days a year, 24 hous a day, independing of the constantly searching for new hotels and offers and Around-the-clock service enables processing of all of thepermanently following up new resorts uprising and new incoming requests at any time of the year and day usinghotels appearance. modern communication forms (like skype, icq, blackberry, Standard solutions in contracting between CORUS online-messengers, hotlines). Responding to clients’ASIA and hotels are the following: claims the booking department provides a detailed • Setting room quotas on flexible terms, fixing a information (with comprehensive description), whichrelease period appropriate in time; enables customers of the company receive on-the-spot • Mandatory condition is availability of special offers, and to the uttermost instructive knowledge.such as early booking and extra early booking; Sightseeing service which is offered by the company • CORUS ASIA confirms best conditions for children, is not limited to simple excursions along the country.such as free additional beds, free meals; age limit is to be Company product manager is continually searching12-16 years old; for new ideas and trends, developing new routes, and • Having in its base all room categories CORUS ASIA making competitive taking thorough control over rated rooms distribution Tourists wishing not only to enjoy beach vacations arewhich ensures accurate and on-the-spot data on hotel proposed a wide range of tours and excursions includingrooms availability; cultural and historical ones, event attending, seatours, • In situation when CORUS ASIA partners are selling active rest experience, etc. Thanks to sightseeing servicestours differently from what was scheduled the company is our tourists have an opportunity to ride elephants, studyalways ready to provide special service conditions. traditional Thai massage, or try and cook courses of We cannot but tell about our other special offers exotic Thai cuisine, or enjoy beauty of exceptional florawhich may arise customer’s interest to certain hotel and fauna of the Land of Smiles, or become familiar withproducts. Such offers as Value Added are discussed and unique Thai culture.2.6. CORUS ASIA TRANSPORTCORUS ASIA scope of transport consists of cosy cars and passenger capacity up to 45 people is also possible inbuses of upgraded comfort. Part of them belongs to the case of, and the other part is provided by licensed Individual transportation is carried out by means oftransporting companies certified for passenger such cars as Toyota Camry. VIP tourists who appreciatetransportation execution. As a rule, minivans Toyota not only comfort but also luxury are serviced byCommuter are used for comfortable conveyance of premium and lux class cars, from Mercedes to Porsche.customers visiting Thailand and employing CORUS Upon customer’s demand charter flights can beASIA services. These minivans find room for up to arranged by our company operators being experiencednine people and their luggage and enable easy and in plane accepting arrangements, and having maturedcomfortable travelling across the country. Moreover, contacts with Thai organizations which are in charge ofarrangement of conveyance with big buses with charter flights acceptance. 5
  6. 6. 3. ACHIEVEMENTS AND GOALSDuring the period of CORUS ASIA business activitythe company managed to reach essential outcomesin promoting Thailand as one of the most appropriateplaces for having a vacation, arranging importantevents, excursions and studies. We have also takensteps for expanding the geographical area of touristflow and involving clients not only from post-Sovietcountries but also from the whole world. Comparedto the year 2010 when the company has beenworking in Russia only currently we are progressingclose cooperation with such countries as Russia,Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaidjan,Arabic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Wemust say that partners and customers never feeluneasy because of insufficient language knowledge,as our operators are always able to provide servicein customer’s mother language. CORUS ASIAcompany values and respects each customer anddoes its best to deliver highly-qualified service. Also,company leadership team has projected CORUSASIA forthbringing to international market. Such fast development of the company becamepossible not only thanks to our staff experience andupright leadership management but also changes inThailand tourist market, including the fact that fromthe year 1999 tourism in Thailand gained the statusof mass trend. Government and tourist associationsof Thailand are doing their best to attract as manytourists as possible to this incredible country whichdares to compete with recognized tourist centreslike Turkey or Egypt in its beauty, uniqueness, andvariety of proposed tourist experiences. In the statistical data of tourist flow shared by theMinistry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand we cansee that in the year 2009 tourist flow has decreasedbut during 2010-2011 Thailand has been steadilyincreasing it. Russian tourist volume increase is outstanding.Thailand highly qualified service and great varietyof travel experiences have essentially contributedto this fact. Among the offers there are cleansandbeaches, hundreds of magnificent islands,archeological and architectural significances,museums, abounding nightlife, exuberant flora andfauna for prices quite affordable for Russian citizens. Middle East tourist flow is also increasing.Attractive for Middle East tourists are attendingThailand in rainfall season as well as excellent serviceniveau in the Kingdom, high quality of the offeredproducts and of course warmth and traditional Thaihospitality. Middle East customers are interestedhere in shopping, entertainment, resort visitations,and recreation vacations. It’s being expected that in the year 2012 Thailandwill be visited by around 20,4-20,9 mln of tourists,which is by 8-10% more than last year. 6
  7. 7. 3.1. FUNDING Funding of all CORUS ASIA company projects is 3. Creation of Client’s Club consisting of loyal being executed exclusively from its own assets. customers of the company. Every member of the Within two years of its business activity the company club obtains extra discounts and benefits for all has sponsored and launched such projects as: CORUS ASIA services. 1. Arrangement and carrying out 4. Creation and expanding of own scope of advertisement and get-to-know tours for our partners apartments, houses and villas for individual tourism held at low season as this time suits best for learning which provides abandonment of hotel room at ease all Thailand benefits to the maximum. Get- options. to-know tours are serviced by professional guides 5. Opening of a receiving company in one who not only know the peculiarities of this fabulous of the most perspective areas of South-East Asia, country but also love it passionately treating it as Cambodia, as well as development of an exciting their home. In the process of exploring the country tour to Cambodia Kingdom glorious for its Angkor our partners gain the opportunity to get all the Wat temple complex. A trip to Cambodia includes actual information about excursion capacities and accomodation in premium-class 4 and 5 star hotels, hotels of Thailand and South-East Asia. excursions in the Kingdom’s capital, Pnom Pen, and 2. Arranging and carrying out of get-to-know luxurious vacations on Sihanoukville resort beaches. offsite and internet workshops, and masterclasses 6. Development of franchising brand for day for our partners where all participants may share spa and Thai massage centres setting up in Russian their knowledge and blueprint new routes and Federation. tours. 3.2. INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT To reserve its success, and keep forthcoming into the receiving information via internet, a video-channel international tourism market, CORUS ASIA company on you-tube has been created. Due to it those leadership team has undertaken the following steps who wish may ascertain themselves in all Thailand on infrastructure development. benefits and tourism variety. • First of all a personal site has been created • Popular social networks are also not neglected. which is constantly updated enabling our potential We have our own profile in such social media as customers get acknowledged with both company facebook, twitter,, google+ and linkedin. offers and news of Thailand and South-East Asia. • Company own offices and agencies have been • As most of the people prefer searching and opened in different parts of the country which made it possible to essentially increase number of« We work 24/7 for quick responding interesting and exciting routes, and offer various travel experience to our all incoming requests, bookings • A call-centre and a tourist support service have been started up. They work 24/7 for quick respondingand questions to all incoming requests, bookings and questions. 7
  8. 8. 3.3. FURTHER COMPANY GROWTH OBJECTIVES As any other dynamically growing company the true value of the high quality software, and all CORUS ASIA is trying to increase quality of service advantages of the searched service online booking and expand its activity area. For a full-scale and from the very first moment of using it. comfortable work between our company and our Understanding the importance of commercial current and potential partners we are launching opportunities of mass media the company our own online booking В2В (Business to Business) leadership is planning in the nearest future system in the coming tourist season 2012. Thanks to promote actively our offers and benefits of to this system companies looking for appropriate vacations in South-East Asia including the Land of online technologies will have the possibility to apply Smiles, Thailand, via our existing personal profiles our product in order to increase efficiency of their on facebook, twitter,, google+ and business and enlarge sales volume. Companies linkedin social platforms. Moreover, the functioning which are using similar technologies in their offices company site is to be adapted for foreign tourists are provided with XML data integration channel. (that is, there will be site versions in English, Arabic and other languages).« Thanks to the system B2B companies We are working thoroughly on bringing the company into international market and involvinglooking for appropriate online technolo- new clients interested in high-quality serviced holidays. For this reason the company is promotinggies will have the possibility to apply our cultural traditions, sightseeings and advantages of vacations in South-East Asia and namely in Thailandproduct in order to increase efficiency of as one of the most important tourism centers of thetheir business and enlarge sales volume region. To promote Thailand as the most perspective area for vacations of a high quality the company leadership is planning to take part in various promo- These technologies will substantially ease our actions, exhibitions, workshops, and discussions. So partners’ work and enable to quickly respond to all much the more Thailand can be proud as plenty of requests and request changes. Currently the system hotels of the country were awarded in the last three is being tested for the customers to be able to see years with a prestige World Travel Awards prize. Award 2009 2010 2011 Thailand’s Leading Beach Dusit Thani Laguna Dusit Thani Laguna Resort Phuket Phuket Thailand’s Leading Business Sheraton Grande The Landmark Bangkok Dusit Thani Bangkok Hotel Sukhumvit Swissôtel Nai Lert Park, Thailand’s Leading City Resort Bangkok Blue Canyon Country Dusit Thani Laguna Dusit Thani Laguna Thailand’s Leading Golf Resort Club Phuket Phuket The Mandarin Oriental InterContinental The Mandarin Oriental Thailand’s Leading Hotel Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand Thailand’s Leading Lifestyle Lebua at State Tower Hotel Four Seasons Resort The Evason Hua Hin Anantara Golden Thailand’s Leading Resort Chiang Mai Resort & Spa Triangle Resort & Spa Thailand’s Leading Romantic U Inchantree Resort Kanchanaburi Thailand’s Leading Serviced Fraser Suites Apartments Sukhumvit The Evason Hua Hin Dusit Thani Laguna Le Meridien Khao Lak Thailand’s Leading Spa Resort Resort & Spa Phuket Beach & Spa Resort As we can see, every year the quality of service in Thailand is consistently uprising. That is the reason why a number of hotels honoured with World Travel Awards prize has essentially grown in the last three years. 8
  9. 9. Having enough experience and knowledge in hotel business area, and applying matured contacts in tourist industry CORUS ASIA company is able to propose profitable investment projects for arranging a mini-network of home hotels. This will enable the company to welcome guests from its own agencies, as well as long-term and potential partners in Thailand. Popularity of All-inclusive system in Turkey and Egypt, as well as growing interest to such system in Thailand encouraged company personnel to implement an adequate system in Thailand vacation planning. That is why tourists wishing to enjoy all benefits of All-inclusive travel package will be able to order such service via CORUS ASIA or its representatives in the next season. within Russian Federation borders. Russian In the year 2012 the company is planning businessmen motivated for delivering such to expand its business activity in service area services to Russian citizens will be involved in day by opening a day spa and Thai massage centre spa and Thai massage centre network distribution in Russia, together with own spa products as well. sales network (oils, creams, etc.). This will give a Similar to past years, the company leadership’s possibility to our potential customers to touch plans contain projects for further development by miraculous Thai traditions and arts remaining means of company’s own assets. This statement is of crucial importance, as the refusal from external financing is an objective indicator of« CORUS ASIA company is able to pro- reliability and cost-effectiveness of a company. Moreover, availability of company’s own floatingpose profitable investment projects for fund enables the company to execute consistent finance and investment policy independing onarranging a mini-network of home hotels current situation on world finance market. 4. COMPANY BUSINESS TRENDS Within the two years of its business activity CORUA ASIA has managed not only to cover almost all travel trends in Thailand tourist sphere but also offers its customers exclusive vacation types which have no counterparts in South-East Asia. At the moment main tour arrangement offers of the company comprise: • Tourist excursions; • Event tourism; • Wedding tourism; • Health and fitness tours; • SPA tours; • Sports tourism; • Educational tours; • Expo tourism and business travel; • Corporate tourism; • Individual tours; • Welcoming officials. 9
  10. 10. 4.1. TOURIST EXCURSIONSSouth-East Asia in general and Thailand particularly why Thailand may be visited every year even, butmay easily be treated as the most exotic regions all of the beauty and sightseeings of the marvellousof our planet. Each thing is here really amazing: Kingdom may be unseen. By the way, there are nothospitable, constantly smiling people, and fabulously only interesting places to be seen, but also UNESCOdelicious cuisine, however unusual for Europeans, objects. As of the year 2009 UNESCO World Heritageand out-of-the-way architecture, rich in gold and list includes five Thai sighseeings, and applications forglass, and dazzling tropical nature. That’s the reason another two objects are being reviewed. Inclusion Creation into Sightseeing Location Criteria time UNESCO list The historical city of Ayutthaya province 14th cent. 1991 iii Ayutthaya The historical city of Sukhothai and 13th – 1991 i, iii Sukhothai and other historical Kamphaeng Phet 14th cent. («i» criterion represent a towns located nearby: Provinces masterpiece of human • Sukhothai Historical park; creative genius) • Si Satchnalai Historical Park; • Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park Thungyai-Huai Wildlife Kanchanaburi, Tak 1991 vii, ix, x Sanctuaries and Uthai Thani («vii» criterion is to contain Provinces superlative natural phenomena or areas of exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importance) Ban Chiang Archaeological Udon Thani The Bronze 1992 iii Site Province Age Dong Phaya Yen–Khao Yai Several provinces of 2005 х Forest Complex: Isaan region • Khao Yai National Park; • Thap Lan National Park; • Pang Sida National Park; • Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary Phimai and nearby temples; Nathon Ratchasima 10th – Application i, ii, iii, iv, vi Phanom Rung and Muang Tam and Buriram 12th cent. lodged in Provinces the year 2004 Phuphrabat Historical Park Udon Thani The Stone Application ii, iii, iv, vi Province Age – the lodged in Middle the year Ages 2004CORUS ASIA offers its customers several basic woods on the banks of tropical rivers. Naturally,excursion programms which cover the most meals during the excursion is also represented byinteresting Thailand areas. When designing each cuisine distinctive for a certain area.route company operators purposed to evidentiate For those who prefer unconventional solutionsto the full extent peculiarities of one or another the company offers combined, and uncommon andcountry region. That is why we propose our tourists exotic routes which are winningly extraordinaryexotic hotels for accomodation stylized according to and provide an exclusive possibility to chooselocal architectural traditions, and located in jungle sightseeings to visit by customers themselves. 10
  11. 11. 4.2. EVENT TOURISM Event tourism is not only relaxation and travel but Most of the festivals and holidays of the Land also a participation in an essential event leaving of Smiles are connected with memorable dates unforgettable emotions for the rest of the life. All the of Thai kings’ life, Buddhism, or full-year cycle of more so as the Kingdom of Thailand is glorious for its rice ripening. Some of them are held on certain bright and peculiar holidays and festivals since long. days, the others, Buddhism-bound, as a rule, Thai citizens are a rather sentimental and cheerful are celebrated according to the moon calender. people that’s why annual notable days, festivals, Anyway the experienced CORUS ASIA staff is and holidays are of great value in Thai life. Most of able both to give advice or arrange event tour Thai festivals are very joyful and picturesque, and the due to which tourists going to visit Thailand natives always invite tourists to take part in them. gain an opportunity to combine pleasant rest Besides, there are both national and regional holidays and participation in an exotic, outstanding and celebrated in each of the 72 Thailand provinces. inerasible merrymaking.MOST VIVID AND IMPORTANT THAI HOLIDAYS Dates Event Description The Songkran Cheerful feast, a real water fairy show. During this period carnavals, parades, andApril 13-15 festival (Thai street processions are being held throughout the country. People at the streets New Year’s Day) drench each other with water wishing herewith health and wealth. National holiday, one of the most holy days in Buddhism which is being held in May in Visakha Bucha the full-moon. Plenty of ceremonies are carried out during this day, and in the eveningMay-June Day a huge candle procession is moving along the streets, and the sky above Thailand is filled up with hundreds of lights as people unhand lightsome torches into the sky. This featival gives a possibility to blow off steam before commencing hardMay Rocket Festival agricultural labour. That’s why generous dancing performances and picturesque parades are being held during this festival. This is not only an important holiday for the whole Thai people but also a date timed to coincide with a national holiday dedicated to Mother’s Day. The streets Her Majesty the of the Kingdom are being beautified, national flags with royal family symbols areAugust 12 Queen’s Birthday being unfurled, and Queen’s portraits are being posted throughout the country. (Mother’s Day) It is supposed to bounty women with various souvenirs adorned with a jasmine blossom as jasmine is considered to be the Queen’s flower. Within the month of September traditional long boat racing is carried out in different Long BoatSeptember Thailand provinces. The racing is accompanied by colourful festivals afloat or ashore, Racing Festival and bargain-sales of regional fruit and souvenirs. A festival lasting nine days and being held on Phuket island. A tradition of the Phuket participants to put themselves to sophisticated tortures contributed greatly to theOctober Vegetarian popularity of the festival. In spite of being treated as one of the most striking and Festival not-to-forget shows in the world, Phuket Vegetarian Festival is not recommended by Thai government to be attended by impressible people and children. A very eye-filling holiday takes place on the evening of the full-moon of the 12th month. At this night all Gulf of Siam is illuminated by glimmering lights becauseNovember Loi Krathong of hundreds of floating candle rafts made of leaves, and the sky is quivering of numerous salutes and fireworks. Elephant Festival usually takes place on the 3rd weekend of November and is one of the most popular and merriest holidays of Thailand North-Eastern part. The festivalNovember Elephant Festival begins with a huge elephant march column procession (around 120-150 elephants) and is continued with a major and sightly performance giving the possibility to set the true value to mastership and qualification of the riders, as well as talents of the animals. In advance of the celebration, on December 3rd, a marvellous ceremony takes place on Royal Plaza square in Bangkok. During this ceremony elite troops of the His Majesty theDecember 5 Royal Armed Forces solemnly confirm their loyalty oath to His Majesty the King. On King’s Birthday December 5th celebration is held throughout the Kingdom. On this day all of the official buildings are being decorated with colorful illuminations. 11
  12. 12. 4.3. WEDDING TOURISMWithin the last few years the so called wedding evening in West-European style in a remote resorttourism in South-Eastern Asia is becoming more and where a young family may begin its coupledom inmore popular. Thanks to that a wedding is not more the atmosphere of romance and love.a plain marriage ceremony but it converts into a Not less exciting and unforgettable may be anot-to-forget and bright life event which one would wedding tour throughout Thailand which is rich inlike to revise every year. According to the leading hundreds of calm and tranquil places where a coupleinternational tourism magazine Travel & Leisure is able not only to enjoy the society of each otherThailand has become the prizewinner in a tourism but also to taste exotic fruit, watch picturesque andnomination The World Best Wedding Destination extravagant nature, and sink into the atmosphere2011 as a part of the World’s Best Awards arranged of a festive relaxation. In the meantime, Thailandby the periodical. stands not only for quiet and oasitic resorts but Unforgettably fabulous nature, zesty local also for noisy city nightlife where gayety rules andcustoms, exotic cuisine, lily-white sandbeaches, numerous clubs and discotheques are at tourists’azure-coloured sea and idyllical surroundings of the disposal. In this country of contrasts each customerhideaway Thai resorts contribute into CORUS ASIA is able to find the appropriate rhytm for spendingarranging of incredible wedding ceremonies. We are their best days of life, and CORUS ASIA personnel canable to offer our customers both gorgeous holiday help in this matter arranging a wedding or weddingin accordance with local traditions, or romantic tours at top level.4.4. HEALTH AND FITNESS TOURSThailand has gained a good name in the world also Together with diagnostic check plastic surgery isin health and fitness service area. At present every one of the most important health tourism directionstourist attending Thailand obtains an opportunity to in Thailand. This is resulted from relatively lowboth have a rest and be subjected to a diagnostic prices, tried-and-true operation technique, and highstudy by means of the state-of-the-art medical qualification of the specialists, as well as favourableequipment in such world-known international Thai climate enabling fast rehabilitation after plastichospitals as Bumrungrad International Hospital, surgery procedures.identify root cause of the diseases and undergo CORUS ASIA offers its customers health anda course of treatment applying the most actual fitness tours comprising service in country hospitalsWestern medicine achievements, and hereditary and medical centres of the highest professionalmethodology of Oriental curing. level. Such tours provide a possibility to both have According to Tourism Authority of Thailand (ТАТ) a full-featured rest and recuperate health for pricesThai government is doing its best for the Kingdom to measurably lower than those around the world.occupy the leading position among Asia countries inhealth tourism sphere and by the year 2014 to beconsidered a world-class health resort. 12
  13. 13. 4.5. SPA TOURS What does SPA stand for? The SPA (spa) concept has According to Apichai Jearadisak, Federation of been known from the Ancient Rome times already Thai Spa Associations expert’s assessment, to date and is derived from Latin Sаnitas pro Aqua meaning more than 400 spa-centres of premium-class are Health via Water, or water treatment. Nowadays a functioning in Thailand, including such worldwide spa means a resort with maximum opportunities known ones as Deravana Spa in Dusit, Chiva-Som for both physical and spiritual recovery and in Hua Hin, and Six Senses Spa. Moreover, nearly rehabilitation. Thailand, with its unbracing medium, all hotels in Thailand propose their customers spa well-known Thai massage, and highly qualified spa- services. centres is considered to be one of the leaders in spa- Naturally, it is very complicated for a profane to tourism area. choose among this variety exactly what he needs (particularly because Thailand amazes not only with« Thailand, with its unbracing medium, the number of spa-centres but also with a diversity of spa procedures). But this does not affect CORUSwell-known Thai massage, and highly ASIA customers as each tourist addressing our company can count on a professional consultingqualified spa-centres is considered to be conducted by experts who assist in spa procedures choice, as well as on booking of these in the bestone of the leaders in spa-tourism area spa-centres of the country. 4.6. SPORTS TOURISM Thailand is considered to be a heavenly place for Bangkok Kingdom. Currently there are more than sports tourism since long as this country provides 200 golf fields in Thailand the majority of which opportunities for everyone to go in for their favourite fully complies with international standards. In the kind of sport, or try themselves in a new one. Sports year 2010 Thailand has won the premier award of tourism in Thailand is first of all represented by International Association of Golf Tour Operators aquatics: diving, kite surfing, surfing, yachting, (IAGTO) as the best-valued golf experience rafting, etc. Also overlander sport fans will have stuff destination. to do, this is for example rock-climbing, tennis, or Taking into account such opportunities provided golf, especially in respect that since 2003 tennis and by Thailand CORUS ASIA can only help tourists in golf world championship are being held in Thailand. choosing an optimal tour prioritising a preferable It is worth mentioning that golf has been played kind of sport and make sure that every day of in Thailand for already more than 100 years. Back in vacations in Thailand bring exclusively favourable 1905 the first golf club has been established in the impressions. 4.7. EDUCATION TOURS Objective factor existing in our social life makes Assumption University of Thailand. In contrast educational tours more and more high-demand to similar American, English and Australian trend making it possible to obtain prestige universities Assumption University has initially education, improve qualification, or merely acquire been established as international high school, and new knowledge. Convenient mode of combining for this reason enrollment of prospective students rest and knowledge obtaining affects Thailand and socialization of newcomers are devoted tourist flow annual growth with the tourists wishing special attention as for them English is not a native to not only lounge on lily-white sandbeaches, and language, and English and American morale are enjoy incredible exotic nature, but also to get a Thai completely inorganic. university diploma. The more so, as Thailand high Quickly responding to the increasing popularity school education level is nowadays comparable to of educational travel trend CORUS ASIA provides that of leading universities of Europe, Australia and educational tours, within the bounds of which America, and diplomas received in Thailand are tourists may combine rest, excursions and tutorials. recognized in all corners of the globe. Moreover, CORUS ASIA operators are able to arrange According to Western agencies’ ratings one a tour aiming to provide English language studying of the best and most perspective universities in schools and courses for language, or studying at in Oriental and South-East Asia countries is TOEFL and IELTS exam training centre. 13
  14. 14. 4.8. EXPO TOURISM AND BUSINESS TRAVELThe peculiarity of expo tourism and business passenger and trade routes which is rathertravel lies in the fact that in the process of new convenient for making business with all ASEANpartner search for further business development countries. Annually plenty of various expositions andand participation in expositions and conferences festivals are held here, as there are eight exhibitionbusiness tourists gain an opportunity for an informal and convention centres in the country (total floorsocialization in a casual atmosphere facilitating area of more than 200 sq. m. thous.), and anotherbuildup of business contacts. similar centre with a floor area of 10,5 sq. m. thous. is Thailand is located on crossing air and sea to be opened in the year 2012.THAILAND MAJOR EXHIBITION AND CONVENTION CENTRES Total floor area Number Title Location (sq. m. thous.) of halls IMPACT Arena, Exhibition and Convention Center Bangkok 137 13 Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) Bangkok 36 6 Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) Bangkok 13 971 2 The atmosphere of the Kingdom favours CORUS ASIA assists business tourists in selectionconclusion of tight business relationship, and an appropriate option of a convenient and cost-premium-class hotels are distinguished not only saving accomodation, provides transfers as well aswith a top-level service but also with cost-saving guide or translator accompanying who will help toaccomodation. This all makes Thailand an ideal establish sustainable relationship with new foreigndestination for making various mutually beneficial partners throughout the country. At customer’sbargains. That’s the reason why according to pleasure the company’s operators are capable toThailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) select a tour combining both business meetings anddata the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and seashore rest, or excursions to the most picturesqueExhibition industry (MICE) is growing in Thailand by destinations of the Kingdom.20% annually upon average.4.9. CORPORATE TOURISMRecently corporate tourism has been allocated a numerous opportunities and hospitable nativeseparate travel industry segment which possesses people is a best destination for corporate tours.its own distinctive features and nuances. Employees That is why the part of corporate travel in tourismof a company having a common rest gain an industry is steadily increasing from year to year.opportunity to see each other in an unusual and The main difference between corporate tourismrelaxing atmosphere, to find compromises and best and individual travels lies in the thoroughly plannedsolutions in disputable questions, and to surely organization. If a company personnel is merely takenrecreate physically and mentally. to a rest, checked in into a hotel and provide wide Thailand, with its fabulously picturesque nature, latitude, all the employees would gather together in the airport only. During the rest they would split up into separate affinity groups with the cast of these groups being the same as it is in the office. The main purpose of corporate tourism is to break stable groups and create a single close-knit working team. To achieve this it is insufficient to arrange common excursion tours. Every single day of the rest shall be planned in detail for all the activities to contribute to solidating the team. CORUS ASIA has several times successfully accepted teams from Russia and Ukraine that have not only enjoyed their reserved vacations on fine Thai beaches, and got acquainted with exciting ancient culture of the Land of Smiles, but also held their conference meetings and workshops in the Kingdom of Thailand. 14
  15. 15. 4.10. CUSTOM PRIVATE TOURSRecently the number of tourists who, for one or • Assistance in scheduling of tourist’s stay in Thailand,another reason, do not want to buy travel agencies’ giving advice what sightseeings are the most importantdesigned tours and prefer to not only develop their to see first;own sightseeing tours, but also deal with organizational • Consulting in peculiarities of Thai customs andproblems, have been increasing. The reason is that, everyday life;firstly, many people consider such holidays more cost- • Arrangement of security guard during a mass eventefficient, and secondly, designed tours are felt by many at customer’s will;tourists boring and trivial. • Giving tips of where to buy food or buying food for It should be noted that both organized and individual the customer;tourism modes have their own advantages. Organized • Assistance in selection between Thai traditionals andtravel involves a guided tour within a standard or mixed arrangement of studying Thai massage, Thai cuisine orroute designed by a travel agency, with the host country Thai boxing, etc.;to undertake minimizing of the risks associated with • Many other things…the stay of tourists in Thailand. Custom private tours are In general, our customers are taken unintrusive round-the solution to all organizational stages of the travel, the-clock care, devoted attention and provided security.starting with the hotel booking, and ending with solving Moreover, a personal minibus and a driver are given to aeveryday problems directly in Thailand (where to buy tourist’s disposal. The driver is able to bring the customerfood, what sightseeings to visit and how to get there, at any time of day and night to a needed destination athow to communicate with the local people, etc.). the first demand. At customer’s will the following services Especially for private travel fans who do not want to are provided as well: personal cook, personal massagebe bound to a certain tour but set value on convenience therapist, personal guide, personal translator, personaland comfort CORUS ASIA has designed an offer thanks car, etc. Moreover, everyday house or villa cleaning isto which the company’s customers are able to combine possible, as well as washing of both bedclothing andall advantages of private and pre-organized travel. tourists’ personal clothes. All of these services are a part ofThe core of this offer is that CORUS ASIA operators are All-inclusive system which is company’s own solution andundertaking all complexity of organizational issue may be proposed to all customers at their pleasure.handling leaving a tourist full freedom to choose both During the last couple of years real estate in Thailandplace and type of rest, and seightseeing tours. is purchased by more and more foreigners. To date the Tourists are offered accomodation – comfortable percent of foreign buyers is about 80% in the mosthouses and villas from economy to VIP class located in popular resorts of the Kingdom of Thailand. Realtypicturesque destinations, far from city fuss and tourist purchase in Thailand enables not only comfortable restcrowds accumulation. All houses and villas under around the whole year but also essential profit earning.proposal are managed by CORUS ASIA. That is, our CORUS ASIA encourages all parties in interest, bothcustomers are offered not standard hotel rooms where private or legal entities, purchase real estate in Thailandone must keep to certain residence rules but an analogue and set a house or a villa under the authority of CORUSof homelike mini-hotel where everything is arranged for ASIA for the time of owner’s absence in the country. Thiseach of the customers’ convenience and comfort. ensures stable benefit for a dwelling owner not only from Company’s operators are undertaking handling the lease but also due to interest from the whole scopeof all issues connected with a tourist’s stay in a foreign of services of the company. That is, practically everyonecountry: may become a joint party of CORUS ASIA travel business.4.11. WELCOMING OFFICIALSWelcoming officials is one of the most popular into account, and experience in handling such events tobusiness meeting kinds that subject to diplomatic be involved. CORUS ASIA had a chance to accept officialsetiquette. Official welcoming is of great ceremonial more than once, including government executives, thatimportance and serve to establish, fix and expand is why company personnel is able to arrange officialbusiness contacts. As a rule, such welcoming is carried welcoming in a full compliance with diplomatic etiquette.out on the occasion of national holidays, anniversary of CORUS ASIA is capable to organize reception ofa remarkable event, in honour of a visiting dignitary or guests on a lux class car at the airstairs, Super Vip Fastforeign delegation, on account of contract conclusion, track (fast flight check-in and passport control), personalor company leadership attending, etc. Official accompanying with security guard or police escort, aswelcoming foresees a little number of guests invited well as to provide professional guides who have a goodand provide a superb possibility to expand and tighten command of the English language (at customer’s will,up business interrelations. reception and accompanying may be performed in Thai Welcoming authorities surely demands thorough language), and to environ an honourable guest withpreparation where plenty of peciliarities shall be taken hypercare and special attention. 15
  16. 16. 5. ECONOMICAL SITUATION AND TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN THAILAND Thailand and the whole South-East Asia is a rather perspective tourism destination gaining traction and improving service quality from year to year. Why is the Kingdom of Thailand so attractive for travellers? • Well-developed infrastructure (modern hotels, luxurious restaurants, recreation centres, cheap transport, high-quality highways, etc.); • Excellent service; • Optimal price-to-quality ratio; • High-level entertainment industry (riding elephants, Thai massage, spa-centres, different festivals, etc.); • Advanced shopping and exotic cuisine; • Unlimited capabilities for active rest (diving, deep sea offshore fishing, windsurfing, safari, kayak racing, rafting, etc.); • Vivid tropical nature and unique architectual memorials. Without doubt, also favourable economical situation has affected much the development of service to this level.Thailand economy is characterized through high-developed infrastructure, investment encouraging policy and powerful export branches (export amounts more than two thirds of GDP). This is highly influenced by the fact that in the year 2010 GDP growth of Thailand equaled 7,8%. Thanks to this economy of the country has become one of the fastest developing ones among Asiatic countries, and the fastest developing in South-East Asia. In increasing. Notably, that the growth is taking place addition to this, GDP indexes (9500000000000 even in complicated political and climatic situations. baht, or $584 bln) drew Thailand to the 24th place The continual growth of tourist flow is an among global economy. When talking about South- evidence of Thailand’s increasing popularity among East Asia, the Kingdom of Thailand occupies the travellers from year to year. This is confirmed by the honourable second place after Indonesia’s economy, fact that Thailand was again named the Most Popular and the fourth place in GDP per person rate (after Destination, and the Tourism Authority of Thailand Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia). (TAT) was honoured as the Best Asian Tourism Board Tailand has credibility among foreign investors by Go Asia, at the International Tourism Exchange and enjoys high confidence among customers. The (ITB) Berlin 2012. continual growth of economic indexes of the country In the year 2012 TAT is aiming to support tourism contributes to poverty reduction (Thailand bears as one of the country competitiveness building the lowest poverty level in Asia) and unemployment factors. According to TAT expectations, the economy contraction (in the year 2010 unemployment level of Asian countries, including Thailand, shall firm amounted 1,2% with estimated drop to 1% in the up, and economical results shall escalate to the year 2012). extent to provide even more active travelling and Despite the fact that tourism industry is not one exploring new advantages of vacations in the Land of the most important income source for the country of Smiles. All the more so as the Ministry of tourism (composing about 6% of GDP), the government is has launched a program Miracle Year Of Amazing working hard on enlargement and promotion of this Thailand within the context of which a range of branch. Due to this Thailand tourist flow is constantly various bright events is to be held.« The economy of the country has become one of the fastest developingones among Asiatic countries, and the fastest developing in South-EastAsia. In addition to this, GDP indexes (9500000000000 baht, or $584 bln)drew Thailand to the 24th place among global economy 16
  17. 17. 5.1. GROWTH OF THAI TOURISM SEGMENTIN THE NEAR EASTThailand enjoys great popularity among not onlyEuropean tourists, but also those from the Near Eastcountries. So, in the year 2011 the number of touristsfrom these countries grew by 5,95% and amounted603 227 people. It is worth to mention that travellers fromthe Near East are of high purchase power and arelatively long term average stay in Thailand. Thatis why Thai government is doing its best to smoothNear-East tourists’ stay in Thailand as much aspossible. Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and UnitedArab Emirates citizens enjoy the opportunity tovisit the country after receival free 30-days visa inSuvarnabhumi airport, or other major internationalcheckpoints. Saudi Arabia citizens obtain 15-days to Bangkok. Extra flights are being introduced byvisa upon arrival. Etihad Airways and AirBerlin. A rather important factor impacting the As of March 2012 there are 140 direct flights agrowing Thailand’s popularity among Near-East week between Thailand and the eleven Near Easttourists is a step-by-step improving air connection countries serviced by 14 airline agencies: Emirates,between Thailand and the Near East countries. The Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Etihad Airways, Kuwaityear 2012 will present on the market a low-cost Airways, Oman Air, Iran Air, Royal Jordanian Airlines,Rak Airways from Arab Emirates. The air company Egypt Air, Mahan Air, Turkish Airlines, Bangkokis planning to execute four direct flights a week Airways and Thai Airways International. Country, city Direct flights per week Air Lines UAE Ras al-Khaimah Rak Airways Abu Dhabi 14 Etihad Airways/Bangkok Airways Dubai 35 Emirates, Thai Airways JORDAN Amman 7 Royal Jordanian Airlines BAHRAIN Bahrain 7 Gulf Air/ Thai Airways KUWAIT Kuwait 6 Kuwait Airways OMAN Muscat 16 Thai Airways, Oman Air QATAR Doha 21 Qatar Airways EGYPT Cairo 7 Egypt Air/ Thai Airways SAUDI ARABIA Riyadh 2 Gulf Air IRAN Teheran 11 Mahan Air, Iran Air IRAQ Mashhad 1 Mahan Air TURKEY Istanbul 13 Turkish Airlines TOTAL 140 14 Airlines 17
  18. 18. 5.2 THAILAND MAJOR AIRPORTS The main air gate of the Kingdom of Thailand and one of the largest world airports is Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. This airport opened in the year 2006 is glorious not only for several dozens of years under construction but also the highest control tower of the world (132,2 m), and the third largest airport terminal in the shape of a separate building (563 sq. m. thous.). Currently Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the most loaded airports in Asia and the main transit airway junction for such air lines as Thai Airways International, Bangkok Airways, Orient Thai Airlines, PBair and Thai AirAsia.« According to Skytrax World Airportreports international SuvarnabhumiAirport is one of the best of the globe According to Skytrax World Airport reports international Suvarnabhumi Airport took the tenth place in the list of the best, most comfortable and high-quality airports of the globe. In Airports Council International (ACI) rating the Bangkok airport entered into top 5 best airports of the world in 2011 (in 2008 Suvarnabhumi Airport took 38th place, in 2009 – 16th, in 2010 – 10th). Brilliant results of service quality improvement were impacted by highly critical assessment gained at the time of the airport opening. Statistical data of ACI depict that from the very beginning the major air gate of Thailand consistently belongs within 20 most loaded airports of the world. Phuket International Airport is the second important one in Thailand concerning passenger transfer volume. Phuket International Airport possesses two terminals (one for inland, and another for international flights), and plays an essential role in travel industry of the Kingdom. In tourist season Autumn-Winter Phuket airport receives huge quantities of charter flights, and operates regular flights to Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. Officially Phuket airport is capable to accept 6,5 mln passengers per year. Though, growing popularity of Phuket as a resort and the continual tourist flow increase urged Thai national company Airports of Thailand take a decision to expand the airport, and by the year 2014 its passenger acceptance capacity will grow up to 12,5 mln of passengers per year. The major airport of the North provinces of the Kingdom of Thailand is Chiang Mai International Airport. Currently it is the third most loaded airport of the Kingdom accepting more than 3 mln passengers per year. It operates mostly Thailand inland flights (up to 78%) and provides direct connection with three countries only. On the top of that, there are more than 60 other airports in Thailand, some of them performing not only local, but also international transfers. 18
  19. 19. No. Airport City ICAO Airport Code IATA Airport Code1 Udorn Ban Mak Khaeng BAO2 Don Muang Bangkok Airport Bangkok VTBD DMK3 Nong Khai Bangkok QJX4 Thai ACC/FIC/COM Centre Bangkok VTBB5 Thai Dept of Civil Aviation Bangkok VTBA6 Buri Ram Buri Ram VTUO BFV7 Airport of Chanthaburi Chanthaburi VTBC8 Chiang Rai City Chiang Rai VTCT9 Chiang Rai International Airport Chiang Rai VTCR CEI10 Bang Phra Chonburi VTBT QHI11 CHUMPHON Chumphon VTSE12 Chumphon Airport Chumphon CJM13 Kamphangsaen Kamphangsaen KDT14 Khon Kaen Khon Kaen VTUK KKC15 Koh Samui Koh Samui Island USM16 Krabi Krabi VTSG KBV17 Lampang Lampang VTCL LPT18 Airport of Lamphun Lamphun VTCO19 Loei Loei VTUL LOE20 Khok Kathiam Lopburi VTBL KKM21 Nikom Sang Ton Eng Lopburi VTBZ22 SA PRAN NAK Lopburi VTBH23 Ban-Thi Lumphun VTCM24 Mae Hong Son Mae Hong Son VTCH HGN25 NDS Mae Sot Airport Mae Sot VTPM MAQ26 Kamphaeng Saen Nakhon Pathom VTBK27 Nakhon Phanom Nakhon Phanom VTUW KOP28 Nakhon Ratchasima Nakhon Ratchasima VTUQ NAK29 Nakhon Sawan Nakhon Sawan VTPN TKH30 Nakhon Si Thammarat Nakhon Si Thammarat VTSF NST31 Nan Nan VTCN NNT32 Narathiwat Narathiwat VTSC NAW33 Patong Beach Patong PBS34 Pattani Pattani VTSK PAN35 Pattaya Pattaya PYX36 Petchabun Airport Phetchabun VTPB PHY37 Phanom Sarakham Phanom Sarakham PMM38 Maruk Phetchaburi VTBM39 Phi Phi Island Phi Phi Island PHZ40 Phitsanulok Phitsanulok VTPP PHS41 Bangpa-In Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya VTBX42 Uthai Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya VTBY43 Phrae Phrae VTCP PRH44 KHAO E TO Prachin Buri VTBI45 Watthana Nakhon Prachin Buri VTBW46 HUA HIN Prachuap Khiri Khan VTPH47 Hua Hin Airport Prachuap Khiri Khan VTBP HHQ48 Ranong Ranong VTSR UNN49 U-Taphao Intl Airport Rayong / Sattahip VTBU UTP50 Rob Muang Roi Et VTUR51 ROI ET Roi Et VTUV52 Roi Et Airport Roi Et ROI53 Sakon Nakhon Sakon Nakhon VTUI SNO54 Airport of Saraburi Saraburi VTBE55 KHOUN KHAN Satun VTSA56 Hat Yai Airport Songkhla VTSS HDY57 Songkhla Songkhla VTSH SGZ58 Sukhothai Sukhothai (Savankolok) VTPO THS59 Surat Thani Surat Thani VTSB URT60 Surin Surin VTUJ PXR61 Khuan Phumiphon Tak VTPY62 Tak New Airport Tak VTPT TKT63 Trang Trang VTST TST64 Airport of Trat Trat VTBV65 Khao Saming Trat VTBO TDX66 Muang Ubon Ubon Ratchathani VTUU UBP67 Udon Thani Udon Thani VTUD UTH68 Uttaradit Uttaradit UTR 19
  20. 20. It is worth to mention that one can reach Thailand from nearly all corners of the globe (with both directand stop-over flight options). Air carriers are represented by local air agencies, as well as major air lines ofthe world.AIR LINES PERFORMING FLIGHTS TO THAILAND 1 Thai Airways 34 SilkAir 67 Alitalia 2 Lufthansa 35 Asiana Airlines 68 Dragonair 3 Aeroflot 36 Air Asia 69 Biman Bangladesh Airlines 4 Transaero Airlines 37 Philippine Airlines 70 Royal Nepal Airlines 5 Air France 38 Turkish Airlines 71 Gulf Air 6 United 39 Bangkok Airways 72 Iberia 7 Cathay Pacific 40 Hong Kong Airlines 73 JetairFly 8 Austrian Airlines 41 Japan Airlines 74 Royal Jordanian 9 Cebu Pacific 42 ANA 75 PIA 10 Emirates 43 Shanghai Airlines 76 Air Bagan 11 Finnair 44 Swiss 77 Kuwait Airways 12 China Airlines 45 Malaysia Airlines 78 TAP 13 Korean Air 46 EVA Air 79 Mihin Lanka 14 EgyptAir 47 British Airways 80 South African Airways 15 Delta 48 Nok Air 81 Royal Brunei 16 Singapore Airlines 49 Air Canada 82 Air Mauritius 17 SAS 50 KLM 83 Air New Zealand 18 Qantas 51 Jet Airways 84 Kingfisher 19 China Eastern 52 Hawaiian Airlines 85 Czech Airlines 20 SriLankan Airlines 53 Saudi Arabian Airlines 86 Hainan Airlines 21 Air India 54 Batavia Air 87 Virgin Australia 22 China Southern 55 Jetstar 88 Berjaya Air 23 Aerosvit Airlines 56 American Airlines 89 Air Macau 24 Garuda Indonesia 57 IranAir 90 Air Madagascar 25 Qatar Airways 58 Oriental Thai Airlines 91 XL Airways France 26 Uzbekistan Airways 59 EL AL Israel Airlines 92 Firefly 27 Ethiopian Airlines 60 Jin Air 93 TUIfly 28 Air China 61 Air Berlin 94 Air Koryo 29 Air Astana 62 IndiGo 95 Lao Airlines 30 Vietnam Airlines 63 Air Austral 96 T’way Air 31 Etihad Airways 64 Kenya Airways 97 Jeju Air 32 Vladivostok Air 65 Sichuan Airlines 33 Druk Air 66 Oman Air Among Thai local air carriers special attention should be paid to national air lines of the Kingdom – ThaiAirways International based in Thailand’s major airport Suvarnabhumi. At present Thai Airways is regardedone of the best air lines of the world on a par with such companies as Lufthansa, United Airlines, Air Canada,SAS and leagues the largest airline group Star Alliance. Currently Thai Airways International covers 5continents and handles 75 directions in 35 countries of the world.Asia, Australia and Oceania: Near East:• Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney) • Oman (Muscat),• Bangladesh (Dacca, Chittagong) • UAE (Dubai),• hina (Beijing, Kunming, Guangzhou, C • Kuwait (Kuwait) Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen, Hong Kong)• Cambodia (Phnom Penh) North America:• ndia (Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, I • USA (Los Angeles) Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gaya, Varanasi)• Indonesia (Jakarta, Denpasar) Europe:• Japan (Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka) • Denmark (Copenhagen),• Korea (Seoul, Busan), Laos (Vientiane) • England (London),• Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang) • France (Paris),• Myanmar (Yangown), Nepal (Katmandu) • Germany (Frankfurt, Munich),• New Zealand (Auckland) • Greece (Athens),• Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad) • Italy (Rome, Milan),• Philippines (Manila) • Russia (Moscow),• Singapore (Singapore) • Spain (Madrid),• Sri Lanka (Colombo) • Sweden (Stockholm),• Taiwan (Taibei) • Switzerland (Zurich)• Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi) South Africa: • Johannesburg 20