Anton Kast on Collaborative Filters at SXSW


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Anton Kast of Digg presenting "Collaborative Filters: The Evolution of Recommendation Engines" at SXSW Interactive, March 14 2009

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Anton Kast on Collaborative Filters at SXSW

  1. Collaborative Filters Recommendation Engines
  2. Old Terms with Origins in Research ( user annotations, ) “Tapestry” email filter at Xerox PARC, 1992 search grammar (readers rate messages,) “GroupLens” usenet filter at UMN, 1994 correlates people (social actual business, ) an “Firefly” music and friend recommender at MIT, 1995 network elements Research origins led to sophisticated implementations, but the idea is simple. Collaborative Filters: Recommendation Engines
  3. The Idea of Collaborative Filtering Combine input from many different people to filter information better than would otherwise be possible. Collaborative Filters: Recommendation Engines
  4. This Technique is Everywhere Spam filters Help systems Pagerank Click feedback in search ranking Tagging Facebook ads Comment moderation Thumbs on everything Collaborative Filters: Recommendation Engines
  5. When it’s Personalized Call it ‘Recommendation’ Music, movie, book sales Customized search results Behavioral ad targeting Google News Amazon’s recursion: filtered recommendations! Collaborative Filters: Recommendation Engines
  6. How Digg Works 1. Anyone can submit a story 2. Anyone can vote on any story 3. Most popular recent stories win (classic collaborative filtering) 4. If you sign up, you get personalized stories too (recommendations) Collaborative Filters: Recommendation Engines
  7. Where we can Leave the Rails The sparsity problem Submissions can grow faster than active diggers The early-rater problem We have no way to jump-start the recommendation cycle Gray sheep We have smaller sub-communities with unpopular views User opposition A few times, we have simply come to loggerheads
  8. Introductions Anton Kast, Digg Erik Frey, Scott Brave, Baynote David Maher Roberts, TheFilter Jon Sanders, Netflix