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Graphic pitch

  1. 1. Creative Anton Håkanson I’m a high believer in that every obstacle is in matter of fact a uncovered opportunity for innovation.onsdag 23 januari 13
  2. 2. Mobile for me is about bringing a solution to someone for a specific problem at a specific location. Because this person is mobile this solution needs to be a very small package that quickly can be opened and used.onsdag 23 januari 13
  3. 3. I see myself as a Creative Mobile Solution designer I like to package ideas and concepts for mobileonsdag 23 januari 13
  4. 4. Work samples Solution process Expensure Debts solving Robbie Williams Twitter nest Augmented reality boxing Obstacle to concept Mobile app Mobile koncept Mobile koncept Scampingonsdag 23 januari 13
  5. 5. Solution process “The path from obstacle to concept” To create great mobile apps it requires that the idea, purpose and users flow is well thought through and thoroughly tested. Discover Discover obstacle Testing Explore new New concept perspectives Prototype Apply ideas and knowledgeonsdag 23 januari 13
  6. 6. Expensure Debts solving “Mobile app” This is an mobile app for managing minor debts between friends. It also has the feature of repayment with friendly favors.onsdag 23 januari 13
  7. 7. Robbie Williams taking the crown “Creative work for mobile” This is creative work for Harmonyparks client “Robbie Williams”. This is a concept for allowing fans to live stream content from a concert with smartphones and create a collaborative fan concert video. The audience is part of the concert experience The audience is already making their own content Geo tagg Using geo-tags we can get all the live stream content from the concert Live stream Live stream Live audience Stream content Web site Live stream Live streamonsdag 23 januari 13
  8. 8. Twitter nest “Creative work using Twitter” This is a concept for an app that pulls in what people are tweeting about around you. Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet ? Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Pull in tweets from a location Enter a location and find a local twitter feed Adds tweets to a feed Tweets Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Read/Follow local Twitter feedsonsdag 23 januari 13
  9. 9. Augmented reality boxing “Scamping work” This is Scamping work for the client Budweiser Brazil. My assignment has been to scamp and illistrate ideas for a possible comming Augmented reality app project.onsdag 23 januari 13
  10. 10. I’m a Creative Solution Designer and I got experience in creating solutions for mobile I would very much like to join your agency as a Creativeonsdag 23 januari 13
  11. 11. Thanks for your time. You can contact me or find out more about me in the links below. Anton Håkanson +4673 564 36 56 @AntonHkansonåkanson/39/a49/a12 23 januari 13