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How News Organizations Are Using Social Media
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How News Organizations Are Using Social Media


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This is an overview of how news organizations are reinventing themselves through social media.

This is an overview of how news organizations are reinventing themselves through social media.

Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. How news organizations are reinventing themselves through social media
  • 2. NEWS : NO LONGER BLACK ‘N WHITE but still read all over
  • 3. of adults now get their news online 61 % making web the third most popular news platform pew research center - understanding the participatory news consumer 2010
  • 4. “While internet users who get news online tend to explore a wide variety of news topics, they are fairly modest in the number of internet sites they use to gather that information” pew research center - understanding the participatory news consumer 2010
  • 5. of adults do not have a favorite 65 % online news source pew research center - understanding the participatory news consumer 2010
  • 6. VS The internet has leveled the playing field
  • 7. News organizations no longer own the news
  • 8. Journalists have transformed from gatekeepers of information to curators of content within a public space
  • 9. WWMD (What Would Madonna Do)
  • 10. Newspapers are using social media to reinvent themselves for the web 2.0 reader Here’s how. . . .
  • 11. * Creating community * Utilizing unique partnerships * Incorporating multiple media platforms * Rethinking how people digest news * Crowd-Sourcing content
  • 12. Community Creation: If You build it they will come
  • 13. News sites are embracing the importance of community by integrating social features on-site for a more engaging experience and to allow readers to share, discuss, and connect
  • 14. Huffington Post’s Facebook Connect Overhaul
  • 15. * Huffpost’s Social News serves as a ‘digital water cooler’ * it provides a place for real online identities to discuss news they care about with people they know online all within the boundaries of Huffington Post * Since its implementation, Facebook referrals have accounted for over 3.5 million visits
  • 16. The New York Times everywhere and @Anywhere
  • 17. * The New York Times is one of the few news sites currently onboard as a launch partner for Twitter’s new @anywhere platform * enabling deeper on-site twitter integration * Making it easier to follow site authors and contributors * incorporating a Better RT functionality
  • 18. Unique Partnerships: It’s all about the synergistic relationship
  • 19. Partnerships can expand reach, audience and web appeal adding some much needed je ne sais quoi
  • 20. Cnn’s Vice * Cnn has Partnered with Vice and Sub Pop records to create Two new exclusive video series * VBS.TV and Indie Asia: On Tour with Handsome Furs, both Bring a new shock value and edge to Cnn
  • 21. Metro News Pairs with Foursquare * the Metro has gone hyper local by providing content to Foursquare * This location based editorial partnership combines relevant site content with a targeted mobile social network
  • 22. Multiple Media Formats: News sites no longer make news, they create content
  • 23. News has extended beyond the typed word and now encompasses multiple media formats like video, podcasts, live streaming, and mobile
  • 24. PBS Social TV * After 35 years on air, PBS has reformatted its NewsHour TV broadcasts into video content to stream on its YouTube channel * exclusive web content is also created by an online correspondent
  • 25. Npr mobile app * Connects users to over 1,000 radio stations, live streams, and news programs * searches both new and archived content * Enables listeners to create story play lists
  • 26. Crowd Sourcing: media of the masses
  • 27. A number of last year’s top news stories were covered thanks to citizen journalism
  • 28. The US airliner which Twitter was vital in the landed in the hudson coverage of the Iran river was first elections after the announced on twitter government media crackdown
  • 29. Crowd sourcing has turned traditional journalism on its head, but a crowd does not just appear it must be cultivated
  • 30. as well as becoming engaged in existing communities, News organizations have created their own citizen journalism networks
  • 31. CNN IREPORT * public journalism initiative to enable people from across the world to contribute stories breaking within their own neighborhoods * the immediate and intimate coverage has inspired other networks to create their own interactive intiatives
  • 32. Content Formula: Rethinking how people digest news
  • 33. Thanks to the social media revolution, news readers now have very different expectations of how they want to receive their content
  • 34. The new factors online media outlets must now consider when publishing content are. . . . * Real time updates * Social Trends * Share-ability
  • 35. Real time updates
  • 36. * Thanks to outlets like Twitter, web users are getting information faster than ever * The pressure is on news agencies to beat citizen journalists to the punch by breaking news on the “social wire”
  • 37. To Tweet or not to Tweet
  • 38. Bbc vs reuters * The BBC’s Global News Director has mandated social media usage for all BBC journalists * Reuters maintains journalists must never “scoop the wire” by breaking news on twitter
  • 39. Social Trends
  • 40. Now that news agencies have realized the value of social networks, they are exploring new methods to present and connect content
  • 41. News Roulette both The Guardian and The New York Times have reinterpreted chatroulette as a news dissemination tool in an attempt to encourage the serendipitous discovery of news
  • 42. Google Buzz is trying something different by using their google Buzz account to enable readers to engage their news team through real-time conversations
  • 43. Share-ability
  • 44. * One of the biggest benefits of social media is how quickly information can be shared * News organizations have embraced social publishing tools in order to pump their content to Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit etc
  • 45. of internet users have contributed to the 37% creation of news, commentary about it, or dissemination of news via social media 25% have commented on a news story 17% have posted a link on a social networking site pew research center - understanding the participatory news consumer 2010
  • 46. In order to make this process easier, social sharing buttons are now a standard feature of any online news site
  • 47. What’s Next: Predictions for 2010
  • 48. A new set of competitors
  • 49. * more and more People are looking towards sites like Facebook, twitter, and Digg as a source to find their news * cnn President John Klien stated, “I’m more worried about the 500 million or so people on Facebook versus the 2 million on Fox”
  • 50. Game changing technology
  • 51. The iPad will be a key player in reviving the news industry by enabling a more interactive format for news consumption in addition to providing a new way to monetize content
  • 52. Living Stories
  • 53. * an experiment by google, provided each news story with an evolving summary of current developments as a well as an interactive timeline of critical events * allowed sites to provide complete on-going coverage of a story in one easily trackable space
  • 54. Hyperlocalized News
  • 55. * Going local is a hot trend for 2010, and it is no different for news sites * Many news outlets are recognizing the appeal of highly targeted local news content, focusing on stories that are relevant for small yet participatory communities
  • 56. Reading List. . . with-connect-on-steroids/ hipsters-and-news crowd-sourced-journalism app.html content-king choose-two/ it-will-and-wont-change-the-game-for-news-organizations/ deeper-integration-into-third-party-sites/
  • 57. This random insight was brought to you by and Beth Tucker Jess Frank @FBLTucker @jlynnefrank
  • 58. @AntlerAgency